Top 8 Best Great Dane Breeders In Iowa (IA) State

Are you searching for a Great Dane as a great companion? There are a lot of Great Dane breeders in Iowa state. You have several options to choose from. But, often it’s so confusing to find a breeder according to choice. To remove any types of confusion, you can read this article.

I have compiled the list of the top 8 Great Dane breeders in Iowa. Here you will find the top breeders whom I categorized based on their service and reputation. I hope these will be the best guidelines for you to find your desired puppy.

Find A Great Dane Breeder Near Me In Iowa State

#1 Dynamite Danes

Dynamite Danes is an Iowa-based breeder with a lot of experience. They are AKC-certified breeders who have been conducting the breeding program for nearly three decades.

Gale Renz is the Dynamite Danes’ owner. They breed puppies that are healthy, long-lived, and sound. Their puppies live for ten to twelve years on average.

Adoption fees range from $1000 to $1800 for a show-marked harlequin puppy in black and blue. At $1000-$1200, the pet-marked blacks and inadequately marked mantles and merles are the cheapest.

The harlequins cost between $1250 and $1500, while the blue ones cost between $1300 and $1800. They set a reservation fee of $50 to assure that you get the puppy of your choice.

The key to a long life in Danes, according to Dynamite Danes, is appropriate nutrition. As a result, they place a high priority on good care and nutrition.

If necessary, the Dynamite Danes offer shipping services. PETAIR, a respected firm, is the only one they utilize. In this scenario, the service charge, which includes the crate, is $400.

Visitors to Dynamite Danes are always welcome to come and see how they raise and treat their dogs before acquiring one. If at all possible, pay a visit to obtain a better idea.

You can contact them if you have any questions. They are quite helpful and prefer to answer any questions that may arise.

Great Dane Puppy Breeders Information:

#2 Foto Danes

Foto Danes is a well-experienced breeder in Iowa. Bev Klingensmith is the owner of it. She, her husband, and two sons nurture their dogs. They are the proud members of AKC, Great Dane Club of America, Central Iowa Kennel Club, Des Moines Obedience Training Club, and Des Moines Golden Retriever Club.

In 1997, they had their first dog and their second dog came in 1999. From 2008, professionally they started breeding. 

They often have waiting lists. If you have a plan to buy Great Danes from them, you have to contact them for a reservation. Also, you can send them an e-mail informing them about your location and color inclinations.

They always encourage the customers to research more about the particular breeders and the dogs they breed.

It will help them to remove any types of confusion about the breeders and assist them to get a proper idea. If the customers want to ask them any questions, they are always ready to give the appropriate answers.  

Foto Danes give the customers assurance that they will get a healthy, long-lived, happy puppy. Prices generally vary with the quality and the coat color of the Great Danes. 

Great Dane Puppy Breeders Information:

Great Dane In Ground

#3 Fox Creek Kennels

In Iowa, Fox Creek Kennels is a well-known Great Dane breeder. It is their specialization to create Gentle Giants. Their goal is to breed healthy, large puppies from a top-notch bloodline.

Fox Creek Kennels is a 100-acre facility. Puppies have unrestricted access to move, run, and play. They lavish a lot of love and attention on puppies.

Puppies are well-socialized and have a pleasant disposition. From a young age, Fox Creek Kennels begin to socialize their puppies.

A non-refundable deposit of $350, or 14% of the purchase price, is required when purchasing a puppy. The deposit system works on a first-come, first-served basis.

Deposits are preserved in case someone changes their mind and wants to relist or re-advertise a puppy. The buyer’s deposit will serve as their signature and assent to the contract’s terms.

Buyers can use PAYPAL to make their deposits. However, this breeder no longer accepts personal cheques.

Fox Creek Kennels prefers to place their puppies in permanent homes at the age of six weeks. They prefer to have at least half of the puppy purchasing fee paid at 6 weeks of age.

They offer shipping services. Before the travel period, they require complete payment. It will take 8-10 weeks for the baby to arrive.

Puppies arrive at their new owners with a health guarantee, information on puppy registration, a puppy pack, and purchase obligations.

Great Dane Puppy Breeders Information:

#4 Twilight Kennel

Twilight Kennel is a well-known Iowa breeder. For many years, they have been executing the breeding process. They are a Great Dane breeding family that specializes in generating healthy, happy puppies.

Their puppies live a long time. They place a higher value on puppies with a good temperament and demeanor. They promote American ancestry.

Harlequin, brindle, black, fawn mantle, blue brindle, fawn, and other hues of Great Danes are available to them.

The reservation of a puppy requires a $300 non-refundable deposit. Twilight Kennel also offers shipping services. They’ll need $450 for that. The cost of a puppy is determined by two things.

Whether or not buyers want breeding rights are two factors. Puppies are not allowed to leave the breeder’s home until they are eight weeks old. The buyer can have five business days to get a vet check after the puppy leaves the premises.

Puppies may have any health issues that have been diagnosed by a veterinarian. If so, the buyer will get the opportunity to return the puppy after collecting a document from the veterinarian.

Buyers can choose another dog of comparable value based on their choice.

The buyer, however, is responsible for returning the puppy in excellent health and covering all transportation fees. Twilight Kennel does not take responsibility for the puppy’s life and will never, under any circumstances, agree to pay the vet bills.

