Best Dog Food For Cane Corso Dogs

So, you are a proud pet-parent looking for the perfect dog food for your Cane Corso companion. Well, you have certainly come to the right place.

These beautiful, sizable dogs deserve only the best from their food, though it can be challenging to track down. We have written this article with you and your furry friend in mind.

Best Dog Food For Cane Corso

This article details the nuances of the Cane Corso’s dietary needs and determines how foods available on the market match up.

Together we will pinpoint the best and boldest food so that you can worry less about nutrition and focus on fun-times with your pet.

In this article, we’re going to review the following foods for Cane Corso dog:

Unique Dietary Needs of Cane Corso Breed

These dogs are special in many different ways, from their stature to their origin story. Technically, these dogs are of the mastiff breed. They come from the Puglia region of Italy.

A large breed, the imposing structure of these pups poses unique feeding requirements that we must meet in order to give them the tools they need to stay healthy.

Protein is the absolute key. Since they are so large, their muscular structure is distinct and demanding. Focus on high quality, meat-based proteins for maximal success. Secondary to this is skeletal structure.

Large muscles support sizeable bones. Provide these dogs with plenty of calcium, magnesium, and phosphorous to ensure the stability of their build.

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Feeding Amounts and Guidelines

The Cane Corso is a massive dog that can weigh up to 120 pounds. Originating in Italy, these are a skew of the mastiff breed.

When we feed these dogs, the key is quality. Though we portion out their servings according to the dog’s weight, it is critical that these servings are not just empty calories and bulking agents.

Focus on protein for optimal quality. Each food will be somewhat different, from unique calorie count to the ingredients contained.

When in doubt, stick to the feeding parameters noted on your pup’s kibble. If you have specific concerns about your Cane Corso’s feeding, ask your family’s veterinarian.

What is The Best Cane Corso Diet?

The best diet for any dog is one that agrees with their digestive system and palette. Sure, beef may be high in iron and protein, but if it makes your dog gassy, it has much less value.

So long as the meals provide sufficient calories and avoids filling agents and by-products, we’ve won the battle. The recipe also needs to supply enough micronutrients and macronutrients to meet the demands of a large dog.

This spans everything from protein to crude fats, carbohydrates to vitamins and minerals.


This essential macronutrient is the main contributor to your Cane Corso’s muscular build. Proteins are made up of amino acids. While the mammalian body is capable of producing some of these on its own, there are nine others that your dog needs to consume.

When these amino acids digest, your dog converts them into proteins in a process called naturation. All proteins are not made alike. Quality counts- especially when we feed our canine companions.


Even though this oily matter has gotten a bad reputation in popular culture, it is no less essential to our furry friends. Fats are necessary for everything from cellular structure to the gleam of your dog’s coat.

They are the agents of transfer within you canine’s body. That said, fats are not all equal.

Saturated fats (those which are solid at room temperature) are hard for the system to process. Mono and polyunsaturated fats (liquid at room temperature) pose less strain on your pup’s cardiovascular system.

The canine heart pumps blood everywhere in their large body. It is best for us to make this easier by reducing strain on their tickers.

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Carbs are a broad-spectrum term. They span everything from simple sugars (the ones that put strain on the pancreas) to starchy matter like that found in potatoes.

Starch is, in effect, strings of simple sugar tacked together on a molecular level. The canine body breaks these down during digestion providing lasting energy to keep them up and happening.

Altogether, carbs are a necessary component of our beloved canines’ diets.


Carbohydrates also include fiber (the cell wall of plants). This essential roughage keeps your dog’s intestinal tract free of debris while promoting hydration.

It physically scrubs matter out of the digestive tract and promotes regular bowel movements. When fiber is missing from the diet, the effects are apparent through lethargy and tummy troubles.

Avoid these pitfalls by finding a diet high in natural fiber (veggies and fruits).

Probiotics and Prebiotics

Cane Corso pups (and all other canines) are symbiotic creatures. They exist in a complex biome of bacteria that works with their systems to keep them healthy.

