Top 10 Best Great Dane Breeders In Ohio (OH) State

If you’re looking for reputable Great Dane puppy breeders in Ohio state, then I have done the research for you.

The Great Danes were recognized by AKC in 1887. It is considered a Giant breed for its large size. But amazingly though it’s having a large size, its way of behavior and innocence really melts the heart. It is way too protective over its owners and makes good companions.

So if you are in search of a breed that will provide you both a strong and friendly vibe then you can choose the Great Danes. To make it easier for you to choose your preferred Dane here below I have enlisted the top 10 breeders from Ohio state. Have them a look!

Find A Great Dane Breeder Near Me In Ohio State

#1 Painter Danes

The breeder of this kennel has been breeding for 15 years. All of their Great Danes come from the champion bloodline and have certified pedigrees. The pups are AKC registered. They have 3 beautiful females among them two are Great Danes and one is a Frenchie.

The female Frenchie named Silver IX is blue colored and the other two Great Danes; Paris is a Harlequin and Angel is a merle.

All of their pups are regularly vet checked, de-wormed, claws are removed, and genetically health tested. They have been raised in a home-friendly environment which made them very socialized towards children, humans, and other pets.

If you want to check their Danes and visit their website I am attaching their details below –

Great Dane Puppy Breeder’s Details:

#2 Royal House of Great Danes 

This is mainly a Facebook-based breeder. They don’t have any official website for their breeding program yet. So if you want to buy any pup from them you can knock them on their Facebook page, or email them or you can give them a call to contact.

The breeder of this kennel has 20 years of breeding experience. Their dogs have been raised indoors so all of their dogs are like their indoor family members.

All of their pups have been genetically tested, AKC registered, and regularly monitored by a vet. They offer several puppy packages, and also they treat their puppy as their family member.

Royal House Of Great Danes have amazing reviews on their services. I’m attaching their details below-

Great Dane Puppy Breeder’s Details:

#3 Into The Blue Great Danes

Their dogs are like family to them. They have provided free access to their dogs with everything.

Into The Blue Great Danes feed their dogs high-quality food which contains special supplements, fiber, and vitamins. They ensure the daily exercise of their Great Danes and are way too concerned about the health of their individual pups.

All of their pups are very socialized, can adjust well with anyone, especially with children and other pets, AKC registered, OFA tested and pennHIP certified before breeding.

All Great Danes have been genetically tested along with thyroid, heart, eyes, hips, and elbow tests.

They provide a health guarantee for their puppies with return contacts. If you want to spay/neuter your puppy then it will be pet stock according to their neuter/spay contract.

They have some selection process through which they select their definite buyers, and only to them, they will give the full registration contracts.

The breeder started breeding at 17 years old, He started breeding with a male Great Dane named Hamlet. Not only Great Dane, but he also breeds horses and cats, He is currently having 3 horses, 6 cats, and 10 Great Danes. He has 2 female Great Danes which are for breeding purposes.

The breeder was born and raised in Saskatchewan, Canada. He specializes in horse breeding. This breeder is having a child who’s going through autism so in his breeding program he personally gives the opportunity to discuss and gain knowledge about autism.

Currently, there are no puppies available to sell, but you can keep your eyes on them to get notified when the puppies are available to them as they are having a good reputation as a breeder. So I think it would be better if you take a pup from a reputable breeder. So here I have given their details below.

Great Dane Puppy Breeder’s Details:

#4 RainMaster Danes

While introducing this breeder I must tell about the seriousness and love they are having for their Danes. They adore their pups so much that the pups have free access to everything, even sleeping with them in the same bed and eating with them also.

RainMaster Danes mainly breed blue and black Great Danes. They breed according to the rules and principles of “Great Dane Club of America Code of Ethics”, They follow each and every rule of this club.

They give particular attention to temperament, health, and longevity. They are so conscious about these. They test the hips, heart, eyes, and thyroid of each of their Danes before breeding them.

They have 3 acres of land in a rural area where they do their breeding program. They are the respected members of – “Great Dane Club of America”, “Great Dane Club of Cleveland”.

The breeder handles everything about his pups on his own, he monitors everything regularly and observes individual pups.

The breeder has been breeding for more than 20 years and has achieved a lot of success in breeding, He is having a higher reputation for breeding the Great Danes.

