Best Dog Food For Beagles (Puppy & Adult) : Dry & Canned

You love your pup, so it only makes sense that you are seeking the best food for beagles.

These adorable dogs share some traits with small dogs and other facets with larger breeds, so it is critical to find a balance that fits.

Best Dog Food For Beagles

We have scoured the internet for the most nutritious and popular meals so that you can rest easy knowing you are optimizing the beagle diet.

In this article, we’re going to review the following Beagles foods :


Beagle Dog Food Considerations

  • Avoid health pitfalls like joint issues and spinal problems
  • Use food to improve health and prolong lifespan
  • Consider food supplemented with glucosamine and chondroitin
  • Stay away from additives and by-products (fillers offer no value)
  • Focus on meat-sourced protein as the key ingredient
  • Steer clear of bulking agents like corn, wheat, and soy
  • Keep an eye on kernel size (small mouths need small bite sizes)


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The Basic Nutritional Needs of Beagles

The beagle diet needs to keep up with the dog themselves.

Keep their nutrition high and their energy follows.

Generally, upwards of thirty percent of their food should be meat sourced.

Over half should be from vegetables or fruits, and the remainder sourced from starchy veggies like brown rice and whole potatoes.

Make sure you keep an eye out for vitamin and mineral content to ensure a proper balance of both macronutrients and micronutrients.

Traits You Want in Your Beagle’s Food 


Whole Protein as The First Ingredient

See optimal success by focussing on protein as a key ingredient.

It should be the first thing listed on the food. Make sure the meat is muscle based.

Ideally, it is a lean protein sources such as fish or white meat.

Red meat offers iron (but drastically more saturated fat).

Double check meat quality and source for added reassurance.

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Made Without Artificial Colors, Flavors or Additives

Chemical additives offer no value. In fact, over time, they bog down the system by building up in the liver.

Keep away from these troublesome additives to promote healthiness and success.

Dogs don’t care about the color of their food (so coloring agents are foolish) and their food needs natural flavoring (they appreciate the difference).

Preservatives are now easily replaced with techniques like freeze drying or dehydration (or natural solutions like rosemary).

Contain No Unidentified Meat Meals or By-products

It’s safe to say that if the food doesn’t tell you what’s in it, then it is better to stay away from that kibble.

Unspecified meats can be anything, and we want better than that for our dogs.

By-products are the offal and bone products of well-known animals.

Instead of your dog getting the muscle, they get a composite of waste materials.

Steer clear of by-products for best results.


Fortified with Probiotics and Other Beneficial Ingredients

Probiotics keep our internal Flora healthy they promote healthy balance in the guts that dogs need and let them enjoy the most that they can out of their days.

In order to find the proper balance of probiotics and other ingredients it is best to find food that supplements with probiotics.

This keeps them balanced in the diet overall.


Manufactured in A Handful of Countries

It is no secret that the food standards and regulations of different nationalities varies greatly.

Not too long ago there was a major scare about dog food quality sourced from international vendors.

Diligent pet parents ensure thorough knowledge of the source of their canine’s food.

Check the governing agency that oversees food production and quality.

This represents best efforts to keep food standards high.


Disproportionate Ratios

We’ve all eaten meals that had too much fat or too little fiber.

Chances are after you ate this you didn’t feel well and neither will your dog if their food is out of balance.

Protein needs to be kept in check with healthy fats and carbohydrates need to balance will dietary fiber.

Provided your dog’s food is a healthy nutritious well balanced meal you can know that not only are they getting their full nutrition but they are receiving the full value of balanced and proportionate ratios.

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Best (Dry and Wet) Dog Foods for Beagles

#1 Rachel Ray Nutrish Dry Dog Food

Chances are you’re seeking a food that balances meet with vegetables.

Everyone learned that the best way to stay healthy is to properly include plant matter in the diet, provided it balances with protein (quality protein).

Especially for those of us picky pup parents it is important that we feed our dogs only the healthiest, top quality proteins (particularly since meat is such a prominent part of the dog diet).

this recipe uses only farm raised chicken.

There are significant benefits to consuming only farm raised protein which carry into the health of the beagle.

When livestock receives a wider roaming area, it reduces antibiotic necessity.

There is also less need to include hormones while raising the protein.

This keeps our beagles food as healthy as possible.

The food has no artificial additives whether they be flavours, colours, or preservatives.

We especially like that there is no by product meal included.


