What Is The Best Dog Food For Yorkies? Buyer’s Guide

So, you’ve found yourself asking, “what can I feed my Yorkshire Terrier?” or, “which is the recommended best dog food for my Yorkies?” Well, you’ve arrived at the right place.

These adorable small breed dogs deserve the best. With that in mind, we have scoured the internet for top quality diets so you can rest assured that your Yorkie’s needs are met.

What Is The Best Dog Food For A Couple Of Yorkies?

In this article, we’re going to review the following list of foods for Yorkshire Terriers:

Do Yorkies need special food? : Feeding Considerations

Nutritional needs must match the breed’s metabolism and health concerns. When designing a diet for your dog, knowing their health deficiencies allows you to take prophylactic measures to protect their wellbeing.

Yorkshire Terriers are generally healthy dogs, though they are prone to eye issues as well as joint problems. Additional issues present with their respiratory system (namely tracheal issues and problems with sneezing).

Food is a great way to address these concerns on a regular basis. Since these dogs are small and energetic, fast metabolic systems are another consideration. 

If your dog seems hungry, consider more frequent feeding.

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yorkshire terrier Age and Life Stage

It is no secret that young mutts need to focus on growing. This requires frequent feedings, as often as four times a day. As Yorkies exit puppyhood and become adult dogs, the metabolism hits its prime. We can reduce feeding to twice or three times daily.

Senior fidos of this small breed see metabolic slowdown. Accommodate this with nutritionally dense kibble and reduce feeding frequency to twice daily. Age groups have specific supplementation requirements.

Ensure you consider these when choosing a dog food. 

nutritional needs For Yorkshire Terrier Puppies

Puppies benefit from maximum nutrition. It lets us young pooch parents get a leg up on future potential health issues. Choosing a healthy food from the get-go gives your dog the necessary building blocks for a life spent well.

While all dogs benefit, puppies especially see the draws of including Taurine and DHA in their diets. When you provide these, it imitates the contents of breast milk and helps your dog adjust to life on solid food. 

nutritional needs For Adult Yorkies

Even though Yorkies are tiny dog, they can suffer the same health impacts of being overweight. With adults of this breed, focus on nutritionally dense, calorically balanced food.

Ensure access to vitamins, minerals, and fiber, along with obvious inclusions like high quality proteins sourced from meat.

nutritional needs For Senior Yorkshire Terriers

Older dogs tend to have digestive slowdown. For this reason, include probiotics in their diet. These healthy bacteria improve gut flora and make metabolizing nutrition easier for the dog.

In addition, since joint damage typically presents during this life stage, promote health by sourcing food that features glucosamine and chondroitin.

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yorkies’ Level of Energy 

The energy levels you see in your small breed dog directly translates to the amount of food they require. Canines that display a ‘larger-than-life’ attitude and are constantly abuzz with vivacity will require more calories than a more sedate tail-wagger.

Life stage will impact the level of energy in your furry friend. Nonetheless, calories taken in must match those spent through activity. 

Health Status 

Health concerns take a toll on the appetite. Whether this is a result of medication or a direct physiological impact is significant.

When your furry friend is healthy, they will be full between meals and still display a sufficient level of energy. If your dog is sick (or chronically ill) their appetite may increase or decrease.

Naturally, if this is the case, seek a veterinarian consult to ensure their food, and meal schedule, is appropriate to their needs.

Easily Digestible Foods for yorkshire terriers

Some foods are simpler for the canine form to break down than others. Not including allergies or dietary sensitivities, there are some food sources that are simply better quality than others.

Meat is preferable to by-products. Natural is superior to artificial. Organic access to vitamins and minerals improve their digestion (as opposed to chemically included supplements).

When food is easier to metabolize, your mutt’s system has an easier time taking in all the goodness their diet has to offer.

Smaller Sized Kernels

Yorkies are small dogs- with a matching set of small teeth. In order for their tummies to remain trouble free, seek out a bite size that is appropriate for their breed. When bites are too big, extra air gets into the stomach. This causes gastric distress (from hiccups to stomach aches).

