Best Dog Foods For Maltipoo (Puppy & Adult) : Dry & Canned

My furry friends are always able to bring a smile to my face, so when hunting down the best food for Maltipoo dogs, every measure was taken.

Nutrition is key to a healthy and happy life- which is what I want to offer my pups.

Because dogs are dogs (and will eat almost anything), it is up to me to source the best food for my canine companions.

Best Dog Food For Maltipoo

To do this, we have checked kibbles and treats from all vantage points.

From health to mood, food affects every part of our daily lives.

Each dog breed has individual needs, and we detail here what is optimal for the ever adorable maltipoo.

In this article, we’re going to review the following food for Maltipoo:

What Makes a Maltipoo Breed Special?

This adorable crossbreed of the Maltese and the Poodle is a high-energy and loving animal.

Most often, these dogs will be found in families due to their personable nature and general friendliness.

The need for companionship is strong in these pups, making them susceptible to the stress of loneliness (which sometimes, to my pups, means only an hour).

Maltipoos, while they do not require strenuous exercise, do need significant physical activity to stay in content and in shape.

Their ease of training is coupled with a generally high IQ, making this type of canine great for social environments (like family homes).

Dietary Considerations for Maltipoos

Feeding time can lead to frenzies when the right nutrition is not yet found.

From personal experience, even the smallest issues with my pups’ diets can cause anything from hyperactivity to lethargy, and poor coats to glassy eyes.

A well-balanced diet (coupled with proper exercise, training, and affection) can make all the difference in having a proper pup.

The small size of this breed, coupled with the high energy for which they are known, can lead to overfeeding.

Of course, every dog is different, but it is generally accepted that 1 ½ cups of dog food (split into two meals) is in the correct range.

Dietary needs change over time. The requirements of a puppy verses a senior are drastically different.

Understanding where your pup is at in their life cycle will assist in facilitating a healthy eating style.

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Maltipoo Diets- How to Source the Best Food for your Pup

Sourcing healthy food for your maltipoo pup can be a fun process- provided you know what to look for in a balanced diet.

Solid nutrition leads not only to an improved physical form, but to a healthier mind and happier dog.

We have broken down the major nutritive needs to make this process both easy and informative.

Protein for Strength and Muscle

It is no secret that protein is key to forming muscles and keeping the health of the pup optimal.

While the word ‘protein’ gets thrown around a lot, there is much misconception as to its exact meaning.

Protein is formed by the combination of amino acids.

Bodies can produce some on their own, but in order to meet nutrition demands, the other amino acids must be consumed.

Looking for sources of perfect proteins is critical.

To mitigate this, I try to keep my pups on food that contains meat protein (a guaranteed complete set of amino acids).

Fat for Forming Thoughts

Fats are a powerful source of food.

Often, they get a bad rap simply due to their high caloric values.

For every gram of carbohydrates and proteins, there are 4 calories. For every gram of fat, there are 8.

Bearing this in mind (especially if overfeeding is a risk), fat is a great source of energy.

It isn’t just energy, though, that gives fat its value.

Omegas and polyunsaturated fats make for better cognitive function and shinier coats (they also tend to improve food taste).

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Carbohydrate for Energy

Carbohydrates (basically complex sugars), are an important part of all mammalian diets.

Though dogs tend to need fewer starches than humans, the need for this filler in terms of caloric intake is significant.

Included in the carbohydrate family is fiber.

This intensely important material is what allows uptake of nutrition (and ensures hydration).

When looking at carbohydrates in food, ensure that a significant portion consists of fiber.

In so doing, the odds of the pup up taking the nutrients increases significantly.

To Grain or Not to Grain

This is perhaps one of the most contentious topics when it comes to pup palettes.

With the onset of worry as to the general healthfulness of grains in humans, concerns for canine wellbeing (in terms of grains in diets) were increased.

It is common opinion that grains are generally unnecessary to dog diets.