  • prominently features farmers chicken
  • specifically designed to help dogs with joint problems
  • avoids problem ingredients
  • supplements with prebiotics


  • larger kernel size than many beagle foods
  • no probiotics included in recipe
  • ratio favors protein over the standard 35%

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#2 Sojos Complete Raw Recipe

For anyone keen on sticking to guidelines, this food is a great choice.

Many food sources lean on protein heavily without providing balance elsewhere since meat is the main source of nutrition.

This food option is great because it includes a variety of green vegetables and less common ingredients like coconut and ginger.

Beagles require a great deal of flora in their diets.

This recipe represents this direction through parsnips and keep.

Meat is still well represented through the freeze drying process.

It is a popular view that dogs ought to eat as closely to their ancestors as possible.

By including raw bites in the food, that need for unprocessed protein satisfies.

Beagles get benefit from the balance, and us pup parents get the benefits of storage.

Since we rehydrate the food before serving, its original form is fairly compact.

We have a busy household and keeping a lot of food on hand saves a lot of time in the long run.


  • Dehydrated food avoiding preservatives
  • Great for storage over long term
  • Includes raw access to protein
  • Vegetable and protein balance


  • Does not feature probiotics
  • No inclusion of glucosamine or chondroitin
  • Some dogs may be sensitive to egg

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#3 Instinct Raw Boost Dry Food

Beagles are amazing dogs, though they are prone to weight fluctuation.

Often, beagle parents see this behavior shift between seasons.

Winter makes it harder to be active, and this adds to the canine’s evolutionary awareness that bulk protects from cold.

In order to keep a balanced weight, it is important to observe balanced nutrition.

This option is protein focused yet keeps a great ratio to suit the beagle diet.

The meal features probiotics which are not only great for the internal flora (and digestive regularity) but for the overall immune system.

Creatures sensitive to the seasons are also more vulnerable to contagions that shift with the time of year.

We give our beagles an added defense when we supplement with probiotics (and other healthy ingredients, of course).

Quality of ingredients and quality control over the food are both highly maintained.

Anyone who worries about the source and par of the food included as ingredients gets benefit from this kind of oversight (our family favors it for the manufacturing supervision).


  • Suited to all medium size breeds like beagles
  • Focuses on keeping weight healthy and stable
  • Includes good balance of vegetables and meat


  • No glucosamine or chondroitin
  • Light on starchy carbohydrates

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#4 Weruva Dry Dog Food All Ages Recipe

Diversified protein sources have many benefits.

When we consume protein, it processes by the system into the protein referenced on the label.

Before this, it consists of a series of unprocessed amino acids.

These protein building blocks work together like a jigsaw puzzle (where you need all the pieces).

The canine can make many of their necessary acids, though nine need to be sourced externally (eaten).

Only when they balance properly do they build proper proteins (and muscles).


The food here uses a variety of sources.

Chicken is lean and relatively low in saturated fat.

It provides a ‘perfect protein’ meaning there is all amino acids necessary.

However, it does not boast a high mineral content.

The recipe also features turkey, higher in both minerals and the amino acid l-tryptophan (which is minimal in most other sources).

Salmon completes the protein pairing as a natural source of omega fatty acids.

These keep the coat shiny and mind healthy.

Beagles benefit from the high quality, diversified protein.

Coupled with pumpkin it adds to the flavor and facilitates a great micro/macro nutrient ratio in the food altogether.


  • Diversified protein sources
  • Conservative bite size suited to beagles
  • Includes pumpkin and seaweed for carbs and veggies


  • No probiotics or prebiotics in recipe
  • Not specific to the beagle breed
  • Doesn’t have glucosamine or chondroitin

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#5 Wellness Core Grain Free

The push towards grain-free diets continues to gain traction.

Significant reports of doggy digestive upset due to this food strengthen the move away from this source of gluten.

For many, it is about allergies, where the system rejects the food on an immunoglobulin level.

For others, avoiding grains is about an intolerance to wheat (or wheat components).

This shows up in stomach troubles from gas to diarrhea.

While most beagles have fairly tough constitutions, there are many exceptions.

Our family likes to steer clear of the ingredient since it offers little nutrition.

It bulks up the food and takes the space of helpful ingredients.

The good news is that this food is entirely grain free, instead focussing on white meat protein.

Balancing turkey with chicken adds to mineral count while keeping fats relatively low.

It features salmon oil to round out the healthy fats.

Because there is so much vegetable content, the meal is well-suited to beagle dogs.


  • Balanced protein sources
  • Features omega fatty acids
  • Vegetables with reasonable starch
  • Includes glucosamine and chondroitin


  • Relatively low in overall starch
  • Higher on the pricing spectrum

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#6 Canidae All Life Stages Dry Food

Overall, the nutritional requirements of our beloved beagles are moderate.