Probiotics are a great way to add to the health of our dogs’ internal culture. It promotes beneficial bacteria and leaves less room for troublemaking pathogens.

When we include this in the diet, we see the benefits everywhere from temperament to energy.

Vitamins and Minerals

It is no secret that micronutrition has significant value to our dogs’ health. The Cane Corso is a large creature, so they need a proportionately larger amount of these nutrients in order to thrive.

Find a kibble with a well-rounded supplement of vitamins and minerals. Whenever possible, put focus on iron, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorous. Together, they facilitate bone growth and ensure proper oxygenation of the system.

Of course, it is best to provide access to nutrition through the food itself. Find a recipe that has a broad spectrum of fruits and veggies (a wide range of color is a good way to ensure this).

In this way, we make it as easy as possible for our dogs to take in these beneficial ingredients.

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What to Seek Out in Cane Corso Food

  • Protein is the key to health in these working dogs
  • Source protein from high-quality meats that are free of antibiotics and hormones (cage-free chicken, for example)
  • Diversify protein sources whenever possible to keep meals interesting
  • Balance is achieved from healthy fats (mono and polyunsaturated)
  • Choose fats that have an identified source on the ingredients label
  • Heart health is imperative (products like DHA and Taurine helps)
  • Cane Corsos have large skeletons- supplement with calcium and phosphorous
  • Larger dogs see more strain on joints- seek out glucosamine and chondroitin
  • Cognitive development benefits from omega fatty acids
  • Fibre is imperative to overall health (find a product with enough roughage)
  • Avoid unnecessary ingredients like corn, soy, and wheat
  • Probiotics facilitate healthy internal bacterial flora
  • Calorie requirements of young (90 pound) pups ring in at almost 2200 per day
  • We must adjust food intake to account for exercise intensity
  • Break up feeding into two separate daily meals to promote a healthy metabolism
  • Hydration is important (ensure your dog has consistent access to water)


Which is Best – Dry, Wet, Or Raw Food

Each option has its benefits and drawbacks.

Raw food keeps nutrition minimally processed; though, since dogs do not generally like raw veggies, it typically leaves them wanting for fibre and vitamins. This creates the need for supplementation, increasing cost and tedium. 

Wet food is much beloved for its tastiness and improves overall hydration. That said, it does often cause digestive upset which leads to loose stools and irregular bowel movements. 

Dry food runs the risk of preservatives and bulking agents. However, when you find a food free of these problems, it becomes the best option for a dietary staple.

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Best Dog Food (Dry & Wet) For Cane Corso Adult & Seniors

#1 Purina Pro Plan Savor Shredded Blend

This adult dog food is specific to the needs of large breed canines. That means it features all the nutrition needed for a large system, including a satisfactory calorie count. Energy derives from calories themselves; since, in actual fact, calories are a measurement of energy gained from food. Since Cane Corso dogs are so large, they burn a lot of calories even when at rest.

We have to accommodate these needs through proper feeding. The recipe comes in chicken and rice as well as beef and lamb options.

The choice largely depends on the preference of the pup- as well as any anaemic tendencies. If your dog shows signs of lethargy, it is wise to try red meat as an option. 

The high amounts of dietary iron improve oxygen supply in the blood. Another value of this food is in the texture. It mixes chewy kernels with crunch for an altogether positive eating experience.



  • High calorie count (good for big dogs)
  • Protein is the key ingredient
  • Includes probiotics
  • Features fibrous carbohydrates


  • Large bag is not resealable (can go stale)
  • Does not avoid animal meal or by-products
  • Most recipes feature chicken (a potential digestive irritant)

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#2 Canidae All Life Stages Large Breed Kibble

For those of us looking to keep our dogs’ skeletons fortified, this is a great feeding choice. It is high in calcium and phosphorous. Together, these components both build and strengthen bones.

Another benefit of this mineral duo is that it keeps teeth healthy. Cane Corso dogs tend to resist brushing, so finding a way to improve their dental health through food is ideal. The recipe avoids bulking agents like corn (bad for blood sugar), wheat (a common irritant), and soy (a source of phytoestrogens).

