Can Dogs Eat Green And Black Beans? Its Benefits & Side Effects

Have you ever wondered ‘can dogs eat beans’? Perhaps they are begging you for some scraps and you are concerned that they may get sick if you cave.

Well, you may find that the answer is really simple. Dogs can and should eat beans.

I will go into more detail as to why they should through this article.


Can Dogs Eat Green Beans? Its Benefits & Side Effects


Should Dogs Eat Green Beans?

The answer is yes, dogs can eat green beans! They are actually really good for them and a healthy alternative to fatty treats.

Some veterinarians even speak of the beans being able to help with a dog’s behavior since it is filled with all sorts of nutrients they need from day to day; omega 3 fatty acids, irons, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and other vitamins and minerals.

There is even fiber found in these small beans. A good thing about green beans is that dogs can eat them in whatever way too, cooked, raw, steamed.

While it is very healthy for them, it is best not to make it a truly daily thing, especially for puppies who need a more balanced intake.


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Can Dogs Eat Black Beans?

Now while we are on the track of if dogs can eat beans, you may be wondering if black beans are okay or not as well. Turns out they can, and not only that, black beans are the best bean to give to your dog.

While of course it should be given in moderation, they should also be cooked fully without any seasonings before your dog can eat them. Black beans themselves are not toxic at all in any amount for your dog, so if you do give them a big helping, nothing is going to go wrong.

Well, except for a little gas. They are filled with nutrients such as fiber and protein. They are absolutely perfect though for dogs that need to lose a little weight since it holds no space in their stomach. 


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Types of Green and Black Beans and Your Dog

I understand the concern of making sure if your dog can eat a certain thing a certain way. Different foods react differently when prepared in certain ways. I will go over different ways they can be prepared to walk you through if they are safe or not for your dog. 


Raw Green And Black Beans

Raw green beans are perfectly fine to eat and are preferred to other methods since this is the healthiest alternative. Just make sure to chop them up into easily chewable pieces so they won’t choke on them.

You should never feed your dog raw black beans. Since they are hard, they can be choking hazards. They won’t be able to easily digest since they are like pellets instead of chewable beans. 


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Frozen Green and Black Beans 

Frozen green beans make a really good treat for dogs, especially during the warm summer months. They make for great chew treats dogs love to gnaw on for hours.

Black beans, on the other hand, can not be really frozen since the raw form is basically hard pellets. I don’t suggest ever giving them to a dog frozen either, since they are the same choking hazard. 


Plainly Cooked Green and Black Beans

Green beans and black beans alike, both are great when cooked. As long as neither are seasoned, they are completely safe for your dog to eat.

I do suggest though that you should only give small amounts and not make it a regular thing. While they are good for your dog, they should have a more rounded diet. 


Canned Beans

When giving your dog canned beans, whether green or black, you should always check to see what is in them. If they are full of additives and preservatives, it is best just to leave it off the menu for your pup tonight.

Though if it is just a little salt, wash them off before you offer them to your dog just to make sure they aren’t too salty. 


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Is it Safe to Give Dogs Black Beans?

As I talked about earlier, black beans are completely safe to give your dog. As long as they are cooked, boiled until soft, they are actually pretty good for your dog. Since they are chalked full of proteins, potassium, and vitamins, they are a good power food for both us and dogs alike.

They are great to help with the immune system as well as blood sugar levels. Again, it is suggested to give in moderation or a supplement for their food. While it is good, it is not a cure-all.


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Ways to Serve Your Dog Green Beans

When you are giving your dog green beans, you should limit it to only about ten percent of their daily food consumption. This is if you plan to be giving them green beans as a normal supplement.

It is always best to serve green beans raw since that is when they are the purest; without any additives, seasonings, or sugar. They can also be served smashed into their meal, baked as treats, or frozen as cooling summer treats.

Though if you give your dog too many green beans, they can miss out on the calories and nutrition they need from normal food. 


Serving Your Dog Black Beans

I have found that black beans should only be served to your dog cooked or soaked until soft.

The easiest way to incorporate black beans into your dog’s diet is to mix them into their usual diet. Black beans also make a good snack to give them the added nutrients in the day. Though when you add beans to your dog’s diet, please do so in moderation.

Too many beans can cause your dog to bloat and have really bad gas, which can make them super uncomfortable. 



Green Bean Benefits

  • If your dog needs to lose weight, green beans can be a good way to do so. They are packed with nutrients while being low in calories. If you gradually increase from ten to fifty percent of their daily intake per day, they will start losing weight fast. When you want to go back to their normal diet, slowly just reduce the percentage back down.
  • Green beans are very low in calories and will not make your dog gain any weight by adding them to their diet.
  • In terms of bone health, green beans have both magnesium and calcium.
  • They also have Vitamin A which is great for eye and heart health.
  • With Vitamin C benefits, they help boost your dog’s immune system and blood pressure.
  • Vitamin K helps your dog heal from any wounds faster.
  • Cooked plain green beans are even said to help with your dog’s behavior.


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Benefits of Black Beans

  • Black beans are full of protein, which is the main reason black beans are a good supplement.
  • They are a zero-calorie form of dietary fiber that, while remaining undigested, can help your dog lose weight.
  • Black beans also help as an antioxidant that protects them from constipation. Though if you give them too many, they can have some seriously bad stomach issues.
  • They are also a great way to keep your dog’s blood sugar under control and thus preventing diabetes in the long run.


Side Effects of Green Beans 

  • Giving your dog too many green beans can cause your dog to suffer nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea because of a certain protein called lecithins. To reduce this risk, cook the beans fully to break it down.
  • Another side effect of giving your dog too many green beans is that it will cause some serious deficiencies in their diet.
  • Keeping green beans in your dog’s diet for an extensive amount of time may even cause their immune system to start failing.
  • Giving your dog large whole beans can cause a real choking hazard when eating. Try cooking them and mushing them to better prevent this from happening.


Green Bean Alternatives

Your dog may be the kind who just loathe the taste of green beans or just don’t even want to try them.

There are a few good alternatives to try if you are looking for a different kind of treat that is just as healthy. Off the top of my head, I can think of unsalted popcorn, celery (perhaps with some peanut butter on it), or olives. 


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Did You Find Your Answer Here?

Did you find an answer to your question here? I know, as a dog owner myself, that sometimes you are just curious if they can eat this or that. I always wondered about beans myself, worried that may it could upset their stomachs too much.

Have you tried giving your dog any beans? How did it go? Please let me know in the comments and share any tips you may have on the subject.

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