Can Dogs Eat Limes?

Who would give a dog a lime to eat? I pity such a person as the dog would not benefit from such an action by a human. So, is lime bad for dogs? It may seem funny at first to see the dog twitch at the sour taste of the lime.

However, when the dog becomes sick to the point of death, the smile would be removed from your face. Remorse would be the only feeling then call your veterinarian quickly so he can save your dog.


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Can Dogs Eat Limes?


It Is Not Recommended That Dogs Eat Limes

Most of the time, we would like to share our human snacks with our loving dogs. Caution! Not every human snack is good for your dog.

It is not recommended that you share a slice of lime with your dog or even a sip of lime juice. Let us get this fact now; limes are not for dog consumption as it can make them very sick or even kill them.

Now that we are clear on that fact, ensure that all the members of your household are aware that even brushing against a lime leaf can cause your dog to have a rash.


There is a Powerful Element in the Lime That is Poisonous

  • The peel of a lime fruit is dangerous for your dog.
  • The leaf of a lime tree is dangerous for your dog.
  • The juice of a lime fruit is dangerous for your dog.
  • The leaves and fruit of the lime tree contain aromatic oils.
  • The leaves and fruit of the lime tree contain psoralen compounds.
  • Both aromatic oils and psoralen compounds are toxic to dogs.
  • Psoralen compounds can cause vomiting in your dog.
  • Psoralen compounds can cause diarrhea in your dog.
  • Psoralen compounds can cause depression in your dog.
  • Psoralen compounds can cause sensitivity to light in your dog.

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Signs of Lime Poisoning

  • Vomiting: a large enough of lime in the digestive tract of a dog will cause vomiting at an early stage of the poisoning.
  • Diarrhea: consumption of enough lime can cause your dog to have diarrhea along with the vomiting.
  • Cold Limbs: if your dog has cold limbs it may mean one of two things-it is too late to save him or he has consumed an extremely large amount of lime peel.
  • Collapse: if your dog ever collapses and you cannot revive him with a drop of drinking water, he may be very near to death; so rush your dog to the veterinarian clinic as soon as possible.
  • Liver Failure: liver failure is a long-term effect of lime ingestion.
  • Excessive Drooling: drooling excessively is another sign of lime ingestion by your dog.
  • Photo-sensitivity: if your dog is shying away from sunlight or bright areas and prefer to stay in a dark corner, there is a possibility he has eaten a large sum of lime peel.
  • Weakness: weakness in your dog would be a long-term effect of lime ingestion in your dog and a need for you to call the vet.
  • Loss of Coordination: a lack of coordination or ataxia is another sign of lime poisoning in your dog.
  • Rash or Skin Irritation: a rash or skin irritation, mostly in the groin area of your dog, is a sign that your dog has brushed against the leaves of a lime tree or brushed against the peel of lime fruit.
  • Low Blood Pressure: your dog’s low blood pressure will indicate the closeness to his final hours on earth with you.
  • Tremors: If your dog is trembling uncontrollably, it is a sign of lime ingestion along with the other signs.
  • Lethargy: your dog will seem lazy and unwilling to play even though that is not his usual behavior of running about your feet.

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Doing What is Best For Your Dog If There Are Signs Of Lime Poisoning?

  • First of all, you need to check the list of signs above and count the number of signs visible to you.
  • Secondly, you need to cease all feeding.
  • If there are a small number of mild signs; then flush the poisoning by feeding your dog only water.
  • Wash your dog with warm dishwashing liquid soapy water.
  • Monitor your dog’s progress or digression keenly.
  • Is signs multiply, then rush your pet to a nearby veterinarian.
  • Your dog is in the best of care with your nearby veterinarian.


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This Has Been Most Helpful

Do you have a dog and a lime tree in your backyard? Having read all of the above; it is time for action. Build protective fencing around your lime tree. I have a lime tree in my backyard that my husband has to fence to protect our boisterous dogs. Remember your dog needs as much space as possible to play and grow.

This is serious and all dog lovers and dog owners need to be aware of this danger to dogs in our environment. Limes are very healthy for humans but dangerous for dogs.


Please share this information with as many friends and co-workers as possible. Please reply to my queries in the comments section of this article.

You may also feel free to add more valuable information about lime poisoning that I may have missed.

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