Top 2 Best Great Dane Breeders In Delaware (DE) State

Do you love Great Dane dogs? Need to find a breeder to bring one of these giant doggies home? Then you can consider this article as your help. Great Dane is a very delicate dog. All breeders cannot raise these giant doggies.

Taking care of this breed can be difficult sometimes. Only those who are pro breeds them. I spend a lot of time finding these breeders for you. They are the best trustworthy breeders in DE. Read the article to find the top 2 best breeder of Great Dane in Delaware State.

You can visit them to get your first Giant Dane. Just go and get your pet. All the best for your journey to find the best puppy. I have selected them because of their behavior towards the dogs, pup quality, health guarantee, and others.

Find A Great Dane Breeder Near Me In Delaware State

Top 2 Best Great Dane Breeders in Delaware State

#1 Kelso’S Gr8 Danes

Kelso’S Gr8 Danes is a small breeding program located in Wilmington, DE. It is owned by Irena Kelso. They breed by following all the breeding standards.

This breeder is an “AKC Breeder of Merit” participant. Their doggies are a part of their family and raised at home. They are known as the home of the natural ear Danes.

The health of the dogs is their main concern. They give necessary vaccinations and vet check-ups to their puppies. I could not find any other relevant information regarding the breeder.

They do have a Facebook group where the members have to follow strict breeding standards and rules. The puppy application is given on their website.

I recommend you to visit them if you want a healthy pup. For other information please contact them.

Breeder Details:

#2 Riggs Danes

Riggs Danes is a hometown breeder located in Seaford, DE. They manage their business through their official Facebook page. The photos of their canines are always uploaded on the page.

It is owned by Rob and Beth. They focus on the health, temperament, socialization, and compassion of their Great Dane pooches. Their Facebook page has about 558 followers.

All the clients are very satisfied with their service. I have found that the owners are very helpful and friendly. The customers gave them 5 out of 5 reviews for their top-quality puppies and after sales service.

I could not find any additional data given on their page. I am giving the contract details so that you can communicate with them. 

Breeder Details:

  • Name Of The Owner: Rob and Beth
  • Address: Seaford, DE 19973
  • Phone: (410)-960-1525
  • Email:
  • Facebook: Riggs Danes

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What Is The Cost Of A Great Dane In Delaware State?

These Giant dogs are expensive depending on their color and size. The average cost of a pup will be around $600 to $3000. The price also depends on the breeder.

If it is bought from a renowned breeder then it will be a little more expensive. The show-quality puppies are more expensive and can cost up to $2500.

The regular dogs are affordable and come around $600 to $1000. If the dog is purebred then they are more pricey. This breed is more expensive than other breeds.

In DE, the price of the puppies remains the same. You can fulfill your dream of having a Great Dane if you can spend money. I think you can have this dog with a high budget.

What Is The Information That You Should Know About Great Dane?

You should know some important information about the Great Dane breed. I am giving the details that will help you. They are:

  • They are easily housed and trainable.
  • The most important thing is that these giant dogs are short-lived.
  • They take a little more time to grow
  • Do not take them jogging before 18 months old.
  • Their energy level and intensity is very high
  • Great Dane doggies have a tendency to bark.
  • They need a lot of exercises.
  • This breed is very friendly towards families and individuals.
  • They cannot tolerate being alone or living in an apartment. 
Great Dane Is Happy

Should First Time Owners Select Great Dane As Their Dog?

First time dog owners can definitely select this giant dog breed as their first doggie. These canines are full of energy, very friendly, and easily trainable.

If you are a first-time owner then it is very important for you to select a dog that is easy to control. Great Dane can be your first pick. There are some disadvantages to having a time dog.

They are, they cannot adapt well to apartment life, they cannot live alone, and cannot tolerate a cold atmosphere at all. However, these doggies are healthy, easy to groom, and very friendly with strangers and other pets as well.

I will recommend you to think about the advantages and bring home a Dane as your first dog. Trust me you will not regret your decision.

Which Is The Rarest Color Of Great Dane Dogs? And Why Are They Rare?

Giant Dogs are available in a wide variety of colors and textures. The purebred canines come in different colors, including black, white, blue, brown, fawn, and others.

Among all the shades silver is the most uncommon color of this dog breed. They are not genuinely silver in hue. These silver doggies are differentiated by a great watering-down effect.

As a result, a softer and lighter color is created. They are very attractive and unique looking. Great Dane dogs can come in different shades of silver. 

If you truly desire to have a silver pup then search for them in your local area and over the internet. If you are lucky then you will definitely find one. I never recommend you to get a rare doggo of this color.

Does A Blue Great Dane Dog Exist? Are They Rare In Delaware State?

I have found that the blue colored Great Dane dogs really exist and they are not very rare. They are uncommon and have a steel blue coat. You can also see different variations of blue in them.

Like, charcoal blue, deep, slate, and even pale blue. The blue color is due to the dilute recessive gene. The puppies will be blue if both the parent dogs have this recessive gene or feature.

