Best Dog Foods For Pitbulls (Puppy & Adult) : Dry & Canned

If you have ever owned a pitbull, you know just how big of a sweetheart and goofball they can be.

You also know just how important their food is for their health.

Dog Food For Pitbulls

If you are getting a pitty pup for the first time, well it is best to ensure they are getting the proper food from the beginning.

You only want the best dog food for pitbulls there is, so I will be going over what pitbulls need for a healthy diet?


In this article, we’re going to review the following best foods for Pitbulls:

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Nutritional Requirements For Pitbulls

Pitbull nutrition needs are mainly based on their age, body size, and most importantly their activity level.

All dogs require a mix of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, and water.

However, pits require a specific ratio I will delve into further below.



Adult pitbull terriers need around 18 percent protein a day with puppies requiring a whopping 22 percent.

It is also recommended to have at least 25 grams of protein for every thousand calories.


However, your pit will need protein from a variety of sources in order for a rounded diet.


List Of Protein Sources:


  • Meats : Lamb, beef, chicken, turkey, and fish are the most common proteins you should see at least one of in your dog’s food
  • Soy : While soy may not be seen as a protein, it has certain amino acids that are not found in other sources.
  • Corn : Corn is just as soy, containing its own amino acids that would help give your pit more balance in their proteins.

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I know fats seem like something we shouldn’t have in our food, but they are necessary for your pit.

They are most important for the nervous system, digestion and absorption of vitamins.

It is suggested to have at least 5 percent for adults and 8 percent for puppies in their food.


List Of Fat Sources:


  • Animal Fats : Chicken, beef, lamb, and beef fat are common sources of fat within dog foods that are both high quality and good for them.
  • Fish Oil : Fish oil is great for your pitbull, bringing with it omega-3 acids that are essential for your pup.
  • Other Oils : Canola, sunflower, and safflower oils are also high quality fats that help with digestion.


Carbs in dog food help mainly with digestion. For a pitbull, it is suggested to have a lower fiber diet with tons of soluble carbs.

It is suggested to have around 25 to 30 percent carbs in your pit’s diet.


List Of Carbohydrate Sources:


  • Fiber : Fiber is a type of carbs that helps with digestion, however for energetic dogs like pits, it is always best to keep fiber to a minimum.
  • Fruits and Veggies : A variety of fruits and vegetables can help give your dog a more rounded diet with this soluble carbs.
  • Wholesome Grains : Grains like rice or potatoes are great to add more amino acids and simple sugars to your dog’s diet.

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Minerals And Vitamins

Minerals and vitamins are as crucial for your pitbull as they are for your own health.

They can help from blood to fur and everything in between.

  • Iron : Iron helps promote hemoglobin in the red blood cells, which helps transport the oxygen.
  • Calcium : Calcium is of course a great mineral to help build strong bones.
  • Vitamins A, C, and E : These vitamins are great and beneficial antioxidants.
  • B Vitamins : For a healthy metabolism for your pup, the B vitamins help promote it.


Water in dog food is actually really beneficial. It helps with more water intake and keeps them hydrated.

It also moves along the digestion of the food.


Also, if your dog scarfs their food down like mine, water helps even slow them down.


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Different Types Of Foods

There are four different types of food for dogs; kibble, dehydrated foods, canned food, and a frozen raw diet.

I will briefly be going over these below.


Kibble is one of the top kinds of dog food out there.

It provides many of the nutritional values from above, plus it has a much higher variety in such.


Kibble should always be the first option since there are many formulas available.

Dehydrated Foods

Dehydrated foods are often raw diets that you need to add water to.


It can be good for your pit’s digestion, but it is often suggested to add some dry food to it.

Canned Food

Canned food simulates a raw diet with some of the benefits of kibble.


However, it can bring up some digestion issues with upset bellies.

Frozen Raw Diet

Frozen raw diets are similar to dehydrated foods, however they need to thaw before feeding.


Though they don’t offer a full range as kibble does, a raw diet isn’t necessarily bad.


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Well Balanced And Healthy Diet Benefits

Just as we do, pitbulls need a healthy and well balanced diet. And when they are given such a diet, they benefit greatly from it.


  • Staying in Shape :  A healthy diet helps keep your dog in shape with their high activities.
  • Prevents Health Issues :  Pitbulls are known for lots of health problems, and a healthy diet helps prevent many of them.

