Best Dog Foods For Maltese Puppy & Adults With Tear Stains

Chances are, if you are a fan of the adorable Maltese breed, you are familiar with the notorious tear stains that frequent their fur.

Great news for those seeking the best foods for Maltese dogs with tear stains, you’ve come to the right place.

Dog Foods For Maltese Puppy & Adults

We’ve scoured the internet for the most popular foods to benefit eyes and fur.

Learn product specifics and nuances so you are set to keep your Maltese healthy and happy.

In this article, we’re going to review the following foods for Maltese dog:

Breed Specific Diet Guidelines 

There are some fantastic features that make Maltese furballs special.

Most of them are great news, like adorable personalities and an inclination to please.

However, there are some tricky problems relating to their diets that we must address.

Maltese pups are prone to both general stomach upset, as well as longer term health concerns.

They are notoriously picky eaters and have the canine rarity of refusing food they do not with to eat.

Ironically, these picky eaters are also prone to obesity- a risk factor for a number of health conditions.


When feeding your Maltese, take care to consider bone-related problems, including dental troubles and joint or cartilage concerns.

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Sensitive Stomachs

We must pay close attention to our pup’s overall stomach health and well-being, since these dogs are prone to everything from diarrhea to gassiness.

Prebiotics and probiotics both battle these troubles.

Probiotics promotes a healthy internal flora of bacteria. Prebiotics improve the intestinal environment for probiotics to thrive.

Together, they keep our Maltese’ tummies trouble-free.

Picky Eaters

It is atypical for a dog to refuse food. That said, Maltese dogs are the exception to this rule.

Mitigate this behavior logically by finding a food the dog loves. There are more options on the market now than ever before.

Try different protein sources and find a food your dog enjoys.


Even though these dogs are so small, they are vulnerable to obesity all the same.

Since they gain weight easily it is important to limit food to nutritionally dense, controlled portions.

Obesity increases risk factors to everything from cancer to heart disease. Aim for a food that supplements with omega fatty acids to promote heart health.

Avoid saturated fats and carbohydrate rich foods.


Joint Problems

After years of using our joints, they wear down. The same is true for these pocket-sized pups.

Their small size means their joints are closer to the ground. This increases impact intensity and accelerates wear and tear.

Eventually, this propensity becomes genetic. Avoid the pitfalls of early joint failure by keeping glucosamine and chondroitin in the regular diet well before senior age.

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Dental Problems

Small mouths mean limited space for teeth. This causes tension and wear on the jawbone and the teeth themselves.

Reduce the kernel size of your dog’s food to improve jaw health. Frequently brushing their teeth is a major benefit.

Turn this into bonding time with your dog- their dental health will thank you.

Optimal Maltese Diet

Each dog breed is a little bit different.

Even against other small breed dogs, the Maltese has nuanced needs that we, as devoted pup parents, must meet.

We must prevent overfeeding, supplement with the correct micronutrients, and ensure a proper amount of healthy proteins and fats.

In order to give our dogs optimal health, we must optimize their nutrition. 


Protein should be the key ingredient in your dog’s food. Ensure that the protein source is meat.

That said, Maltese pups are notoriously picky and sensitive. There are values and drawbacks to every meat source.

Red meat is higher in saturated fat, though irritates stomachs less frequently than chicken.

Salmon is a great source of protein for its healthy fats (provided your Maltese likes the food). Aim for meats low in saturated fats and high in mineral content.


Since Maltese pups are so prone to obesity, make sure that the fat content in the food is not too high. Another good step we can make is reducing saturated fat intake.

Instead, focus on unsaturated fats. Since they are liquid, bodies process these fats with ease.

Saturated fats are hard to break down and increase cardiac strain. Omega fatty acids (provided they are in balance) promote healthy coats, eyes, and minds.

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While we have much proof that grains are detrimental to those with sensitive stomachs, it is not the primary reason for avoiding carbs for Maltese dogs.

Carbs- especially starchy ones- increase caloric value significantly and we know they are lead-ins to weight gain.

Since Maltese pups are so prone to obesity, it is best that we avoid carbs for our beloved dogs.



The cell wall of plants has just as much benefit to animals. Often called roughage, this plant matter scrapes away debris from the intestine.

Since this promotes regular bowel movements, it is important to keep fiber count high in the dog’s diet.

Find a food source rich in plant matter (without the bulk of starchy and sugary carbs). This gives dietary access to fiber for your furry friend.