While this trio of ingredients is seemingly benign, they tend to cause digestive issues- particularly when consumed in large doses, over time.

Avoid these ingredients altogether for an optimal dietary experience. Meat is the focus of this healthy recipe. Turkey and chicken are key ingredients in the kibble. The former provides a strong supply of the amino acid, tryptophan.

This facilitates a calm temperament in dogs. Chicken is a lean protein that keeps the dog’s energy high throughout the day.


  • Avoids bulking agents like corn, soy, and wheat
  • Diverse sources of white meat protein
  • High in bone strengthening minerals
  • Supplemented with probiotics
  • Contains omega 3 & 6 fatty acids


  • Does not avoid preservatives
  • No source of red meat protein

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#3 Rachel Ray Nutrish Natural Premium Dry Dog Food

Quality food is as much about what is included as excluded. This food sticks to healthy logic by featuring meat as the main ingredient while steering clear of problem ingredients. It is free of poultry by-products and meals so that protein sources are as high quality as possible.

The key ingredient is beef, so red meat presence is high in the food. Brown rice complements this recipe, adding value through dietary fibre and trace minerals. The recipe supplements with micronutrients to ensure a well-rounded diet. There are added vitamins and minerals to ensure access to necessary micronutrients like Vitamin A (eye health) and Vitamin K (clotting assistant). It is unique in that instead of including probiotics it features prebiotics.

There are fine differences between pre and probiotics. The prebiotics featured in this recipe serve as nutrition for the existing healthy bacterial flora. They work to aid digestion naturally. The holistic philosophy has good follow through in that the food steers entirely clear of artificial flavors and preservatives.

Even though preserving agents are useful to keep food safe from mold and mildew, they bog down the dog’s system without offering any benefit. Keep to foods that avoid artificial additives (like this one), and the overall health of the canine will improve.


  • Red meat (beef) is the key ingredient
  • Features prebiotics for healthy gut flora
  • No artificial preservatives or flavors
  • No by-products or fillers
  • Sufficient source of natural fiber


  • No probiotics to supplement prebiotics
  • Contains peas (a potential problem ingredient in large doses)
  • On the higher end of the pricing spectrum

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 #4 Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Adult Dry Dog Food

Even though mastiffs (the originating breed of the Cane Corso) are not retrieving dogs, based on their historical location in Italy, it stands to reason that they had a diet largely based in fish. It makes sense for use to keep our canine’s diet as close as we can to its evolutionary history.

This means featuring meat as much as possible. The food seen here puts strong focus on protein with fish as the key ingredient. This pairs is paired with brown rice, a great source of fibre with the added benefit of trace minerals.

The kernels showcase special additions coined ‘LifeSource Bits’. These pieces work as a healthy supplement that adds antioxidants to the dog’s diet. Antioxidants are free-radical fighters and keep our pups safe from the pollution often faced in the modern world.

 Omegas are another draw of this recipe. These unsaturated fatty acids are great for cognitive development. Whether or not we see it, our Cane Corso’s brain is working all the time.

When we give them sufficient access to healthy fats, we make this process easier for our beloved canine companions. An easy way to tell whether or not your dog is getting enough of these fats is by the shine of their coat. 

If your Corso’s fur is looking dull, consider this food as an option to improve their overall health.



  • Healthy source of protein
  • Sufficient supply of fatty acids
  • Features antioxidants
  • Free of by-products and additives


  • Recipe uses deboned fish (reducing calcium content)
  • Higher end of pricing spectrum
  • Does not feature red meat

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#5 Wag Brand Dry Dog Food

For all around balance, this is a great option that devoted pet-parents love. Though it is not specific to the breed, it meets all of the needs of the Cane Corso canine. It includes salmon and flaxseed oil. This powerful duo is a strong source of unsaturated fats.

It features omega 3 fatty acids which work to improve the sheen of your dog’s coat (as well as their overall health and brain function). Another benefit is the long chain DHA which is included in plenty. Often, this ingredient features in puppy food, yet absent in adult diets.

