Top 22 Best Dry & Canned Dog Food For American Bulldogs (Puppy & Adults): 2022 Buying Guide

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what is the best dog food for American Bulldogs? Then we recommend the Hungry Bark Grain-Free Superfoods With Lamb And Turkey as the best one.

American Bulldogs are a favorite breed of dog lovers, especially with their signature scrunched face. While these dogs make great pets, ensuring they live a long life can be done through diet.

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Here’s our list of best-recommended foods for American Bulldogs:

Best Food For Adult or Senior American Bulldogs

Hungry Bark Lamb And Turkey Recipe (Grain-Free)​ Editors' Choice

#1 Hungry Bark Superfoods With Turkey And Duck

Hungry Bark’s Turkey and Duck recipe is nutritiously packed kibbles filled with everything your American Bulldog needs. The first three ingredients are turkey, duck, and turkey meal which are all great sources of protein to help your pet.

This kibble also has sweet potato and pumpkin added in to help with your dog’s digestion, and it is even packed full of vitamins and probiotics.

Made with natural ingredients and real meat, it is made to please even the pickiest of eaters. All around, this food is great for active dogs as well as seniors. If you are looking to help your dog gain some weight or muscle, this recipe is a good filling meal for your American Bulldog pup.


  • The top three ingredients are turkey, duck and turkey meal
  • Packed with vitamins and probiotics
  • Sweet potato and pumpkin to boost your dog’s digestive system
  • Full balanced meal for any stage of your dog’s life


  • A bit more expensive compared to some other kibble recipes
PetPlate Tail Waggin’ Turkey Recipe

#2 PetPlate Tail Waggin’ Turkey Recipe

If you are looking for filling low-carb foods for your American Bulldog, PetPlate’s Tail Waggin’ Turkey Recipe is a good option. Instead of unhealthy grains or corn filling, this recipe is packed with sensitive stomach-friendly ingredients.

The first three ingredients are ground turkey, brown rice, and turkey liver followed by a generous list of veggies.
They are also coming out with a new recipe that will also include green beans, red bell peppers, and wild rice, giving your dog even more of a balanced nutritious meal.

Since this meal is filled with healthy carbs, it makes it a great option for all stages of your American Bulldog’s life from puppy to senior. Pet Plate’s recipe is a perfect meal replacement for any kibble options since it is packed in essential vitamins and nutrients.


  • High in protein and filled with healthy carbs like brown rice
  • Packed with essential vitamins and nutrients
  • Great for sensitive stomachs and senior dogs.


  • Individual meals are packaged fresh, so you will need a lot of freezer space to store them
  • More expensive than most kibble options

#3 Ziwi Peak Lamb Cuisine

Ziwi Peak has designed a food that your puppy can enjoy all the way until he or she is an adult. Crafted with air-dried, free-range lamb, it offers a delicious flavor with each bite. Because Ziwi Peak air dries its lamb, your pup won’t miss out on the true meaty texture and flavor compared to a kibble texture.

The air-dried pieces are soft and chewy, and are easy to digest. Additionally, owners simply scoop and serve, as there is no thawing required. Moreover, there is also no fear of contamination because the meat is air-dried.

With raw food, the contamination is a fear, but with air-dried you still get a similar flavor and texture as with a fresh piece of meat. Ziwi Peak adds to hormones, antibiotics, GMO’s, or fillers into their foods, so you can feel good about feeding your hungry pup each meal.

Some of the main ingredients used in this Lamb Cuisine are lamb, lamb heart, lamb liver, lamb tripe, lamb kidney and vitamins. The analysis on this food is crude protein 44%, crude fat 28%, crude fiber 2%, moisture 14%, chondroitin sulfate 1300mg/kg, and calorie content 4800cal/kg.

As you can see, compared to other kibble brands, the moisture in air-dried food is higher and provides a more hearty and true meat taste.


  • Fresh, moist ingredients
  • Air-dried pieces retain nutrients
  • Great source of digestible protein
  • Lamb offers an array of vitamins
  • No added grain.


  • Bag size is limited
  • Flavours are limited in the puppy versions

#4 Natural Balance Original Ultra Whole Body Health Dry Dog Food

Natural Balance cares about the entire balance of your dog’s body, which is why it created its Ultra-Premium Formula.

