Top 2 Best Great Dane Breeders In New Jersey (NJ) State

I have always loved to have a companion which is the calmest but the sweetest at the same time. If you ask me to choose a breed which is the calmest, affectionate and protective at the same time I would surely choose the breed Great Dane.

Having a Great Dane is like Having the calmest fun in life. For the people who really love this breed like me, I have enlisted a list of reputed breeders of Great Dane in the New Jersey area. Have a look at them if you want to get your desired one !

Find A Great Dane Breeder Near Me In New Jersey State

Top 2 Great Dane Breeders in New Jersey

#1 Haltmeier Great Danes

Since 1967 this kennel has been providing the ebay kind of Danes. The owner Pta and Bob Haltmier has been showing their dogs in AKC shows for over a half century.

Their dogs are generally known as ‘Therapy Dogs’ such trained and well groomed they are. Not only in the USA, they also provide their services towards various countries.

This kernel is well known for their superior quality, temperament and large size. Their maximum dogs are of giant size.

Their pups come from the Generations of highly selective breeds. They mostly focus on the quality of breeding that is why the selection process of dogs and bitches are very genuine here.

Their customers are their first priority. But when they provide any puppy they provide you at first their selected pups which is the best. They have provided puppies across all around the globe.

To have  a puppy from their kennel is like getting the best Dane that exists. They are very much reputed breeder. Also their pups have been used in commercials and print advertising since 1980.

Their pups are AKC registered, DNA tested, well tempered and socialized and declawed. They have blue, black, harlequin and mantle color dogs and bitches available.

If you want to have  a pup from them kindly visit their website which i have attached below.

Breeders Details :

  • Owners Name: PAT,Bob Hartmeier
  • Contact: (908)-399-8567
  • Email:
  • Mailing Address: New Jersey, USA
  • Website: Haltmeier Great Danes

#2 Hladik Great Danes

This breeder started breeding in 1980’s when he first bought a female Dane. That dog was from Meistersinger bloodlines and a very nice dog in nature.

He again purchased a brindle bitch. Now the kennel has fawn, brindle, harlequin and merle dogs.

They breed to produce healthy Danes. Their main focus on the good physical and mental health of their breed. Their pups meet all the commitments of the AKC breed standard.

All of them are DNA tested and declawed. Their Danes are very socialized.

Can mix up with children and any other pet. If you want to get your desired pup from them, have a view on their website.

Breeders Details :

  • Owner’s Name: Sharon and Robert Hladik
  • Contact: 908-496-4497
  • Email:
  • Mailing Address: Columbia,New Jersey 07832
  • Website: Hladik Great Danes

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Great Dane Dog

How Much Does A Purebred Great Dane puppy Cost In New Jersey State?

The price range generally stays between $1800-$3000. But it really depends on the breeder. If you want to take your pup from a reputable breeder.

And show the dog it will take an expensive amount. Cost mainly depends on if you want to take a companion dog or show dog.

Why Are Pure Great Dane Puppies Expensive In New Jersey State?

Great Danes puppies are the most expensive because of the certification from AKC. It is one of the main reasons behind this expensive price. Because the certification process from AKC takes a huge amount of money.

A breeder obviously will cover up this money which he spent to provide you an AKC certified Dane. Also their health, pedigree and temperament matter a lot for being expensive.

How Do I Find A Good Great Dane Breeder In New Jersey State?

You can check out the above-mentioned breeders, else you can search different websites like and also can google to find your desired breeder.

Also you can contact any pet store to know about any reputed breeder because they are linked up with breeders.

How Do I Choose A Great Dane Breeder In New Jersey State?

Before choosing any breeder you must have to consider some features inside them. Your pup is your life time partner, so taking the wrong pup from a bad breeder can make you suffer for life time.

So you have to be very careful before choosing a breeder from whom you want to take a pup. Here I am telling you some features which can detect a breeder as a good one.

Such as – they are way too knowledgeable about the breed. You can ask anything from them and will feel that they are well knowledgeable about the breed they are breeding. They ensure the best kind of environment for their puppies.

And treat them as their family member. Also they will ask you a lot of question before giving you the puppy just to justify whether you are enable enough to handle their pup.

They are very much transparent about their ethics and practices. They will provide you the pup who’s at least 8 weeks old. Even after the pup has been delivered they will stay in contact.

And will provide you the service needed for their pups. Thus make a breeder reputable and best, so before taking any pup from any breeder kindly have a look at their features carefully.

Why Are Great Dane Breeders So Popular In New Jersey State?

Great Dane puppies are so popular in New Jersey because of their sweet and gentle posture. This is a breed which contains the whole sweetness of the world.

