Top 8 Best Great Dane Breeders In Oklahoma (OK) State

Do you love Great Dane dogs and want to have one as a pet? If you are looking for the best quality Deutsche Doggy breeders in Oklahoma (OK) state, then you have come to the correct site.

After researching, I have listed the top 8 reputable breeders in Oklahoma (OK). In my opinion, they can serve you high-quality, healthy, and happy puppies and also top service.

I have listed them according to their service, benefits, quality, and reputation. However, I have found the best breeder for you and now it is your duty to decide who will give you to your future doggo.

Find A Great Dane Breeder Near Me In Oklahoma State

Top 8 Best Great Dane Breeders In Oklahoma (OK) State

#1 Tioli Great Danes

Tioli Great Danes is a reputable breeder located in Poteau, Oklahoma (OK) State. It has a wonderful owner, Dusti Booth. Their dogs are healthy and have good temperaments. All the pups are screened to ensure that they are free from inheritable genetic diseases.

They raise their doggies with puppy culture so that they can adapt to any type of situation. The breeders are proud of their dogs and feel it is critical to maintain the breed’s pedigree by following the Code of Ethics. And, they also breed to the Great Dane Club of America‘s standard.

All their pups come with a 3 years health guarantee which covers any congenital heritable condition or disease. They offer examination by a certified veterinarian, deworming, microchip, AKC registration papers, a health certificate, and vaccination as well. The price range of their canines is around $2500.

If you feel interested then you can visit their website or Facebook page for more details. You can also contact them through email or phone number. I recommend you to visit their “Good dog profile” as well.

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#2 Cottonball Danes

Cottonball Danes is a small breeder located in Chickasha, Oklahoma (OK) State. They have been breeding Great Danes and Golden Retrievers for over 16 years. Also, the doggies are raised with a lot of love, care, affection, and they spend quality time with them.

Their dogs have beautiful physical appearances with wonderful personalities. They raise different colored Deutsche mutts like black, harlequin, and mantle. Good temperament is their high priority. If the puppies do not meet the criteria for temperament then they are not allowed in the family. 

Deworming, microchip, AKC registration papers, the first shot of vaccination records, proper health check-up by their veterinarian are offered with each puppy. They also provide a 12 monthly health guarantee against different diseases and replacement conditions. You need to deposit $200 to reserve a pooch for yourself or your family. 

They are always ready to assist you to find your perfect doggo. All the information is provided on their official website and Facebook page. However, you can contact them through phone call/text email or Facebook message.

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Great Dane With Leaf

#3 Great Dane Harlequin Romance

Great Dane Harlequin Romance is a Great Dane breeder located in Choctaw, Oklahoma (OK) State. It has a wonderful owner, Juhree Collier. They breed for quality not quantity and they emphasize good temperament, health, and structure. Also, they only raise champion bloodlines.

They strive to produce healthy, happy, and beautiful Deutsche doggies. Their main focus is on raising correctly marked harlequin and mantle-colored pups according to the GDCA standard. They breed for quality, health, structure, longevity, and temperament. The puppies are well-socialized and friendly companions for loving families.

The breeders raise Great Dane pooches for competing in the show ring and conformation. The mutts come with a health guarantee, genetic test, vaccination, AKC registration certificate, and others. Their clients highly recommend their canines and service. You can deposit advance money by using the PayPal app. 

Moreover, they encourage you to visit their website and official Facebook page for all necessary details. If you are interested in adopting a puppy from them then you can contact them.

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#4 Royal Sooner 

Royal Sooner is a reputable breeder located in Midwest City, Oklahoma (OK) State which is owned by Frank and Brenda Harris Young. They have been breeding Great Danes for over 20 years and Borzoi for over 11 years. The dogs are raised at home, not at a kennel. 

They are devoted to raising their doggies at home and enjoy showing and being with their dogs. Most of the pups have finished their AKC, UKC, and Intl championships. They are involved in obedience classes, owner showing/handling, rescue, conformation training, ring stewarding, and others. 

Royal Sooner breeders also breed Siken-like, Silken-Scooter, and raise Hummingbirds besides Dane and Borzoi. Each Deutsche pooch comes with proper health tests like OFA, CERF, PENNHIP, and Thyroid. The mutts are healthy and of show quality. The breeder has bred many champion bloodlines.

I have found all the necessary contact information for reducing your work. The website link and the owner’s Facebook profile are given below. If you want to have a champion show dog then you can definitely visit their web page or contact them.