Probiotics and Prebiotics

Probiotics are essentially healthy bacteria. They enter the intestine and create a healthy environment for symbiotic bacterial cultures to thrive.

Canine bodies are biomes- they live in balance with a plethora of smaller creatures. Keep the bacteria healthy and promote your dog’s stomach health.

Prebiotics promote the well-being of probiotics, making them equally as important.

Vitamins and Minerals

Micronutrition is essential. We want to limit tear stains, and the best way to do so is to promote healthy fur and eyes.

Vitamin A and beta carotenes keep eyes strong.

Electrolytes (like sodium and potassium) keep eyes from watering in excess.

Calcium is important to fur health, along with other smaller minerals like selenium and chromium.

Make sure there is a balance of these trace ingredients to promote your Maltese’ health.

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Maltese Feeding Guideline by Age- Serving Size/Amount

Feeding guidelines are important to overall health. Every breed (and individual dog) is a little bit different.

Match the needs of your dog’s metabolism by sticking to these indications. Calorie requirements vary by age.

Puppies need different intakes than seniors- make sure that your dog is getting enough and avoiding excess by keeping an eye on caloric value.

Serving sizes are just as important since they are specific to the food. Always consult the label for both serving needs as well as caloric value.

Maltese puppyFrom:

New Born Puppies

  • Calorie Requirement: Canine breast milk as needed
  • Serving Sizes: Feeding with mother as needed- solid food at 8 week 


Young Adults

  • Calorie Requirement: 350
  • Serving Sizes: ½ Cup Split Into Two Servings 


  • Calorie Requirement: 300
  • Serving Sizes: ½ Cup Split Into Two Servings 

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Food Features to Avoid

What we put in our dog food is just as important as what we choose to avoidSteer clear of bulking agents like corn and soy- they cause weight gain and add no value.

Additives and preservatives lengthen shelf-life to the detriment of doggy health. Many available foods avoid these pitfalls in addition to veering away from grains.

It helps when we avoid this plant as well since Maltese’ have sensitive stomachs.


Wet Foods

Since these pups are so prone to stomach upset, wet food is problematic. There is little matter in these dishes to firm stool.

This leads to increased frequency of diarrhea. In essence, wet food is a great supplement or treat, though not a suitable staple for this dog breed.

Fillers Ingredients

  • Fillers encompass food that takes up space and adds no value
  • Bulking agents promote obesity and hurt overall health
  • Corn is problematic for starch and blood sugar spikes
  • Soy adds little value and risks phytoestrogen complications
  • Wheat (and gluten) bulk up food without contributing protein or worthy minerals
  • By-products take focus away from muscle-based meat proteins
  • Avoid fillers to promote Maltese health both short and long term

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Artificial Additives, Color, Flavoring, and Preservatives

With picky dogs, it is a common instinct to seek out flavoring. Focus, instead, on foods rich in flavorful protein.

This will hold the dog’s interest without the potential damage caused by chemical flavoring agents. Preservatives are another risk.

At one time they kept food from mold. Now, we have better options like rosemary oil and other similar products.

Avoid artificial preservatives to benefit your pup’s system. Ensure that, when your food doesn’t include artificial preservatives, it also does not have an excess of salt in its stead.

Generic Meat Sources

Only feed your pup food where the ingredient is specified on the label.

If the meat source is a-specific, it is generally an indication of low-grade, reduced quality protein sources.

Stick to meat protein from muscle for best results. This ensures the quality of the meat.

When possible, find free range and ethically farmed meat options. The benefits pass down in the quality of the muscle protein.


By-products refer to secondary ingredients sourced from animals.

While we may love to give our pups the occasional bone, the bone meal is often seen as a by-product is a much different concept.

This crushed animal matter includes offal (organs) and bone scraps.

Together, they take up space without providing the necessary amino acids found in animal muscle.

Dog Food Sourced and/or Prepared Overseas

Check the country of origin on your dog food.

Ensure that the nation in which the food was both sourced and packaged has a food oversight policy.

There are many government agencies that oversee all food production. Make sure to diligently check the policies of the relevant agency.

These directly food quality standards.

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Grain vs Grain-Free Foods

Whole grains are always favored over their processed counterparts.

That said, since Maltese pups are so prone to stomach troubles, it is best to steer clear of wheat altogether.

Pups can develop intolerance’s early, as well as over time due to exposure.