With real chicken, potatoes, peas, carrots, duck meal, flaxseed, and added vitamins, your dog’s coat and organs will be nourished. The food goes under rigorous lab testing to ensure its quality and freshness.

The guaranteed analysis of this food is crude protein 23%, crude fat 13%, crude fiber 5%, and moisture 10%; additionally, each cup is 410 calories, which is average compared to other brands on the market.

The protein source is high quality and tastes great.

Natural Balance adds taurine into their kibble to keep the heart healthy, as well as the levels of DHA and EPA. As your American Bulldog grows big, it needs the right vitamins, which can be found in this food.


  • Adequate calorie levels
  • Moisture content is ideal to keep kibble enjoyable to chew and digest
  • Affordable
  • Comes in a variety of bag sizes, up to 30 pounds.


  • Chicken meal and rice may be difficult for some dogs to digest
  • 30-pound bags may not last long for some hungry dogs

#5 Diamond Naturals Dry Dog Food With Beef & Rice

Delicious pasture-raised beef mixed with superfoods comes to life in this rice meal formula. There are absolutely zero fillers or chemicals put into this formula, so you can happily and confidently feed your American Bulldog a bowl each time.

There are tons of antioxidants in this recipe, coming from fruit like oranges, blueberries, dried kelp, coconut, and papaya. In addition, DHA is added to the food from salmon oil, and this promotes healthy brain and eye development, especially as your dog ages.

Moreover, the added glucosamine and chondroitin keep bones and joints healthy. And the omegas from the salmon oil keep your dog’s coat shiny and healthy.

The guaranteed analysis in each bowl is crude protein 25%, crude fat 15%, crude fiber 4.5%, and moisture 10%.

The moisture levels are ideal, while the fiber is on the slightly low side. That being said, one cannot deny that each bowl of Diamond Naturals is healthy and wholesome.


  • Pasture-raised beef is the main source of protein
  • Blend of superfoods to provide antioxidants and burst of flavor in each bite
  • Added glucosamine and chondroitin ensure growing and aging joints and bones stay strong and healthy.


  • Crude fiber levels are slightly low
  • Ground white rice can be hard for some dogs to digest

#6 Purina Beneful Real Chicken Adult Dry Dog Food

As your dog grows older, maintaining a healthy weight is important in keeping a healthy heart, bones, and joints. With farm-raised chicken as the number one protein source and 23 essential vitamins and minerals, you can confidently feed your dog this food each meal.

In addition to hearty chicken, there are nutritious pieces of apples, carrots, and green beans to add extra fiber and flavor. The kibble pieces are fun to eat and the perfect size for developing adult teeth or senior teeth.

The fat percentage per serving is 7%, which is slightly on the low end but perfect for the purpose of this food: to keep weight healthy and maintained.

If your adult dog struggles to keep weight at an ideal level, this food may be able to help him or her reach their goal weight.


  • Great kibble texture and taste
  • Made with farm-raised chicken
  • Blends 23 essential vitamins and minerals to create a superfood mix
  • Affordable
  • Comes in a variety of bag sizes, up to 40 pounds.


  • Does not have a re-sealable bag, which may keep the food fresher

#7 Natures Variety Instinct Raw Boost

With a blend of kibble and freeze-dried raw, can it get any better? Instinct uses cage-free chicken as the first ingredient, as well as blends in chicken eggs, pumpkin seeds, chickpeas, peas, fish meal, turkey meal, and an array of vitamins.

The freeze-dried raw pieces add a chewy texture amongst the crunchy kibble, which makes eating exciting for your dog. 

The recipe is grain-free and free of any additives, fillers like corn or soy, and chemicals. This means you can feed your dog with confidence. There are trial-size bags available to see if your furry friend enjoys the taste and it sits well with them. With each bite, your dog will be nourished and supported.


  • A unique blend of freeze-dried and kibble
  • Delicious taste
  • Made with fresh chicken
  • Blended with antioxidant-rich superfoods.


  • The fish and turkey sources are in the form of meal
  • The largest bag size is 21 pounds

#8 Nature’s Recipe Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

A delicious grain-free formula designed for your adult dog, Nature’s Recipe uses real chicken as its first ingredient. In addition to chicken, Nature’s Recipe blends sweet potato, peas, garbanzo beans, and pumpkin with the chicken for added fiber, protein, and optimal digestion.