Avoid this pitfall by checking the kernel size of food. Ensure that it is small enough for a dog as little as a Yorkie (without sacrificing nutritional value).

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Best Dog Food Ingredients for Yorkshire Terriers

Appropriate calories sourced from the right ingredients can make or break food quality. Ultimately, you want a food that is high in protein (ideally sourced from quality meat).

Additionally, the food needs to represent the other macronutrients like fat and carbohydrates. Since dogs do not seek out salad, including fiber, vitamins, and minerals in their kibble contributes to their overall health and wellbeing. 

High Protein Source 

Choosing free-range over factory farmed meat is a great step to ensuring superb class protein. Avoid meat treated with antibiotics or hormones and stick to higher grade ingredients.

Stick to lean meats whenever possible, since saturated fat has few health benefits. Check where the kibble ingredients come from and stick to proteins that your pup likes.

Food is always a better experience when it is enjoyable for the pooch. 

Examples of Quality Protein

  • Beef
  • Lamb 
  • Turkey
  • Fish
  • Duck
  • Goat
  • Chicken

Healthy Complex Carbohydrates

Generally speaking, healthy carbs are those which are low on the glycemic index. This refers to complex sets of sugars that take longer to break down.

Carbohydrates generally refer to sets of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, arranged in varying amounts. These break down into sugars. The more complex, the slower the digestion, the fewer blood sugar spikes and drops. Carbs also include fiber, necessary roughage that promotes hydration and healthy metabolic function.

Sources of Quality Carbohydrates

  • Whole Grains
  • Brown, Red, and Wild Rice
  • Potatoes (when peel is included)
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Pumpkins and other squashes
  • Oatmeal and Quinoa

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Monounsaturated and Polyunsaturated Fats

Fats are necessary to a plethora of bodily systems. From subcellular function of lysosomes to general cognition, fat is essential to life.

Along with cholesterol (the key component in the membranes of cells), fat impacts everything from sheen of the coat to the health of the liver.

Avoid saturated and trans fats to reduce strain on the overall cardiovascular system. 

Samples of Healthy Fatty Acids

  • Cod Liver Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Fish Oils 
  • Flaxseed Oil
  • Grapeseed Oil

Vivacity through Vitamins 

These essential micronutrients are a part of every essential bodily system. 

Vitamin A assists with eye function and hepatic wellbeing. B Complex vitamins improve energy. Vitamin C helps with immune function (and its absence can cause scurvy). Vitamin D works to assist with mental health and healthy skin function. Vitamin K facilitates clotting. 

Sufficient access to all vitamins is necessary for your fido to achieve ideal health. 

Food Based Vitamin Sources 

  • Vitamin A- carrots and beets
  • B Complex-meat and eggs
  • Vitamin C- fruits (particularly citrus)
  • Vitamin D- fish oils
  • Vitamin E- fish oils
  • Vitamin K- dark, leafy greens


Dogs need minerals in very small amounts, much like vitamins. In fact, they are trace elements that are present in every food. That said, insufficient supply can be enormously damaging. The purposes of minerals vary.

Zinc is critical to immune function. Calcium and magnesium are important for bone development and fortification. Oxygen uptake requires iron supply. Potassium is a mineral electrolyte necessary for hydration and cell function. 

Dietary Resources for Minerals

  • Red meat (Beef/Lamb/Goat)- source of iron
  • Eggs- dietary access to zinc and other trace minerals
  • Green vegetables- calcium and magnesium

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Should Yorkies eat wet or dry Dog foods? What can I feed my Yorkshire terrier?

While both kibble and wet food options have value, dry dog food is superior as a dietary staple. Wet food improves hydration (by the increased presence of water in the food). That said, since it is looser and more readily digested, it can lead to runny stools and overall tummy trouble.