While carbohydrates and minerals sourced from grains can promote health in some, the risk to Maltese’ is altogether too high. Source the necessary nutrition elsewhere.

Best Dog Foods For Maltese Puppies

#1 Hill’s Science Diet for Puppies

We adore this option because it is specific to small breed dogs.

The metabolic demands of smaller canines drastically differs from their larger counterparts.

In order to meet caloric demand with limited servings (to prevent early tummy troubles) this food is a fantastic choice.

It avoids all the common pitfalls of the artificial additive sort.

By steering clear of coloring and flavoring agents, we set our pups’ palettes properly to favor healthy food later in life.

Another great draw is the focus on many common Maltese issues.

The food features ingredients to benefit doggy bones and teeth (calcium) as well as to develop healthy brains and minds.

Since the overall goal of food is preventing health problems in our canine companions, it is important to address potential issues as early as possible.

Given these dogs’ propensity towards dental and bone issues, we love that this food accounts for the issue.


  • Includes antioxidants for overall health
  • Features micro-nutrition to benefit all systems
  • Balanced vitamin and minerals
  • Appropriate kernel size for small breeds
  • Easy transition to adult dog food


  • Does not include probiotics
  • Not suited to dogs with pre-existing digestive conditions
  • Can irritate underlying colitis

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#2 Blue Buffalo Life Protection Pup Food

If you are looking for high quality foodstuffs for your canine companion, this is a great option.

Although it is on the higher end of the cost spectrum, it is densely packed with essential nutrition for the small breed puppy.

We like the fact that, instead of avoiding carbohydrates altogether, the recipe features brown rice.

This fortifies the kernels with natural mineral sources.

When micro-nutrients are dietarily accessible, it is easier for our puppies’ systems to integrate the matter.

Especially for sensitive stomach, it is important to reduce the chemical shock of artificially added, chemically substituted vitamins and minerals.

We love the fact that this food has small kernels.

Dental health is more than just brushing. It is setting up a proper environment for the teeth and gums.

Coarse kernels abrade any plaque on the teeth themselves.

Since they are small in size, it is easy for the Maltese to get exactly the right amount in a bite.

When there is a proper bite-size, it reduces gassiness (a common problem for these canines).


  • No animal by-products in the food
  • Avoids corn, wheat, and soy
  • Steers clear of artificial additives
  • Meets caloric demands of Maltese breed



  • Lack of preservatives reduces shelf life
  • Requires diligent, air-tight storage solution

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#3 Nutro Grain Free Wet Food for Pups

There are many different approaches to keeping the Maltese pup healthy.

For those that focus on hydration, this is a great option.

The food itself offers a balanced diet for pups of small breeds.

Since it is a wet food option, there is a greater amount of water making it into the pup’s system.

Hydration has a number of benefits, both clear and apparent as well as subtler draws.

Especially for those pup parents concerned about tear stains on the dog’s fur, water intake is something to focus on.

With the balanced electrolytes in this food, coupled with quality supplementation of vitamins and minerals, it adds to the dog’s health.

Of course, hydration goes only so far.

The food is meat centered (a much-favored focus).

Since meat protein is the first ingredient, we know that the product meets all necessary amino acid requirements.

We adore the red meat option.

This type of muscle protein increases iron count in the blood.

This affects energy via oxygen access to the brain.

When we provide red meat as a primary dietary source, it encourages proper hemoglobin function.


  • Wet food options (great for hydration)
  • High in fiber content



  • Sensitive stomachs see irritation as a result of high moisture content
  • Not specific to Maltese breed
  • Picky eaters may not favor beef

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#4 Merrick Classic Grain Free Puppy Plate

One of the trickiest parts of Maltese puppy parenting is finding a healthy food that is also agreeable. There are several pitfalls when seeking tasty food (empty calories, stomach troubles resulting from the switch).

This food helps us avoid these pitfalls by steering away from common problem ingredients like grains. It’s no secret that grain causes significant upset for those sensitive to gluten.

Pups with a genetic propensity towards stomach troubles are all the more susceptible to this problem. Keep wheat-free to promote the Maltese palette and avoid future troubles.

 This recipe features both beef and vegetables. The plant matter adds fiber and usable carbohydrates.

Carrots help overall eye health through dietary access to Vitamin A while peas add value through fiber and minerals. Especially when we focus on reducing tendencies for tear stains, it is critical to promote ophthalmic health.

