Top 5 Best Great Dane Breeders In Connecticut (CT) State

Great Dane is a kind of breed from which my words won’t be enough to praise it. A true’ American Gentleman and also an ideal breed. Only without some training difficulties this breed is such a marvellous breed that most of the dog lover is fascinated for, so am i!

So here I did  a lot of research and enlisted the top 5 breeders of Great Dane so that you can catch them up to get your desired puppy. So what are you waiting for? Have a look ! 

Find A Great Dane Breeder Near Me In Connecticut State

Top 5 Great Dane breeders in Connecticut

#1 CT Breeder

This breeder breeds professionally and groom up the healthiest Danes. And all of their pups are very much affordable. They also run a pet store where the accessories of all types of pets are available.

They have 40 years of breeding experience. They consider their puppies as their family members. They are highly appreciated for their customer service system.

Their first preference is their customer. So they help their customer in every step. From buying the pet to after buying the pet, every time they are well concerned and volunteer to help their customers.

They are conscious about matching the ebay and perfect choice between the pups and their customers. That’s why all of their customers get the best kind of pup and they get such praises.

Not only that, they guide their customers on how to train the pups, how to take care of them, choosing the right food, grooming, good veterinary checkup and in every aspect.

Even after taking the pup you can ask for them any type of consultancy, help and support. While giving the puppies they do all the steps with paperwork regarding the registration of their pups, vaccination.

And all the things that includes the welfare of their pup. They will also provide the documents on your preferred dog. They have experienced and talented trainers who train their dogs as best as possible.

All of their dogs are well socialized and trained. So you don’t need to get worried about training them. Their Danes are trained up, socialized, and obedient.

Their working hours are Monday to Sunday, from 10.00am to 8pm and on Sunday from 11.00am to 7pm. For any kind of inquiry you can contact them in the details I have attached below.

Breeders Details:

  • Name Of The Organisation: CT Breeder
  • Contact: (203)-939-1964
  • Email:
  • Mailing Address: 48 Westport Ave Norwalk,CT 06851
  • Website : CT Breeder

#2 Sheridane Great Danes

They have been breeding and showing Great Danes since 1968. Among them more than 50 AKC champions, Grand Champions and BISS Champions.

Their dogs are of good temperament, quality breedings, and well socialized.Their dogs have achieved the award of ‘National Speciality’,’Multiple group’ and ‘Best in Speciality’.

All of their puppies are raised in home. All of the Danes are AKC registered, from champion bloodline, have strong pedigrees, DNA tested, Dewormed and declawed.

The pups are regularly vaccinated and taken to the vet regularly for the checkup. They give health guarantees for their pup. They even have a money back guarantee for their pups.

And lifetime replacement if any types of crippling hereditary disease is found. I have attached their link below, Kindly check it out to get your desired pup from them.

Breeders Details:

  • Name Of The Organisation: Sheridane Great Danes
  • Email:
  • Mailing address: Hebron,CT
  • Website: Sheridane Great Danes

#3 Baker’s ST. Danes of Southeastern CT

This breeder doesn’t have any official website of them, but has a 4.7 rating on their Facebook page. They are appreciated for the quality of their dogs.

They groom all of their puppies in their home to give them a family and friendly environment. That is why their pups are well socialized with humans and animals.

Their pups are already vaccinated and dewormed. They have the veterinary certification of all of the vaccination, health issues and medical purposes.

When their puppy gets 6 years old they train their pup in outdoor potty training. So all of their pups are potty trained. You can also visit their kennel or home to see their puppies.

They don’t sell puppies under 8 weeks old & they don’t ship their puppies. You need to knock them up on their Facebook page or messenger to contact them. I have attached their details below.

Breeders Details:

  • Name Of The Organisation: Baker’s ST. Danes of Southeastern CT
  • Mailing address: CT
  • Facebook: Baker’s ST. Danes

#4 Madison danes 

They have a very heavy reputation on breeding. They have AKC champion,Grand Champion, Bronze Champion, Silver Grand Champion.

All of these pups have been tested by a reputed vet and also the puppies have been completely CHIC tested. They breed super dogs, their dogs are from champion bloodlines

They fulfill the standard and commitment of AKC. They don’t breed for any kind of profit. Their dogs are well socialized, sportive,energetic and of good temperament.

They have  a good rating for their customer service. If you want to explore them more and want to know them more, have a visit on their website now. The link has been attached below.

Breeders Details:

  • Name Of The Organisation: Madison Danes
  • Owner: Marc Darren
  • Contact: (203)-314-4999
  • Email:
  • Website: Madison Danes
Great Dane With Leaf

#5 Long Meadow Danes

This breeder also doesn’t have any website for his kennel like ‘Bakers Great Danes’. Till now this breeder has got 5 star ratings on his Facebook page for the quality and customer services.

Their dogs are way too good. They try to fulfill all the standards and commitments given by AKC. And the breeder is an AKC / CKC registered breeder.

He  considers his puppies as  his family members and made them way too socialised with all kinds of pets like cats, rabbits and also with human beings.

His Danes are good tempered, declawed, dewormed and DNA testes. They have  very good customer care services which make them big instead of being a small breeder.

He expects all of us to support to grow his small kennel. He dreams to make it big by our constant support and providing us with the best kind of puppies.

If you want to visit and explore this breeder kindly have a look on the details that has been attached below.