They crave affection and attention, if you deliver them your affection and attention properly they don’t need anything else.

What Is The Rarest Color Of Great Dane In New Jersey State? Why Are They Rare?

Silver is the rarest color of Great Dane. In New Jersey Silver Great Dane is way too rare to find. They are rare because of their genetic flaws.

For the genetic watering down their black fur their coats turn into bright silver color. But in patterns, merle Danes are rarest.

What Is The Maintenance Cost To Raise A Great Dane Puppy In New Jersey State?

For raising a Great Dane puppy, in the first 1 year the cost will be approximately $2674, and in the middle year the cost for a large Dane will be approximately $3239 and for the next year from the middle year for the giant Dane the cost will be $3536.

This sums up an average cost of health issues, food, playing stuffs for a Dane. So before buying a Dane you also should consider the average cost to raise them .

What Is The Most Popular Color Of Great Dane In New Jersey State?

Fawn is the most popular color in New Jersey state. Everybody wants to have a Fawn color Dane because of its beauty and cuteness. This color comes from a recessive gene.

Are Great Danes Intelligent?

All dogs are intelligent but the Great Dane has average intelligence. According to their working intelligence and ability they have been ranked as top 88th smartest dog.

Their hunting skills and the way they use their intelligence while hunting and performing shows make them more intelligent and smart among all the breeds.

Is It A Good Idea To Get A Great Dane Puppy From A Rescue Centre In New Jersey State? Why Not?

It never can be a good idea to buy a puppy from a backyard breeder or puppy mill because they have the worst kind of mentality generally while breeding the pup.

They focus on money rather than focusing on their pup’s healthy environment. They are not even AKC certified so they do the business literally illegally and most of their pups are defected and suffering from diseases.

You cant even make any complaint about them if you get a defected pup as they are not registered by AKC. That’s why it would be better if you don’t take puppies from any kind of backyard breeder and puppy mill.

Great Dane Is Happy

Is The Great Dane Good For A First Time Owner?

Great Danes are excellent companions for a first time owner. Generally they are known as ‘Couch Potato’ for their patience, Gentle behavior and sweetness.

They love to cuddle a lot . So all you need to do is to give affection, attention and love to them.

Can Great Danes Be Kept Outside?

Great Danes are better suited as indoor dogs. Though they are fine with both indoor and outdoors. Their short haired coats are not suitable for excessive temperature ,heat and coldness.

That’s why its better not to keep them outside rather keeping them inside is safer for them. But they should be often taken outside because of removing their monotony and to make them social and fearless about the outsiders.

They crave for human attention a lot so it’s better not to keep them alone for a long time indoors also. It will make them suffer mentally.

Are Great Danes Shed?

Great Danes has a very short coat of hair. So they don’t shed that much what other breeds shed. They shed at a moderate level.

But they need a little amount of grooming like brushing their coat regularly, which will keep their skin safe and shiny.

Do Great Danes Get Cold Easily?

Great Danes have a little amount of coat in their skin layer which doesn’t give them proper protection and safety. That’s why they catch colds very easily.

They have very natural low body fat which gives them less heat to protect themselves from the cold.

What Do I Need To Know About Great Dane Puppies?

The things you need to know about this breed is they crave for love and affection a lot. They have separation anxiety, so if you can’t give it enough time then you shouldn’t buy it.

They are huge in size but they think that they are small. Sometimes they drool. Also they eat a lot so you need to ensure their proper diet.

They are couch potatoes so give them some space to relax. Most importantly they have  a lot of health issues, so you need to take them to the vet regularly for a good checkup.

How To Raise A Great Dane Puppy?

The thing you need to do to raise your puppy is first ensure their healthcare facts, because they get health issues very often. Not only this you have to ensure their proper diet and diet plan ,feed them with care.

Train your Dane as you want, make them socialize and keep you Dane mentally happy and comfortable. These are the basic and main points you need to reconsider before thinking of raising a Great Dane.

What Is The Lifespan Of A Great Dane?

A Great Dane can survive up to 8-10 years. But you have to ensure their proper healthcare and environment so that they stay fit and can live up to 8-10 years. That’s how a Great Dane can live for a long time.

How Long Are Great Danes In The Puppy Stage?

They generally take 18 months to reach their full height and complete it within 2 years. So a Great Dane is considered a puppy before reaching 2 years old.


Being a puppy lover encourages me a lot to have  a Great Dane for my own. Having a great Dane is like having the purest form of love for the lifetime. Great Danes are also very protective. In this busy life while searching for some time is tough now, for such people Danes can be a good option.

I would love to have a Dane of silver color for sure. Let me know what is the favorite color of Great Dane you like the most below in the comment box.

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