 We benefit our puppies when we provide access to these healthy ingredients early in life.

Systems need a chance to develop correctly in order to function properly later in life. It starts them off on a healthy paw.


  • Grain free recipe for sensitive stomachs
  • Nutrient-dense ingredients
  • Agreeable for picky dogs
  • Avoids bulking agents



  • Not specific to small breed dogs
  • Wet food recipe

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#5 Wellness Complete Natural Dog Food

Puppies don’t only have developing bodies.

They have developing minds.

In order to foster a positive temperament for our beloved canine companions, it is critical that we find a way to include all necessary ingredients in their food from early on.

This option is great for pup parents who focus on cognitive growth.


The food takes a holistic approach to doggy well-being, meaning the food is not meant only to please the form, but the palette as well.

This is thanks to the use of both chicken and salmon in the formula.

Chicken is a great, lean white meat protein.

This reduces saturated fat intake.

The meal fortifies with salmon.

This naturally includes omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.

Puppy systems absorb this material best when it is organically present.

It also ensures that the two unsaturated fatty acids balance against each other and in the diet overall.

Salmon is rich in both minerals and these essential lipids.

Strengthen the body and the mind by coupling protein with healthy fats.

The food is a wet-sourced diet, meaning it is only a suitable staple for puppies.

Since it is designed for young dogs, it also features DHA.

This heart healthy ingredient is also present in breast milk.

The wet diet, coupled with this inclusion, makes it easy for the puppy to adjust to solid foods.


  • Balanced ingredients
  • Meat protein
  • Holistic approach
  • Includes DHA and salmon
  • Natural ingredients only


  • No featured probiotics
  • Does not include taurine to balance DHA

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How Dog Foods Can Help Maltese With Tear Stains Problem?

When our Maltese is in the early years, the focus is development.

As they age, we focus on maintaining well-being.

One of these factors is tear stains.

Avoid these (as best as possible) by following some basic steps.

Hydration is key.

The vitreous humor (liquid part of the eye) is mainly water.

Keep the eye happy by keeping water around.

Other steps to eye health include us properly including Vitamin A and beta carotene.

Other focus goes to the fur.

Include sufficient protein and fortify foods with omega fatty acids.

Keep up with grooming and ensure a balanced diet.

These steps drastically reduce the presence of tear stains.

Best Dog Foods For Maltese With Tear Stains

#1 Weruva Grain Free Dry Food

We love this option for the diverse protein sources.

Sometimes (as we all know) Maltese dogs can be very particular about the meat sources they eat.

The only trouble is specific stomach challenges dogs face when changing food.

Because this breed is so vulnerable to digestive upset, we like to stick to foods that provide everything necessary and lean into multiple flavors.

It reduces the frequency of diet changes by giving access to many different tastes in the same kibble.

The recipe itself includes chicken, turkey, and salmon.

Chicken is a great lean meat source, agreeable to most and with a relatively inert flavor.

Turkey is excellent for its plethora of the amino acid tryptophan.

Salmon is a naturally high source of omega fatty acids.

Together, the meats account for a well rounded doggy diet.

Other key draws, specific to eye, are including pumpkin and seaweed.

Together, these plants add necessary vitamins that fortify optical strength.

When our dog’s eyes are less bothered, they reduce tear production.



  • Grain and potato free
  • Naturally aids digestion process
  • Heart healthy food focus
  • Made with ethically sourced meat



  • Uses seaweed in lieu of probiotics
  • Protein sources are only 80% meat-based

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#2 Wellness Wellbites Soft & Chewy Variety Pack

No matter what the system, our bodies function works as a whole.

If one part is off balance, so too will other systems fail.

In order to reduce tear stains, one great approach is improving overall health of the Maltese system.

A few things we know are the picky nature and sensitive stomachs of this breed.


Small dogs need to eat frequently (and those snacks should be healthy).

These soft bites meet this need perfectly.

When we give our pups snacks, they should be just as nutritious as the food, especially when we need to make every calorie count (like with dogs prone to obesity).

These small-sized eats promote healthy by keeping protein accessible whenever the dog is hungry.

The packs come with five different flavors- all featuring meat proteins.

From beef and turkey to venison to lamb, there is always a taste to suit the particular palette of the individual dog.

All the recipes are grain, corn, and soy free in order to avoid the poor habit of bulking agent.

The metabolism works fastest when we frequently issue food (in small portions).

We like to keep these snacks on hand during long walks or days away from home.

