31 Dog Food Recipes With Eggs

We have found the trick to healthy coats and smiling pet faces, and these dog food recipes with eggs make it easier than ever to keep fur babies sleek and shining.

Have you tried every trendy method to get your pet’s coat to sparkle? No matter what you do, does your dog never seem to be full?

Dog Food Recipes With Eggs

Running into trouble finding a diet that fits in the budget for both time and cost?

I certainly know the struggle to find a diet that fits my dogs’ needs, and the budget.

If you can relate, then these egg based recipes will make your, and your pet’s, day.

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#1 Quick Cook Dog Food and Eggs

The best part of this recipe is that it can add balanced nutrition to any diet. When you are home-cooking pasta, adding an egg ensures a well-rounded diet.

Having the proper amount of protein, vitamins, and minerals can make all the difference for the canine companion.

Science has made clear the healthful impacts of eggs

From brain health to immune benefits, eggs (in reasonable moderation) are a beautiful prophylactic mechanism for a wide variety of potential issues.

#2 Masterful Meatballs

Meatballs are a food my whole family can agree on.

I was prompted to find this recipe so that my pet could be included in this classic family dinner.

Combining proteins, meatballs can be made in bulk and the leftovers frozen.

Bonding and inclusion have been proven to improve the psychological state of pets. Dogs know when they are (and aren’t) being included.

Including pets in meatball night goes a long way.

#3 Fresh and Fruity Raw Cakes

This recipe produces a high yield that is ideal for freezing, using an often neglected ingredient in canine nutrition: fruit.

Fruits are hidden gems, packed with vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

I enjoy this recipe because ingredients can be substituted for those with necessary micronutrients.

The nuts stand out and offer healthy, filling fats that work to keep the dog satiated.

This meal is an ideal vegetarian option that uses egg to ensure proper protein consumption without requiring meat.

#4 Gateau Viandre

Dog is an active little pup, and the challenge is to get him full. This plentiful recipe is a certain way to fill the belly of even the most voracious dogs.

Being aware of when my pet is hungry and full helps plan a healthy diet.

It is now common knowledge that dogs won’t just chow down what is in front of them, but that their appetite still requires oversight.

This meal helps keep excessive appetites in check.

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#5 Masterful Meatloaf

As man’s best friend, canine companions want to be involved and included.

My friendly pet is always looking to be a part of the dinner table, and with this recipe, he never has to feel excluded.

Chicken is very healthy for its low fat protein. This recipe is loved by dogs for its bold flavors and fun appearance.

#6: Chunky and Crunchy Kibble

Texture is often a disregarded component of the canine diet.

I tried this recipe to make sure that my furry friends did not miss out on the much-loved crunch.

Even with the popular vegetarian shift for protein sources, chicken is still considered a healthy choice.

Dogs, like humans, benefit greatly from low-fat proteins.

This allows lipid choices to be healthier than the saturated fat found in meats.

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#7: Scrambled Salmon and Spinach

Folic acid and Vitamin K are plentiful in this recipe. Fish protein- loaded with omega-3 fatty acids- is a nutritious choice for pups and people.

The eggs round off the flavour and food benefits, and spinach ensures a healthy heart.

Studies show, however, that spinach itself is high in oxalic acid, which impedes the uptake of calcium (which can eventually cause renal issues).

Bearing this in mind, spinach ought to be used in extreme moderation for furry friends.

#8: Creative Chicken Rice Balls

This dish uses chicken/egg as its protein and adds a little considered ingredient: brown rice.

A whole grain that provides benefits in the form of fibre, brown rice is drastically healthier than white rice variety.

Included are green vegetables which afford micronutrients that are integral to a healthy diet.

Drawbacks of this include the peas (which I substitute for string beans).

Peas themselves contain small amounts of theobromine- the same ingredient that poses an issue with dogs and chocolate .

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#9: Perfect Pucks

I used this recipe to prepare countless meals in the same cooking session. Great for travel, my dog loves these when we go on car trips.

These pucks make perfect car snacks, and are ideal to freeze and store over the long term.

Storing dog food in a freezer allows meals to be rotated through the diet.

This can facilitate a balanced diet by making it easy to switch up food every couple of days.

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Source: Popsugar.com

#10 Wonderful Woof Loaf

Even for the best spirited pets, the cold weather takes its toll. This recipe makes a warming and hearty meal that is best served on cold days.

The loaf ensures a high caloric count, ideal for days where more energy is lost to the cold- especially for fine furred or short coated dogs.

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, cold weather impacts dogs in many ways, calorie loss being one of them .

