Top 11 Best Great Dane Breeders In Michigan (MI) State

Are you excited to have your playful Great Dane puppy? If you’re looking for the best quality Great Dane puppy breeders in Michigan (MI) state, then don’t worry you’re in the right place!

Great Danes are huge, powerful, and elegant dogs. They are moderately playful, affectionate, and good with children. But they need to be trained properly to get the best out of them. Great Danes also have poor longevity, so the breeder needs to be extra careful when breeding.

Choosing the best breeder can be tough. But, if you live in Michigan, Good News! Here are the top 11 reputable breeders of Michigan state I enlisted for you. Let me know what you think of them.

Find A Great Dane Breeder Near Me In Michigan State

Top 11 Best Great Dane Breeders In Michigan (MI) State

#1 Creek Danes

Creek Danes are the home of all-time winning blue Great Dane in American history. The kennel is located in S. Wilson Road Boyne City, MI. Kenny Cregg & David Beek manage the kennel and are very passionate about Great Danes.

Creek Danes is a proud member of the Great Dane Club of America or GDCA. Kenny Cregg & David Beek started showing and breeding to enhance the breed. They always have tried to improve each generation of dogs. They believe that a dog should be part of a home not part of a kennel.

The owners encourage anyone to contact them, both new to the breed and experience. Just as they love to learn more every day, they also love to pass on their knowledge of these beautiful creatures. contact them for more information.

Great Dane Puppy Breeder Details:

Great Dane In Ground

#2 Beaver Creek Danes

Sarah Gale is the breeder behind Beaver Creek Danes located in Kalamazoo, MI. She and her family work together to ensure their litters produce puppies who are healthy, confident, and well-socialized. They got their first Great Dane in 2013.

Their dogs are a central part of their family and daily life, which creates the ideal environment for puppies. They focus on health-testing their breeding animals and purposely selecting for good temperament, to produce puppies less likely to suffer from genetic health issues and who will be part of their new families for years to come.

Beaver Creek Danes offer a 2-year health guarantee. Their estimated wait time is 6 months and the home date is 8 weeks after the puppies are born. They have upcoming litters due in July 2021, that will be ready in September. They currently don’t have a website. You can contact them through Facebook.  

Great Dane Puppy Breeder Details:

Great Dane With Leaf

#3 Three Acre Danes

3 Acre Danes breed AKC registered European Great Dane puppies. They are located on E. Blackmore Road, Mayville, Michigan state. They are a small kennel that strives to produce Great quality pure-bred Great Danes.

Their dogs grow up in loving homes. The dogs are loved and cared for from the day they are born. The owner of 3-acre Danes is very careful about the dog’s health issues. All puppies get vet checked before they go home. They get their 6-week shots and are wormed at 2, 4, 6, and 8 weeks.

They give a 2-year health guarantee for their puppies with conditions applied. If you’re interested in getting a puppy from 3 Acre Danes, contact them for availability and pricing information.

There is contact information provided on their website. They also have a Facebook page. They have provided their business hours on their website if you want to visit them.

Great Dane Puppy Breeder Details:

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#4 Patientdanes

Lesa Bastow is the breeder behind Patientdanes located in Marine City, MI. Patientdanes offer top-quality Great Dane puppies for show and pet homes. The owner of the kennel’s focus is on excellence in every aspect of her breeding program.

Lesa Bastow is purposeful in everything that she does regarding her dogs, which includes careful selection of breeding dogs and extensive health testing.

The breeder’s goal is to produce healthy dogs with great temperaments that are exemplary representations of the breed. The health of the puppies is the owner’s top priority, and she ensures they receive all necessary care.

If you’re interested in a puppy from Patientdanes, you can send them an email describing what you are looking for. Their estimated wait for liters is 6 months. You can take the puppies home with you, 10 weeks after their birth.

Great Dane Puppy Breeder Details:

  • Owner: Lesa Bastow
  • Address: in Marine City, MI.
  • Email:

#5 Great Danes of the Great Lakes

Great Danes Of The Great Lakes is located in Westland, MI. They offer AKC registered Great Danes and breed for health, temperament, conformation, and longevity. Katie Kobos is the breeder behind Great Danes of the Great Lakes.

They offer AKC registered Great Danes and breed for health, temperament, conformation, and longevity. The kennel offers well-rounded puppies who will excel in any adventure with their new family. Their dogs are family members first and foremost. Katie Kobos is a passionate and responsible breeder who truly loves her dogs.

Katie Kobos uses puppy culture and rule of 7 to start the puppy’s socialization young.

Great Danes of the Great Lakes have planned puppies of Great Dane, due in June 2021 or Aug. 2021. Their estimated wait time is 3 months. And you can take the puppies home after 8 weeks of their birth. They also offer a 2-year health guarantee.

Great Dane Puppy Breeder Details:

Great Dane Is Happy

#6 High Stakes

High Stakes is an AKC registered kennel. Their main goal is to produce quality Great Danes that show the best of their breed. Sandy Francis is the breed and owner of High Stakes. They are located in South Lyon, Michigan. They have been breeding since 1992.

The Kennel occasionally breeds. They breed Harlequin & Mantle Danes. The kennel takes good care of their dogs. The dogs are regularly checked by the vet and their vaccinations are given on time. The dogs socialize with people of all ages from an early age. They also socialize with other animals.

If you have any questions about the kennel, you can visit their website. Email address is also available. You can directly call or send an email regarding what you’re looking for so that the breeder can help you find the best dog for you and your family.