What To Look Out For In Your Pitbull’s Food

When looking at the ingredients in the dog food for your pitbull, you want to see the best of the best.

Firstly, you want to ensure they are human-grade ingredients instead of processed by products.


You also want a low carbs formula for your pup with no fillers or generic proteins or fats.

Also as a rule of thumb for quality foods, it is never wise to get something with preservatives, sweeteners, or dyes.


Below I will be going into more detail about each of these so you know just what to be looking for.


Yes To Human-Grade Ingredients

As a rule of thumb, if you can eat it, your dog can to.

Human-grade simply means it is edible for us, even if it won’t taste food.


But this ensures that your pet is getting the best ingredients possible instead of low quality byproducts.


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Yes To Low Carbohydrates

When looking for carbohydrates, you want to ensure your pup is getting higher quality and healthy sources.

These include things such as oatmeal, brown rice, or even apples.


Examples of low quality fillers would be wheat, corn, potato, or soy.

These are often best to stay away from since they don’t offer many benefits.

No To Generic Meat And Oils

Have you ever looked at the label of any store brand dog food and seen ‘animal fat’ or ‘meat product’?

These are generic ingredients found in low quality food.


This should definitely be avoided in any food you choose for your pit.

If you have to ask what animal the fat is from, it’s not something you should even consider.


No To By-Products

By-products are often made from animal parts we would never eat that are ground up and tossed in your pits food.

There is no nutritional value from it and even can cause an allergic reaction in your pit.


If you see by-products or digests in the label, its essentially parts such as hooves, eyes, guts, etc.

Not very appetizing.


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No To Worthless Fillers

Worthless fillers such as soy, corn, potatoes, and wheat offer no nutritional value to your pup’s meal.


It is best to stay away from such fillers, as they will only make your pit need to go to the bathroom more frequently and eat more.


No To Chemical Preservatives

Chemical preservatives are being discussed heavily in our foods about the complications they can cause.

Why should they be in our fur baby’s food?


If you see preservatives in your pit’s food, it is best to change to a healthier option.

No To Artificial Sweeteners Or Dyes

As a rule of thumb, if your dog’s food is bright and colorful, it is not healthy.

The colors are mainly there to attract our attention, not for your pitbull’s health.


It is best to stay away from anything with dyes, sweeteners or even artificial flavoring.

None of these offer any nutritional value for your pit.


Problems May Come From Cheap Foods

Pitbulls are very prone to health complications that arise from eating cheaper foods.

There are a handful of medical issues they face in their lifetime if they are not meeting their nutritional needs.

Allergies : Pitbulls are very prone to skin and coat allergies from foods with wheat, corn, soy, and potatoes.

Bloat : Bloat happens in pitbulls from too many fillers or a single large meal a day, and it can even lead to death.

Hip and Elbow Dysplasia : From how active pitbulls are, an improper diet can cause them to become overweight with higher risk of dysplasia.


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Things To Avoid In Your Pitbull’s Food


Unknown Proteins

Questionable proteins such as meat or poultry by-products are both processed and contain no nutritional value.

You don’t know what it contains, and it has no health benefits either.


Corn And Grain Fillers

Corn and Grain are both fillers that only ever fill your pup up.

They are cheap and low quality ingredients that often lead to a lot of digestive issues or even weight gain.


Artificial Additives

Any additives are not natural for dog consumption. They can lead to allergies from the chemicals stocked into them.

They are often found in cheap food only to make it more appealing instead of healthy.


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Best Dog Food For Pitbull Puppies And Senior Dogs


#1 Taste Of The Wild Pacific Stream Grain Free Dry Dog Food

Taste Of The Wild Pacific Stream formula is made with real salmon and filled with vitamins and minerals.

Plus this formula has a 25 percent protein content and also a 15 percent fat content, a perfect amount for pitbulls.


Not to mention this formula is highly digestible and contains quality carbs with no fillers.

Taste of the Wild is also made to be easily absorbed and keep your pit going all day.


It is also comes with prebiotics for a healthy gut for your pitbull. They put quality first with your dog’s health in mind.



  • It comes with quality ingredients.
  • This formula is grain free.
  • Fruits and vegetables for a stronger immune system.
  • Offers omega-3s for joint, skin, and thyroid health.


  • Online purchases seem to have more frequent bad batches.
  • Not great for very active pits.

