34 Small Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed

Dogs are some of the most wonderful creatures on Earth.

They are loving, protective, and loyal to a fault. Not to mention they’re super cute, especially the little ones.

Small Dogs That Don't Shed

Many people believe that they are unable to have a dog of any size, due to allergies.

Did you know that there are breeds that are less likely to cause a reaction?

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Today we will introduce 34 small dogs that shed less than other breeds.

From: AKC.org

#1 Affenpinscher: Your New Best Friend

These adorable, bearded fur babies are sweet and loyal.

Don’t let their small stature fool you, they are quite fearless.

They love their humans and will lay their life on the line to protect them.

Their coats are short and single-layered.

This means that they have no undercoat, therefore, they shed much less than those with thick undercoats.

From: DogTime.com

#2 Basenji: The Stoic Heroes of the Animal World

Known as one of the few breeds that do not bark (although they do enjoy a good howl), Basenji are wonderful dogs and quite easy to care for.

They require very little grooming thanks to their shorter coats which means less shedding.


From: DogBreedClub.com

#3 Bichon Frise: Fluffy Little Princess

The Bichon Frise maybe a fluffy little furball but they are also known as one of the breeds that shed less fur.

They are sweet, loyal, and intelligent.

They do well in any environment so long as they get their hugs, kisses, and lots of love.

From: DogBreedsList.info

#4 Bolognese: The Powder Puff

These long-haired beauties are sweet and loyal.

They are also very intelligent and quite easy to train.

While they may not shed as much as other breeds, they do require regular grooming to avoid matting.

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From: VetStreet.com

#5 Brussels Griffon: Grumpy Old Men 

These sensitive, sweet, devoted dogs make the perfect family pet.

Their adorable beard and moustache give him the look of a grumpy old man.

They have short, smooth coats that tend to shed much less than some other breeds.


From: PetGuide.com

#6 Biewer Terrier: A True Gentleman

Charming and elegant, the Biewer may be of small stature but they more than make up for it with their rather large personalities.

While their silky coat needs daily brushing they do not shed very much.

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From: PetFinder.com

#7 Chinese Crested: Handsomely Hairless 

Easily one of the cutest if not extremely unique looking dogs you’ll ever meet.

When it comes to a shed-less breed, the Crested is one of the top contenders.

They are almost completely hairless aside from a tuft or two on his paws and tail, along with a super cool mohawk.

From: Orvis.com

#8 Coton De Tulear: The Clown

This guy is the clown of the doggy world.

They are sweet with a great sense of humour.

Their cotton-like fur is soft and rarely sheds.

They do, however, need their shaggy coat brushed 2-3 times per week.

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From: TheHappyPuppySite.com

#9 Havanese: The Performer

The Havanese is not only intelligent, but they are also quite outgoing and exhibit fantastic social skills.

They are very easy to train and while they are not known for excessive shedding, they do need to be groomed daily.

From: Pets4Homes.co.uk

#10 Maltese/ Maltese Terrier: Glamorous Beauty

Going by her looks alone the Maltese doesn’t seem like a breed that would be shed free.

Her long flowing locks may seem like you would be finding strands all over the house, but this breed is known as one that rarely sheds.

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From: GreenFieldPuppies.com

#11 Lhasa Apso: Pretty Protector 

The Lhasa makes a wonderful family dog.

They are very protective of their humans and can be fiercely loyal.

Their long, flowing locks do require regular grooming but do not shed as much as some of their canine counterparts.

From: PetFirst.com

#12 Miniature Schnauzer: Sir Cutie Face

These guys look like they should be wearing tiny top hats.

They are super cute with their bushy beard and eyebrows and have their look of consternation down pat.

The short coat, while needing occasional brushing, does not shed all that much.

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#13 Toy Poodle: Queen of the House

Who doesn’t love a little poodle?

Their curly, fluffy fur, is soft, and barely sheds.

They do need hairdo upkeep, though, with a grooming appointment every few weeks.

These little furballs are sweet, friendly, and develop a strong bond with their human.

From: PedigreeDataBase.com

#14 Peruvian Inca Orchid: The Egyptian Prince

The Inca Orchid looks as though they travelled straight from ancient Egypt.

They have a great temperament, are smart, lively, and most are almost completely hairless.

While some are born with fur, it is rare.

Bar small tufts on the head, tail, and their extremities these awesome pups don’t have any hair to shed.

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From: AnimalWised.com

#15 Scottish Terrier: A True Scottish Gent 

The big, soulful eyes will capture your heart and while beauty is supposedly only skin deep, these babies have the heart to match.

They are strong and confident.

With a wiry topcoat and soft undercoat, their shedding cycles are very light.

Weekly brushing and occasional baths will keep him looking handsome

#16 Shih Tzu: The Sweetheart

Sweet and less yappy than other small breeds, Shih Tzu’s are terrific little dogs.

They do have longer coats but surprisingly are not prone to excessive shedding.

Grooming is needed regularly, especially since the shed hair gets trapped in their coat.