Great Dane Puppy Breeder Details:

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#7 Sunny Farm Danes

Sunny Farm Danes are a small hobby breeder of health tested AKC registered Great Danes located on our 20-acre farm in northern Michigan. Great Danes have been their life since 2005. Their home is full of two humans, six Great Danes, and a Cockapoo.

Sunny Farm Danes only breed occasionally and strive to produce gorgeous, gentle, healthy pups while maintaining the breed standard established by the Great Dane Club of America. They have been posting their daily updates on their Facebook Page since 2014. They love their dogs and breed to show the best quality of the dogs.

 If you would like to be considered for one of their future puppies, please submit your Waiting List application which is located on the “Our Girls” page of Sunny Farm Dane’s website, and email it to them. You may also message them on their Facebook page for inquiries.

Great Dane Puppy Breeder Details:

Great Dane In Jungle

#8 Old mission Great Danes

Old Mission Great Danes are located in southeast Michigan. Stephanie Blades, the owner of Old Mission has owned Great Danes since 2001.

The owner’s first introduction to owning the breed was with poorly backyard bred pets, after that, they volunteered and coordinated with a Giant breed rescue and also successfully fostered, rehabilitated, and placed several dogs in new homes on their own time and funds.

Old Mission Great Danes is an AKC Breeder of Merit, Member of the Great Dane Club of America, multiple-time President and Vice President of the Great Dane Club of Michigan, and Breeder-Rescue Certification certified.

They bred their first litter in 2007. They breed for Quality, not Quantity. They believe in focusing equally on Temperament, Type, Soundness, and Health. They don’t encourage sacrificing one for the other and never settling on mediocrity.

Old Mission Great Dane’s hard work shows in the consistent quality and success of their limited breeding program. Each of their litter is planned with the goal to preserve the breed and improve upon every generation, never going backward.

On average they breed 0-2 litters each year. They offer lifetime breeder support for all the dogs they breed and are always available to help with any issue or concern. All companion puppies come with AKC Limited registration and a strict non-breeding contract. You can visit their website for more information about their litter.

Great Dane Puppy Breeder Details:

Great Dane in Snow

#9 Ruff Great Danes   

Ruff Great Danes are located in Auburn Hills, Michigan. The owner has been in love with and devoted to, the Great Dane breed since their very first Dane in 2002. Their Great Danes are like their children. The dogs are family members first and the owner’s world revolves around them.

The Danes live in the owner’s home, lounge on their sofas, and sleep in their bedroom. The dogs are not kennel animals.

The dogs can run anywhere on their property. Health, temperament, and correct conformation are the most important factors when they are considering whether a Dane is breeding quality. When Ruff Great Danes decide to breed, they do so with the intention of expanding this amazing breed’s life span through Health Testing and informed ownership increasing the quality of care.

The owner’s love for the Great Dane also gives them a passion to continue their education and share their knowledge and experience with anyone who’s interested. The only way to improve the breed they love is through open communication and education, so the owner of Ruff Great Danes strives to provide a welcoming learning opportunity.

Feel free to contact them with any questions or inquiries about their upcoming litters or available puppies.

Great Dane Puppy Breeder Details:

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#10 Rylie’s Danes & Main Street Dane Rescue

Rylie’s Danes & Main Street Dane Rescue is a Michigan breeder of AKC registered Great Danes. AKC proudly supports dedicated and responsible breeders. So, you can be assured of their breed quality. Rylie’s Danes & Main Street Dane Rescue have been breeding Great Danes since 1993.

AKC Great Dane Breeder of pups bred to standard with health, longevity, and temperament in mind. Over 20 years of experience with the breed to produce only top-quality Danes. All Dane Rescue to rehabilitate and place rescues into stable, permanent homes.

Over 25 years of experience in fostering and placing rescues as well as working through problem personalities, behaviors or traumas. The kennel provides the right breed for you.

If you want to get a rescue Great Dane or one of their bred Great Dane, visit their website for detailed information. You can call them directly if you have any inquiries. Business hours of Rylie’s Danes & Main Street Dane Rescue are updated on their website.

Great Dane Puppy Breeder Details:

#11 Mid Mitten Great Danes

Mid Mitten Great Danes have been breeding Great Danes for over 6 years. Their prices for puppies range from $550-$1400 depending on colors and registration. They take pride in their breed’s quality. They love the breed and are very passionate about the betterment of the breed.

Our Danes have excellent temperaments and even though are not OFA tested are healthy and have healthy lines without any issues with heart, thyroid, or hips/joints. The dogs are regularly checked by vets and their health is the top priority for the breeders. In Mid Mitten Great Danes, the breeders take Great care of the dogs and their litters.

Currently, they don’t have a website. But you can reach out to them through Facebook if you have any inquiries or questions about the breed or the breeders. They encourage you to ask questions and are happy to answer them.

Great Dane Puppy Breeder Details:

Great Dane In Snow Hill

Over To You

No matter what kind of dogs you like, if you want to buy from a breeder, the most important task is to find a responsible and renowned breeder. Breeders who don’t breed ethically or breed for money are hard to find.

The breeders I mentioned are some of the best breeders of Michigan. So, you don’t have to worry about the quality of their dogs.

Do you want to get a Great Dane? What is the best trait of the Great Dane in your opinion? What other states do you want me to cover?

Let me know in the comments.

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