Additional concerns are posed due to the possible effects of gluten, including ulcerative colitis and celiac disorder.

Many who suffer intestinal issues (often seen in pups as diarrhea or increased gassiness) will veer away from grains.

When buying kibble (to be on the safe side), I tend to avoid grains- my pups don’t seem to mind, and I feel all the safer.

Artificial Flavors, Preservatives, Colors

It goes without saying that dogs did not evolve eating artificial flavors or colors. Neither did we.

So, when looking for food for pups, it is simply logical to avoid artificial additives.

Preservatives, however, are not all bad. Even just table salt can be considered a preservative.

The goal is to balance the need to avoid molds, mildews, and pests, with the desire to minimize chemical input.

When dealing with preservatives, a good method is to check the expiration date.

If it is unreasonably far in the future, likely an excessive amount of preservatives is in play.

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Best Food for Maltipoos

#1 Merrick Lil Plates for Small Dog Breeds

I don’t know about you, but my pups can be extremely picky when it comes to feeding time.

Whether it is a change of season (or just a mood they happen to be in) it has become habit for me to keep extra types of dog food on hand.

This brand keeps the pup happy and has the balanced nutrition required for small dogs.

Meat being the main source of protein is a safe bet for our furry family. I like to use this meal as a treat during cold weather.

It is a great caloric supplement that brings on good spirits. As with any wet food, the shelf life is short.

Once the container is opened, there is limited time to serve the dish.

Letting the meal warm after it has been in the fridge is a sure-fire way to keep pets happy and bring out the flavors in the food.

The only downside to this food is that it contains peas.

These legumes contain theobromine (the same chemical as found in chocolate that causes canine distress).

Nonetheless, this food is a great option for wet food, since it needs to be supplemented with dry food.


  • Suited for small dog breeds
  • Lean meat used for protein
  • Contains holiday themed dinner
  • 12 containers included *1 meal per container


  • Lower caloric value than others of its kind
  • Wet food (must be supplemented with kibble)
  • Contains peas

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#2 Lil’ Plates Grain Free Mini Medley

Loaded with beneficial ingredients, the sweet potatoes in the recipe are what draw me to this choice.

Pups tend to rely largely on their senses of hearing and smell. Sight, however, is a critical part of understanding situations.

While we do supplement to ensure proper uptake of Vitamin A, dietary sources are always superior.

The vibrant orange in sweet potatoes is a tip off as to how loaded with carotene this food really is. In terms of taste, my pups seem to be happy with the kibble.

This is a great year-round option, and the size of the bag is perfect for a couple of weeks of good eating for the furry family.

Chicken is a lean source of protein, making it ideal for kibble. The bite sizes of the individual granules are suited perfectly to the maltipoo breed.

Smaller dogs require smaller bite sizes.

It is not that they could not eat larger granules, rather that digestion and absorption is improved with smaller bite sizes- in this way, the food here is ideal.


  • Suited for small dog breeds
  • Lean meat used for protein
  • Contains a lot of Vitamin A    
  • Grain free recipe


  • Lower caloric value than others of its kind
  • Contains peas

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#3 Sojos Complete for Adult Dogs

As per the title, this food is best suited for adult dogs.

The nutritional requirements of a puppy verses a more aged canine are significant- as much so as the difference between babies and adults.

You wouldn’t feed an adult formula, and so shouldn’t feed a puppy adult kibble. Still, for those with adult maltipoo dogs, this formula is a great choice.

Ringing in at 7 pounds per container, this is on the costlier end of the spectrum.

That said, since the food is designed to be reconstituted with water, the kibble stretches into many meals.

The premise of the design is to make raw food easier to access (and store) for dogs.

Chicken (being a great source of lean protein) is used. Through the dehydrating process only the water is removed.

This leaves behind the valuable proteins and minerals so needed by canines. When water is added, the matter expands significantly.

Mixing this before it reaches the pup’s bowl is a good idea.