There are absolutely no by-products, artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives, so you can feed your dog with confidence. 

The guaranteed analysis per serving is crude protein 25%, crude fat 15%, crude fiber 4%, and moisture 10%. This means, your adult dog is getting adequate fat to keep a healthy coat and the moisture content means the kibble is easy to chew.

While the fiber is slightly low compared to other brands, owners can add other fiber sources such as extra vegetables or treats made with fiber to supplement. This food is easy to serve – just scoop and serve!


  • Easy to digest
  • Keeps dogs full without the bloat or indigestion
  • Grain-free.


  • Is lower in fiber compared to other brands
  • Chicken may be an allergen or sensitivity for some dogs

#9 Purina One Smartblend Formula With Lamb & Rice

The lamb and rice blend to create the perfect protein balance. Purina One prides itself in providing dog food that has 0% fillers and 100% nutrition, just what your adult dog needs to be healthy and live a long life.

Lamb is an easy-to-digest protein source that offers a great flavor in kibble. Additionally, the recipe incorporates omega-6 fatty acids that keep your dog’s coat silky and shiny, making them feel good.

Other ingredients used in this recipe are rice flour, whole grain corn, vitamin blend, whole grain wheat, dried carrots, and dried peas.

Owners can purchase bags of Purina One Smart Blend in bag sizes of 3.63 kg, 7 kg, and 14 kg. 


  • The number one ingredient is lamb
  • 100% nutritious
  • Tastes great
  • Affordable
  • Easy to digest protein sources.


  • Contains chicken by-product meal which some owners may not like

#10 Simply Perfection Super Premium Turkey Canned Recipe

Simply Perfection has created a delicious turkey recipe that is made out of premium ingredients. It contains zero wheat, corn, soy, artificial preservatives, artificial colors, or artificial flavors, and turkey is the first ingredient.

The wet recipe is ideal for dogs who struggle to chew kibble or prefer a more real meat texture and flavor. This wet dog food definitely highlights a real meat dinner more so than a kibble variety.

This particular canned food can be purchased in a case of 6 cans, which are a total of 79.20 Oz. Simply Perfection makes their canned dog food affordable without skimping out on the nutrition.

Other great ingredients used in their mix are turkey broth, poultry liver, cracked barley, whole brown rice, peas, sweet potatoes, carrots, vitamins, potatoes, and ground brown rice.

It is easy to see that no fake ingredients go into this food!


  • Only made with quality ingredients
  • No fillers, additives, or artificial flavors are used
  • Affordable
  • Can be purchased in a case
  • The cans are all recyclable.


  • Cans may be eaten up quicker than kibble

#11 Eukanuba Adult Medium Breed Dry Dog Food

Eukanuba has created an adult food that cares about the growth of your American Bulldog.

Designed for dogs one year of age and older, it blends quality chicken, cornmeal, ground whole grain sorghum, brewers rice, dried beet pulp, and fish oil (just to name a few), to create a wholesome meal that is filling and fibrous.

As your American Bulldogs grows up, it needs food that will keep the heart, brain, and joints strong – which is what it can find in this recipe. Eukanuba has proven that this recipe can remove tartar build-up by an average of 46%, meaning your dog’s oral hygiene is supported each time he or she indulges in a meal.

Eukanuba offers their adult blend in a variety of sizes, such as 5 pounds and 16 pounds, at a relatively affordable price. Owners can feel confident feeding their adult dogs this brand of food due to the company’s dedication to promoting long, healthy lives in all dogs.


  • The first ingredient is chicken
  • The kibble works to remove tartar build-up on teeth
  • Kibble offers a great chicken flavor.


  • Chicken may be an allergen to some dogs or difficult to digest
  • Cornmeal and dried beet pulp are considered fillers and may cause digestive upset

#12 Purina Pro Plan – Bright Mind

Maintaining a bright, healthy mind as an adult dog is so important. That is why, Purina Pro Plan has designed this unique meal, to keep your American Bulldog active, physically and mentally.

