Top 4 Best Great Dane Breeders In Oregon (OR) State

Great Danes are an amazing breed of dog with the best temperament and the best traits. They are giant, gentle family pets.

Getting one of them can actually be one of the best decisions you take in your life. A happy loving Great Dane can change your whole life and your whole perspective of life.

Now if you are from Oregon and looking for Great Dane breeders, this article is perfect for you. Here I have conducted a lot of research and put up this list of the top 4 Great Dane breeders in Oregon state.

Find A Great Dane Breeder Near Me In Oregon State

Top 4 Great Dane Breeders In Oregon

#1 Bhaskerville Great Danes

The first breeder I have for you is Bhaskerville Great Danes. Bhaskerville Great Danes is a dedicated breeder of Great Danes.

They work hard to provide people the best quality Great Danes and they love to do so. Great Danes are amazing family dogs.

Bhaskerville Great Danes produces amazing Great Danes that are funny, friendly, loving, quirky, and affectionate. The temperament of their amazing is amazing.

The breeders take special care of the physical and mental health of their dogs. All of their dogs are very active. The Great Danes are socially well adjusted as well.

Shanda Bhasker is the owner and breeder of Bhaskerville Great Danes. They have been breeding Great Danes for more than 6 years. They love to share their love for this breed of dog.

They take care of their Great Danes so lovingly. All of the Danes are so loved in their home. They raise the pups as a part of their family.

Bhaskerville Great Danes breed show dogs that are perfect for you to bring home. A cute Great Dane can be the ultimate companion of your life and your family as well.

A Great Dane is able to warm up your home even in the gloomiest of times. All of their Great Danes are vaccinated and dewormed. You can definitely consider Bhaskerville Great Danes to choose your Great Dane as your forever partner.

Breeder Details:

  • Name Of The Brand: Bhaskerville Great Danes
  • Address: Portland, Oregon

#2 Barlow Rock Danes

The second Great Dane breeder in Oregon I bring for you is Barlow Rock Danes. Barlow Rock Danes is a dedicated breeder of amazing quality Great Danes.

They strive to bring you the best temperament Great Dane that you would love as your forever partner. Great Dane is a giant breed of dog that is sensitive, affectionate, gentle, and friendly.

They have a peaceful disposition. They are easily adjusted to new environments if trained right. Barlow Great Danes breed high-quality dogs that are intelligent, loving, and have great temperaments.

They take care of the Danes so lovingly. They treat the dogs as a part of their own family. The Great Danes are very healthy as the breeders take special care of their physical and mental health.

Ozzie & Heather Barlow are the owners of Barlow Rock Danes. They are so passionate about raising their dogs with great love and care. They spend a lot of time taking care of their pups and dogs.

The Great Danes are like a part of their family. They take out their dogs to as many places as possible just to make them more social. The Great Danes are vaccinated and dewormed before you take one with you.

Barlow Rock Danes is definitely a considerable option for you while you are looking for the best breeders for your Great Dane in Oregon. The breeders will also help you choose the right puppy that best suits you.

Breeder Details:

#3 Oregon Tail Great Danes

The next breeder is Oregon Tail Great Danes. If you are looking for a Great Dane as your best companion and looking for the best breeder, this can be the place for you.

Oregon Tail Great Danes produces the best quality of Great Danes that are suitable pets for everyone. Great Danes are an amazing breed of dog with the best temperaments.

They are basically known for their giant size and gentle behavior. Oregon Tail Great Danes breed Great Danes that are absolutely loving, friendly, affectionate, and fun-loving.

They are trained to be socially well adjusted so you will not have any hassle regarding this. The dogs and puppies also have great temperaments and great dispositions. 

The breeders of Oregon Tail Great Danes are so in love with this breed of dog. They are small-scale breeders so they put their best effort into their dogs.

They take great care of all of their dogs and love them so much. The Danes are treated like their family.

All of their Great Danes are so healthy as they take special care of the health of the dogs. Al the puppies come vaccinated and dewormed so you do not need to worry.

Breeder Details:

  • Address: Portland, OR 97045
  • Phone: +1 (503)-915-8418 
  • Email: 
  • Facebook: Oregon Tail Danes

#4 RoseCity Great Danes

The last breeder in this list is RoseCity Great Danes. They are an exceptional breeder of Great Danes with the best quality.

They are dedicated to providing families with Great Danes that are amazing pets, wonderful, happy, and healthy. RoseCity Great Danes breeds family pets as well as show dogs.

The breeder is known for the health of their Great Danes as they take great care of the health of the dogs and pups. The Great Danes have great temperaments that are socially well adjusted.

The puppies are lovely, happy, friendly. The breeder has a great passion for their breeding program with a lot of admiration, love, and respect for the breed.

RoseCity Great Danes prefers the quality of the Great Danes over quantity. As a result, all of their puppies and dogs get great care.