#11 Omelette-teenies

Eggs are a well rounded food that, while not having pungent flavour on their own, absorb the tastes of their surroundings.

This recipe is perfect, because I can tweak it to taste. Dogs, like people, have established flavor palettes.

I let my pooch choose what goes into the omelette (from healthy options, of course).

In using smaller portions, I keep the loved taste, and don’t have to sacrifice health.

#12 Excellent Eggs For Dogs

With this recipe, to be on the safe side, I replace the garlic with dill. This dish is tasty and simple, bringing a smile to my pooch’s face.

The only drawback is just how quickly the meal was eaten.

Even adjusting for size, the fluffiness lends to hasty eating habits.

Quick eating causes a slough of health issues and can lead to gastric distress.

To prevent this, I supplement this meal with a starch like brown rice or kibble.

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#13 Chicken and Rice Dog Food Recipe

This recipe keeps my dog full with a healthy balance of meat and grain.

Using whole eggs improves calcium, and promotes both bone development and maintenance.

Still, there are  natural deficiencies in terms of micronutrients.

Knowing that this food doesn’t provided rounded enough nutrition for my pup, I rotate it through the diet.

I avoid the supplements by mixing other meals into the pooch’s repertoire.

Adding variety is a proven technique for canine well-being.

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#14 Home-Cooked Dog Cookies

Simple and fun to make, these biscuits are the quintessential dog treat.

While these should not be used as a replacement for dog food, they make easy to store and self-preserving cookies.

I make these in bulk and store in air-tight containers. Tripling the recipe makes for quick work and plentiful supply.

Studies have shown that positive reinforcement improves canines’ behaviour.

I use these treats as rewards for good behaviour, and can adjust the size to suit my needs.  

#15 Veggies and Meatloaf Dinner for Dogs

Easy to make in any pan (my favourite is muffin tins), this recipe is a healthy addition. Eggs both work to bind, as well as to add protein and minerals.

These provide a great opportunity to add fiber to the pup’s diet.

Fiber is, in effect, the cell wall of a plant. Not only is it critical to intestinal health, fiber is necessary for hydration.

I like to serve this dish on days with a lot of exercise.

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#16 Peanut Butter Cookies

It’s no mystery that dogs love peanut butter, so finding a canine-suited, peanut-themed biscuit was a huge win!

However, if an allergy is involved, these might not be the best treats.

Try to be considerate and not give these treats when we go to the dog park.

Canine peanut allergies do occur.

Of course, if you know that your pup is fine, it isn’t a concern. However, if your dog is prone to allergies, extra considerations are advisable.

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#17: Homemade Dog Food

I fell in love with this recipe for its heartiness, and I continue with this recipe for its nutrition.

The mix of beef, chicken, and turkey, and eggs makes for well rounded intake of amino acids.

It is necessary to have a balanced intake of the necessary amino acids for proteins to properly nature.

To ensure proper muscular development and upkeep, the perfect protein of meat is ideal.

Research has shown that protein impacts everything from muscles to coats in canines.

#18 Healthy Halloween Dog Cookies

The star of this dish is the pumpkin. Often thought of as a seasonal food, pumpkin is a healthy option for a plethora of reasons.

Vitamin A is an obvious benefit (clear from its vibrant orange flesh), but a little known benefit of this gourd is Vitamin K.

This oft forgotten micronutrient is critical for all dogs- especially active ones.

Used in clotting this vitamin is a major factor in heart and blood health.

I incorporate these biscuits not only to celebrate Halloween, but to ensure optimal blood well-being year round.

#19 Fantastic Fish Cake Doggy Dinner

This recipe is the perfect way to treat your pet to fish protein.

The omega fatty acids found in salmon are an ideal fat that has been proven to improve cognitive function (and some studies suggest behavioural improvements).

Canned salmon has the added benefit of easily edible bones that are a great source of calcium.

The only drawback is the high sodium content.

If serving this dish, ensure that the pet is well hydrated before eating. 

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#20: Easy Cooked Dog Food Recipe

This recipe is designed for bulk production. I am a fan because the meal calls for the eggs with the shell (a great source of calcium).

Depending on how many dogs you have, this dinner is meant to be stored and eaten over a longer period.

When storing, the product must be kept in an air tight container.

As with all other frozen food, the loaves need to be rotated in order to retain their full nutritious value.

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#21: Homemade Dog Food Al Fresca

This recipe highlights how simple it can be to make healthy, straightforward food for your family’s pet.

Some may be wary of fresh (or raw) food, but much science supports its benefits wholeheartedly.

Boasting a number of health benefits, the dental help is what drew me to try these recipes.