They are not always seen. Search for one if you are desperate. Finding a blue-colored giant dog is challenging.

It is not as rare as the silver ones. They are also not available all the time. I think you should go for common colors which are easily available. 

Is It A Good Idea To Get A Great Dane Puppy From A Rescue Center?

This is not a wise decision to get a Dane dog from a dog shelter. Dogs that are homeless or have disabilities usually visit rescue shelters. Adopting a Dane puppy from a shelter is a terrible idea.

There is no assurance that the puppies will be healthy. Accidents are also always a possibility. A pup from a rescue center may be affordable with no guarantee.

If you buy one then you have to pay only $300 to $500. The doggo may be sick then you have to spend additional charges. Other costs remain the same.

Moreover, One might get a healthier, certified puppy from a reputable dealer for almost the same money. I propose that you do not take a puppy from a rescue center.

What Is The Correct Way To Choose A Great Dane Pooch?

I know it is hard to find your perfect Dane doggie. When selecting a dog people may spend a lot of their valuable time.

I  will tell you the best way to find your pup within a very short time. The strategy is given below:

  • Gather all the essential information about the breed.
  • Find the characteristics that you want in your puppy.
  • Make a list of the top breeders in your area.
  • Select some of the best places and a visit to the dog you want to buy.
  • Carefully check the doggo for physical details.
  • Make sure you do the temperament test
  • Understand the nature of the doggy.
  • Ask the breeder about the Great Dane and other necessary things.
  • Properly observe the breeder
  • Make sure he asks everything about you and your family members.

What Is The Most Common Color Of Great Dane? Is It Available In DE State?

The most common and popular color of these giant dogs is fawn. Do you remember the popular TV show “Scooby-Doo”? There the color of the doggies was fawn.

The pups of this color should have a black mask. Some of the puppies may not have this dark mark. This happens because of genetics.

If parents don’t have it then they will not also have it. The standard fawn-colored pooches should have a golden yellow coat and a black muzzle.

They are very attractive because of their eyebrows and black eyes. They also have a black ear and dark tail tip. Because of their pretty looks and physical appearance people find them adorable.

It is recommended to have this colored Great Dane because of its availability. I would say you can easily find one. They are easily found in DE State.

Great Dane In Ground

How Much Money Do You Need To Spend For The Maintenance Of A Great Dane?

Like other dog breeds, the maintenance cost of these giant dogs is expensive. I believe it is more expensive to maintain a dog than to buy it. There are many other costs that come with a dog of this size. 

The additional cost will start from the very first day. You have to pay for dog food, license, insurance, health care, checkups, medicine, and others.

The monthly budget will increase up to $1000 maximum. I think getting and maintaining a dog is costly and hard. Looking at your beautiful pet will make you forget everything.

So, it is better to have a pooch. I recommend you try to adjust your budget and control your extra spending to maintain your canine. 

Do You Think You Should Avoid Having A Canine From A Puppy Mill Or Backyard Breeders? 

I am strictly against puppy mills or backyard breeders. It is never a good idea to buy your pet from them. I know some people will say that it’s difficult to find a reliable breeder.

But, you should always try to find one for your own safety. Some reasons to avoid pet mills or backyard breeders are:

  • They are not trustworthy
  • Puppy mills sell puppies at a cheaper cost with no guarantee.
  • The dogs come with different health diseases and disorders.
  • They are unethical.
  • Backyard breeders are inexperienced and only sell for money.
  • Pups can be of low-quality.
  • No after-sales service.

However, for these reasons, I never support buying a doggo from them. I think you can take your time to find a reputable breeder and spend your money on a healthy and happy doggie.

Do You Support Buying A Great Dane Without Papers?

If you ask me then I will say it is never a brilliant idea to get a puppy without legal documents. To save some of the money people purchase Dane dogs without papers from unreliable breeders. 

The average cost of a Great Dane dog is around $600 to $3000 with papers. If you buy it without papers then there will be around $800 and $1200. You may have to pay less with the assurance of the doggie. 

Imagine buying your dog from a reputable breeder and with no trouble. The other reasons to avoid buying canines without permission are:

  • Health issues
  • No additional facilities
  • No after-sales service
  • No insurance of the pooch
  • A dishonest breeder who can sell unhealthy dogs.

So, stay away from purchasing Great Dane dogs without legal paperwork or other documents.

Great Dane Dog

Final Thoughts

Did you find this article helpful? Do you know any other breeders in DE State? If you know then please let me know in the comment box. Also, share if anything is left to discuss. What can be the benefits of having a puppy with documents or without documents?

Which one do you support? Tell me the benefits. Is it okay to adopt a pup from a rescue center? Have you ever purchased a pooch from a rescue shelter or backyard breeder? I never support it. If you agree then do comment.

I am very curious to know all your answers. Comment your opinion to me in the comment section. If you have any queries then do ask me. I am happy to help you with all kinds of questions. 

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