An added benefit is coconut- giving a source of healthy fat to help with cognitive function and weight control (not to mention making the coat ever-so-shiny).


  • Great for adult dogs
  • Ideal for small dog breeds


  • Pricier option
  • Potential for overfeeding if not made correctly

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#4 Natural Ultramix Red Meat Recipe

All mammals are vulnerable to depletion of iron, and one of the best ways to replenish the deficit is with red meat.

Dietary iron can be as tricky to find as the symptoms of its shortage are difficult to notice.

Often presenting as unusual lethargy, within the maltipoo breed, it is often noticeable by an increase in sleep in which the pup indulges.

For these situations, this food is a perfect choice. The red meat is held in a grain-free kibble.

Especially given the propensity of these pups to see health issues, I like to get ahead of the problem.

I keep this red meat variety around simply to supplement into the diet on a weekly basis.

The easy access to iron (and other minerals) makes this a good choice for high energy seasons.

Often, during periods of extensive exercise, I will increase the supplementation to twice a week.

The bag itself keeps for a good amount of time (provided it was properly sealed when being stored).

With 12 pounds to the bag, this is on the more affordable end of dog foods.

As with many options that contain raw meat, the product was freeze dried before its inclusion. This bag, however, does not require reconstitution prior to eating.


  • Great source of dietary iron
  • Raw red meat morsels
  • Affordable food option
  • Grain free choice


  • If not eaten regularly, can stale before completed

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#5 Weruva Natural Dry Dog Food

There are draws and drawbacks to any food that is designed for all ages.

I have known pet parents who will strictly adhere to recommended ages as noted on the product labels.

Personally, I prefer to integrate a number of different food options into the diet just to ensure that balance is had and all nutritive needs are met.

For those who follow suit, this kibble provides a well-rounded food for any aged pup.

Ideal for smaller breeds, the bite size makes clear that this meal is suited to the maltipoo.

Depending on the age of the dog, the needs for nutrition will differ.

Some research into the specific needs of that age will make clear any necessary supplementation (if any).

At 4 pounds in a bag, this food is a great option for regular eating (affordable too).

Personally, I like the size of the bag. Because maltipoo dogs tend to eat smaller meals, often larger sets of kibble can stale before they are finished.

This grain free option avoids that issue and provides healthy caloric balance for any dog.

As with all feeding regiment, double checking the weight of the dog against the feeding chart is necessary.


  • Perfect bite size for maltipoos
  • Ideal bag size for small dogs
  • Suitable for any age


  • must check weight to ensure proper portion size
  • not age specific nutrition

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#6 Purina Beneful Healthy Weight

This food is specific to small breed, adult dogs. I like this option because it uses green beans where often peas are seen.

With a focus on a healthy weight for the canine, this meal is balanced with fiber and protein.

As with the old expression (which I have adapted for these purposes) ‘an apple a day keeps the vet at bay’. Apples have always been a taste my pups are fond of.

I like to add this to the diet simply for that reason.

It is not a frequently seen ingredient, but it is one that adds healthy starch and antioxidants, not necessarily found in other kibble.

This brand is a slightly reduced caloric value, so it is diligent to keep a close eye on portioning.

Of course, more kibble can be added to the bowl, but the full nutritive value of this meal is achieved with less mass than its counterparts.

Obviously, this lends an improved cost value of the food itself. For just about 16 pounds, this food is on the lower end of the cost spectrum.

I prefer to get this food in two bags of smaller mass in order to prevent the staling process.


  • Uses green beans instead of peas
  • High value to cost ratio
  • Good fiber content
  • Healthy complex carbohydrates


  • Reduced calories (some tweaking may be needed for portions size)

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#7 Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe

Just as puppies and adult dogs have different feeding needs, so do seniors.

It is always the goal to keep our pups healthy up until their last breath, and this food facilitates that goal well.

I like this food because it acknowledges the detriment that can be caused by by-products.