With a chicken and rice formula, chicken being the number one ingredient, your dog will receive hearty amounts of protein in each bite. Additionally, the incorporation of DHA and EPA, antioxidants, B-vitamins, and arginine, will keep your dog’s coat healthy and shiny, as well as support its cognitive health.

Some great ingredients you can feel good about being your dog’s food are whole grain wheat, fish oil, fish meal, vitamins, brewers rice, dried egg product, and oatmeal. 

The guaranteed analysis in each serving is crude protein 26%, crude fat 16%, crude fiber 3%, and moisture 12%. Clearly, the moisture content is quite high compared to other brands, which means the kibble is not overly dry or hard to consume.

The bag sizes currently available are 5 pounds, 16 pounds, and 30 pounds – the 30-pound bag is recommended for American Bulldogs due to their size.


  • Chicken is the first ingredient
  • The kibble is high in moisture
  • The protein amount is ideal.


  • The chicken by-product is an ingredient that can be hard for some dogs to digest
  • Chicken is a common allergen for some dogs

#13 Hill’s Science Diet – Beef and Barley Entrée

A delicious recipe of beef and barley, Hill’s Science Diet has created a food designed for adult dogs between the ages of 1 and 6. 

The first ingredient in this recipe is water, which means it is a very moist meal. In addition to water, there is also beef, pork liver, whole grain corn cracked pearled barley, chicken liver flavor, soybean oil, calcium carbonate, chicken fat, and an array of essential vitamins.

The ingredients are easy on the digestive system, which means your dog can enjoy eating without feeling bloated or having an upset stomach afterward. If owners wish to receive a refund on their purchase of Hill’s Science Diet – Beef and Barley Entrée because their dog did not enjoy it, they can do so if they return the unused portion. 

The fat content of this food is not very high, less than 5%, which is ideal for older dogs who may exercise less or hold weight more than others. The great thing about this food is that when scooped out, there are visible pieces of meat and barley, which means it has been minimally processed.


  • The recipe is fresh and visible meat and barley pieces are evident
  • Delicious, wholesome flavor
  • Affordable
  • High moisture content
  • A company backed up by science.


  • Fat content is low, so for those dogs who may need to gain weight this is not ideal
  • It is not grain-free, so some dogs may not be able to digest this food well or may experience allergic reactions to it if they suffer from a grain allergy

Best Food For American Bulldog Puppies

#1 Nutro Wholesome Essentials Puppy Dry Dog Food

With the first ingredient being deboned lamb, puppies get a real meat taste and adequate amount of protein with each bite. Nutro blends their lamb meal with chicken meal, whole brown rice, split peas, fish oil and an array of vitamins to nourish your growing pup.

Three things this company prides itself in with this meal is the support of growing joints thanks to the added glucosamine and chondroitin, support of brain and heart health thanks to the added omega-3 fatty acids like DHA, and adequate amounts of calcium to keep small bones strong in order to grow big.

You will find zero fillers, artificial flavors, colors, preservatives or chemicals in this lamb meal, and only quality ingredients such as pasture-fed lamb go into the mix.

Lamb is easy to digest compared to other proteins, so those puppies with sensitive systems may prefer this. Nutro offers this food in a 30-pound bag, which typically lasts most puppies several weeks. This lamb dinner is clean, nutritious, and more importantly, made without GMO ingredients.

As puppies grow, they need food that will support their demanding needs, and this lamb meal from Nutro offers all the necessary vitamins and ingredients to help them along the way.


  • Made with fresh meat as the first ingredient
  • No fillers or additives
  • Easy to digest
  • Supports brain, heart, and bone health.


  • The addition of chicken meal may not agree with some puppies if they have an allergy Bag sizes run out frequently online

#2 Nutro Ultra Puppy Dry Dog Food

Delicious and nutritious, this Nutro Ultra puppy food blends chicken, rice, lamb and salmon meal, whole grain oatmeal, dried apples, whole chia seed, dried coconut, tomato pomace, dried kale, dried pumpkin, dried spinach, dried blueberries, dried carrots, and the list goes on and on!

Superfoods unite in this Nutro puppy food and provide your growing pup with all the necessary vitamins and minerals it needs to thrive and grow up strong.

There are absolutely zero artificial flavors, dyes, and fillers. The analysis on a scoop of Nutro Ultra puppy food is crude protein 28%, crude fat 15%, crude fiber 4%, and moisture 10%. This means, your puppy is getting adequate protein, fat, and fiber but with the 10% moisture, he or she will enjoy the crunch of the kibble.