All of their pups are OFA’d tested for hips, thyroid, eye CERF, and cardioCERF. Their amazing reputation on breeding really made me overwhelmed.

I have enlisted this breeder with their details, I hope you will also like them as I have. Have a visit to their website!

Great Dane Puppy Breeder’s Details:

  • Name of the owner: Jan Miner
  • Website:
  • E-mail:
  • Mailing address: 45735 st, OH 303, Wellington, OH 44090
Great Dane In Hill

#5 Hilltop Great Danes

Hilltop Great Danes has been breeding for 30 years. They provide Great Danes at a very affordable price. They have a 70 acres farm where they are doing their breeding program. All of their Danes are AKC registered and genetically tested.

The breeders have specialized their Danes in size and temperament. They have the largest Danes I must say. We all know Great Dane is a giant cute breed but trust me after visiting the website of this breeder I am kind of sure that they are having the largest Danes.

They mostly breed brindle and reverse brindle colors because these two colors are their favorite. They also breed fawn, blues, harlequins, merles, blue harlequins, and brindlequins.

All of their Danes are from the champion bloodline. They get 300 visitors in 1 year so they remain very busy, to be honest. So you can get them by calling on their number whenever you want.

You need to fill up a form before giving a reservation for a Dane, and if you don’t get any kind of call from them within 24 hours then you need to check your email.

But if you make any type of typo in your email then you won’t get any email from them and in that case, you need to contact them over their phone number.

They also provide stud service. They have 2 stud services right now. One is a 2 years old Blue Harlequin, which is 185 pounds and 37.5”, another one is 4 years old brindlequin which is 175 pounds,37.5”

Their details have been attached below, do have a visit to their websites to know more.

Great Dane Puppy Breeder’s Details:

  • Name of the owner: Mike, Meggie Mckinley
  • Website:
  • Phone: 419-938-7211
  • Mailing address: 744 County Rd 2654 Loudonville, OH 44842

#6 Segen Great Danes

The first Great Dane of this breeder was Zoe. This Dane had several health issues and suffered a lot and finally left the earth for good. After that, the breeder decided to start breeding in the memory of Zoe.

The main focus of this breeder is to provide the best match of dog to you. All of his digs are well tempered, have perfect health, are AKC registered, genetically tested, and are like a natural beauty.

Segen Great Danes have good reviews and a reputation for their servicing. They deliver their Danes across the country along with the natural shipping process.

Have a visit to their website if you want to get one from them.

Great Dane Puppy Breeder’s Details:

#7 Unity Great Danes

So this breeder has 16 Great Danes. I’m on dim eight Albert and dolls through which they do their breeding. Their Danes have been trained for performances and shows and for achieving a family championship.

Unity Great Danes started their breeding with fawn and brindle-colored Danes but they couldn’t get a good experience, so later on they started breeding with AKC-approved standard colors.

Their main goal is to breed according to the standard of the Great Dane. They give their pups only to those who are experienced and can handle their pups and are eligible according to their criteria. They are GDCA and GDC members.

They also follow the parent club practice for their breeding program. They are also a respected member of the “Cleveland All-Breed Training Club”. They also agree with the spay/neuter contract. Some of their pups will be given limited AKC registration.

They also use the “Super Puppy Method” so that each litter has early neurological stimulation. They provide a health guarantee and lifetime support whenever you want. 

They are in search of a responsible, loving, and caring family who can give their Danes a friendly family environment.

Do catch up with their website for getting more updates!

Great Dane Puppy Breeder’s Details:

  • Name of the owner: Callie, Celil Cattey
  • Website:
  • E-mail:
  • Phone: 216-394-3902
  • Mailing address: Cleveland, OH

#8 SaraVilla Great Danes

The owner Mimi Kim started breeding in 1992 and now he is not only a breeder but also an exhibitor. He started breeding out of passion and now he has become one of the successful and reputed breeders for Great Danes. This is not a large kennel facility, to be honest. 

This breeder has 3 horses along with breeding Great Danes. He commits to breeding the healthiest Danes in a sound environment. He mostly breeds Harlequin, mantle, merle, and black puppies. This breeder provides a 2-year health guarantee and lifetime support.

All of the puppies have been tested after 7 weeks of their birth. All of the puppies come from champion bloodlines. The breeder has got the AKC canine good citizenship. He is a licensed AKC Great Dane Judge, license number 98339.

