Top 4 Best Great Dane Breeders In Alaska (AK) State

If you want to get a Great Dane puppy and are looking for good breeders in Alaska, I am here to help you. Great Dane is a very gentle and giant breed of dog that can be anyone’s perfect companion.

But, to help you discern the perfect breeder that can provide you with a perfect and healthy Great Dane puppy. I have made a list of the top 4 Great Dane Breeders in Alaska with all of their contact information for you. I conducted a lot of research making this list so you can surely take a look at this.

If you live in Alaska state, Please go through the article to know about this breeder and their breeds so that you could choose your little furry.

Find A Great Dane Breeder Near Me In Alaska State

#1 Great Alaskan Danes

The first Great Dane breeder to be named in Alaska is Great Alaskan Danes. Great Alaskan Danes is a very reputable and popular Great Dane breeder in Alaska. They strive to preserve the standard classic Great Dane breed.

Great Alaskan Danes produce top-quality Great Danes which you will love immediately.

They have Great Danes in color fawn and brindle. The breeders focus on the structure and appearance as well as the temperament and health of their Great Danes.

They also focus on the mental health of their pups. The dogs are very well trained. They also train their pups for conformation and dog tricks. All the pups are socially well adjusted so they will have an easy transition to their new homes.

Cynthia Day is the owner and breeder of Great Alaskan Danes. They raise their Great Danes in a small town; to be specific, in the dining area of their open floor plan log home.

Not to mention, they have many years of experience in breeding and raising this amazing breed of dogs.

All their dogs and pups live with them as family members. They feel blessed to be able to live with this great breed of dogs.

Great Dane Puppy Breeder Details:

#2 TDT Great Danes and Beagles

Next up is TDT Great Danes and Beagles. TDT Great Danes and Beagles breeds and raises top-quality Great Dane that will perfectly fit you and your family.

Their breeding program focuses on breeding Great Danes in their old-style way. They have Great Dane puppies that meet the needs of all lines of work as well as just being your best friend.

TDT Great Danes and Beagles are conformation champions as well as working Danes. Their Danes like to be active and have a job. They are very hard working.

The Dane pups are also well trained to be loyal, friendly, happy, and all. The pups are very well socially adjusted so they won’t cause irritation with other pets and children. Their puppies have great temperaments.

Tabitha Plambeck is the breeder of TDT Great Danes and Beagles. The breeder raises Great Dane for both show and pet purposes. They raise very smart and problem-solving Great Dane puppies. The puppies are raised with intimate care and love.

The breeder also focuses on both the physical and mental health conditions of their pups. So the pups grow in very good health. To assure you that, they come with a health guarantee.

So if you are looking for a high drive Great Dane puppy with strong problem-solving abilities, this is the breeder for you. They are passionate about giving their Danes the best chance in life. They make sure each of their puppies reaches its fullest potential.

Great Dane Puppy Breeder Details:

Great Dane In Ground

#3 Wolfpack Great Danes

Wolfpack Great Danes strive to provide you with healthy, socialized, and well-bred Great Dane puppies. They breed Great Danes for quality over quantity.

It is important for them to breed well-rounded dogs that are capable of doing all the things they are meant to do.

Great Danes are such incredible dogs and deserve to be bred to their fullest potential. The breeders of Wolfpack Great Danes breed and raise their dogs to their full potential. They train the puppies to be friendly, spontaneous, happy, active, and so much more. The puppies are well socialized.

They are trained to have the easiest transition to their forever homes. The breeder especially takes care of the health of the pups so they grow to be perfectly healthy Great Danes.

They show our Great Danes in conformation as well. Wolfpack Great Danes specialize in black in blue Great Danes.

Wolfpack Great Danes is a small kennel for breeding Great Danes. The breeder has experience in raising this breed of dogs for over 27 years.

They love their pups and dogs so much and take so good care of them. All of their dogs are a part of their family. They are very committed to their Great Danes.

All of the dogs and pups are health tested. You will get a dog that is vaccinated and dewormed. You will also get a health guarantee for your lovely great Dane.

Great Dane Puppy Breeder Details:

#4 AsayAcres Great Danes

The last breeder I have for you is AsayAcres Great Danes. AsayAcres Great Danes raises socialized and well-tempered Great Dane puppies that can excel in work, show, or as beloved companions.

At their breeding program, they focus on the breeding excellence of Great Danes. They produce show-quality Great Danes as well as companion pets.

AsayAcres Great Danes breed their Great Danes for health, temperament, and to meet conformation standards. All of their puppies are well trained and socialized before they send any puppy to their forever families. They breed black and harlequin-coated Danes.

Christine Asay is the breeder behind AsayAcres Great Danes who is passionately in love with this breed of dogs. They raise their Danes in a small kennel.

The breeder has been breeding Danes for over thirty years producing health-tested champion lines of Grate Danes. They have been raising this breed all of their life.

The breeder takes great pride in representing this breed of dogs and creating opportunities for others to experience the same joy. They assure you that their puppies will bring great joy into your hearts and homes.

The breeding program focuses on improving the breed, obedience titles, trick dog titles, rally, agility, and dock diving. They strive to breed healthy, quality pups that can fit any lifestyle. The pups also come with a health guarantee. All the pups are vaccinated and dewormed before rehoming.

Great Dane Puppy Breeder Details:

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Are Great Danes Good For First-time Owners?

