Can I Feed My Dog Rice Everyday?

Are you a dog owner and you are constantly wondering whether dogs eating rice is right or not?

Then you are in the right place. Rice is among the most common foods around the globe that creates a major part of most people’s diet, whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner time.

However, in the recent past, rice has received a pretty negative reputation among the pet owners community due to the many misconceptions when it comes to including rice in your dog’s diet.

Can Dog Eat Rice?

Due to dog owners like yourself who would like to get the correct facts together without any misguided or false information, this post will cover everything you should know about rice as part of your dog’s diet.

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Can You Feed Your Dog On a Rice Diet Every Day?

Dogs have a pretty delicate digestive system, and that’s the reason why many dog owners are conscientious about what they feed their puppies on.

Rice is a prevalent food which is also a great source of carbohydrates. It explains why various homemade and commercial foods have rice as one of their main ingredients.  It’s beyond any reasonable doubt that rice is incredibly beneficial to your canine friend.

But can you feed your dog on rice every day? 

Cooked white rice or brown rice is normally safe for consumption by your puppy. You can give it to your fur friend while plain or mixed up with your puppy’s regular food. 

Although it’s safe for your dogs, that doesn’t mean that you should feed your pet on a rice diet every day. If you want to feed your dogs on rice, then you should do it in small portions and on an occasional basis.

Precautions When Feeding Your Dogs on a Rice Diet

Dogs are pretty sensitive to contaminated foods. As a result, you should be very careful with the amount and type of rice you give to your dog. 

You should always give high-quality rice to your dog. Quality rice has the right nutritional value and does not contain harmful chemicals and preservatives. 

You should also avoid Arsenic contaminated rice by ensuring that you get your rice from places that are free of contamination. 

When feeding your fur friend on a rice diet, you should give it in small portions. Large servings of rice are not good for your canine friend. Excess amounts of rice can lead to digestive problems or a bloated tummy. They can also increase the level of carbohydrates in your dog’s body, which is unhealthy. 

Also, ensure that your dog drinks enough water to help ease digestion and avoid constipation as well.

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Health Benefits Of Including Rice In your Dog’s Diet

As we all know, it is vital to keep the pets we own in a healthy state. One of the things you can do is by feeding your dog on good quality food. 

Here are some health benefits of rice for dogs:

It Helps In Adding Body Weight

When your dog needs to gain body weight, you can try feeding it on steamed brown rice to add some calories to the dog’s diet to make it healthy.

It Cures Stomach Upsets

When your dog is sick due to an upset tummy, one of the ways you can use is by giving your dog some cooked brown rice since it’s easy to digest and will also give your dog the energy it needs to recover in the shortest time possible.

It Helps Prevent Constipation

Brown rice or whole rice is usually high in fiber, which means that it can help avoid constipation in dogs. However, this high fiber content is not good for a dog with diarrhea since it will only trigger the upset tummy further.

It Lowers The Risk Of Getting Diabetes

Diabetes does not only affect humans but dogs as well. 

Feeding your puppy on whole rice can stabilize its blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of diabetes.

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Personalize your doggy’s Meal Plan

Created by pet nutritionists. 
Approved by vets.


Brown vs. White Rice, Which One Is Better For Your Dogs?

The high-quality dog food manufactured by the big and more established brands on the market utilizes brown rice instead of white rice in all their dog food products, while the low-quality dog food produced by firms that are trying to reduce the cost of production for profitability purposes utilize white rice rather than brown rice.

White rice for dogs has its benefits in that it’s less costly when you compare it to brown rice, is easy to chew, is pretty easy to digest, is ideal for treating your puppy’s stomach upsets, and can be cooked incredibly fast.


Brown rice, on the other hand, has more benefits when it comes to its nutritional value to your pet. That’s because brown rice does not go through heavy processing, which helps it to maintain a high count of fiber, minerals, and vitamins.


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Which Facts Helped You Most?

You should give rice to your canine friend in small portions as large servings of rice might bowel up your pet. You can feed your dog on rice but ensure it’s well cooked.

Dog rice is an excellent food for a dog suffering from diarrhea and other stomach upsets. 

Since whole rice and brown rice have a high fiber count, ensure that your pet is drinking plenty of water to prevent constipation. However, feeding your dog on rice in each meal every day might pose some health consequences in the long run.

Therefore, you should look for variety.


In conclusion, consult your local veterinary on the right rice amounts to feed your pup on, especially if you are not sure about the amounts. 

I hope that this post answers your question can I give my dog rice in each meal every day?’ 

Take some time to comment on this article, and if you have some important or additional information that we have not captured, feel free to post it in the comments segment. 

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