Also, he has links with Crown Jewel Danes, the Magic Manor Danes, Tremain Danes, the Great Dane Club of America, the Great Dane Club of Western PA, Great Danes Online, Orthopedic Foundation of Animals, and AKC.

For reserving your preferred Dane you need to email or call them to set an appointment with them.

Below I have attached their contact details.

Great Dane Puppy Breeder’s Details:

Great Dane In Ground

#9 Highstyle Danes

All of the Danes of this breed are from the pure Euro line. They provide a 2 years health guarantee. All of their pups are regularly checked by the vet and also the breeder offers lifetime support for his pups.

His Great Danes are totally spoiled, raised indoors like his own family members. He has 1 fawn Dane, 3 black male Danes, 1 harlequin female Dane, and 1 black female Dane. His dances are declawed, de-wormed after every 2 weeks, microchipped, genetically health tested, and certified by a licensed vet. Also, each of the puppies is AKC registered.

They have a return contract policy in which you can give your puppy a return and take a puppy of equal or less cost like the previous.

The main concern of the breeder about his pups is temperament and health. The breeder also provides a large puppy pack with goodies and food, cute bags with their name on them. He also provides services on heart guard and flea prevention for his Danes.

He breeds different colors of Danes, such as Harlequin, Blue, Black, Mantle, Merle, Fawn, Piebald, Fawnequin, Blue Harlequin, Brindle, and Blue Mantle.

Black Great Danes will cost $2500

For contact, you can email or text them. I have attached their contact address below-

Great Dane Puppy Breeder’s Details:

#10 Hillis Danes 

So the breeder Christian Hillis and her husband Bryon have been breeding for 12 years and breeding Great Danes for 10 years. The previous name of their kennel was- “CB Hillis Danes” but they changed it and kept Hillis Danes.

All of their Danes are from pure American and European bloodlines. They mainly breed Blue and Black Great Danes. All of the Danes are AKC registered. Their puppies are like their family.

And for this ongoing pandemic as everything is going on work from home so they are very much happy that they are now able to spend a maximum of their time with their Danes.

They breed in a very professional and keen way. Such as for pairing up for the breeding they research the lines at first then also do health testing of their Danes.

If you want to have a puppy from them then you must go through a contract that includes- 1-year genetic health guarantee and a forever home for their pups.

Also in the contract, you will find, they are up to giving you 2 years health guarantee if you feed the Dane their food, I mean by taking food from them.

The food that has been fed to the pup to the breeder, you have to take the food from the breeder.

And if you are willing to feed it to your Dane then they are willing to give you a 2 years health guarantee for their pup.

They don’t have any money refunding policy. They have a puppy replacement policy, and according to that policy, they will replace the puppy if you feed your puppy the specially formulated dog food which is provided by them.

Also after taking the pup if you find any genetically life-threatening disease like cancer they will replace your puppy with an equal cost or less cost pup.

But for other normal diseases like skin disease and congenital problems, void the opportunity of replacement. and for a new litter, you have to pay ½ of the shipping cost.

All of their pups are having vaccinations, health certificates from the vet, if flying then also the travel crate, 1-2 years of genetic health guarantee, dewclaws removed, microchipped, potty training, lifetime support, pre-spoiled, and puppy packages.

You can get their specially formulated dog food and can know more about their high-quality food by visiting their website.

You can call, email, or message them on Facebook to contact them, they will call you back immediately they ensure. Here I am attaching their details and contact information below-

Great Dane Puppy Breeder’s Details:

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Great Dane Dog

Over To You

Great Danes are so protective but at the same time also very friendly and playful.It feels good to have a pet of a different personality at a time. Personally, I prefer the Great Dane as a pet.

But the Great Danes have to be trained in their earlier age properly and it becomes difficult to handle them. Also having keen and good knowledge about this breed is very important before taking one.

If you are a first-time breeder then I guess you shouldn’t go for it but if you can gain proper knowledge and have enough confidence with courage then you can go for it.

To be very honest, the last breeder, the Hillis Danes, seemed very reliable. If you ask me to buy any Dane from any of these 10 breeders, surely I’d love to choose the last breeder!

Let me know below in the comment box which breeder among these 10 you have liked the most? I’d be glad to know.

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