If my dog is any example, then the raw diet is tasty success.

Source: Pawfeel.com

#22 Poochie Meat Cakes

With its focus on beef and grains, this diet is an ideal choice for any pups that struggle with iron.

Recognizable by fatigue and lethargy uncharacteristic to the dog breed, anaemia can often be easily remedied with dietary iron.

This recipe has iron in plenty, met well with the complementary benefits of the egg included in large amount in this recipe.

Source: TheBark.com

#23: Captain’s Kibble Crunch

This recipe is great for its storage ability, but I love it for the balance of ingredients. While it may require a trip to the market, the result is more than worth it.

The meal includes amenable options from all food groups, including dairy (as opposed to supplementing).

When a diet I well balanced, supplementing reduces in necessity. 

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#24: Reduced Protein Puppy Chow

Typically, low protein diets will be used on canines with renal compromise.

Kidney troubles often make it difficult to excrete proteins, and so lower protein diets reduce strain on the system .

For these purposes, egg is of the proteins that are easier for the system to digest, one of the biggest draws of this recipe.

#25 Grainy and Brainy Dog Food


While many have been deterred from grains, this recipe remains popular due to its diverse ingredients.

Filling and easy to make, the grains work to complement the proteins.

This meal is entirely vegetarian and so is best suited to households who keep to a plant-based diet.

Though vegetarian diets have their benefits, science remains conflicted on vegetarian diets for dogs.

Modern opinion is that, since canines are omnivores, there should be no issue with a balanced vegetarian diet for canines.

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#26 High Calorie Chow for Underweight Pups

Depending on the dog breed (and personality), grains are beneficial.

Many dogs, though, tolerate grains worse than others.

I appreciate this recipe because it offers high protein recipes with options for grain-free.

A contentious issue, carbohydrates are now seen as extraneous to a dog’s diet. With this in mind, the recipe here can be adjusted to meet the specific pup’s needs.

#27 Fish Patty with Veggies

This recipe is a simple, one serving dish that can be made quickly.

Due to the high sodium content, this meal makes an ideal treat/dinner.

Potatoes are a filling vegetable that, when combined with egg and fish, provide a satiating experience.

The added benefit of potatoes is the potassium.

A micronutrient that works in the sodium-potassium pump in cells, potassium is critical to getting energy out of calories.

Source: Lifehack.org

#28: Winner, Winner- Filling Fish Dinner

Both known for the ability to make a glossy coat, salmon and eggs are the dynamic duo of high protein pet foods.

This recipe balances animal proteins with hearty vegetables, making a filling product.

Carrots complement the protein in this dish, as their high Vitamin A content works together with the Lutein in the egg to facilitate healthy skin and eyes.

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Source: TheBark.com

#29: Fabulously Fishy Meatballs

When it comes to fur babies, no cost is too high (a tendency which can quickly get out of hand).

This meal is especially beneficial to those on a lower budget who refuse to compromise for their pets.

Using frozen fish and liver stretches the budget and allows long-term, healthy meal planning.

Provided the meat is not freezer-burnt, the process retains all the nutrition for a fraction of the cost of fresh alternatives.

#30: Open-Faced Turkey Sandwiches

This delicious meal is popular amongst humans and canines alike (though for dogs garlic ought to be removed from the ingredient list).

The benefits of proteins and vitamins are present, though an oft forgotten fringe benefit of turkey is l-tryptophan.

A precursor to serotonin, this meal is perfect for anxious/nervous dogs.

This meal provides the raw materials high-energy dogs need to find a calm balance.

#31 Basic Biscuits for Bow-wow

When making these biscuits (a fantastic treat for on the go) it is important to check that real bacon is being used.

Often, bacon bits found in stores will be a soya product.

On its own, soy is perfectly find for dogs, though being conscious of its presence in the diet is important to the overall wellbeing of the pet.

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Recipes Best for Me

Obviously, you know your pet better than anyone- so which recipe appealed the most to you?

For me and the pup, home-cooked dog cookies are the favorite for their quick recipe and fun crunch.

Finding these recipes really showed me how easy it is to make my dog’s food at home.

I can improve his health and no longer be at the mercy of pet food companies.

Eggs make for a healthy dog, and knowing more ways to incorporate these into the diet made a huge difference for me.

I am always looking to learn, so give us a shout in the comments.

Let me know which recipes you tried, which you liked, and how you added your flare to them.

If you had as much fun with this post as I did, hit like and share the love of healthy doggy diets.

Do you know any dog food recipes that you could recommend for this list? Let us know in the comments.

Thanks for stopping by and being a part of improving dog’s lives everywhere.

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