Best Dog Food For Dobermans : Top Rated Dry & Canned Foods For Doberman Pinschers In 2022

We love our pups as family so we have sourced the best foods for Dobermans to make the feeding process easy and fun.

Keeping an eye on nutrition is important for dog to be at optimal wellness.

Dog Food For Dobermans

Finding the best diet for your Doberman is key to achieving this goal.

In this article, we’re going to review the following foods for Doberman Pinscher dog:

The Prime Diet for Doberman Pinscher

Ideal diets for Dobermans match the dog’s intensity with calories.

We want these calories to be full of nutrition and wellness for our animal amigos.

Good nutrition sources use high quality proteins as the primary ingredient.

This is typically followed by a source of fibrous carbohydrates.

The fiber facilitates the uptake of nutrients, including protein.

Limiting by-products is critical to a healthy Doberman.

The intensive metabolic system of these dogs makes them burn calories at a rapid rate.

The ultimate diet for these dogs consists of two meals a day, usually in the morning and the late afternoon/evening.

We like to provide the last meal of the day a few hours before rest to give the Doberman an opportunity to digest properly.

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Traits of a Trustworthy Dobermann Meal

The needs of Dobermans are specific and exacting.

To make sure that these requirements are met, you must look for certain features in a food.

These include notation of the grade of meat, and a lack of additives (colors, flavors, and preservatives).

We prefer dog foods that focus on protein with inclusion of micronutrients via vegetables as opposed to supplements.

Animal Protein

Even for vegetarian families, including meat in your Doberman’s diet is very important.

Protein naturation (the process of amino acids being physically molded into proteins) requires specific building blocks.

While it is possible to complete a protein with plants alone, the benefits of a ‘perfect protein’ are significant.

In a perfect protein all necessary amino acids are present in the optimal ratios.

Meat is both flavorful to the pup (since they evolved eating it) and useful from a physiological standpoint.

Polyunsaturated Fats

Benefits of proper fats in the diet are extreme.

When checking fats, we like to follow the ‘room-temperature rule’.

If a fat is in solid form at room temperature, it is a saturated fat. If it is a fluid at ambient heat, then it is an unsaturated fat.

Your dog’s optimal diet includes a sufficient supply of these unsaturated fats.

Fat itself facilitates cognitive function and adds to a shiny coat.

The impacts of this macronutrient extends further than these two purposes.

Other impacts includes interstitial communication and proper maintenance of cellular membranes.

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Fish and Seafood Ingredients

Dobermans, like people, are susceptible to allergies.

We like to avoid shellfish to be on the safe side (especially if the parentage suggests a propensity for allergic reactions).

Aside from this consideration, fish is an incredibly healthy ingredient.

The best fish types to include in the canine diet are salmon, tuna, and whitefish sources.

The omega fatty acids contained in fish offers significant benefits to the pup palette.

As pet parents we must take extra caution with tuna due to the liver’s retention of mercury.

If tuna is the fish source, use it sparingly.

Whole Grain Goodness

The value of whole grains is significant for canine kind.

Whether this be in the form of rice or other grains, the importance lies in eating the entire grain.

When the grain is whole it contains the germ, bran, and endosperm.

Incorporating these into the Doberman diet is as essential as keeping the grain in tact.

In tact, grains offer a plethora of vital micronutrients.

These include B vitamins for energy and iron for healthy uptake of oxygen.

Choosing a kibble that includes these ingredients is a solid choice to avoid the need for supplementation.

Plan for Plants

Fruits and vegetables are vital ingredients for any mammalian diet.

Including these in the canine diet is an essential step for a healthy dog.

Doberman’s are high energy and large of size.

This means that they burn through calories at a quick rate.

It is up to us pet parents to make sure that these calories contain as much beneficial nutrition as possible.

Since dogs are not wont to eat vegetables on their own, it is best to have them incorporated into the kibble itself.

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Nutritional Needs of Doberman Pinscher

Dobermans have nutritional needs specific to their breed.

As the saying goes, ‘we are what we eat’.

The impacts of food on behavior and general temperament are incredible.