Great Dane Puppy Breeders Information:

  • Location: Chatsworth (near), Iowa, USA
  • Telephone: (712) 540-8518
  • E-mail:

#5 Dirt Road Danes

Dirt Road Danes is a kennel that has been approved by the American Kennel Club. Their goal is to produce healthy and happy puppies. Kaleb and Heather Mirts, the proprietors of Dirt Road Danes. Their four children help them care for the puppies. 

Puppies have access to large outdoor areas where they can run around freely. The most fascinating aspect is that this breeder travels with his puppies.

They believe that socialization is critical to raising a happy, healthy dog. The main objective of Dirt Road Danes is to ensure that their puppies grow up to be healthy, happy adults in loving homes.

You must first fill out an application to purchase a puppy from them. They are serious about finding a decent home for their dog and like to make certain that the home is ideal for the puppy.

There are two sorts of waiting lists at this location. One is a waiting list, and the other is a notification list. Nothing is required for the notification list. All you have to do is ask for a spot on a waiting list. 

However, to be placed on the waitlist, you must pay a $100 deposit. This is a non-refundable waitlist deposit.

You must pay a $200 deposit to hold the puppy of your choosing until it is ready to be picked up or transported when it is born.

You will only have to pay $100 if you put in a waitlist deposit. The puppy’s cost varies between $1500 and $2000.

Great Dane Puppy Breeders Information:

  • Location: Southwest Iowa
  • Telephone: (712) 621-7019
  • E-mail:

#6 Buckelsbury Kennel

Buckelsbury Kennel is a registered breeder with the American Kennel Club. Both AKC and non-AKC bread lines are available. As a result, they can cater to a wide range of price points for their customers.

The US Department of Agriculture and the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship issued them licenses. They don’t just breed Great Danes; they also breed a variety of other dog breeds.

Ruth, a registered breeder, and mental health therapist is the owner of the Buckelsbury Kennels. He began raising dogs after observing the positive effects of pet therapy on children and families.

Buckelsbury Kennel has a variety of colored puppies. Puppies are hiply verified and are free of any hereditary abnormalities. The cost varies depending on the hue and other considerations. 

Buckelsbury Kennel always invites their customers to visit their farm to get a better understanding of their products. They also promote and welcome groups of students who require “puppy therapy. They offer shipping services. 

They ask the buyers to book flights that best suit their schedules. They charge an extra $125 for all of their pets to be flown. Only when the temperature is between 45 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit does Buckelsbury Kennel fly its dogs.

As a result, they don’t fly dogs into some airports in the summer, such as Phoenix, Arizona, Palm Springs, Las Vegas, Nevada, and Tucson, Arizona.

Great Dane Puppy Breeders Information:

#7 Northern Colorado Great Danes

Northern Colorado Great Danes aim for the highest quality, temperament, and health in their puppies. Their dogs are only allowed to be indoors. Their ultimate goal is to breed healthy, happy puppies.

Great Danes from Northern Colorado have a lot of breeding expertise. They chose the breeding program after several years of research, breeder support, vet visits, and health tests.

They aren’t like the other breeders you might be familiar with. You must provide them with updates on the dogs if you purchase a puppy from them.

They’re also picky about the puppies’ homes. They don’t give their pet to anyone they don’t trust completely.

Colorado’s northwestern region Great Danes are extremely concerned about their puppies’ nutrition. They make certain that puppies are fed the meals that are essential for their development.

Puppies are socialized with other animals, children, and strangers.

You must pay a non-refundable deposit if you wish to buy Great Danes from them. The average cost of a puppy is $2000. If full registration is possible, $2800 is required.

Puppies are delivered to their new homes with a puppy bag containing a personalized NGGD bag, an AKC registration application, health paperwork, a collar, a blanket, and other items.

Your puppy will be vaccinated, have its dewclaws removed, and be dewormed. You will receive a comprehensive vet exam and health certificate.

Great Dane Puppy Breeders Information:

#8 Idlewild Great Danes

If you are searching for Great Danes, you have a better option to choose one from Idlewild Great Danes. They are a reputable and certified breeder in Iowa.

Their dogs are loyal, loving and can be your good companions. They produce the best quality Great Danes. Quality gets more priority to them than quantity always.

Idlewild Great Danes are very careful about the health of their puppies. They take the pups to the vet regularly for a health check-up. Puppies are vaccinated in time.

Puppies get the nutritious foods that are needed for their growth. The dogs are great with the younger kids and the strangers. 

A non-refundable deposit is required for reserving a puppy. Prices often depend on the coat color and quality of the puppies.

They have a lot of positive reviews. Purchasers are so satisfied with their dogs and services. They highly appreciate this breeder if you intend to buy a Great Danes.

Idlewild Great Danes are so helpful. They appreciate the buyers asking anything related to this breed. They are always ready to give any type of answer.

Great Dane Puppy Breeders Information:

  • Website: Idlewild Great Danes
  • Location: 1937 Plotz Rd NW, Swisher, IA, 52338
  • Telephone: (319)640-1781
  • Email:

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Over To You

I made every effort to locate trustworthy Great Danes breeders in Iowa. It will be quite beneficial to you.

Do you know of any more respectable breeders that I may have overlooked? If so, please inform me about him. Also, please share any positive experiences you’ve had with Great Dane breeders in the comments area. It will assist many potential purchasers in gathering information.

Which breeders have a good reputation and offer good services do you think and which breeder is closest to you? Please let us know in the comment section. I’m looking forward to finding out.

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