The blend of fruit and vegetables means antioxidants are offered in each bite, which help promote heart, brain, and organ health. 

Puppies can sometimes be picky eaters or munch a little bit, but no matter how small of a bite your pup takes of his or her Nutro Ultra food, they will be getting nutrients each time. 

Nutro Ultra comes in a variety of bag sizes and can be fed to a puppy up to 52 weeks of age.


  • Blends fruit and vegetables in with the meat
  • Offers antioxidants in every bite
  • Provides puppies with the right amount of protein
  • Easy to digest
  • Tastes delicious.


  • Available in only two bag sizes
  • Kibble may be hard for some puppies to chew or may not be preferred by some

#3 Nutro Max Large Breed Puppy

Crafted carefully with your large breed puppy in mind, Nutro Max offers a delicious and nutritious meal. Chicken is the main protein source in this food and is farm-raised chicken.

Other ingredients to be found in this food are whole grain oatmeal, whole brown rice, chickpeas, flaxseed, green tea extract, spearmint extract, and dehydrated alfalfa meal, just to name a few. The addition of the spearmint extract works to keep breath fresh and teeth clean, as well as the alfalfa meal.

The green tea extract offers antioxidants that support heart and brain health, while the flaxseed and chickpeas offer protein and healthy fats. Large breed puppies need specific ingredients in order to grow big and strong.

Looking at the ingredients of Nutro Max, it is easy to see how they support growing pups. Only the most premium ingredients go into each batch. The meaty and flavorful taste of each kibble surely will be a favorite.

The analysis of Nutro Max is crude protein 26%, crude fat 14%, crude fiber 3%, and moisture 10 %, which means the flavorful chicken is there with an enjoyable crunch from 10% moisture. The kibble texture helps to keep your pup’s teeth clean and healthy.


  • Blended with ingredients that support oral hygiene
  • Loaded with antioxidants
  • Tasty
  • Easy to digest.


  • Currently only available in a 25-pound bag
  • Chicken may be an allergen to your pup

#4 Nutro Ultra Large Breed Puppy

Designed for large breed puppies, Nutro’s Ultra blend uses a trio of protein from chicken, lamb, and salmon for the ultimate meal that nourishes and supports growth. Blended with all the right superfoods like sunflower oil, egg, and fruit, this meal keeps brain and heart health and the center of its focus.

The analysis on this food is crude protein 26%, crude fat 13%, crude fiber 4%, and moisture 10%. Additionally, vitamin E is offered in 80 IU/kg, Chondroitin Sulfate to keep joints lubricated is 200 mg/kg, and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids are found in abundance.

It is important to note that puppies, especially large breed puppies, need more than just protein to grow big and healthy. In fact, they need necessary antioxidants and vitamins, such as those found in Nutro Ultra’s large breed puppy formula.

You can feel good feeding your pup this as a meal every time because of all the superfood ingredients found in the mix. Additionally, there are absolutely no GMO ingredients, fillers, chemicals, food dyes, or additives in this food.

The kibble is not overly dry or hard for tiny puppy teeth to chew, as well as it is easy for small stomachs to digest.


  • Offers important superfoods
  • Delicious
  • Enjoyable crunch thanks to the kibble
  • Typically affordable.


  • Only available in a 30-pound bag
  • Chicken may be difficult for some pups to digest or maybe an allergen for some

#5 Wag – Chicken And Lentil Recipe

Created with only California, USA ingredients, Wag is an affordable dog food that does not skimp out on flavor.

The two main ingredients are chicken and lentil, which offer a combined high protein level in each bowl, specifically 36% protein. In addition to 36% protein, each bowl contains 16% crude fat, 5.5% crude fiber, and 10% moisture.

Lentils are also an easy to digest protein that is fibrous, meaning it will keep your pup’s stomach satisfied after a long day at the park. Other wholesome ingredients used in the recipe are peas, pea protein, flaxseed, salmon oil, and vitamin E supplement.

Wag offers trial sized bags in their chicken and lentil recipe so owners can see if their puppies enjoy the food.