To keep your Doberman happy and healthy, ensuring that the diet matches their feeding needs is key to a long and fulfilling life.

Proteins and Essential Amino Acids

Protein is necessary for muscle growth and retention. Dobermans boast lean builds and agile forms.

To keep them at peak health, ensuring proper balance of proteins in their diet is necessary.

We like to balance the sources of this essential macronutrient.

Typically, your dog will benefit from a balance of chicken, fish, and red meat sources.

Keep to this method to make sure the origins of the amino acids are complementary to dietary equilibrium.

Make sure that the source of protein is the first ingredient to be sure it is found in plenty.

Fats and Fatty Acids

Fats should never be the first ingredient listed on the kibble or wet food.

This macronutrient is essential, but only in moderate amounts.

Saturated fats are tolerable, but the vastly superior polyunsaturated fats are more amenable to health.

A great way to check if your Doberman is getting enough healthy fats is to do the ‘coat-shine’ test.

If the coat is glossy to the touch (without being greasy), then there is a sufficient source of healthy fats.

Otherwise, it is time to find a food that is a better source of this important nutritional building block.

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Complex Carbohydrates

It is common knowledge (nowadays) that canine kind does not require the starch from carbohydrates.

The truth of this is relative to the research source, and has had some unfortunate side effects.

Carbohydrates are a broad spectrum term that refer to the combination (in varying amounts) of Carbon, Oxygen, and Hydrogen.

The more of these base elements, the ‘starchier’ the carbohydrate.

A common misnomer is that all carbs are starch or sugar. This is incorrect.

Fibre is included in the span of carbohydrates.

Fibre is essential to the healthy function of your Doberman.

It facilitates hydration and uptake of all other nutrients.

Even if you are planning on cutting starchy carbs from their diet, ensure that the food has a sufficient amount of protein to keep the pup at peak health.

Best dog food for Dobermans (adult & seniors)

#1 Eukanuba Adult Medium Breed Dry Dog Food

This moderately priced Doberman food is best suited for adult dogs of large breeds.

Clear benefits of this food are seen by its lack of additives.

Keeping away from preservatives is important (food should consist of food- nothing more).

We love this kibble because it avoids any filler ingredients.

A little known fact is that the by-products often seen in dog food are the waste products at large-scale butchering locations.

The offal of the animal is just as it sounds (awful), since it adds so little nutritional benefit.

Another reason my furry family loves this food is that chicken is the key meat source.

This white meat protein is notoriously lean, so having it as a primary ingredient is a great way to avoid the unpleasant fats and focus on the good ones.

The crunch of this kibble is more than a pleasant sound, it doubles as an extra set of care for the Doberman’s teeth.

Since these dogs can be temperamental at times, finding an agreeable method of dental care is critical (and this food does just that).


  • Lean source of meat protein (and the chicken taste dogs love)
  • Dental benefits for tartar reduction (by abrading the matter from the teeth)
  • Free of artificial additives (that offer no benefit to the dog)
  • Supplements with added vitamins and minerals for balance


  • No red meat source (necessary for proper iron intake)
  • Lack of vegetables and fruits in the kibble
  • Lower fiber value than other comparable foods

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#2 The Honest Kitchen Human Grade Dehydrated Grain Free Dog Food

This option is great for parents that like to keep up with trends when feeding their furry family.

Kale has a relatively newfound popularity in the mainstream diet, but this does not eliminate its values towards a healthy pup.

High in calcium and antioxidants, this leafy veggie is high in dietary iron.

Overall, this is a great choice for dogs who may be expressing lethargy.

Incredible iron contents make this food desirable for any dog (especially those prone to anaemia).

We love it because it can be served hot or cold, depending on the weather and preference of the dog.

Thankfully, this brand avoids by-products altogether.

We all know that dogs like bones.

However, when the meal is used instead of the muscle as a protein source, there is insufficient supply for the Doberman to retain muscle mass (and the agility that comes with it).

This food avoids these pitfalls and makes for an ideal dietary staple.