>> Check Price On Amazon <<


#2 Wellness Simple Natural Limited Ingredient Dry Dog Food

Wellness Simple keeps it just that, simple. There is only one source of protein, mostly being salmon.

This is also a grain free formula without preservatives or additives.


If your dog has allergies to most foods, this will definitely help your pitbull out with its limited ingredients.

It also comes with the a protein content of 25 percent, the average amount for any normal pitbull.


In general, this is a great food for pitbulls, especially those with allergies.



  • Quality and limited ingredients
  • Great for allergen prone or overweight pitbulls
  • Has omega-3s for skin, join, and thyroid health
  • Filled with vitamins and minerals


  • Not great for active pitbulls because of low fat content
  • No fruits or vegetables
  • Less than quality batches from online vendors
  • Very expensive brand of food

>> Check Price On Amazon <<


#3 Taste Of The Wild High Prairie Dry Dog Food

Just as the Taste Of The Wild Pacific Stream formula, the High Prairie is just as quality of a food worthy for your pitbull’s food bowl.

With the high quality ingredients, this food is much more filling and will last quite a while.


It is also chalk full of vitamins and minerals as well as fruit and vegetables.

And with a no grain formula, your pitbull will be able to digest it with no issue.


  • Great for allergen prone pitbulls
  • Grain free
  • No preservatives, additives, or dyes
  • Very digestible
  • With filling portions, the bag will last you a while


  • Less active pitbulls will gain weight with this formula
  • Some online sellers have bad batches

>> Check Price On Amazon <<


#4 Wellness Core Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food

Wellness Core comes with many different formulas of protein.

With protein at a 34 percent, it is very rich for even the most active pitbull.


However it does have a lower fat percentage at about 12 percent.

This brand also includes human-grade ingredients formulated just for larger breeds.


You also won’t find any worthless fillers in this food, keeping your pitbull’s digestive system happy and healthy.



  • Very high in protein
  • Includes glucosamine and chondroitin for joint health
  • Has human-grade ingredients
  • Grain free formula


  • With some sensitive stomachs, it can cause some digestive issues
  • Ziploc technology makes it hard to keep the bag closed

>> Check Price On Amazon <<


#5 Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Dry Dog Food

Blue Buffalo has been known for its healthy and variety of ingredients.

It comes with a whopping 34 percent protein content as well, putting it above other brands.


Since it is also grain free, it keeps your pitbull’s stomach happy with less risk of allergens.

It also comes with the minimum requirement of fat for a pitbull at 15 percent.

Oh you can’t forget about the omega-3 acids and glucosamine added for more benefits.



  • High in protein percentage
  • No fillers, grains, or artificial ingredients
  • Has fruits and vegetables mixed in
  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Glucosamine for joint health


  • Chicken allergen is present
  • Lower fat content
  • No zip closure to keep the food fresh
  • Some dogs are picky about the nutritional bits

>> Check Price On Amazon <<


#6 Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet Dry Dog Food

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet focuses mainly on fish and sweet potatoes as their main ingredients.

Though this does lower the fat content to around 21 percent and an even lower fat content of 10 percent.


It is not quite to pitbull standard, but it helps more if your pitbull is overweight or has kidney issues.

This food is also filled with vitamins and minerals for a more rounded diet.



  • Limited ingredients
  • No grain diet
  • Free from allergens with grains or meats
  • Nothing artificial


  • Low protein and fat content
  • With certain dogs it can give them an awful smell
  • Really picky eaters will turn their nose up at it

>> Check Price On Amazon <<


#7 Merrick Grain Free Dry Dog Food

Merrick Grain Free Dog Food is one of the top brands with the most protein content.

It stands at a whopping 43 percent of just protein with duck, turkey meal, lamb meal, deboned chicken, and salmon meal.


It gives your pitbull a very diverse meal they are sure to love.

It also comes with an abundance of fruit and veggies such as sweet potatoes, blueberries, apples, alfalfa, etc.


It also contains glucosamine, so this formula is definitely a well rounded diet.



  • High protein content
  • Filled with fruit and vegetables
  • Has glucosamine for joint health
  • Varied and full diet


  • Some dogs may hate certain flavors
  • Does contain some allergens such as poultry

>> Check Price On Amazon <<


#8 Earthborn Holistic Great Plains Feast Dry Dog Food

Earthborn is also very in protein at a full 42 percent. This protein comes from bison meat, bison meal, lamb meal, and eggs.