There are no extreme needs (unless the individual dog has a health concern).

In fact, they are relatively tolerant of ingredients like starch and veggies as compared to a number of other breeds.

Protein needs are significantly lower than many other medium sized dog breeds.

Keep this in mind when sourcing a dog food.

For those who like to keep things in moderation, this is a great food choice.


The diet balances proteins with chicken, lamb, turkey, and fish.

Together, these work to meet all fat and meat needs of this dog size.

It avoids troublesome inclusions like corn and soy.

Soy, while technically a legume, can potentiate weight gain through the high occurrence of phytoestrogens in the doggy diet.

We prefer to avoid this food altogether in our dog kibbles.

Instead, the food takes a very humanistic approach to their kibble.

By including probiotics and antioxidants, the meal rounds out to be an overall healthy choice (without going overboard on any one ingredient).


  • Includes probiotics and antioxidants
  • Features diversified proteins
  • Relatively moderate ingredient portions


  • Not specific to medium sized breeds
  • Larger kernel size than many others

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#7 Diamond Naturals Adult Recipe

We love this recipe because it features red meat.

Beagles are great companions, but they are also prone to lethargy (a nice way of saying laziness).

Sometimes this can be charming, but other times it can lead to weight gain and eventual heart problems.

Often, we can fix reduced energy through dietary means.

The kibble features beef as the meat protein.

Beef (and other red meats like lamb) are high in dietary iron.

This ferrous matter binds with hemoglobin on red blood cells.

In essence, it draws oxygen into the blood.

The more iron present, the easier it is to move around oxygen.

When more air gets to the brain, doggy energy improves.

Consider this if your dog is showing fatigue at an increased rate.

This recipe includes omega fatty acids for a healthy coat and heart health.

It balances with vitamin E and selenium, two ingredients that facilitate smaller scale (but no less essential) bodily functions.

To contribute to overall health of the pup, this is a great option as a dietary staple.



  • Avoids troublesome ingredients like by-products
  • Uses real beef as meat source
  • Includes oft-forgotten vitamins
  • Features probiotics


  • Only suited to adult dogs
  • Does not include ingredients for joint health

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#8 Health Extension Small Bites Food

While beagles are technically medium sized breeds, they fit a lot of the nutritional parameters of smaller breeds.

One of these is the need for a small bite size.

Beagles are wont to develop dental issues.

It is not uncommon for smaller jaws to be more vulnerable to crowding (in dogs and humans).

Since beagles have a small bite size and strength, it is important to account for the kernel size when choosing a food.

This option boasts a petite kernel that lets the beagle get the appropriate amount per bite without challenging the jaw excessively.

Overall, the recipe is healthy with its including antioxidants and organic meat sources.

The ultimate way to avoid additives and preservatives is to eliminate them at the source.

By choosing organically farmed meat, the food keeps fully away from unnatural ingredients and additives.

The diet has overall balance and facilitates overall health to smaller dogs.

Beagles share a lot of the joint issue seen by close to the ground impact.

Dogs who are lower tend towards more joint issues simply because of wear and tear.

This food accounts for these problems and approaches it in a naturalistic manner.


  • Focus on overall health
  • Includes organic chicken meat
  • Avoids additives and problem ingredients


  • Relatively high in calories
  • Designed for smaller dogs
  • Low in starchy ingredients

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#9 Canine Caviar Dry Food

Anyone who has ever switched their pup’s food knows that it is a drawn-out process.

Beagles generally eat two meals a day, of the same kibble source.

Their systems adapt to the meal; and, even if the food causes a problem, it is still a troublesome process to make the change to a new recipe.

It is ideal to find a gentle diet that accommodates the beagle’s needs, moderate as they are, and stick to it over time.


The moderate pairings of starch and meat in this food suits it perfectly to the beagle diet.

Herring, chicken, lamb, and duck, are all great options for meat sources, each providing their own values (omegas, iron, minerals, etc.)

Making this choice is very much about the individual beagle’s needs.

Each of the proteins pairs with a vegetable ingredient that leans towards starch.

From brown rice to chickpeas, there is a sufficient supply of carbs in the dog food.

Beagles benefit from the balance in calories and nutritional density of the recipe itself.



  • Multiple meat source options
  • Includes suitable carbohydrates
  • Avoids by-product meals in food


  • No supplementation in recipe
  • Does not include potatoes as starch source

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#10 Purina Beneful Originals Adult Food

Those who focus on iron benefit significantly from this food.