  • No by-products or preservatives used
  • Avoids GMO food products
  • Ideal protein/fat balance


  • On the higher end of the pricing range
  • Not suitable for beef intolerant pups

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#3 Healthy Dogma Human Grade Grain Free Dog Food

Our pups love this option for their daily kibble feasts.

Dobermans have massive appetites, and need something to satiate that hunger.

This is a well-rounded kibble, nutritionally speaking.

A great way to determine the quality of the food is the grade of the ingredients used therein.

The FDA regulates quality of food, and determines for whom the consumption is appropriate.

Personally, I don’t like to feed my dogs something made of ingredients I wouldn’t eat myself.

For fellow picky pet-parents, this food is a great solution.

Chicken is the focus of this meal, though added benefits include the carrots and apples boasted by this crunchy meal.

Adding quality features like probiotics adds important value to the product, since all mammals benefit from extra help with their internal flora.

My pups have happy stomachs after eating this meal (mostly due to being full), but also as a result of the balanced nutrition and hearty ingredients.


  • High in protein while staying well-rounded
  • Includes probiotics for healthy bacterial flora
  • Features antioxidants for extra wellness
  • Can be served either raw or cooked


  • No red meat so iron relies on supplementation
  • On the higher end of the cost spectrum
  • Contains egg and chicken (two potential canine allergens)

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#4 Purina Beneful Originals Adult Dry Dog Food

This cost effective food focusses on older canines and the benefits are maximized when it when eaten by older Doberman dogs.

The original design may sound like excessive simplicity, but the ‘tried and true’ test never seems to fail.

We love this food because of the peace of mind it brings to the table.

The kibble comes in appropriately portioned kernels (something that reduces gassiness in dogs), and provides an adequate calories to weight ration.

Having green vegetables is a great way to source additional minerals that may not be otherwise found in the Doberman diet.

The food is made in the USA, meaning the grading standards of the meat are governed under this jurisdiction.

As a staple, this red-meat containing meal is a great option. It is highly accessible due to the reasonable price and ease of access on the market.


  • Uses red meat as the primary protein source
  • Includes rare dog food veggies like tomatoes
  • Has avocado, a great source of healthy fats


  • Contains peas (a risk of theobromine poisoning on dogs)
  • Lack of diversity in protein selection requires supplementation of other kibble
  • Relatively calorically low (so Dobermans may require an extra half cup daily)

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#5 The Honest Kitchen Superfood POUR OVERS

I love this brand because it adds antioxidants in the form of turmeric and leafy greens.

Antioxidants work to protect the body against free radicals (agents that can lead to cellular mutations since they are so highly reactive).

We all want to keep our pups safe, and this heart healthy approach is a great option.

Dobermans have voracious appetites and will often eat whatever is put in their dish.

Because of this, it is easy to forget some of the dietary nuances.

We adore this food because it is a great reminder of all the ingredients that can get left behind.

High quality sets it apart as a great go-to when healthy food is the main goal.

Wet food makes a great treat. Our dogs know that when we serve them wet food, it is an act of affection.

Kibble tends to be a better regular meal since wet food can lead to softer stools and irregular movements.

Its moisture counterpart, as seen here, is better as a nutritional supplement (like a filling vitamin).

Dogs know it as a treat, and pet parents know it is a treat for their body.


  • High in antioxidants for big picture healthfulness
  • Filling option for large dogs when supplemented with kibble
  • GMO free ingredients


  • No probiotics in the recipe
  • Wet food (cannot function as a dietary staple)

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#6 Spot Farms Human Grade Dog Food, Natural Dehydrated Dog Food

Our preferred option for this kibble choice is the chicken recipe.

The recipe avoids grains, which makes this a great option for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

While my pups would eat anything in their path, it does not mean that they will not come to regret those choices.

This food prevents this potential pitfall by keeping the ingredients at the highest standards of quality.

Dehydrated food uses a technique that removes the water from the ingredients and acts in a preserving capacity.

The diet is well balanced except for the fiber content.

This is easily solved by adding in fibrous vegetables (or supplementing).

Even better is to use this food as a treat.