It is a risk when getting pet food to find that the chicken declared on the label is not chicken as we know it.

Often, what is referred to as thus is in fact ground bones and innards. While pups can benefit from bone meal, it is poor practice to use this in place of actual meat.

This option provides a great mix of carbohydrates for extended energy, as well as meat for muscles and agility.

Free of artificial additives, this is a safe option for pets with questionable health (or simply old age).

As with any other wet food option, once the container is opened, it must be eaten promptly.

Of course, to maximize flavor for the pup, it is best to warm the food before they eat it.

Not only will that bring out the subtleties in the meal, it will also aid in digestion (since it is easier to process warm food than its cold counterparts).

Though this food is on the more costly end, its nutritive value requires less frequent use, making it a valuable addition to the diet- and worth the expense.


  • No additives or artificial ingredients
  • Healthy inclusion of complex carbohydrates
  • Great supplement to kibble


  • Best for seniors (not suited for puppies)
  • Wet food (not suitable for every meal)

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#8 Wellness Wellbites Soft & Chewy
Variety Pack

While not a food, per say, most pet owners do offer out treats as rewards for good behavior (or just because- I am one of the latter).

As with anything that is eaten, it is important to find a suitable, healthy option for dog treats.

Though they are not the primary source of nutritive value, poor choices in treats can lead to nutritive detriment.

Empty calories are empty calories, after all. To mitigate any worries about artificial additives and by-products, I like to stick with these popular treats.

Coming in a plethora of flavors (mine prefer the lamb), it gives healthy options to supplement meals and keep the pups playful.

When choosing treats, it is ideal to find something grain free, and without added color or flavor- the meat is what the pups are after anyways.

These provide healthy and diverse options that can be purchased according to the palette of the pup themselves.

Chewy and lasting, I find that I can use two of these treats in place of three or four from some other brands- making them ideal for the pocketbook.


  • Low cost option
  • Healthy treat option
  • Multiple flavor choices
  • Great source of protein


  • Not a food source (only viable as a treat)
  • Chewy (so subject to staling)

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#9 Instinct Raw Boost Grain Free Recipe Natural Dry Dog Food

When reading ingredient lists on food packaging, the trick to know is that the ingredients are listed from most used to least.

That means that the first ingredient will be the most plentiful.

This choice truly is a chicken dinner- it being the first item listed.

Freeze drying is a great method of preserving ingredients without sacrificing the nutrition they include.

This option uses free range chicken (which has a noticeably better taste).

The real reason I favor this option is actually because of its inclusion of probiotics.

People get the chance to eat yogurt, a source of ‘good bacteria’- though it is not something oft seen in pet food.

Since probiotics facilitate a healthy intestinal flora, I like to provide this food to my pups.

I remember to include it whenever I eat yogurt. It works to prevent gut trouble like gassiness and diarrhea.

In addition to that, I always notice a significant uptick in the energy of my furry friends when probiotics are rotated through the diet.

I prefer the smaller sized bag, simply to prevent the product from going stale.

Provided it is stored in a well sealed container, this kibble can last a significant amount of time.


  • Includes probiotics for healthy flora
  • Free range chicken as protein source
  • Freeze drying in lieu of preservatives


  • Must be stored properly
  • No red meat

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#10 Sojos Mix-A-Meal Pre-Mix Natural Dehydrated Dog Food

Dogs take up a surprising amount of space (not including their outdoor areas).

From leashes to toys, bowls to beds, my furry friends account for a great deal of the used space in my home.

To stem this widespread usage of square footage, my furry family enjoys dehydrated food options.

It allows for minimal storage requirements, and packs the punch of its full form counterparts.

Adding water to this mix fleshes out the material as it expands significantly.

I prefer to mix the day’s worth of food in the morning and divvy up the meals into two portions (one in the morning and one for supper).

Ingredients include cranberries, a well-known super food.