It includes dual benefits of flora and fauna sources of this ferrous material.

Spinach is high in iron (as well as magnesium and calcium).

Red meat (being the key ingredient) is also a great source of iron.

The food is most suited to adult dogs, which gives us pup parents the chance to assess their energy standards and make an informed decision. 

It supplements with a well rounded set of vitamins and minerals.

Macronutrients like carbs and fats may take up most of the diet, but micronutrients are what enables the canine system’s overall function.

We want to keep this strong and focus on ratios in food.

For those of us who prefer certainty of balance, this is a great option since it accounts for the full scope of micronutrients.

Additionally, this food does feature suitable access to carbs through vegetable sources.

Generally, beagles benefit from a mid-range calorie count.

This food represents these needs of our beloved canine companions.


  • Supplements with vitamins and minerals
  • Features red meat protein
  • Balances with vegetables


  • Does not avoid by-products
  • Does not avoid preservatives

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#11 I And Love And You Dry Dog Food

When we take grain out of the food, it is important that we replace the ingredient with something equally (or more) healthy.

Small dogs have small stomachs- so we need to make each bit count for all we can.

The meal balances starchy carbs from ideal, vitamin rich sources like sweet potatoes and chickpeas.

Instead of fillers and binding agents, the kibble uses natural benefits of healthy foods like lentils for a proper constitution.

It includes a suitable amount of protein in the recipe, without going overboard and providing too much for the beagle.

Instead, there are multiple sources present in the same food.

This helps us avoid the need to change foods to diversify protein.

From bison to duck to trout, there are several unique points of protein in the recipe.

Fats are the final macronutrient needed to balance the set.

They are present mostly in unsaturated sources such as omega fatty acids.

Flax oil and fish sources work together to keep them in the kibble.

Present in appropriate quantities for the beagle makes this a great food source as a staple in early adulthood.


  • Healthy balance of macronutrients
  • Protein diversity in recipe
  • Balances with proper carbohydrates


  • Not specific to adult dogs
  • Avoids rice altogether

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#12 AvoDerm Natural Dog Food

The value of rice in the doggy diet is a large source of debate. Often, starch is unnecessary to canine consumption.

Beagles, however, are outliers to this statistic, since their diet benefits from significant access to starches (provided they are healthy).

This food focusses on meat/starch balance.

It includes brown rice for minerals, starch, and fiber.

Chicken is the other feature, balancing out the starch sources.

The food includes a unique twist on healthy fat sources by featuring avocado.

This ingredient is high in healthy fatty acids that benefit the overall beagle system.

Keep an eye on your pup’s coat. If it loses lustre, it may be time to change sources of fats.

Not only do these oils impact the fur quality, they also affect cognitive wellbeing.

There are many ways to keep fats in the diet, but avocado is a unique plant approach.

The source of macronutrients drastically impacts its uptake success.

Beagles, and their mid range digestive necessities are usually friendly towards the ingredient.


  • Unique healthy fat sources
  • Includes brown rice for carbs
  • Focus on overall flavor


  • No supplements for joint health
  • Doesn’t feature probiotics

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Best (Dry and Wet) Puppy Foods for Beagles

 #1 Hill’s Science Diet Dry Food

Our dogs are only puppies for so long.

Even though the beagle doesn’t get much larger, drastic personality changes occur during the first year.

It is our responsibility as caring pup parents to give our dogs as much access to proper nutrition as possible over the course of their puppyhood.

For every attitude change we can see externally, there are many more internal developments.

It is up to us to facilitate these with a healthy food designed for the age group.

This option includes DHA sourced from fish oil.

DHA is one of the foods found in canine breast milk.

While most breeders will conduct proper weaning onto solid food, it remains a preferred ingredient from the milk.

DHA facilitates all sorts of healthy biological functions from optical wellbeing to cognitive development.

During adult years, it is less necessary.

Another great part of the food is that it includes everything from calcium and phosphorous for healthy bones and teeth, to appropriate amounts of protein.

Puppyhood has specific needs, and proper skeletal development is significant amongst these.


  • Helps bones and teeth grow
  • Includes DHA as supplement
  • Features proper fats and proteins


  • No taurine to balance DHA
  • Relatively low in carbohydrates

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#2 Blue Buffalo Wilderness Puppy Food

Many beagle parents prefer to focus on protein.

It is a common philosophy that dogs benefit the most from diets similar to their evolutionary predecessors.

Historically, canines were wild.

As such, most of the food eaten was raw protein (dogs can’t cook).

To account for high protein, this is a great food choice.