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#5 Loveless Family Farms

Loveless Family Farms is a family-owned business located in Luther, Oklahoma (OK). They are a small breeder who raises the most beautiful Boston Terrier and Great Dane doggies. The mutts are of different colors like blue, champagne, red, chocolate, and other shades. Also, they breed piggies.

They raise their puppies as a family member at home with love and care. Their main goal is to improve the bloodline and breed quality. However, they strive to produce healthy doggies free of diseases and disorders. Each of their canines is planned with good temperament, conformation, and genetic health. The top priority is to keep the dogs happy and healthy.

Deworming at the age of 2 weeks, first shots of vaccines at 6 weeks old ( total 3 vaccines are given), proper veterinarian check-up, NuVet supplements, and a 2 health guarantee are offered with each pooch. The client’s reviews or testimonials are given on their website with all additional benefits they offer.

I think they are one of the breeders who can provide high-quality and healthy family companions for you. You should surely contact them through email or phone call if you are looking for a friendly and well-socialized pet or service doggo.

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#6 Pearce Danes

Pearce Danes are located in Southwestern Oklahoma (OK) State. They are a family who loves to raise Great Dane dog breeds. Charolais cattle and Quarter Houses are also raised by them in a wide-open space with love. 

They breed hearted solid, and great doggies that will blend with your family as a companion or friend and also become a member of your family. Pearce believes that their mutts are well socialized because they are raised at home with kids and other pets. 

The breeders provide AKC registration papers, a health guarantee, different genetic tests to ensure health and temperament, vaccination, and others. For more details, you need to contact them. They also have a Facebook page where they upload photos and videos of their horses, Deutsche dogs, and other pets. 

I suggest you visit their website because they are always happy to help and assist their clients to select the perfect doggy for you and your family. However, they may not have any canines available, so you need to contact them through the email provided below.

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Great Dane In Hill

#7 Dane Gang Kennels

Dane Gang Kennels was founded in 1988 and since then they are known for breeding healthy, good-tempered Deutsche doggies with longevity. It is located in Waurika, Oklahoma (OK) State. They have a large open space for the dogs to run and exercise.

They are the finest long dog kennel found anywhere in the state. The health of their canines is one of the important factors for them. The breeder has its own veterinarian to check and take care of their puppies. The mutts are observed and taken care of by them 24 hours through live streaming puppy cams.

AKC registration papers are provided with each puppy. They also give other facilities but they have not uploaded their clear information about it. You can contact them for all essential data regarding this. They have 3.8 out of 5 reviews based on the opinion of 165 clients. Their service and pups are recommended for their quality by the customers.

I could not find any additional information about what they provide with each puppy or their other facilities. Therefore, if you are really interested in their canines then do contact them through email or phone number. Do visit their Facebook page as well.

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#8 Pistol’s Great Dane

Pistol’s Great Dane is a small breeder located in Locust Grove, Oklahoma (OK) State. They breed their Deutsche dogs as a part of their family and the pups are always around toddlers and older children. The business is mainly operated through its official Facebook page and Instagram page.

They raise their dogs with lots of love, care, and affection and also take good care of them. Their mutts are very social because they are always surrounded by kids and other pets. AKC registration papers, health guarantees, and different other facilities are provided by them.

The breeders also give training to their pooches. Shipping services are also available. From time to time they upload the photos and videos of newborn puppies and adult dogs on their official Facebook page. No additional data is provided on their page, so you need to contact them for details.

However, they do have an Instagram page where they upload pictures of their canines, you can also visit there. I recommend you to visit their Facebook page first and then contact them through email or any other way. I am giving you the information I have collected here.

Great Dane Puppy Breeder Details:

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How much does a Great Dane cost in Oklahoma (OK) State?

Great Dane pups are fairly costly in Oklahoma. Purchasing a Deutsche puppy from a reputable and licensed breeder will be expensive. A puppy may cost anything between $600 and $3000.

However, a regular Dane dog may be purchased for as low as $600, while a show-quality puppy can cost up to $2500. The most costly doggies are all European Great Dane mutts, which cost approximately $3500.

Purebred dogs are the most costly. The price, on the other hand, is determined by the animal’s age, size, color, and texture. Puppy bedding, insurance, and health checkups are among the additional costs connected with the canines. I suggest you get one because they are less expensive than other breeds.

Over To You

Which Great Dane breeder will you choose among the breeders mentioned here? And, who is offering the best pup and facilities? Please share your opinion in the comment section.

What is your favorite color for this Deutsche doggy? I love every shade of the Dane dogs.

Why do you love this dog breed? Feel free to write your comments in the comment box and also ask any question about the breed or the breeders, I will be happy to answer all the questions.

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