This is because it imitates an important ingredient in breast milk. Though it is often found in puppy food, the benefits extend to adult canines as well. The helpful effects of this ingredient are mostly to the canine cardiovascular system.

Heart health is important, and when we keep this in the diet it adds reassurance that we are doing all we can to encourage cardiac well-being. Beef is the main ingredient in the kibble. However, one of the reasons we love this food option is that it diversifies the sources of protein since it also has lamb, salmon, and turkey options. 

The food itself is made in California, USA. It is made without artificial chemicals (such as flavors or preservatives). This adds the reassurance of a governing body providing oversight for the food’s quality.


  • Beef is the key ingredient
  • No additives or bulking agents
  • Contains unsaturated fatty acids
  • Highly affordable option


  • Contains peas (a potential problem due to theobromine)
  • Does not have omega 6 to balance out the omega 3 content

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#6 Weruva Grain-Free Natural Dry Dog Food All Life Stages

We adore this food option, not only because our pups love the flavor, but because of its unique choice of ingredients. Dogs don’t dive into a dish of salad, so us pup-parents need to find ways to incorporate healthy veggies and fruits into their regular diets.

This food is a great option that facilitates the goal of keeping dietary fibre and vitamins in our Cane Corso’s routine. 

It has chicken as the main ingredient, quickly followed by pumpkin. Of course, when many of us hear the name of this gourd, we think Halloween. It does, however, have benefits that extend far beyond this, Vitamin A in particular.

This necessary, fat soluble vitamin keeps eyes healthy. The pumpkin works into the flavor excellently (no complaints from our pups). This kibble also includes seaweed, a great source of calcium and selenium.

Of course, these are most valuable when balanced by other supplemental ingredients. Taurine is a great example of how this food meets our needs. It keeps the heart healthy and provides a source of energy to the canine.

The kibble avoids additives like grain and potato, instead keeping focus on healthy additions like salmon oil and linoleic acid.


  • Ethically sourced meat
  • 80% protein is animal based
  • USDA approved facility


  • Higher on cost spectrum
  • Low in carbohydrates
  • Probiotics depend on natural presence (not supplemented)

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#7 Instinct Raw Boost Grain Free with Real Chicken

With the many problems to digestion, many families have decided to steer clear of grains altogether. If this describes you and your furry family members, this is an excellent direction for food. The recipe is altogether grain free, without filling the gap with soy or corn.

Instead, it’s focus is on protein and the benefits of raw food. 

Through the use of freeze-drying technology, the meal safely embraces raw chicken bites. Many years ago (before, and often during the early domestication of dogs), the meat they ate was raw. Applying heat to protein fundamentally changes the chemical structure.

An easy example is cooking egg whites (they never return to the original state). It is the same with meat protein. Raw benefits our dogs by giving them a source of minimally processed protein.

Of course, the food must balance with healthy carbohydrates, fruits, and veggies. To meet this need, the recipe includes apples (a pectin heavy starch). It also features cranberries which are great for urinary tract health.

Carrots are the proverbial icing on the cake. They add value through dietary access to Vitamin A and beta carotene.



  • Cage free chicken for ethical meat supply
  • Features vegetables and fruits
  • Avoids grains altogether
  • Includes freeze-dried raw meat


  • Does not include red meat source
  • Relatively low on caloric spectrum
  • Somewhat more costly option

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#8 Wellness Wellbites Soft and Chewy Variety Pack

Nutrition is never just what is found during meals. That would be like people not including snacks in their daily calorie count. To this logic, when we discuss canine health, we need to consider their treats as well. Whether they are for positive reinforcement, or just because we love our dogs, treats need to be a dietary factor.

Our family loves these healthy treats as a way to keep our pups happy between meals and provide incentives when we are out and about. The chewy treats have a plethora of taste options. 

I really liked this benefit for my pups because it gave me a chance to assess what meat sources, they like without having to commit to a kibble.

The options include beef and turkey, chicken and lamb, and other options that feature venison (deer), duck, and salmon. It gives you the option of seeing what your dog likes without having to titrate them onto a new kibble (a hefty investment of time for a flavor they may not enjoy).