They are easily trainable as they are experienced with a lot of noises from an early age. The dogs are good with children and other pets as well.

The breeder has been breeding this breed of dog for the last 30 years. They also have been showing Great Danes for the last 10 years. They hand raise their dogs in their home with great care.

Their Great Danes are the perfect representation of the breed standard. The breeder takes great joy in raising these dogs and shares this joy with families by providing amazing Great Danes.

Breeder Details:

  • Name Of The Brand: RoseCity Great Danes
  • Address: Portland, Oregon

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Great Dane With Leaf

How Much Is A Great Dane Puppy In Oregon?

To discuss the price of a Great Dane puppy in Oregon, there is actually no fixed rate. The reason is the price varies from one breeder to another.

Also, the color coat, pattern, disposition controls the price of the dog. For an approximate rate, we can say that the price of a standard Great Dane puppy can be from $600 to $3000 in Oregon.

The pedigree of the Great Dane actually determines the cost of it. In that sense, we can say that $1000 may be the average price of a Great Dane puppy in Oregon.

A show quality Great Dane costs even more. Rare color, rare pattern dogs cost more as they are so difficult to find and raise.

How Much Is The Maintenance Cost Of A Great Dane Puppy In Oregon?

Once you bring your Great Dane puppy home, there are actually some maintaining costs to deal with. You can not just bring a puppy home and leave it on its own.

The puppy needs proper care to grow properly. First of all, there are basic needs like food, medical, vaccinations, etc. you need to provide the right nutritious foods for your puppies to make sure the right upbringing.

The puppy may need vitamins as the breeders suggest. You need to take the puppy to a good veteran to check up. A Great Dane puppy needs a comfy and clean place to live in. 

What Are The Popular Great Dane Colors In Oregon?

There are many different shades of color in Great Danes in Oregon. Great Danes are known for their beautiful large look.

To name the popular color of Great Dane in Oregon, it would be fawn. Great Danes also come in colors like black, white, silver, chocolate, brindle, etc.

These colors are actually not popular in Oregon for Great Danes. Great Danes in color fawn and brindle are actually largely seen in Oregon. There can be mixed color patterns on Great Danes as well.

These Great Danes are so beautiful and bold. A mixed color pattern can be a mix of two or more colors. These kinds of Danes are not so popular as they are very rare to find.

How Do You Train A Great Dane Puppy In Oregon?

It is actually very easy to train a Great Dane puppy in Oregon. This breed of dog is so easily trainable that it will surprise you. They learn so easily as it is in their traits.

You can train your Great Dane puppy as you want it to be. It will learn quite fast what you teach it. You can teach them different tricks as you like.

You can even prepare them for shows by proper training. The puppies won’t want treats or food even. Great Danes get along with other pets pretty nicely.

It won’t cause any problem with any other pet or even children. You can take it for walks, exercise, and you will love it.

Are Great Danes Good As Family Pets In Oregon?

Great Danes are amazing as family pets. They are so friendly and loving that anybody is bound to fall in love with them.

They get along with people, children, other animals pretty nicely. If you get a Great Dane home, it is confirmed that you will have the most amazing time. 

Great Danes love to play, go for walks, etc. you can take them for walks and they will love it. They love to cuddle.

How amazing it is to cuddle with your favorite puppy on a cozy day? Great Danes also can live in a smaller apartment so the size of your apartment is not an issue as well. Great Danes are popular as family pets.

How To Take Care Of A Great Dane In Oregon?

Taking care of a Great Dane in Oregon is no big deal. Anyone can take care of the dog. But taking care of the dog is very important as the well-being of the dog depends on it.

Great Danes are not high maintenance. You only need to put an eye on the health of your dog. Make sure the mental well-being of your Great Dane.

The vaccinations should be updated on time. Do routine checks of the overall health of your dog.

Provide your Great Dane proper diet. Play with it. Take him for walks. Your dog will be just fine.

Great Dane Dog

How Do You Choose The Right Great Dane Breeder In Oregon?

Choosing the right breeder for your Great Dane is as important. The right breeder will provide you with the right puppy which best fits you. The right breeder cares for his dogs so he will make sure that his dogs are going to the right place.

So the breeder should ask you questions about you and your family. Be very careful while choosing the breeder for your forever companion.

You should not get your dog from any puppy mill or any backyard breeder in Oregon. Visit the breeding area of your breeder before you get one from them.


Great Danes are perfect forever companions for anybody and any family. This breed of dog will fill your heart with warmth once you get in touch with them. They will fill your life with laughs and laughter and you do not need anything more.

Get yourself a cuddly snuggly Great Dane right now. If you are already thinking of getting one and considering the breeders in Oregon, consider my list of top 4 Great Dane breeders in Oregon. I have put my best effort to put up this list of the best Great Dane breeders in Oregon.

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