As with any food, start feeding you puppy a small amount and gradually increase; all the information you need regarding this is on the back of the Wag Chicken and Lentil Recipe bag.


  • Trial size bags are helpful for owners
  • Chicken is sourced in the USA
  • Tasty and the kibble pieces are perfect size for puppy teeth
  • The kibble is not overly dry thanks to 10% moisture content
  • There is no added grain in the recipe
  • Money back guarantee.


  • This recipe is only available in a 15-lb. bag

#6 Purina Beneful Healthy Puppy

Loaded with 23 essential vitamins and crafted with hearty chicken, puppies will love the meaty taste. The analysis in a bowl of Purina Beneful Healthy Puppy is crude protein 28%, crude fat 14%, crude fiber 4%, and moisture 14%.

Therefore, the kibble is a bit more hydrating than others on the market. Other ingredients in this recipe are water, rice flour, chicken, whole wheat flour, dried peas and carrots, and vitamin-d supplement.

The kibble pieces are small enough for puppy teeth but also work to clean them with each crunch. Purina Beneful Healthy Puppy is affordable and is currently available in a 7-kg bag size.

Each cup of food you serve your hungry puppy offers 27 grams of protein, which will support its growing bones.


  • Affordable for most dog owners
  • Kibble pieces are easy for puppies to chew and digest
  • Delicious chicken flavor
  • Made with real chicken


  • Contains chicken by-product meal which some puppies may not like
  • Contains added dyes

#7 Merrick Real Chicken & Sweet Potato Recipe

Made with deboned chicken as the number one ingredient, Merrick’s Real Chicken and Sweet Potato Recipe is delicious and satisfying for puppies. The kibble contains DHA that promotes brain health and their overall cognitive development, while the grain-free recipe allows for the food to be easily digested.

Other healthy ingredients in this recipe are peas, flaxseed oil, de-boned salmon, apples, blueberries, and dried alfalfa meal. Each bowl you serve to your furry friend contains 28% protein, which for American Bulldogs, is extremely beneficial – these dogs grow up to be rather large.

The chicken kibble is hearty and cleans the puppy’s small, growing teeth, leaving them fresh and clean. 

Merrick prides itself in each recipe, specifically this one, as having 55% poultry and fish proteins and 45% fresh produce, vitamins, and minerals. This means, each bowl is perfectly balanced and all you have to do is scoop and serve.


  • Made with fresh ingredients and hearty protein sources
  • Delicious and easy to chew and digest for puppies
  • Ingredients support the puppy’s overall health
  • Grain-free recipe.


  • Can be pricey, depending on the size of bag you wish to purchase

#8 Purina Puppy Chow Complete Dry Dog Food

Cooked with real chicken and an array of other wholesome ingredients, Purina Puppy Chow is delicious and nutritious. In addition to being made with chicken, this food also contains whole grain corn, chicken by-product meal, egg and chicken flavor, and important vitamins and minerals.

Your puppy will love the crunchiness of the kibble, as well as the meaty taste from the protein source.

The guaranteed analysis of a bowl of food is Crude Protein (Min) 27.0%, Crude Fat (Min) 12.0%, Crude Fibre (Max) 5.0%, Moisture (Max) 12.0%, Linoleic Acid (Min) 1.6%, Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) (Min) 0.05%, Calcium (Ca) (Min) 1.1%, Phosphorus (P) (Min) 0.9%, Iron (Fe) (Min) 150 mg/kg, Vitamin A (Min) 10,000 IU/kg.

The relatively high moisture content of the kibble means puppies will not struggle to chew the kibble.


  • Great meaty flavor
  • Kibble size is ideal for tiny puppy teeth.


  • Contains chicken by-product meal
  • Fruit and vegetables are not used in the recipe

#9 Hill’s Science Diet Large Breed Dry Dog Food

With a new and improved kibble texture and shape, Hill’s Science Diet is a preferred food for a large breed puppy, such as an American Bulldog.

With a mix of lamb meal, brewers rice, pork liver flavor, brown rice, and loads of vitamins, your growing puppy will receive all the necessary nutrients it needs to grow up big and strong.

Hill’s prides itself in providing food that is balanced in minerals to support strong bones and teeth, DHA from fish oil to promote brain and eye development, and vitamin C and E to keep a strong immune system.