It is great for storage by way of space and keeps well for long periods of time.

Our family likes to keep this recipe around for an extra topping or a snack after heavy exercise.

When I make this for my pups, I like to use broth instead of water as an extra treat.


  • High quality products used (suited for human consumption)
  • Works as a whole diet method or as a special dinner
  • Expands significantly after cooking


  • Lack of protein diversification in each flavor/type
  • Low fiber content compared to similar foods
  • High caloric content (best suited to active dogs)

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#7 The Honest Kitchen Human Grade Dehydrated Grain Free Base Mix Recipe for Dogs

Fruits and vegetables often get associated with the human diet.

We don’t always think of offering our dogs bananas when we reach for them (and they probably wouldn’t be fans of the gesture).

Nonetheless, the value of these high in vitamins and fibre foods is essential to all mammal diets.

Canines, especially large breeds, require a plethora of nutrition to keep a balanced diet.

Vitamin supplements are great since they give a measured dose of the proper micro-nutrients for physiological success.

The issue arises with the uptake of that nutrition.

The foremost concern is fiber and hydration.

Without these two components, proper nutritional uptake is not possible.

Once you’ve considered those factors (a task executed well by this food), it is important to ensure that vitamins are accessible.

The best way to do this is by incorporating a food that has plenty of plant matter.

By providing easy access to dietarily sourced vitamins and minerals, doting on your Doberman is made simple.


  • Grain free for gluten intolerant dogs
  • Dehydrated to encourage raw protein intake
  • Expands significantly upon preparation
  • Great for adults and senior Dobermans
  • High in fiber for proper uptake of nutrition


  • Lack of protein diversification
  • Use of cabbage can cause gassiness

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#8 VICTOR Classic – Multi-Pro, Dry Dog Food

Don’t let the low cost of this crunchy kibble fool you- it’s value packs a punch.

Our dogs love it (as proven by quickly emptied food dishes).

Us pet parents favor this option because of its well balanced nutrition.

The need to diversify protein sources is obvious.

You can’t have a healthy structure without providing all of the materials to grow.

Dobermans are similar to brick buildings in this regard.

This feeding choice is great because it incorporates both red and white meat into the mix.

Since this food is higher on the caloric spectrum, it is critical to ensure proper exercise of the Doberman.

I like this food especially during the cold season, since those extra calories get burnt off simply by staying warm during walks.

The kibble avoids gluten which is a great option since these dogs do not really benefit from starch (but can still see the pitfalls of glutenous diets).

Finding a food that incorporates grain without gluten can be tricky. This option solves this issue splendidly.


  • Provides a blend of white and red meat sources
  • Gluten free for a healthy digestive system
  • High in fiber to promote hydration


  • High calorie option (only suitable for active dogs)
  • Most cost effective at the largest container size

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#9 The Honest Kitchen Pumpkin POUR OVERS

This meal is low cost and well rounded.

Dobermans benefit from the vitamin-packed pumpkin which is the key ingredient.

This breed originated in Germany for the task of protection.

Canines bred for this purpose rely heavily on all of their senses.

Since dogs tend to rely (generally speaking) on their hearing and smell as primary senses, the nutrients needed for sight often slip into the background.

Pumpkin is high in beta carotene (the component that provides the vibrant orange hue).

This micro-nutrient is essential to optimal vision in the dog.

Turkey is an interesting ingredient.

I like this option because the uptick in tryptophan induces a state of calm which can be helpful to balance the temperament of a feisty Doberman.

A proper balance of amino acids is essential to health and tryptophan (the famous ingredient in turkey that leads to holiday sleepiness) is an essential amino acid.


  • Grain free recipe
  • Plentiful inclusion of antioxidants
  • Well balanced nutrition
  • High quality ingredients all GMO free


  • Turkey as a protein source (can cause drowsiness)
  • Not suitable as a regular food source

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#10 Sojos Complete Natural Freeze-Dried Natural Raw & Dehydrated Grain-Free Dog Food

The beauty of this food lies in its storage capacity.