  • Meat focussed treats high in protein
  • Diverse flavor choices
  • No corn, grain or soy present
  • Free of additives and problem ingredients


  • Not a meal option (only suitable as treats)
  • Low in carbohydrates

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#9 Diamond Naturals Adult Real Meat Recipe

This choice is great for Cane Corso dogs who are on either the young or the old end of the adult spectrum. For puppies becoming adults, the food includes DHA. This makes it easier on your dog’s system as they adjust to adult food. Senior dogs benefit from the inclusion of glucosamine and chondroitin.

Even dogs that are in prime health see wear and tear on their joints. These supplements keep cartilage healthy for as long as possible.

Our family really likes that this food contains healthy protein. It features beef as the key ingredient, which is a great option for physically active.

Since Cane Corso pups require a significant amount of exercise to stay in optimum health, this is a great choice to replace any calories lost to exercise.

The balance of nutrition is another great feature. I really like that it includes the often-forgotten Vitamin E as a supplement. This ingredient improves the immune system of our beloved furry friends.

For this reason, this is a great food option if you live in a cold climate.


  • Provides hairball control
  • Includes omega 3 & 6 fatty acids
  • Avoids bulking agents like corn, wheat and soy
  • Features glucosamine and chondroitin
  • Includes DHA


  • Contains imported ingredients (unspecified origins)
  • Comparably low in calories (check feeding chart)

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#10 Sojos Complete Chicken Recipe

Food science continues to modernize every day. It is through these technologies that we can continue to improve the health and well-being of our pups. Even just a couple of decades ago, preservatives were the best way to keep our pups’ food free of mold and mildew.

Now, there is everything from freeze-drying to natural preserving agents to dehydration.

For us pup parents looking to make the most of these modern marvels, this is an ideal food choice. It keeps clear of fillers and bulking agents like the ever-problematic soy. Especially for large dogs, the estrogen promoted by this ingredient can create behavioural problems. To avoid these issues, steer clear of this ingredient with recipes like this one.

Instead, the food features meat as a main ingredient. By using dehydration as a food preserving technique, it is absent of artificial preservatives.

Another key benefit of dehydrated foodstuffs is that it allows us pup-parents some control over the amount of water our Cane Corso consumes. Hydration is eternally important (since most of the mammalian form is actually water).

If it is hot weather, or your pup isn’t drinking enough fluids, add some extra water when you reconstitute the food. There is also the fringe benefit of being able to adjust the texture to keep mealtime interesting.


  • No bulking agents
  • Contains veggies like kelp and kale
  • Uses dehydration technology
  • High in vitamins and minerals


  • Features egg (a potential allergen for some)
  • Includes yellow peas (contains theobromine in trace amounts)

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#11 Natural Ultramix Grain Free Red Meat Raw Bites

Our family is a big believer in being able to see nutrition. The bold colors of fruits and veggies help us distinguish which vitamins and minerals the food features. For us pet-parents that like to know what we are getting into, this is an ideal food staple.

It is clear and simple to see the nutrition in this food. For me, this adds reassurance of the fiber content and presence of vitamins.

Though the food has a somewhat higher cost associated with it, the benefits of the food are clear. It avoids bulking agents and fillers like corn. This is an especially detrimental ingredient for pups who love food- like the Cane Corso.

Corn does little to benefit health but has the drawback of spiking blood sugar (leading to an eventual crash). Instead, the food features probiotics and healthy supplements of vitamins and minerals.

I especially favor this option because it includes cobalt. This often-neglected mineral is essential to proper blood health. You can help your corso greatly by featuring this with their regular meals.



  • Uses rosemary extract as a natural preservative
  • Features beef as key ingredient
  • Cooked in the USA
  • Includes probiotics for healthy internal flora


  • Higher on the cost spectrum
  • Not all ingredients are domestically sourced

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#12 Purina Beneful Originals Adult Dry Dog Food

We all want to give our dogs the best that food has to offer. However, often the best way to do this in the long term is to find a financially sustainable feeding option (without forgoing quality, of course). This is a great option to meet the needs of frugal households. It features meat as the key ingredient, and beef is an ideal source of this protein since it is so naturally high in iron content.