Hill’s gets that your puppy won’t be small for long, so it needs the right nutrients to become a healthy adult dog.


  • New and improved recipe
  • Added natural glucosamine and chondroitin in the food keeps joints lubricated and healthy
  • Affordable.


  • Wheat gluten may be hard for some dogs to digest
  • Corn gluten meal may be an allergen for some dogs
An American Bulldog

What Factors to Consider While Choosing American Bulldogs Food?

Like any other dog breed, American Bulldogs require specific foods to stay healthy. There are several things to consider when choose a certain food. Let’s take a look at the factors.


The American Bulldog sits at a healthy weight between 60-120 pounds, depending on whether it is male or female, as well as its’ bone structure.

Keeping your American Bulldog at a healthy weight is so important because this breed is susceptible to hip and elbow dysplasia and ACL tears.

The more weight it has around its joints and bones, the greater chance it has at developing one of these conditions.


The food your serve should be packed full of nutritious protein, such as chicken, beef, or pork. 

The protein should be high-quality and lean, so always check the brand to see where the company sources their protein.

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Your American Bulldog needs healthy doses of fat in its food in order to have a healthy brain, heart, and keep its muscle shape.

Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids can be found in dog food or added to it through a supplement from a veterinarian. Additionally, Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids promote a strong immune system.


High-quality carbohydrates are necessary to keep your dog full and satisfied. However, not all carbohydrates in dog food are created equal. Simple carbs are easier for dogs to digest, such as rice or blueberries.

Other healthy carb sources are sweet potatoes, carrots, and green beans. Some dogs do not digest grains well, so a grain-free food may be ideal.

Always pay attention to what your dog enjoys eating and their stools, as this can tell how a dog is digesting its food.


Fiber is essential for good digestion, but certain dog foods add filler ingredients which can cause digestive upset or allergies. For example, corn is a common additive for fiber, which is hard to digest for some dogs.

Alternatives like brown rice or beet pulp are easier on the stomach, and will keep your American Bulldog regular. Always read the ingredient list of the dog food before buying.

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Concerns About the Food Allergy

Many American Bulldog owners have reported that their dogs are sensitive to grains. Luckily, there are many grain-free foods on the market. Additionally, owners can always make their own food.

Other allergies to be aware of are corn, soy, wheat, and dairy, which are all common food allergies amongst all dog breeds.

American Bulldog’s Food: FAQ

When it comes to American Bulldogs, there are many questions that arise about the breed, from feeding to exercise. 

Let’s check out some common questions related to feeding, as this is very important to know as owners. I have selected questions that I hope you will find useful.

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#How Frequent Should You Feed An American Bulldog?

Depending on your American Bulldog’s activity level, he or she will require a meal at least 2 to 3 times a day. 

Typically, if your dog goes for two 30-50 minute walks a day, eating twice a day is ideal with a few treats mixed in there, as well. 

If your dog is very active and goes for hikes or swims at the lake, eating three times a day is ideal. 

Always be in tune with your dog to see if it is truly hungry and so it is eating enough food to sustain its activity level.

# What’s the Recommended Calorie Needed?

Active American Bulldogs require between 970-1700 calories per day. 

If you are stuck on the exact amount, speak with a veterinarian to decide what is optimal for your dog. 

Female and male dogs may require a different amount, as well as how active your dog is will determine how many calories he or she needs.

#What is the Ideal Weight of an American Bulldog?

Males typically weigh between 30-58 kg and females typically weigh between 27-41 kg.

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So, we have taken a look at some amazing brands and recipes of dog food, but which one takes the cake?

After some careful thought, the winner is the Hungry Bark Grain-Free Superfoods With Lamb And Turkey because of its air-dried lamb recipe that offers a true meat flavor and texture, all while offering zero artificial flavors or additives.

Owners can confidently feed this recipe to their dogs without worrying about the ingredients in the recipe. While there were many other great dog food, many contained fillers which can cause digestive upset.

American Bulldogs are beautiful dogs that need healthy food to stay active and live a long life. I hope you found this article useful in helping you make the right decision regarding your dog’s food!

Let me know what you thought of this article in the comment section below.

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10. Best Dog Food For Husky (Siberian & Mixes Breeds)
How To Choose The Right Food For Your Dog?

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