They make great options for training and help us introduce new flavors.

Though this is not a food option, it keeps us informed about current food tastes so we can choose our kibble wisely.


  • Multiple flavor options for picky pups
  • Free of bulking agents
  • No artificial colors and flavors
  • High in protein


  • Treat not a food source
  • Picky pups may not like all flavors

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#3 Nutrish Premium Food for Dogs

Small dogs can only take in so much food with such little stomachs.

One of the best measures we can take to improve overall health is to pack each bite full of nutrition.

Calorically dense recipes focus on making every bite count.

With dogs prone to obesity (such as the beloved Maltese) it is critical that we monitor intake both portion size and nutrition.


For pup-parents who like to keep an eye on both, while providing a well-rounded meal, this is a great option.

It includes chicken as the key ingredient.

The meat source is farm-raised, meaning the animal was ethically treated.

Not only is this important to those who care about animals, it helps keep food healthy.


When meat stress lessens during life, fewer stress chemicals (such as cortisol) are present in the muscle.

This is one great reason for farm-raised chicken.

Another is the fact that it reduces the need for antibiotic treatment.

Poultry farmed close together have higher rates of sickness.

To treat this, production introduces antibiotics which trickle into the dog food itself.

This recipe avoids these pitfalls and gives high-quality raw materials.


Improving the ingredient quality is a great measure to keep our pups healthy overall.

As for reducing tear stains on fur, the recipe includes sufficient access to necessary nutrients like Vitamin A and carotene’s.



  • Features ethical meat sources
  • High in fiber
  • Includes prebiotic ingredients


  • No probiotics to balance prebiotics
  • Relatively high in carbohydrates

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#4 Instinct Raw Boost Canine Food

Even though Maltese dogs are small, they have demanding nutritional requirements.

Especially when we seek to reduce tear stains tendencies, it is important to keep a close eye on the diet overall.

We love this food for its approach to overall health. 

Dogs, no matter how petite, benefit from raw protein sources (provided they are safely handled).

The food here uses freeze drying to keep raw ingredients in the food supply.

Since it couples with a dry kibble, there is little risk of stomach upset- even for these picky pups.

Ensure proper hydration by providing sufficient access to water.

The presence of raw meat makes the meal palatable to even the pickiest pups.

Since it comes in a variety of flavors, it makes transitioning between foods easier.

When there is a taste change, though we still need to titrate the different food, there is less worry about stomach trouble.

Does your Maltese like venison this week?Lamb next month?

With this food source, it is possible to diversify while mitigating risk.


  • Multiple protein source options
  • Features raw meat bites
  • Dry food for sensitive stomachs
  • Avoids problem ingredients (corn, wheat, soy)



  • No prebiotics to balance probiotics
  • Limited fiber sources

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#5 Merrick Grain Free Dog Food

It is essential that we monitor eye health.

In order to achieve this, there are some straightforward steps which we can take.

These include providing suitable access to dietary sources of micro-nutrition.

The recipe here offers a great option for achieving this goal.

Featuring sweet potato, the food stays calorically dense while offering significant access to Vitamin A.

Another draw that assists with coat health is the plethora of omega fatty acids included in the kibble.

These improve both brain health and overall fur well-being.

The sleeker the coat, the more challenging it is for tear stains to take hold.

When we do our best for both the eyes and the fur, we know that we are taking all necessary steps to prevent this grooming trouble.


Since health is the goal, it is great that the food also features other beneficial vegetables and fruits. From blueberries for antioxidants to apples for ascorbic acid, the recipe gives us the opportunity to provide a salad (without asking our picky pups to actually eat one).



  • Features healthy fruits and vegetables
  • Multiple protein source options
  • Avoids problem ingredients
  • No bulking agents
  • Free of artificial colors and flavors


  • No probiotic supplementation
  • High in starchy carbohydrates
  • Not specific to small breed dogs

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#6 Canidae All Life Stages Dog Food

Some dogs need all sorts of bells and whistles to keep them interested in the food.

Complex tastes and diversified diets are an option for handling some picky pups.

That said, many Maltese dogs benefit from simplicity.

If your dog likes to stick to what they know and prefers the basics, this is a great food option.

It meets all the necessary dietary demands of the small canine and keeps to the essentials to fortify stomach health.

This accommodates many picky eaters with consistency and regularity of taste and ingredients.

Since it is a great staple, it is very important that the food represent all necessary dietary needs (especially meat and micro-nutrients).