Dry dog foods (provided there is sufficient access to water) provide all the necessary nutrition without compromising digestive function. 

Yorkshire Terriers Feeding Facts and Tips

  • Yorkies need between 150 to 200 calories per day
  • Adult mutts require fewer calories than puppies.
  • Make sure your senior Yorkshire Terrier gets as little as 120 daily calories.
  • You can feed high energy Yorkies as often as three times a day.
  • Most parents serve two meals (one in the morning and the other in the evening).
  • Supplementing dry kibble with healthy wet dog food keeps the diet interesting for Yorkshire Terriers.
  • High quality dog food makes noticeable impacts on Yorkie’s health.
  • Avoid additives and by-products to make sure the maximum value you can get from Yorkie’s food.
  • Always make sure there is easy-to-access water for your small breed pooch.

Top 12 Recommendations As The Best (Dry and Wet) Dog Foods For Adult Yorkies

#1 Instinct Raw Boost Grain Free Recipe

Some canine parents find a high protein kibble, this can be a best food option for their adult Yorkshire Terriers. The naturally grain free recipe features a variety of sources from duck to salmon, venison to beef. This allows the picky pup an opportunity to experience different flavors without the stomach issues.

Bite size is another key benefit of this recipe. The kernels used are small enough to accommodate the jaw of your toy breed dog. 

These type of dry dog foods prevent gassiness and improves the odds of your dog being able to take in the beneficial nutrition of the recipe. I am a fan because it features raw bites.

Even though Yorkshire Terriers are small, they need the full-sized benefits of meat protein. By freeze drying kernels of meat, the food keeps raw in their diets, without forgoing the rest of the benefits.

The recipe features omega fatty acids for a healthy skin coat and supplements with vitamins and minerals to offer your canine a well-rounded nutritional experience.


  • Features raw supplies of protein (good for small dogs like Yorkies)
  • Avoids by-products and filling agents
  • Made from finest ingredients


  • No inclusion of probiotics or prebiotics
  • Some recipes contain chicken (a possible irritant for sensitive stomach)

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#2 Blue Buffalo Life Protection Adult Small Breed Dog Food

I liked this dog food for Yorkies because this super quality food is a host of benefits for small breed canines. Top level protein is the primary ingredient in this dry dog food. It complements the whole grains which provide access to trace minerals and fiber. Together, this provides a filling dinner for your pooch.

Fruits and vegetables are important to have in the fido’s food. It shores up their supply of vitamins through the diversification of plant sources. In the recipe, there feature kernels that act as multivitamins.

Even though Yorkshire Terriers are friendly and energetic dogs that aim to please, they are still wont to resist supplements. Finding a way to include them in the diet (like through the use of this food) improves their nutritional needs, health-and they are none the wiser.

Coined ‘LifeSource Bits’, these kernels pack a punch of antioxidant ingredients that improve overall health. Antioxidants bind with free-radicals, dangerous agents that roam around in the canine body causing harm. Especially for dogs living in urban environments or other areas where pollution exposure is high, this is a great method of defense.


  • Balanced diet suited to toy breeds
  • Good protein balanced with carbs
  • Includes antioxidants and vitamins


  • Does not feature pro or prebiotics
  • On the higher end of the cost spectrum

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#3 Hill’s Science Diet Small Paws for Small Breeds

Nutritive science has pushed the world forward through innovation, knowledge, and technology. Innovation has brought forward different recipes-blends of nutritious food that adds to the health and lifespan of our beloved furry friends.

Knowledge gives us the chance to research our Yorkie’s foods against proven fact. Technology introduces different methods of preserving and fortifying food.

This diet is the trifecta of these three modern benefits of science. The dog food recipe here is specifically for Yorkshire Terriers (and other toy breed pups). The meal includes the fibrous benefits of rice and the lean protein found in chicken. Together, these make a caloric powerhouse that meets perfectly the needs of this high-energy breed.