Cranberries facilitate a healthy urinary tract and is a great option to include for pups who are having issues with urinating.

Often, when dogs default to unfortunate peeing patterns, it is because of an issue they cannot express.

Should this be the case, including food with cranberries (such as this one) in the diet, can only help.


  • Great for storage space
  • Includes cranberries for healthy urinary tract
  • Provides balanced nutrition


  • Must be pre-mixed to avoid overfeeding
  • No red meat included
  • Best for adult dogs

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Outside the Box (Super Healthy) Maltipoo Food

#1 Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food

The research that went into making this food is clear in the faces of the pups that are eating it.

Finishing their bowls ever-so-rapidly, my pups always try to check and see if there is more after finishing their meal (not out of hunger, simply out of greed).

Happy pets (often presenting as greedy pets) is one of the best barometers for a great food option.

This dry food is designed to provide a balanced meal for puppies.

Maltipoo pups, full of high energy attitudes and enthusiastic affection, glean the most benefit from this meal.

It was designed to be best absorbed by the digestive tract of young, small breed dogs.

The reason that I like this option is its inclusion of fish oil (without fish being the primary source of protein).

Fish oils, and the omega fatty acids contained therein, are critical for the healthy development of cognitive capabilities.

I want my dogs to have the best life possible, and ensuring that, from a young age, they can grow their brains and minds, is one of the best ways that I can achieve this end.

I appreciate the reassurance offered by the balanced diet being designed just for puppies.

Though this food could (theoretically) be used for adult dogs, it is best for young animals.


  • Ideal for puppies
  • Works to improve cognitive function
  • Great taste for dogs


  • Not suitable for dogs of senior age
  • Less cost effective

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#2 NUTRO Grain Free Adult Wet Dog Food Cuts in Gravy Variety Packs

This food is a great option for adult dogs who are teetering on the edge of senior status.

It is early intervention of potential issues that leads to long and active lives.

For animal breeds who are active (like the maltipoo), it is important to keep them active throughout their life.

After all, as per the great Sir Isaac Newton, an object in motion tends to stay in motion.

The inclusion of glucosamine and chondroitin provides the necessary building blocks for healthy joints.

Cartilage undergoes intensive wear and tear over the year. Every time movement is undergone the cartilage absorbs impact and provides smoothness of motion.

To keep my dogs young, I like to keep this included in their diets.

If your dogs are picky about supplements, and are getting up there in years, this is a great option to include in their meal mixes.


  • Great for joint health
  • Suited to adults and seniors
  • Balanced nutrition for small breeds


  • Not ideal for puppy diets

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#3 Dingo Mini Bones

In my experience, one of the trickiest parts of having small breed dogs is being able to find a size-appropriate treat for the little ones.

While not a food, this item is included herein because of its nutritive (and psychological benefits).

It is no mystery that pups like to chew, and this treat option makes a great choice for petite pups. I like these treats for their pocket size.

Not only do they not hold an odor (meaning I can pocket them while out on a walk), but they contain valuable protein for energy and muscle strength.

Like people, when exercising, pups need extra protein intake. These morsels are ideal for these purposes since they take a fair bit of chewing to get through.

It allows me to use a little bit less (and for my buck get a little bit more).

It provides my pup with a willing break from playtime to catch is breath and refresh. Chicken (a lean meat option) is a great option for snack time.

Since it takes a bit of extra time to chew through the material, it provides a great chance to offer water to encourage proper hydration.


  • Size appropriate treat for small dogs
  • Chewy treat, so prevents overfeeding
  • Adds protein to diet


  • Suited for active dogs only
  • Best for warmer seasons
  • Time consuming snack

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#4 Iams Proactive Health Minichunks Chicken Dry Dog Food

Designed with small pups in mind, this food option is both cost and nutrition effective.

The small morsels are perfect for the uptake of nutrients for littler dog breeds, like the maltipoo.

The focus is kept on fiber, which is effectively the cell wall of plant matter.