Breeders Details:

  • Name Of The Organisation: Long Meadow Danes
  • Email:
  • Facebook: Long Meadow Danes

Great Dane Breeders From Other States:
Michigan (MI) | California (CA) | Georgia (GA) | Tennessee (TN) | North Carolina (NC) | Missouri (MO) | Kentucky (KY) | Oklahoma (OK) | Alabama (AL) | Ohio (OH) | Iowa (IA) | Indiana (IN) | New Jersey (NJ) | Minnesota (MN) | Oregon (OR) | South Carolina (SC) | Alaska (AK) | Hawaii (HI) | Delaware (DE) | Texas (TX)

How Much Does A Purebred Great Dane Puppy Cost In CT?

The Great Dane pup which is purebred generally costs $600-$3000 approximately. It mainly depends on the breeder and some features of the dog.

Why Are Pure Great Dane Puppies Expensive In CT?

Purebred Great Dane is expensive in the CT for many reasons. Such as the breeder’s reputation.

If you want to take the pup from a well reputed breeder with papers and health guarantee, then it will cost much. Also their height ,color,age is also a big fact for an expensive Great Dane.

How Do I Find A Good Great Dane Breeder In CT?

Finding a good reader is not always easy. But as easy as you can do, you can google them. By googling you will get to know about many breeders, moreover you can ask to the pet stores they have link with many breeders.

Along with there are some breeder finder apps, you can also visit those. I have also enlisted the top breeders, if you want you can have  a visit to them.

How Do I Choose A Great Dane Breeder In CT?

Choosing a good breeder is a must before buying any pup. A good breeder will be able to fulfill your requirement and perfectly match your desire.

There are some features of a good breeder, such as they will always be straightforward about paperwork, registered by AKC / CKC,will give you health insurance, and provide their pup a good environment.

Also they will inquire about you and your environment to know that you will be able to handle their pup and their pup will be on the way of getting a forever home.

That’s how a professional, reputable and good breeder works. If you want to buy any pup kindly observe your breeder at first and then buy your Dane from them.

Why Are Great Dane Breeders So Popular In CT?

Great Dane is a breed full of energy,sportive, loyal and also very protective. It’s a complete package of everything. It can delight your day as well as protect your home.

That’s why people are mostly fond of this breed and also in CT this breed is very popular. That’s how the Great Dane breeders became popular.

What Is The Rarest Color Of Great Dane In CT? Why Are They Rare?

Silver is considered as the rarest color of Great Dane. Not only all over the world,but also in CT this color is the rarest.

For some recessive gene problems and genetic watering down this color went rare. AKC also does not allow to breed this color.

What Is The Maintenance Cost To Raise A Great Dane Puppy In CT?

For raising a small Great Dane in the first year the average cost is approximately $2674, For the medium Dane the cost becomes $2889 and for the  large dog the cost is approximately $3239.

And lastly for the giant dog the cost ends up in approximately $3536. This cost includes dog food and treats, toys, vaccines, regular vet check up, health insurance,and some external things.

How Much Is A Great Dane Puppy Without Papers In CT?

Without papers the Great Danes cost much less. It costs approximately $600-$1900. But it’s way too risky to buy a puppy without papers.

It’s illegal and causes too many risks. So you should avoid the idea of buying a puppy at a cheap price if you ever plan to buy a puppy without papers.

What Is The Most Popular Color Of Great Dane In CT?

The most common color of Great Dane is Fawn all over the world. Not only all over the world but also in CT.

Why Avoid Puppy Mills And Backyard Breeders While Choosing Great Dane Breeders  In CT?

You should avoid puppy mills and backyard breeders while choosing Great Danes breeders because they are way too dishonest and they just sell puppies to have money, they don’t breed for standard.

They serve puppies with a cheap price to attract people but in reality they don’t give any kind of documentation and papers. Their puppies are not registered.

And suffer from various kinds of contagious diseases and defects. After taking the pup sometimes the defects are exposed.

That time you won’t be able to make them responsible for this or you won’t be able to complain about this to anyone. Also they don’t take care of the pups.

And don’t do vaccination properly which causes various diseases inside them. That is why it’s better to avoid puppy mills and backyard breeders while choosing Great Dane breeders in CT.

Great Dane Dog

Is It A Good Idea To Get A Great Dane Puppy From A Rescue Centre In CT? Why Not?

It’s not a good idea to get a puppy from a rescue centre in my opinion. Sometimes people get good puppies from rescue centres by luck but it doesn’t happen.

In rescue centres people recuse different types of puppies from different places. They are not well socialized and vaccinated. So if you have the courage to take a puppy from a rescue centre.

And later on you can register it and can vaccinate it then you can take a puppy from a rescue centre in CT. But it would be best if you avoid taking puppies from rescue centres.

Is The Great Dane Good For A First Time Owner?

In my opinion Great Danes are not a good fit for a first time owner. Because they are way too sportive and energetic and there are some special tricks and techniques you need to apply to control this giant dog.

It gets difficult sometimes for a first time owner to handle them but if you have adequate knowledge on training them and you know properly about this breed then i can say, you may take the risk.

Otherwise if you don’t have adequate knowledge on training Great Danes then you should avoid buying them as a first time owner.

How Long Are Great Danes In The Puppy Stage?

Generally before 18 months the Great Dane are considered as pups.within 18 months they reach their full height but it takes completely 2 years to become giant and hit their full size.


Honestly speaking I have found Great Dane to be a very adorable dog.Its a complete package of sweetness and spice. German people used to use this dog fro hunting and loved its protective skill. Also they are very energetic and cuddler.

It would be great to own a Great Dane, I must say. While having research and study about this dog and their breeders I liked the CT breeder honestly. Do tell me which breeder did you like the most in the comment box!

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