I am a fan, especially because of the inclusion of antioxidants. These free-radical fighters prevent the eventual health effects of problem particles that float around in the Yorkie’s system.

Another draw of this dry dog foods is that, not only does it feature omega fatty acids, it also has Vitamin E included. These ingredients work together to make eyes healthy and coats shiny (all while benefiting the pooch’s organs). 


  • Healthy balance of proteins and fats
  • High in calories for the high energy Yorkie
  • Small bite size appropriate to the breed


  • Does not feature probiotics
  • Relatively high on the pricing spectrum.

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#4 Wellness Core Natural Dog Food Small Breed

For those of us who prefer to play it safe and avoid grains altogether, this is a great kibble choice. I favor the option because it uses diverse, white meat protein sources. 

Chicken is a suitable lean meat protein, though lacks some of the trace minerals present in other sources. To address this issue, the food includes turkey. While we may think of this meat as a holiday food, it’s usefulness extends far beyond celebration. Turkey is high in the necessary amino acid tryptophan.

Though the canine body only requires this acid in small amounts, when we feature it in their diet, the benefits become clear as day. Tryptophan is essential to the production of serotonin.

This neurochemical induces a state of calm and keeps the dog’s temperament as healthy as possible. Another reason our family favors this brand is that it avoids all unnecessary ingredients. These include corn and soy as well as by-products. Additionally, the food steers entirely clear of artificial additives (both colors and preservatives).

The recipe does not include ‘fake flavor’. Yorkies are so small that if their food features added flavors to create the illusion of goodness, it stands to reason that the food in their diet is not sufficient to meet their needs.

This recipe addresses all common problems with dog food and provides a well-balanced diet for the Yorkie. 


  • Designed specifically for small breed dogs
  • Avoids all filling agents like corn and soy
  • Free of grains, artificial colors and preservatives


  • Does not include pro or prebiotics
  • No red meat featured in the recipe

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#5 Canidae All Life Stages Dry Food

Pup parents who believe that simplicity is superior when it comes to diets will likely favor these type of dry dog food options. Food is as straightforward as including the right ingredients and excluding the negative ones.

There is limited space in kibble, and when it contains beneficial foodstuffs, each bite becomes a powerhouse of nutrition. This dry dog food is a great example of this virtues.

Excluded ingredients include corn, wheat, and soy. Corn runs the risk of spiking blood sugar, since it is high in fructose. Wheat generally contains gluten, a common irritant to the intestinal lining. Soy is a common filling agent that contains phytoestrogens. 

These can cause hormonal imbalances in the Yorkshire Terrier which potentiate temperament issues. Thankfully, this food steers clear of these risky ingredients. Of course, exclusion is only as valuable as what is present instead. This recipe features probiotics, vigorous promoters of healthy internal bacteria. These cane promote easy digestion for Yorkies who have sensitive stomachs. Studies have even suggested that they help with mood as well. 

Another feature of the food is diverse proteins derived from meat. Turkey represents white meat, along with fish. Both are low in saturated fats (beneficial to the canine cardiac system). Lamb is included as a red meat source which is great for dogs at risk for iron-deficiency. 

To balance out the protein presence, the recipe features sufficient omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. These improve the sheen of the coat and the health of the mind. 


  • Features probiotics for healthy flora
  • Well rounded set of protein derived from meat
  • Includes omega fatty acids for healthy coat and mind


  • Relatively low in calories compared to other dog foods

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#6 Diamond Naturals Real Meat Recipe

We are what we eat- literally. The foodstuffs our mutts consume break down and reconstituted into the cells that make up their body. So, while it may seem like all meat protein is alike, this could not be further from the truth. When meat originates in a factory farm situation, the stresses of that environment pass into the meat.

Tension shows itself in the taste of the meat (and for canines, it can also be smelled). Actual hormones related to stress (like cortisol) enter into the meat when it has suffered during production.

Additionally, when meat farming happens in this manner, it becomes more susceptible to disease (due to close proximity to animals of the same species). To prevent illness in the cow, the animal often receives antibiotics.

