21 Dog Food Recipes For Allergies

If your dog is riddled with allergies over brand name food labels, you may wonder how can you help them?

Making homemade dog food has become more and more popular lately.

Dog Food Recipes For Allergies

This is mostly due to the fact that you get to see what is going into your dog’s food, stopping known allergies in their tracks.

So I have come up with 21 dog food recipes for allergies to get you started.

Dog Food Recipes For Allergies

#1 – Dried Sweet Potato Bites

Sweet potato bites are perfect for dogs with allergies to wheat and corn, since most dog chews have a coating made with these ingredients.

It also is a great replacement from rawhide bites since there is no choking hazard with a dried sweet potato.

Source: Topdogtips.com

#2 – Chicken and Brown Rice Dog Food

This chicken recipe is perfect for dogs allergic to most allergens, plus dogs adore the cream cheese added to it.

This recipe can also be altered to fit your pup by changing the protein if they happen to be allergic to chicken.

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Source: Dogvills.com

#3 – Soft Baby Food Cookies For Senior Dogs

These cookies are perfect for senior dogs with little to no teeth since they are soft and easy to chew.

You could even shape the cookies to the perfect size for your pooch, so they end up with something they could savor.

Source: Topdogtips.com

#4 – Yummy Turkey Stir Fry

This stir fry is so good you can eat it yourself alongside your pooch, and for me that is the best kind of dog food.

It is a quick meal packed with turkey that your dog will adore, making seconds inevitable.

#5 Crock-pot Duck Chuck

I have never met a dog that turned their nose up at the opportunity to eat duck.

This recipe you can throw together and leave for the day to cook in your crockpot without any hassle, serving it up to your dog when ready.

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#6 – Easy Deer Stew

This dog food is very easy to make since all you have to do is throw everything together in a dutch oven for a bit.

Not only is it easy, the taste of chunks of venison will have your dog drooling in anticipation.

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Source: ProudDogMom.com

#7 – Banana Coconut Bone Treat

This treat is perfect for hot summer days when your dog is baking in the heat.

Frozen and sweet, your dog is going to be able to enjoy it for a while with little mess left over.

#8 – Bison Medley

This medley is packed with many different fruits, veggies, and grains, so your dog will be getting the nutrition they need from this meal.

It does take some time to prepare, but your dog will be thanking your after licking their bowl completely clean.

Check The Full Recipe Here

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#9 – Mutton for Mutts

Mutton and oats is a great healthy blend for any pups out there, big or small.

Not only is it rich with the taste of mutton, but it will be sure to fill your dog up after every meal.

Check The Full Recipe Here

Source: Skinnyms.com

#10 – Turkey and Veggie Mush

This recipe is packed with both turkey and beans for a great source of protein as well as squash, carrots, and peas to give your dog a great high quality meal.

Your dog will love this almost stew like dinner every time.

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#11 – Hearty Turkey Stew

Your dog will adore this very hearty dish packed with turkey and a variety of veggies.

With this recipe, your dog is definitely getting a very nutritious meal their stomachs will thank you for without all the risk of allergens from store bought brands.

#12 – Zucchini Strip Treats

These baked zucchini strips are healthy and tasty for both your dog and you!

Give your pup a savory veggie chew packed with flavor from chicken bouillon and some ground mustard.

I am sure they would give paw at this fabulous treat.

#13 – Veggie Medley

This veggie plate contains all sorts of highly beneficial vegetables from carrots to zucchini.

With the added turkey, your dog will dive right in for a taste of this delightful dish packed with flavor.

Yet another dish I would happily eat with my dog, that’s how you know it’s good.

Check The Full Recipe Here

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#14 – Dog-Gone Turkey Stew

I know what you may be thinking. Another stew?

Well this one will give your pooch an awesome blend of turkey, sweet potato, carrots, and peas.

The blend is not only great for them, especially the added coconut oil to help with digestion, it will taste so good they will clean their bowls for you.

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Source: Dogvills.com

#15 – Almond Oatmeal Cookies

This recipe here is another great one you could eat yourself and share with your dog without regret or worry.

While it may not be the sweetest thing for you, your dog is sure to love the smooth soft cookies, especially since he will think it’s a treat of human food he is being spoiled with.

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#16 – Turkey Veggie Rice Bowl

This recipe is made to follow the guidelines of what a dog should be eating with each meal.

With a great balance of fifty percent protein and twenty-five percent of both grains and veggies, your dog will be getting a nutritional meal.

Not to mention your dog is going to love the chicken, rice, and veggie bowl.

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#17 Hearty Beef Stew

This beef stew is a great homemade alternative to the typical wet food you would buy in stores.

It has beef for protein and vegetables for necessary vitamins as well.

You can’t forget about the gravy that will leave your dog licking their chops for hours after this hearty meal.

Source: Trudog.com

#18 – Turkey with Vegetables and Rice

This bowl is a great source of lean protein for your pup with healthy fats that make it highly digestible, meaning your dog is going to be feeling good after every meal.

With the crunchy veggies and wholesome rice, your dog will not turn his nose up at it.

Source: Carlsonpetproducts.com

#19 – Pork and Veggie Meatballs

These pork meatballs packed with veggies are a great healthy treat alternative to store bought treats.

Or you can add them together for a more interactive meal than kibble would bring to your dog’s bowl.

Either way, these seem like they will be a favorite for any pooch around.

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Source: Skinnyms.com

#20 – Pork Stew

I understand there have been a lot of stew options here, but this particular one brings a new flavor to the table.

Pork! That mixed with some green beans and carrots, your dog will appreciate the effort it took you to make it.

#21 – Grain-Free Doggy Cookies

Finding proper treats for dogs allergic to wheat can be tiresome since most are coated in it.

However, this alternative sweet cookie made from coconut flour will make your dog perk up when you start baking.

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Which Recipes Do You Plan to Make?

I put together this list of recipes to help out the parents of dogs suffering from allergies in store bought food and treats.

These alternatives are great ways to feed your dog without those nasty reactions.

However, always consult your vet to ensure you are giving your dog a proper balanced nutrition.

Now, which recipe did you enjoy best? Are you planning on trying any in the near future for your dog?

Or have you already made some of these in the past. Let us know in the comments and tell us your stories with them.

Also if you found some recipes that you believe should be added, please let us know.

Thank you!

Don’t forget to share the article with friends and family if you enjoyed it.

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