Well, Great Danes are perfect for first-time owners. Great Danes are known to be humongous couch potatoes. This breed of dog is goofy and giant. They are also patient, affable, and cuddly. You would love to snuggle with them on your couch with a mug of coffee in hand. 

Great Danes do not need a lot of maintenance so the first-time owners can easily handle them. The dogs are easygoing, gentle, and mild-mannered. And so they do great as companion dogs. They need moderate exercise every day. In a word, Great Danes are amazing dogs and can be great first dogs.

How Much Does A Great Dane Puppy Cost In Alaska?

A Great Dane puppy in Alaska can cost you between $600 to $3000. The exact price can not be told as it really depends on the breeder you go for and the pup’s pedigree. There is actually a difference in the price of show-quality dogs and family pets. 

To mention the average price of Great Dane puppies in Alaska is likely to be $1000. If you go for a rare color or a rare coat type for your Great Dane, it will cost you more of course.

For the maintenance of your Great Dane puppy, you will need to spend some extra bucks on the first year of owning it. As the years go by, the maintenance cost will lessen.

Great Dane In Jungle

How To Take Care Of A Great Dane Puppy In Alaska?

Though Great Danes aren’t high maintenance, still you need to take some basic care of your puppy. It is very easy to take care of Great Danes. So you won’t have to take much of a hassle.

Some basic care you should provide your Great Dane is as follows.

  • First off take care of the health of your puppy, both physical and mental. Take your pup to an experienced veterinarian once in a while. Do routine checks of your Great Dane.
  • Feed your Great Dane with care. Give it appropriate foods with proper nutrients. Food is a must for the perfect growth of your Great Dane.
  • Play with your puppy on a regular basis. Communicate with him. Make him easy. 
  • Make your Great Dane exercise. That way it will have a great structure.
  • Lastly, keep your Dane puppy happy and comfortable.

Why Are Great Dane Puppies So Popular In Alaska?

Great Danes are pretty popular in Alaska. The reason lies in the nature of this breed. Great Danes make excellent companion dogs. They are the perfect breed to own by busy families and apartment residents. This dog has a very gentle manner and has low exercise requirements.

They have a very soothing grace in their appearance. That is another reason for its popularity in Alaska. Great Danes are generally very mild-mannered so there is not so much hassle in living with them.

They spend most of their time cuddling, sitting on the couch, or playing with you. For these features of this breed, they are actually becoming more popular day by day in Alaska.

What Is The Rarest Color Of Great Dane In Alaska? And Why Are They Rare In Alaska?

The rarest color of Great Danes in Alaska has to be silver. The reason for silver being the rarest color is the result of genetic watering down of black fur which gives a bright, silver, or gray look. Black and blue Great Danes are pretty rare too in Alaska.

For the rarest pattern of Great Danes in Alaska, it is the merle pattern in the variations of this dog breed. Merle patterns in the color black or blue are also very rare. Silver Merle is the rarest of Great Danes in Alaska, however, all over the USA.

What Is The Most Popular Great Dane Color In Alaska?

Great Dane colors are beautiful and bold. Fawn is the most popular color of Great Danes in Alaska. There are other popular colors like brindle, chocolate, blue, black, white, silver in Great Danes. Mostly fawn and brindle are commonly seen in this breed of dogs.

There can be mixed color patterns like black and white, blue and white, chocolate and white, chocolate and brindle, etc in Great Danes. All of the colors are very eye-catching and pleasant to look at. However, some of the colors are very rare to find.

You can see Great Danes in these colors in patterns like merle, mantle, harlequin, merlequin, and some more. Whereas some of the patterns are very rare. A rare pattern with a rare color in Great Dane costs highly.

How To Raise A Great Dane Puppy In Alaska?

Great Danes get along with everyone with their affectionate and sweet nature. They are a very easy-going breed with impressive size and strength. Since they are very large in size, you have to be careful to raise a Great Dane puppy.

This breed of dogs has a people-pleasing nature and so they are easy to train. You should train your Great Dane puppy from an early age.

They won’t need foods or treats to be trained so that way you can easily impress them by listening to you. You need to be patient and confident to raise your Great Dane puppy.

How Do I Select The Right Breeder For My Great Dane Puppy In Alaska?

You must find the right breeder for your forever companion. A wrong breeder will make you suffer as well as your dog. For selecting the right breeder for your Great Dane, you should follow some processes.

Firstly, choose a breeder who seems knowledgeable. The breeder has proper knowledge of the breed he is breeding, proper knowledge on how to raise Great Danes. Also, he should help you find the right Great Dane puppy that best fits you.

You must visit the breeder’s kennel or home before purchasing the puppy. Check the facilities the breeder provides. Make sure the breeder raises the pups in a healthy and clean environment. Do not purchase if you find the pups are poorly kept.

Make sure the breeder asks you questions about you and your family. That way you will get to know the breeder cares for his puppies and wants to make sure the right homes for his Great Danes.

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Over To You

Great Danes can be the perfect loyal friend for you and your family. Your friend will forever stay by your side and stay loyal. A giant, gentle, lovely Great Dane can be the perfect addition to your life.

What are you still waiting for? Get yourself and your family forever fuel of happiness by getting a Great Dane puppy.

You can totally consider this list of Great Dane Breeders in Alaska while you choose the breeder of your puppy. There is no backyard breeder or puppy mill on this list.

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