These present in the meat consumed by pups. Due to the fact that factory farming is a numbers game, more often than not, these animals receive treatment of artificial growth hormones to speed along the bulking process.

These hormones trickle into the meat after butchering and can impact the behavior and temperament of the dog. Give your Yorkie the best chance at healthy by choosing a meats that are ethically sourced.

Diamond is a great option for this, since the meat which it features is pasture raised. This gives the cows a good life (and directly benefits our Yorkshire Terriers through improved meat quality).


  • Features omega 3 and 6 fatty acids
  • Includes probiotics to promote digestion
  • Avoids corn, wheat, and soy


  • Lack of protein diversification in recipe

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#7 Weruva Grain Free Dry Food for All Life Stages

One of the top reasons our family favors this brand of dry dog food is that it gives the option to mix up proteins and recipes without altering the kibble. As us picky pup-parents know, there is a specific process to switching kibbles.

It involves as long as weeks of titration to keep our furry friends’ stomachs content. By finding a kibble with more than one protein option, we can worry less about both their health and happiness.

Another key benefit of this recipe is the fact that it includes little considered healthy ingredients like seaweed (Vitamin K and Selenium) as well as pumpkin (Vitamin A and fiber). The recipe is good for cardiovascular health since it includes taurine, an ingredient that aids the heart in ease of function.

The ethically sourced proteins included in this meal range from free range chicken to properly obtained salmon. A great benefit to pet parents who are prone to nervous about their furry family members is the oversight taken for this kibble.

The USDA oversees the production facilities, adding reassurance to the quality of the food we give our canine companions.


  • Ethically and responsibly sourced proteins
  • Balanced diet ideal for small breeds
  • Avoids all filling agents like wheat, soy, and corn


  • Relatively low in calories (consult feeding chart when administering)

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#8 Canine Caviar Dry Food

Sometimes, uniqueness has its own merit. If your tail-wagger is picky to the standard ingredients in pet food, this is a great option to try.

While most foods will focus strictly on protein, this meal is original in its design. Each of the meat-derived protein sources pairs with a carbohydrate of equally high quality.

The balance struck between the two is one of the healthiest values of this food brand. The virtue of carbohydrate is that it does not need to be starchy. In fact, carbohydrates have significant protein value as well (as vegetarians know). When carbs are also a source of protein, they let us promote our pup’s muscle growth as much as possible.

From herring and split pea to duck and chickpea, the unique traits of this food have no end. Fiber is one of the key values of this recipe.

Since there is significant inclusion of plant matter, us pet parents need not fret over hydration or intestinal health. The roughage that is fiber scrubs away unpleasant components in the intestinal lining leading to regular and healthy bowel movements.

It promotes the uptake of nutrients into the canine body while keeping their system balanced. 


  • Unique sources of protein like herring 
  • Each meat match with fibrous carbs
  •  No by-products or unnecessary starch


  • Does not feature pro or prebiotics
  • Many skews feature peas (a potentially problematic ingredient in large amounts)

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#9 Healthy Dogma Human Grade Dog Food

A common attitude of fido parents is that, if we are going to feed our canine companions something, it must be a food that we are also willing to eat. This brand of kibble matches these parameters perfectly.

The food base is superior, meat-derived protein (primarily from chicken).

From this foundation, the recipe elaborates to include fruits and vegetables for easy access to micronutrients like vitamins and minerals.

In addition to the basic ingredients, the food has supplements of glucosamine and chondroitin, so that we can feed the kibble to seniors as well as key-aged adults. Probiotics keep the dog’s digestion regular, no matter what life phase they are in.

Of course, food found in the kibble is only as valuable as that which the recipe avoids. The meal keeps away from additives like artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives.

For us human caregivers, a key draw of this food is its storage capacity. Because this is dehydrated food, the product itself keeps very well when stored over time.