This macro-nutrient is important for a number of reasons.

Fiber (or cellulose) is the key facilitator in up taking of micro-nutrients.

In many views, it is referred to as roughage.

The name is due to the physical phenomenon it causes in the intestinal tract.

Fiber physically ‘scrapes’ matter out of the digestive tract (allowing for proper excretion).

Not only does this keep the stomach clean, but it is also imperative to proper hydration.

I like to include fiber intensive foods in the diets of my dogs and put extra focus on their importance during the hot seasons (when hydration needs are at their most critical).


  • High in fiber
  • Great to improve hydration
  • Suitable for all ages of dog


  • (may) Require supplementation for micro-nutrients

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#5 Stella & Chewy’s Freeze Dried Dog Food

Though on the costlier side, this high-quality food is ideal for those looking to spoil their pocket-sized pups. I prefer this option because it is hormone free.

While hormones themselves are critical to development and function, when they are used as additives in livestock it tends to preclude the natural growth of the flesh.

My pups love duck and having it as an option in such a healthy dog food makes for a happy pup and pet parent (always a good combination).

This pet food is suited to all ages of animal, though I prefer it for usage on adult dogs.

Being made in small batches provides added reassurance in terms of quality control.

These bags tend to be eaten long before the expiration date, though should that not be the case (busy lives, after all), this food will keep well provided it is stored adequately.

I like to keep mine in a cool, dry area (free of the wandering noses and interests of my furry family).


  • Good for long term storage
  • Pet friendly (they love the taste)
  • Made in small batches for quality control
  • Can be used for all ages


  • Less cost-effective option
  • Eaten quickly (could provoke gassiness)
  • Suited best for adult dogs

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Multiple Maltipoo Questions and Answers


# How to Properly Feed a Maltipoo?

Every dog is different, so the individual feeding needs will possibly require some tweaks depending on the pup’s personality.

It is important to provide a sufficient supply of fortified kibble.

Making sure the food is age appropriate is imperative, while keeping an eye out for all the vital micro-nutrients.

So long as dry food is offered as the primary source of nutrition, it can be supplemented with occasional wet food.

Any more regularly provided wet food can be detrimental to digestion.

Of course, food needs to be provided with adequate water supply to ensure proper hydration.

Learn How To : Choose The Right Food For Your Dog

# How Often to Feed a Maltipoo?

In general, it is best to divvy up food into two portions.

Giving one meal in the morning and the other in the evening is the standard of operation for these pups.

For those who undergo intensive exercise (or are going through a growth spurt), adding a small, mid-day meal is a reasonable choice.

Dogs, like people, can tend to confuse hunger with thirst. If your pup seems to crave extra, then ensuring water intake is a good measure before adding an extra meal.

# How Much to Feed a Maltipoo?

Most pet foods will come with a size/weight chart to account for small differences.

Typically, it is safe to go with the weight recorded at the most recent veterinary visit.

When dealing with reconstituted food (that to which you add water), ensuring that the food is mixed in advance will prevent overeating.

Generally, pups will finish their meals, so starting small and increasing the amount incrementally is much easier than the reverse.

The Most Masterful On the Maltipoo Menu

There are some great options on the market for maltipoo meal preparation.

Nutritional science has advanced significantly, and we are now aware of more facets of the physiology of food.

Looking at all the options, the clear winner is the Natural Ultramix Red Meat Recipe.

The balance of ingredients between protein, carbs, and fats is optimal.

We love it because it is a choice that can be used as dietary staple.

Pups favor it for the red meat source and using freeze dry technology reduces the need for preservatives.

Since maltipoos have such high energy, it is important for them to get enough caloric intake in a balanced way.

It is makes a big difference to act prophylactically since these pups tend to be susceptible to health issues.

A balanced diet is one of the best preventative measures that can be taken when it comes to health issues.

We all love our furry families and finding the best food for them provides the building blocks of a healthy, happy life.

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