Most raw food suffers from the speedy degradation of fresh food.

Freezing is an option, but it sacrifices space at a speedy rate.

If you are looking for a Doberman food that capitalizes on spare space without forgoing the benefits of a raw diet, this is a great choice.

Even the 7 pound bag is deceivingly small since, when re-hydrated, the kernels flesh out significantly.

My favorite part of the manufacturing is that it uses freeze drying technology.

The taste of the kibble benefits highly from the raw source of protein.

This method is closer to what these dogs experienced in their evolutionary history.

The quality of food given is just as important as the amount provided.

It is possible to ‘starve’ while eating daily.

This is due to nutritional depletion in food.

Since Dobermans are such a large breed, finding a food to sustain their voracious appetites is essential.


  • Benefits of raw meat (variety of freeze dried options)
  • Reduces preservatives by using dehydration technology
  • Ideal for long term storage


  • The protein in each flavor is singular
  • Limited amount of vegetables included
  • No presence of probiotics or additional omega fatty acids

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Best Dog Food for Doberman Puppies

#1 The Missing Link Supplements with Balanced Omegas and Heart Healthy Fresh Ground Flaxseed in Unique Formulas

This healthy meal is perfect for the growing Doberman.

It is no secret that puppies have very different metabolisms than their adult counterparts.

We love the adorable furballs, and want the very best for them.

It is important, at this stage in the dog’s life, to provide all of the essential nutrition in the proper amounts.

Brains develop early, so having the added omega 6 and 3 fatty acids gives them the correct building blocks for cognitive development.

There are certain dental benefits associated with this as well.

The absence of GMOs and artificial additives gives this food a high quality standing amongst puppy meals.

I favor this option for pups because it is a taste-friendly option that contains all of the essential nutrients for development.

The best part is the fringe benefit of dental well-being.

Anyone who has ever had a toothache knows how challenging it can be to have dentistry compromised.

Dobermans are no different (though they lack the ability to communicate tooth pains).

To give them the best chance at a shiny coat and healthy teeth, this food is a great option.


  • Dental benefits for healthy teeth and gums
  • GMO and additive free
  • Contains essential fatty acids (critical for growth)


  • Lacks probiotics
  • Lower amount of fiber compared to other brands

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#2 Instinct Raw Boost Grain Free Dry Dog Food

This food is a healthy choice for young Dobermans, integrating early into their diet the benefits of raw proteins.

The way dogs eat at a young age will impact both their health and their palette for the rest of their lives.

Starting them off with nutritious options is one of the most important roles of the pup parent.

We adore this choice because it uses high quality, free range chicken.

Since it is a kibble, it makes a great a dietary staple for the little ones.

The fact that the meal is grain free adds additional benefits, since tummy trouble can start young (especially since the digestive tract is still developing).

If your pup has a sensitive constitution, this is a great option since it avoids corn, wheat, and soy (common canine irritants).

Freeze drying of food retains all of the essential nutrition without forgoing taste.

That gives us pet parents the opportunity to provide our Dobermans with something tasty and healthy (in the same kibble).

The goal with foods is to maximize benefit while minimizing processing. We favor this kibble because it achieves this end flawlessly.


  • Contains essential micro-nutrients
  • Uses raw ingredients (freeze dried)
  • Provides a balanced diet


  • Sensitive stomachs may be irritated by chicken
  • Relatively low calories compared to similar makes

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#3 Pet Craft Supply Protein Rich Treats for Doberman Pups

Puppy parenting is more than food and affection, it is also about training and discipline.

Our favorite method of training involves positive reinforcement.

Treats are a fantastic way to achieve positive results, especially when the pup loves the flavor.

You want your Doberman to grow well, both physically and temperamentally.

These treats are protein packed and have a variety of choices to diversify the source.

Personally, I favor the salmon option, though beef is also a great direction.

Treats can often be empty calories (more functional than nutritious), so finding an option that is packed with healthfulness is ideal.

These freeze dried protein bites are a great way to keep energy and spirits up during the training process.

The small size of the bites makes them perfect for puppy digestive system.