When it is made, the product expands eightfold. This benefits apartment dwellers especially, since we see the most value in any space gained.

Puppies (even toy breeds) can be very space consuming so finding a food that saves on space and promotes hydration (by controlling water added) is of great value. 


  • Dehydrated food recipe allows control of hydration
  • Stores excellently over time
  • High quality ingredients


  • Somewhat time consuming to prepare
  • Not breed specific

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#10 Purina Pro Small & Toy Breed Adult Food

When we look for a proper amount of calories, one of the best ways to ensure success is to stick to breed specific recipes. The metabolic systems of all dogs differs slightly, though will be closest to breeds of the same size.

The heart undergoes strain relative to the size of the animal (the area through which blood must pump). This is a key contributor to the rate of digestion in dogs. 

The recipe here is great for toy breeds since the calories, by design, match the needs of this size of canine. That, on its own, is not enough to make for a healthy dog food.

The calories have to count for as much as possible. Chicken is the key ingredient in this food (a lean source of protein, relatively low in saturated fat).

This couples with rice, a fibrous carbohydrate making energy last throughout the day. Probiotics add to the value of this kibble by improving overall digestive health in the canine system.

The kibble includes omega fatty acids which work to keep the pup’s healthy skin and fur sleek and shiny. Vitamin A contributes to ocular wellbeing. This is a benefit, especially for Yorkies since they are prone to retinal issues (generally seen later in life).

If we start them off on a healthy regiment early in life, it reduces their likelihood of suffering from these problems as they age.


  • High protein is primary ingredient
  • Features omega fatty acids and Vitamin A
  • Rice is included for fiber and longevity of energy


  • No omega 3 to balance omega 6 fatty acids
  • Does not feature probiotics

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#11 Pedigree Small Breed Adult Dry Food

Some dogs like complex ingredients. Others prefer the tried and true; ingredients that are now standard in pet food kibble. This food matches the needs of the latter. Many pups love the flavors since they are recognizable in their simplicity.

Roasted chicken is a much-loved flavor of this dog breed. It provides easy access to lean protein. Chicken, while a possible irritant for some dogs with food intolerances, is generally an easy to digest meat.

The food balances the protein with rice. The rice acts as an energy extender, slowly releasing sugars throughout the day so that our canine companions do not suffer blood sugar spikes and crashes.

Omega fatty acids feature in this recipe. Regardless of how picky a pooch palette may be, coats and brains benefit from these unsaturated fats. They work to help multiple functions in the canine system.

Particularly when accessed with other food, the omegas help the coat stay shiny. The sheen of your Yorkie’s fur is a great indicator of whether or not they are getting sufficient intake of this essential fat.

If the coat is dull, consider finding a food that supplements with this ingredient. It is never too late to make a healthy decision. 


  • Includes finest protein
  • Avoids by-products and corn
  • Features omega fatty acids


  • No omega 3 to balance omega 6 fatty acids inclusion
  • Vegetable flavor is artificially added
  • Not breed specific design

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#12 Instinct Toy Breed Dry Dog Food

Toy breeds have very specific needs that links to their incredibly quick metabolic function. In order to meet these needs, we need to accommodate their small stomachs and fast systems.

Human stomachs are only as large as a formed fists. The size of this organ is proportionally similar in toy breed canines. That means, in order for them to get enough nutrition, food needs to pack a punch. This recipe includes a great deal of supplemental vitamins and minerals to fortify your pup’s system.

Phosphorus and calcium feature as a way to keep bones strong. Another great benefit of this recipe is that it features glucosamine and chondroitin.

Since these tiny fidos are prone to joint issues, keeping these ingredients present in the diet will help you fortify their cartilage and joints, long before any damage begins. Of course, no food is whole without protein- featured plentifully in this food.

The recipe has raw bites (freeze dried bits of meat that keep your mutt healthy and happy). Not only does this add flavor and positive scent for the tail-wagger’s nose, it keeps the source of meat closer to its evolutionary predecessors.