In terms of protein, the kibble boasts turkey, lamb and fish.

The fish makes certain there are plenty of unsaturated fats.

Lamb provides access to red meat and the iron which it offers.

Turkey facilitates a positive temperament as well as lean protein.

The recipe also includes probiotics; which, together with the kibble form, keeps the digestive system happy.


  • Diverse protein sources
  • Includes omega fatty acids
  • Avoids corn, soy and wheat
  • Appropriate kernel size for Maltese adults


  • Not breed or age specific
  • Includes protein meal as opposed to muscle

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#7 Wellness Core Grain Free Food for Small Breeds

Maltese pups are high energy dogs. They are also prone to obesity.

This puts us pup parents into a tricky situation when it comes to sourcing calories.

Our family likes to be exact in terms of caloric intake (especially when the risk factor is so high).

We love this food option because it helps us specifically meet the Maltese digestive demands.

The recipe provides fully balanced nutrients for small breed dogs.

It avoids grains, thus steering clear of gluten (one of the most common stomach irritants).

It also keeps away from other trouble ingredients like corn and soy.

Corn is very starchy and promotes blood sugar troubles.

Soy introduces excess amounts of estrogen to the system (troublesome for temperaments).

Instead, the food features white meat protein in the form of turkey and chicken.

Both are high in lean protein and provide well rounded access to the full family of amino acids.

The food supplements with necessary minerals and vitamins, making it well suited to this dog breed.



  • High in lean, meat protein
  • Avoids corn, soy, and wheat
  • Ideal calorie count for small breeds


  • No probiotic or prebiotic inclusion
  • Lack of red meat source
  • Minimal fiber compared to other brands

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#8 Wag Dry Dog Food with Salmon

Inclusion of healthy ingredients is just as important as exclusion of empty calories.

To provide our pups with optimal opportunity for health, we need to focus on both these issues simultaneously.

This food is a great option for us pup-parents who demand a lot from our dog’s diet.

 It avoids artificial colors, flavors, and unnecessary preserving agents.

These chemicals serve to only bog down the pup’s system.

There is no corn, soy, or grain used in the food.

This way, we exclude all the trouble ingredients, and each bite focuses on only the healthy foods.

The meal itself contains vegetables as a method of adding vitamins and minerals.

Lentils and peas are powerful legumes that contain trace micro-nutrients which facilitate overall bodily well-being.

This, of course, surrounds the key ingredient, salmon.

This lean protein features unsaturated fatty acids that help the pup’s fur stay shiny.

When we fortify the fur, we prevent tear stains from gaining traction on the follicle.

Keratin is the main component of hair and maintaining that protective layer on the fur is essential to resisting tear stain troubles.

This food fortifies fur and overall health of the Maltese dog.


  • Features salmon as key ingredient
  • Includes legume vegetables
  • Avoids problematic bulking agents
  • Healthy protein/fat balance in kibble


  • Lacks probiotic ingredients
  • Relatively high in calories
  • Not specific to small breed dogs

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#9 Sojos Complete- Raw Made Easy

For pup-parents who like to plan ahead, this is a great option.

Since the food uses dehydration, we have the opportunity to store a great deal at a time.

The dehydration process reduces the overall need for preservatives and additive ingredients.

This keeps the focus on healthy ingredients, reducing bulk and problematic chemical additives.

We like the fact that this food features meat, both cooked and raw form.

Modern technology gives us plenty of opportunities to feature quality ingredients in our pups’ food sources.

Chicken kernels stand out to the Maltese, since the raw taste benefits the taste buds and overall muscle health.

Control is another key feature of this food.

While it is important to keep to the feeding chart (so as to monitor calories), this meal gives options for portion size.

Since we reconstitute the kibble before feeding the dogs, we can adjust hydration and make the dog fuller with fewer calories.

This is great for dogs who are at risk for obesity. It is a great option to consider for more sedentary pups or those who have been showing disproportionate weight gain.


  • No soy, corn, or wheat in recipe
  • Uses dehydration and freeze drying technology
  • Features dense nutrition


  • Not specific to small breed dogs
  • Re-hydration can lead to overfilling

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#10 Purina Beneful Dry Dog Foods

If energy is an issue for your Maltese dog, this is a great option to consider.

Often, reduced energy causes include low blood iron.

Iron is essential to the red cell’s hemoglobin’s ability to carry oxygen to the brain (and other tissues).