Since they can be eaten quickly, they are great options for on-the-go.

With all forms of nutrition, proper hydration is imperative.

Especially with foods or treats that are lower in fiber, ensuring adequate intake of water is essential to the growing puppy.


  • High in meat protein (freeze drying technology)
  • Simple, single ingredient design
  • No additives or preservatives


  • Cannot be a primary food source
  • Lacks fiber (used for uptake of nutrition)

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#4 Blue Buffalo Life Protection Puppy Chow

Doberman pups see great benefit from this kibble type.

Puppies need to eat frequently and having a dry food option as a staple is ideal.

One of the key benefits of this type of food is that it is specifically manufactured for large breed puppies.

Not all dogs are made alike, and the growth demands of larger pet breeds varies significantly from their tinier counterparts.

This food has all the essential building blocks of a healthy, large dog like a Doberman.

The composition of the kibble includes fruits and vegetables (great sources of dietary fiber).

By avoiding common allergens and irritants like wheat and soy (mostly used for bulk), this streamlined food contains only optimal ingredients.

I love this food because it accounts for young dogs having been weaned from their mother’s milk.

It supplements with similar fatty acids to those found in canine breast milk.

To ensure proper uptake (and plentiful supply) of vitamins and minerals, this kibble incorporates brown rice.

Our dogs love the flavor and benefit from the nutrition.


  • Contains vegetables and fruit
  • Uses brown rice for whole grain benefit
  • Mimics breast milk (suitable for even the youngest puppies)


  • Costlier option compared to other pup chow
  • Uses chicken as a protein source (a possible irritant)

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Most Common Doberman Diet Inquiries

# What Should I Know About Doberman Puppies?

The most important thing to know about Doberman puppies is that they are growing creatures.

Getting these furry companions to full size (that of a healthy adult dog), requires special dietary considerations.

Especially during these formative months, it is critical to keep food standards as high as possible.

Additionally, breaking the feeding into three meals instead of two can benefit the digestive system.

# How Often Should I Feed My Doberman?

Adult Dobermans benefit from two meals throughout the day. This, of course, will depend on the specific metabolism of your dog.

It also assumes that the Doberman in question is of reasonably good health.

If this is the case, then feeding in the morning as well as the late afternoon provides the best chances for a healthy system.

Learn How To: Choose The Right Food For Your Dog

# How Much Should I Feed My Doberman?

Dobermans (in their adult years) gain the most dietary benefits from eating anywhere from two to five cups of food.

This amount is directly impacted by the amount (and intensity of) the exercise undergone.

Another influence is the season itself. During winter and spring dogs have atypically high appetites.

So long as exercise is adequate, you can adjust the amount accordingly.

Should I Feed My Doberman Puppy Dry Dog Food or Wet Dog Food?

Dobermans tend to benefit the most from kibble focused diets.

Dry food is the least metabolically challenging, and generally leads to firmer stool.

Wet food makes a great supplement to the diet and a wonderful treat.

We like to keep kibble as a staple and have a few cans of wet food on hand for extra hungry days.

# Specialty Puppy Foods– Are They Worth the Hype?

Hype is only as good as the wholesomeness of the ingredients.

Products can be wonderfully advertised and still have no benefits. It is up to us puppy parents to ensure a balanced diet.

Check the ingredients before choosing a food- specialty or otherwise. True value comes from the way the pup appreciates the food.

If your pup is picky, then a specialty food can be helpful. Otherwise, sticking to the tried and true is a perfectly fine option.

The Doberman Diet’s Clear and Concise Conclusion

After careful analysis of these Doberman meals, the clear winner of the roundup is The Honest Kitchen Human Grade Dehydrated Grain Free Dog Food.

There are many great choices, though this option is best for picky eaters with heavy appetites.

It avoids all major allergens, and incorporates a sufficient supply of protein, fats, and leafy greens.

This food meets the demands of the Doberman through its inclusion of fiber and protein.

It avoids common pitfalls like by-products and additives. We all want what is best for our Dobermans.

This food enables us pet parents to offer the highest standard of care.

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