Canines did not evolve eating cooked meat. So, when we can, it is good to provide them a source of raw protein. 


  • Features probiotics for healthy gut flora
  • Balanced diet including protein and fat
  • Avoids filling agents and by-products


  • Not breed specific (though suited to toy breeds)
  • Is not specific to life stage (though you can also feed this to seniors and adults alike)

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What is The Best List Of (Dry and Wet) Dog Foods for Yorkshire Terrier Puppies?

#1 Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Wet Puppy Food

This food option is ideal if you are seeking to provide your pooch with easy to digest food, made specifically for puppies. This is a great option for small breed dogs since the recipe has a great deal of calories. Small breed dogs require significant caloric intake (in spite of their small stomachs). Toy breed young mutts require significantly more calories.

Since they focus on feeding, water is an often-forgotten consideration for the developing canine. Wet food encourages hydration, making it especially suited to pups living in warm climates (or during warm seasons in climatically diverse areas).

The food itself features diverse white meat protein in the form of turkey and chicken. These are generally easy to digest meats that highly benefit the growing dog. 

Another draw of the recipe is that it includes DHA. This promotes overall growth of the dog while having the added benefit of mimicking the materials in breast milk. Growing is always a challenge, even with all the love we can offer to these dogs.

By titrating them onto a food that has ingredients similar to their mother’s milk, we do the best we can to offer optimal continuity of care.


  • Free of additives and by-products
  • High in calories (ideal for puppies)
  • Diverse sources of protein (chicken and turkey)


  • Wet food can lead to loose stool
  • On the higher end of the cost spectrum

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#2 Weruva Dogs in the Kitchen Wet Food Cans & Pouches

This food is an ideal source of nutrition for pups with picky palettes. One of the top concerns of the loyal pet parent, is ensuring that our beloved canine companions get the balanced nutrition which they require to grow and thrive.

This food makes that goal highly achievable. Thanks to the containers, little of this food needs to go to waste.

The pouches store for a long time, allowing those with limited access to purchase in bulk. Another draw of this recipe is that it avoids all unpleasant ingredients. These include bulking and binding agents (such as gluten or carrageenan).

Corn and soy are entirely left out of the recipe, which benefits both the digestive tract of the pup as well as the temperament. The food features supplemental vitamins and minerals so that all trace elements are present in the doggy diet.

When we care for puppies, it is imperative to feed them all the necessary ingredients for normal growth. This recipe contains high protein and balanced fats for development of cognitive faculties in the pup. 

In addition, by featuring antioxidants as a key ingredient, the food adds significant value. Puppyhood is a highly impressionable time in the canine life.

This food allows us to prepare our dogs for adulthood in a healthy and filling way. 


  • Balanced diet suited to pups
  • High in calories (great for Yorkies)


  • No omega supplementation
  • Higher on the cost spectrum

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#3 Instinct Freeze-Dried Raw Boost Mixers

For those who want the benefits of wet food without sacrificing the firming properties of kibble, this is an ideal choice. The recipe seen here is a great option for those looking to tow this line, since it is a topper, not a whole food source. The options for meat protein include beef and chicken; so, depending on the needs of the pup, you can choose between white and red meat. 

This recipe is free of all GMOs and is made of responsibly farmed proteins. This translates directly into benefits for your dog, since we become what we consume. 

Freeze-drying technology is key to the manufacturing of this food. The result is minimally processed meat that allows the dog to safely consume raw protein.

Not long ago, there would have been no safe way to give our dogs access to raw meat without including significant preserving agents. Now, we can choose to feed our pups a variety of options, with freeze-dried meat being an ideal option.

Since this food is meant to mix with kibble, it holds all the benefits of wet food without the drawbacks of runny stool or digestive upset. When pairing foods together, stick to feeding charts based on weight.

While Yorkies are small, they are still susceptible to overeating. 