Another draw of this recipe is that it features spinach and carrots. Vegetables are an important part of a healthy, well-rounded canine diet. This is due to the dietary access to micronutrition. From Vitamin A and beta carotene for eye health, to calcium and magnesium for dental health, the plants in this food add significant value to the Cane Corso’s diet.

The recipe is altogether high in antioxidants. Especially for dogs that live in urban settings, exposure to free radicals is high. These pesky particles float throughout our dog’s system wreaking havoc (which can eventually lead to serious issues like cancer).

Antioxidants prevent these issues by binding to the free radicals, thus mitigating damage.


  • Highly affordable food option
  • Features beef as key ingredient
  • Sufficient amount of fibre
  • Great texture for large dogs


  • Relatively low in calories
  • Includes peas (potentially problematic due to theobromine)

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Best Dog Food (Dry & Wet) For Cane Corso Puppies


#1 The Missing Link Pet Kelp Formula

When we gain the responsibility of raising a healthy and happy puppy, it is critical that we give them every benefit possible. These creatures are nothing but potential when they are young.

When we give them all the necessary building blocks for healthy development, we enable them to grow into their best selves. Cane Corso puppies have substantial appetites.

This has its benefits and drawbacks. The good news is that it gives us the chance to feed them all necessary nutrition.

The drawback is that it leaves room for empty calories. The nutrition in this formula is a great way to keep pups full and healthy. It contains only organic ingredients, with kelp featured alongside blueberries and flaxseed.

All of the materials are ethically sourced, with the kelp coming from the cool waters of Nova Scotia, Canada. The reason we love this food option is that it features omega 9 fatty acids, in conjunction with omega 3 & 6. This often-forgotten ingredient improves everything from cognition to subcellular function. We want to give our dogs all possible benefits. This is a great supplemental food to do just that.


  • Features Omega 3, 6, and 9 for balanced fatty acids
  • Organic, ethically sourced ingredients
  • Manufactured in the USA, overseen by the USDA


  • Not a dietary staple
  • Works more as a snack than a meal
  • Low in protein

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#2 Nutro Wholesome Essentials Dog Food

We love this food because it is made specifically for puppies of large breeds. Young Cane Corso puppies match this description to a tee.

Young dogs are establishing healthy patterns that will last a lifetime. This period makes or breaks their overall well being. Our family prefers this food for large breeds since it features red meat as a key ingredient.

Rice highlights the lamb and provides lasting energy and the intake of calories needed by dogs of this breed. The high quality of this food’s ingredients adds to its healthiness. It includes pasture fed lamb (avoiding the stress of factory farming).

The kibble also features omega 3 fatty acids which keep the dog’s brain running and fur shiny. Another reason we favor this option is that it features beet pulp, a dietary source of Vitamin A.

It also avoids preservatives and bulking agents which serve no value except to take up space.


  • High in vitamins and minerals
  • Contains unsaturated fatty acids and DHA
  • No artificial flavors or preservatives
  • High in fibre content


  • Contains chicken fat (saturated)
  • Includes pea protein (potentially harmful in large doses)
  • No omega 6 to balance out omega 3

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#3 Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food Puppy Large Breed

For those of us pup-parents who want to give a strong kickstart to dental and skeletal health, this is an ideal option. It has a large amount of calcium, setting up our Cane Corso’s to develop strong bones and teeth.

In addition to these ingredients, it also features DHA sourced naturally, from fish oils. I really like that the food includes oat fibre. It is a natural access to minerals as well as necessary roughage.

It suits pups especially because of the bite size. Even though Cane Corso dogs will end up quite large, they are still quite small as puppies.

This means they have proportionately weaker jaws and teeth. When the kernels in their food are small enough, it gives them a chance to develop jaw muscles. It also prevents gassiness caused by excess air taken into the stomach.

Protein, of course, is high in this diet, and is well-balanced with beneficial fats.


