The aim of WowPooch.com is to provide the best possible information for all types of dog lovers.
Along with, we also review dog food and accessories. 

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Meet The Editorial Team

Sandra S Ashley – Sr. Editor

Hello! I am the person behind this website. I have been a dog walker for the 5 years. From my childhood, I was being a avid puppy lover. Here is an old photo of my first puppy. My mom sent me this the other day.  
Sandra S Ashley and puppy at outdoor

As a regular member of many online dog communities, I see there are dog lovers all over the world.

Many of them asks for help regarding dog adoption, food, training and other things. So, I wanted to start this website to share my humble knowledge and experience with puppy adoption.

Muhammad P – Website Admin

I can sum up myself in a few words: content lover, pet lover, and coffee drinker.
For wowpooch.com I make sure the followings: 
Muhammad Pasha
▪ Quality control, updating and migrating contents
▪ Managing the production of the Link-Roundups, reviewing and publishing
▪ Establish connection with like minded people
Enjoy the website!