Red meat is a great, natural source of this ferrous material. It provides food-based access to this material (in lieu of chemically added supplements).

Another key draw is the food’s focus on antioxidant inclusion.

Dogs are susceptible to the same pollution as us (affecting everything from cancer risk to eye health).

Antioxidants fight the effects of this pollution by binding with free radicals, thus preventing the damage they cause in the canine system.

In addition to featuring these healthy, key ingredients, the kibble also adds essential micro-nutrients.

Of these is calcium. This mineral is essential to properly maintaining bone strength in our pup pals.

Though the breed is not prone to skeletal problems, their teeth see trouble.

Calcium fortified these dental bones and reduces the prevalence of these problems.



  • Includes vegetables like carrots and peas
  • Focus on red meat protein
  • Features balanced micro-nutrition


  • Relatively high in starch
  • Lower in fiber content
  • Low calorie content (diligent serving required)

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#11 Pet Craft Protein Rich Treats

When we have picky pup pallets in the mix, it is not uncommon for our furry friends to refuse their meals.

It is extremely important to a healthy metabolism that we make sure our Maltese dogs eat regularly.

Sometimes, the best way to meet this demand is by supplementing with healthy treats.

Whether we use them for positive reinforcement or to accommodate a picky pup, it is important that the treat morsel is full of nutrition.

This way, we avoid empty calories and optimize food intake.

These bites are freeze dried to afford the opportunity of raw meat inclusion.

Another benefit is that it broadens the variety of proteins we can feature.

Are you worried that your pup may not like the food you plan to purchase?

These treats solve this issue by allowing us to assess protein preferences.

Coming in chicken, salmon, beef, pork, and chicken, they give us a good idea of what our dogs like (or potentially dislike).



  • Freeze drying to preserve
  • Multiple protein options
  • Suitable to small breed dogs
  • Appropriate bite size


  • Low in overall fiber
  • Not a regular food source

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#12 Hill’s Science Diet- Weight Management

When weight is our concern, we draw reassurance from our veterinarian’s support.

While regular visits are a great way for diligent pup parents to improve and maintain canine health, vet meetings are not daily.

We adore this food because it is made using cutting edge scientific advances and veterinarian consults.

This way, even when we stay at home, we keep the benefits of this professional consult.

The food’s focus is on well rounded nutrition by promoting a healthy weight.

It encourages weight loss (and proper weight upkeep).

To do so, it avoids bulking agents and starchy carbohydrates.

Instead, the food provides ample protein and suitable fats to balance out the digestive process.

When the Maltese achieves ideal weight, it promotes their overall system’s balance.

This leads to reduced issues such as tear stains.

The food promotes this success by strengthening both the eyes and the fur by including features like taurine, cranberries, and broccoli.


  • Weight managing recipe
  • Uses only natural ingredients
  • Avoids starch and bulky carbohydrates
  • Features healthy vegetables
  • Includes taurine for heart health


  • Requires 10 week commitment to achieve results
  • Does not include probiotics
  • Uses iodized salt (accelerates thyroid function)

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Frequently Asked Questions

# Do Maltese Have Food Allergies?

All dogs are subject to allergies– the Maltese is no exception.

In fact, these dogs are particularly vulnerable to dietary intolerances.

Avoid problem ingredients whenever possible (such as wheat, corn, and soy).

# What Should You Do If You Want to Switch Foods for your Maltese?

Switching foods is a process.

Check food preferences with treats first. Establish a favored protein.

Titrate in the new recipe while weaning off the old. Make the transition completely within a week.

You may learnHow Much Sodium Is Safe For A Beagle Dog?

# Can Maltese Food Impact Tear Staining?

Proper nutrition helps prevent tear stains.

We promote overall health by fortifying fur strength (protein and omegas) as well as optical wellbeing (vitamin A and carotene).

Ensure hydration to reduce overall watering of the life.


Now that we know the nuances and necessities of Maltese dog diets, we can make an informed decision.

Some things are clear, like picky eating habits, tendencies towards tummy troubles, and problems with obesity.

Considering these needs (and trying to reduce tear stains) the clear winner is Wellness Core Grain Free Food for Small Breeds.

This food promotes health and avoids troubling ingredients (and the recipe strengthens fur and eyes).

Overall, we want our Maltese dogs to be as healthy as possible.

When we choose the best possible food, we take a major step towards giving our dogs the health they deserve.

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