It includes puppy focused ingredients like DHA and ARA (fats from breast milk).

They help important beagle systems grow by fostering eye health and overall brain development.

While building the body is essential, improving cognitive development is just as critical.


Puppies also have other nuances in their needs depending on where they live.

Dogs are just as exposed to pollution as humans.

It makes sense to include antioxidants in their food.

These helpful fighters battle the damage wreaked by free radicals.

We offer our dogs a great head start when their diet includes these helpful ingredients early on.

When we foster a healthy immune system from the early ages, it is easier for the beagle to battle pathogens in the later years.


  • Includes fatty acids found in breast milk
  • Features antioxidants
  • Entirely by-product and filler free
  • Focus on protein with chicken as key ingredient


  • Does not feature significant carbs
  • Very high in protein content

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#3 Fromm Family Foods Puppy Dry Food

Since our beloved beagles don’t have particularly exacting dietary needs, finding a great staple early on can facilitate health through consistency.

Puppies already have to switch foods several times.

First, they grow on the mother’s breast milk.

Next, they transition to solid foods that are still mostly wet.

From there, the beagle pup still needs to move on to a solid food staple.

Consider the stress associated with human dietary changes (significant).

It stands to reason that young dogs see even more strain as a result.

Finding a food that works for the dog and meets the basic demands without an esoteric ingredient philosophy is a solid approach to pup health.

This option comes from a small business to facilitate quality control of the overall product.

It keeps things simple (a method that suits the beagle constitution).

Find a basic diet that the pup can stick with during the early years.

It reduces system strain when changes reduce.

Keep things simple to reduce prevalence of dietary strain both in puppyhood and later in life.



  • Simple, straightforward approach
  • Designed for puppies
  • Appropriate carbs content


  • Does not avoid by-product meal
  • No inclusion of probiotics or prebiotics

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#4 Nutro Grain Free Wet Food

The puppy months are very impressionable.

One of the forgotten ways dogs are susceptible to their environment is taste preferences.

It helps later in life to adapt to dietary sources of vitamins and minerals.

This means that foods which feature veggies and fruits help by adapting your beagle to the taste of plant matter.

Wet food, like this one, works well to introduce the dog to veggie sources in a tasty dish (it’s no secret dogs love the taste of wet food).

Carrots help eye development and peas add starchy values to the diet.

Dogs like the flavor; and, since it is a wet food, there is less concern for kernel, and resulting bite size.

The recipe avoids troublesome ingredients like by-products or filling agents.

It steers clear of grains, meaning the allergen does not have to introduce into the beagle system.

Starting them off with nutrient dense food sources gives a great edge later in life.

We can help them by encouraging diverse taste and a healthy, balanced approach to meal time.

Whether this is regular, or as a treat meal on occasion, it is a healthful inclusion to the doggy diet.


  • Wet food option great for picky eaters
  • High in red meat protein
  • Features vegetables and starch
  • Avoids GMO ingredients


  • Not puppy specific recipe
  • Wet food less suited as staple

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Beagles Dog Foods Related FAQs


# How Long Should I Feed A Beagle Puppy Food?

Always consult your family’s vet before taking major steps like switching from puppy to adult food.

Generally, we stick to puppy food for the first year and transition to adult food over the course of the final month.

Take the proper time making the transfer to adult kibble.

# Do Beagles Need Grain-free Dog Food? 

Beagles are quite tolerant to starch.

That said, many do not tolerate gluten well.

While they do not require grain free, it is generally helpful that we focus on healthy starches like sweet potato and brown rice.

Check: Is grain free dog food good for diabetic dogs?

# Can A Beagle Have Part of Your Dinner?

Beagles have tough constitutions, but it is important to remember that canines can’t eat all human food.

Exercise caution when giving your beagle scraps.

Since it impacts behavioral tendencies, it is better to limit this practice.

# What’s An Ideal Ratio of Wet or Dry Food for Beagles?

Optimal diets focus on dry food.

It is better for the digestive system overall and reduces the prevalence of tummy troubles in all dogs.

Since beagles are tough, we can safely feed them wet food once or twice a week.

Use wet food for bonding more than as a staple.


Now that we have learned some fun facts about beagles (like how low-maintenance their diets really are) we can safely determine the winner of the beagle food challenge.

Moderate needs require a moderate food source, making Canine Caviar Dry Food an ideal kibble.

Keep your beagle happy with balanced carbs and proteins.

The best way to keep them healthy is by not overdoing it.

Focus on fun; and, provided we choose a healthy food option, nutritional demands remain limited for our beloved beagles.

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