  • High quality protein derived from meat
  • Raw meat features through freeze-drying


  • Not an all-inclusive diet 
  • Added cost since also requires kibble

>> Check Price On Amazon <<

#4 Fromm Puppy Gold Dry Dog Food

This American-made food source is a great option for those pup parents looking to buy in bulk. Since it is detrimental to the health of the pup to jump between brands of food (unless necessary, of course), it makes logical sense to get food en-mass.

The food boasts a holistic approach to canine health. This refers to considering health from all angles, including physical and psychological.

The physical components are cared for by the quality ingredients. These include duck (the key feature), oatmeal (for fiber and carbohydrates), as well as lamb, potatoes, and tomatoes.

The psychological impacts of scent are significant on humans, but much more so on canines with powerful olfactory bulbs (the scent part of the brain). Cheese is a great example of this feature.

Though it does offer calcium, it’s greater value is to the happy puppy. Taste and enjoyment drastically impact the pup’s relationship with food. The quality of the experience for the dog shows in their love of the taste.

The benefit to the pet-parent is in a healthy Yorkie who knows we care. 


  • Diverse proteins including duck, lamb, and fish
  • Contains cartilage (naturally beneficial to joints)
  • Features balanced omega fatty acids


  • Not designed specifically for Yorkies
  • Contains chicken and chicken fat (potential digestive irritants)

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#5 Iams Puppy & Junior Dry Dog Food

Sometimes, the best way to ensure the health of our puppies is to stick to the tried and true. This often involves foods that are specific to the purpose for which we are getting them.

The recipe here is explicitly for puppies, so concerned pup-parents can rest easy knowing the nutritional needs are met. 

One of the reasons our family favors this option is that it is suited to both puppies and those teetering on adulthood. Especially with toy breeds, it can be tricky to know exactly when puppyhood ends, and adulthood begins. To address this concern, it is a good choice to find nutrition that meets the needs of both age groups.

This is an ideal option for this purpose. Like clockwork, this recipe addresses the main concerns of canine development. It is high in protein and includes necessary ingredients like omegas and DHA.

Bones are a large consideration in doggy development. Since pups are not wont to drink milk, their calcium needs to be present in kibble form. This food addresses all the major needs of the pup, while remaining low cost enough to be consistently accessible.


  • Balanced diet suited to pups of all ages
  • Made specifically for small/medium breeds
  • Includes necessary supplements (calcium, DHA)


  • Does not contain probiotic ingredients
  • Is relatively low in fiber

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Yorkshire Terriers Need Grain-free Dog Foods?

Grains are a potential irritant for canines and people. While whole grains have value, they can be easily replaced with a different carbs source. 

Avoid concerns by steering clear of grains. Especially since Yorkies are so small, and eat so little, we have to make the food they consume count. 

Can yorkshire terriers Have Food Allergies?

All creatures are vulnerable to food allergies. These can be genetic or develop throughout the pup’s life.

Some dog food issues are more common than other (wheat proteins) and others are less frequently seen (intolerance to chicken). It is important to differentiate between allergies, intolerances, and aversions.

The severity of the reaction changes drastically between each- with allergies being the worst.

You may also learn: What Is a Good Source Of Protein For Dogs?

When Should I Switch My Yorkie Puppy to Adult Dog Food?

There are two different means of determining when a small breed puppy enters adulthood. One is time. When the dog reaches over a year of age, they can count as adult pups.

The other method is weight. Adults of this small breed range from 4-7 pounds. When your pup is in this range, we can also view them as adult dogs. 

Could you Find your best dog food for yorkies yet?

Now that we have explored the importance of the Yorkies diet, and detailed the specific benefits and drawbacks of kibbles on the market, the winner is clear. To me Instinct Toy Breed Dry Dog Food meets all the requirements  (as the best dog food) for Yorkies, from high protein and quality fat, fiber and vitamins.

These tiny mutts, whose destiny is companionship and love. The best way us pooch parents can return that love is by giving our small breed dogs the right food to fit their needs.

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