This protein comes from bison meat, bison meal, lamb meal, and eggs.


This is great for high energy dogs that need the meat to maintain the energy all day long.

Earthborn also comes with healthy fats like flaxseed for skin and fur.


With a mix of fruits and veggies, it also brings a rounded diet of vitamins and nutrients.



  • High protein content
  • Packed with fruits and vegetables
  • Lean mean for high energy
  • Great rounded diet of vitamins and minerals


  • Purchasing online can lead to some bad batches
  • Really picky eaters will turn up their noses

>> Check Price On Amazon <<


#9 Orijen Original Dry Dog Food

Orijen comes in many formulas for small to large and puppy to senior dogs.

They are known for their nutrition research put into their food to always offer the best for your dog.


Most of their formulas contain an amazing 70 to 30 percent ratio of meat to fruit and vegetables.

There is absolutely no grain in their blends, which is mainly unneeded filler anyway.


It also has high quality human grade ingredients that are sourced to have no antibiotics or hormones.

Orijen also has a 40 percent content of protein with 16 percent fat, perfect for any pitbull.



  • High protein content
  • No grain
  • Filled with fruit and vegetables
  • Human-grade ingredients
  • Omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acid


  • Some online retailers have bad batches
  • Rather expensive

>> Check Price On Amazon <<


#10 Acana Heritage Meats Dry Dog Food

Acana is made from the same company as Orijen.

This means they follow the same ethic with this brand, making its ingredients as high quality as it can get.


Acana however has a bit more carbohydrate content at 28 percent.

It is also a bit lower in protein at 33 percent instead of 40.


With a 15 to 17 percent fat content as well, this brand falls into the healthy bracket for pitbulls.

Acana also comes in formulas for all stages of life for your pup.



  • High protein content
  • High quality ingredients
  • Meant for a more natural diet
  • Great for digestion


  • Some dogs develop allergies to it
  • Some online retailers have bad batches

>> Check Price On Amazon <<


#11 Hill’s Science Diet Adult Light Dog Food

Hill’s Science Diet is known as the go to brand for most vets. I often see it when walking in the door for my vet visits.

This brand is great for active dogs with its rounded diet with vitamins and minerals.


Not to mention it comes with a blend of Omega-6 fatty acids and even Vitamin E to promote healthy skin and fur.

Hill’s Science is also free of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives.



  • Omega-6 fatty acids
  • Helps with coat and skin
  • Has antioxidants for a healthy immune system
  • No artificial flavors, preservatives, or colors


  • Contains the leading allergen chicken
  • Online retailers have some bad batches

>> Check Price On Amazon <<


#12 Bully Max High Performance Premium Dog Food

Bully Max is made specifically for pitbulls. It has a full 30 percent protein content and 20 percent fat content.

Perfect for any pit out there. All the ingredients are natural, and it doesn’t contain fillers such as corn, wheat, or soy.


It also is free of artificial flavors, colors, preservatives or even hidden ingredients.


  • High in protein and fat content
  • No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives
  • Great for athletic pitbulls
  • Easily digestible


  • Rather expensive for its quality
  • For those looking for more muscle in your pit, it seems not to show improvements.

>> Check Price On Amazon <<


Pitbull Foods Related FAQs

#How Do I Treat My Overweight Pitbull?

To get your pit down to a healthy weight, take it easy on the treats, measure out all the food, and get plenty of exercise.

#How Do I Treat My Underweight Pitbull?

The first thing you must do is find out what is causing your pit to be underweight, weather it is medical or parasitic. So the best thing to do is take your pitbull to the vet for answers.


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#How Do I Keep My Pitbull in Shape?

With a proper balanced and measured diet as well as proper exercise, you can keep your pitty as healthy as can be.


#How Do I Avoid Bloat in My Pitbull?

The best way to prevent bloat is to separate meals to two to three times a day. With one big meal, there is a much higher risk of gas buildup.

Did You Find Your Best Dog Foods For Pitbulls Today?

Out of all the lineup of foods, I would have to say Orijen Original Dry Dog Food stood out most to me.

It was the highest quality of food and really seemed to pride themselves of having such a above standard nutritional profile.


When compared to the other brands, it has one of the highest protein content value while maintaining the needed fat content for pitbulls.

It is also free of additives and fillers which makes it prime for any pitbull’s diet.


What do you think? Did something stand out more to you?


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