  • High in calcium for strong bones and teeth
  • Contains natural sources of DHA
  • Quality protein from meat
  • Includes veggies and fruits (broccoli and apples)


  • Contains peas in trace amounts
  • Fairly high in calories (consult feeding chart)

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#4 Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Natural Puppy Wet Food 

Some pup parents prefer feeding wet foods. Whether you are choosing to use wet food to supplement kibble, or as a regular meal, this is a great option. It provides balanced access to nutrition that gears towards puppies of large breeds. Though it is on the costlier end of doggy diets, the value contained is clear. 

Puppies benefit from the DHA (since it is similar to that found in canine breast milk). They also get value from the omega 3 & 6 fatty acids.

During the early years it is imperative to encourage our dogs’ cognitive function. Neural development is at its prime during the first few months of the canine life. When we facilitate this through proper nutrition, it helps their minds and bodies grow to full potential. 

The food avoids all additives, such as artificial flavors and preservatives. It is extremely high in protein, featuring turkey as the key ingredient. This primes the Cane Corso for a lifelong good temperament.

The recipe steers clear of fillers like corn, wheat and soy, making it great for dogs with sensitive stomachs.


  • Avoids additives and bulking agents
  • High in fibre
  • Great source of white meat protein
  • Includes DHA and omega fatty acids


  • Wet food so less suited as staple
  • Does not contain red meat protein

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#5 Instinct Puppy Grain Free Recipe Natural Dry Dog Food

Kibble-lovers find this option ideal (I know my pups adore it). This is largely due to the high-quality protein featured as the key ingredient. The value of the meat comes in two tiers.

First is the ethical sourcing. The chicken is cage-free, meaning the meat has limited exposure to antibiotics and hormones (due to the lack of need).

The second set of values comes from the freeze-drying process. This gives our canine companions access to raw meat. It provides them with both the flavor they love and the benefits of unprocessed protein.

The kibble is void of additives and bulking agents, while also keeping away from grain. It includes calcium and phosphorous to encourage the developing skeleton.

As the proverbial ‘cherry-on-top’ it also has probiotics and omega fatty acids. As an all-inclusive diet, this is a great option. It proves tricky to switch dogs from food to food, so it is best to find what they like (and what is healthy) and keep to that food for as long as possible.

For those pet-parents who want to find an option and stick with it, for the puppy months at least, this is a well-suited dietary staple.



  • High in protein (raw bites included)
  • Contains significant calcium and phosphorous
  • Good bite size for puppies
  • Suitable amount of fiber


  • Chicken is a potential irritant for sensitive dogs
  • Higher on the pricing spectrum
  • Relatively high in calories (consult feeding chart)

>> Check Price On Amazon <<

Cane Corso Food Related FAQs


# What Should You Do If You Want To Switch Foods For Your Cane Corso?

Titration is key when you transition your corso onto a new food.

Especially when the ingredients differ substantially, it is imperative to slowly adjust to the new feeding scheduleIncrementally increase the new food while simultaneously decreasing the old food.

Over the course of a week to ten days, the change should be complete.

# Do Cane Corsos Need Grain-free Dog Food?

This depends on the Cane Corso as an individual. 

Some dogs are fine with grain. That said, gluten is a relatively unnecessary ingredient. It holds little health value and the potential for detriment. If possible, stick to foods that source starch elsewhere (brown rice or potatoes, for example).

# When Do I Switch From Puppy To Adult Food?

Generally, when making the change between these two recipes, the time will be clear to the pup parent.

If you are in doubt, consult a feeding chart against your dog’s weight. If your dog is on the higher end of the puppy weight spectrum, then consider making the change. Your veterinarian is also a great resource when making major life decisions.

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Now that we’ve gone through the top contenders to find the ideal Cane Corso diet, the winner of the roundup has emerged. The Sojos Complete Chicken Recipe is the clear champion.

It is high in protein and absent of fillers, boasting a healthy balance of vitamins and minerals. Letting us tweak texture is great, but the fact that it lets us moderate hydration makes the real difference.

After all, we love our Cane Corso’s, from their big statues to their big hearts. In finding them the best possible diet, we can show our affection and contribute to their health.

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