From: DinoAnimals.com

#17 West Highland White Terrier: The Snowy Knight

Westie’s as they are lovingly known as are incredibly intelligent and tougher than they look.

Diminutive but super sturdy, they are also quite independent.

Their fur is short, with minimal grooming required.

They are not big shedders.

From: PrimitiveDogs.com

#18 Xoloitzcuintli: The Mexican Hairless Dog

These dogs are just as unique as their name suggests.

Most are hairless, and coated ones are rare.

If they have fur, it is very short and easy to manage.

Either way, they do not shed very much at all.

They do need regular bathing and sunscreen when venturing outdoors.

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#19 Yorkshire Terrier: The Tiny Goddess

Ah, the sweet little Yorkie.

Many believe that because they have hair as opposed to fur, they do not shed.

While this is technically not true, they do shed much less than other popular dog breeds.

They are prone to matting so need regular brushing.

From: NylaBone.com

#20 Wire Fox Terrier: Mr. Personality

These handsome little buggers are chock full of personality and charm.

They make loving companions and thanks to their wiry, short coats, do not do a whole lot of shedding.

They do need to be brushed once weekly to remove the dead hair and redistribute skin oils.

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Dandie Dinmont Terrier
From: MNN.com

#21 Dandie Dinmont Terrier: The Natural Charmer

A small Scottish breed, the Dandie is sweet-natured and super friendly.

They make fabulous family pets and get along with every member even the canine ones.

They rarely shed but do need to be combed regularly to remove any dead hair.

From: DogSpotters.com

#22 Cairn Terrier: Little Digger

These adorable pups enjoy digging and embarking on an adventure, even if it is just in the backyard.

Their coat is short and easy to maintain.

They do not shed much but will need to be groomed occasionally.

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#23 Australian Terrier: The Thunder from Down Under

Mischievous and spirited, this little guy had endless energy.

They love to play and bond closely with their human family.

They are short-haired and other than occasional combing, are relatively low maintenance.

They also shed less than many other dogs.

From: WhatBreedIsit.com

#24 Border Terrier: The Explorer

Adventurous is the perfect word to describe this active, good-natured dog.

They love to exercise and will definitely keep you on your toes.

Their short, slightly wiry coat is easily groomed and does not shed much.

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From: PetFul.com

#25 Bedlington Terrier: The Sidekick 

Loyal, charming, and unique.

This gorgeous pooch is also very sweet and easy to train.

They do need to be groomed but do not shed very much if at all.

They make great pets and faithful companions.


From: YourPureBredPuppy.com

#26 Sealyham Terrier: Uniquely Distinctive

It is never a dull day when you have a Sealyham around.

Clownish almost comical, these dogs have awesome personalities.

Their distinctive looks and outgoing persona make them a great pet.

They do not shed very much especially when their coat is stripped instead of clipped.

#27 Silky Terrier/ Australian Silky Terrier: Luscious Locks 

As their name implies, these pups have long, silky coats.

They are gentle and lovable, forming strong bonds with their favorite human.

These beautiful dogs do need some grooming to eliminate the risk of mats or knots but are not known to be big shedders.

From: ThriftyFun.com

#28 Welsh Terrier: The Welshie

Ruggedly cute, these lovely dogs, are calmer than other terriers but still a little playtime.

They are friendly and generally get along with everyone.

They are very smart, so super easy to train.

Their short hair encourages less shedding than other types of dogs.

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From: PoochInfo.com

#29 Italian Greyhound: Miniature Lightning

These beautiful pups literally look like miniature greyhounds.

They have incredibly short fur, and thanks to their non-existent undercoat, shedding hair should not be an issue.

#30 Norwich Terrier: The Pointy Eared Scruffy Muffin

Scruffy but cute, these small dogs are big in heart and soul.

They are very loving and completely loyal to their two-legged family.

They too, have a double coat and only shed lightly.

Hand stripping should cut back on excess shedding as well.

From: DoggieDesigner.com

#31 Norfolk Terrier: The Floppy Eared Scruffy Muffin

You would be forgiven for confusing this pup with his cousin the Norwich, one of the notable differences is their ears.

The Norwich has pointed ears, while this pooch has ears that are folded over.

They are both light shedders and need minimal grooming.

From: MinePuppy.com

#32 Lagotto Romagnolo: The Italian Casanova

These gorgeous specimens are known for their tightly curled coat.

This type of coat means that they shed fewer hairs, and those that do come out are typically trapped by their coat.

They need regular brushing but they tend to enjoy this bonding time. These fur babies are sweet and make lovely companions.

#33 Dachshund: The Hotdog

Also affectionately known as ‘Weiner Dogs’, these little short guys make fantastic pets.

Their short, sleek, shiny coats are easy to maintain and tend to not shed quite as much as other breeds.

From: DogZone.com

#34 Manchester Terrier: A Gentleman’s Gentleman

Also known as the Gentleman’s Terrier, these sleek, stream-lined pups are not only superbly pretty, they are perfect family pets.

They are smart and love a good cuddle.

Their short fur rarely sheds and when it does, it is not heavy.

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Which Shedless Small Dog Breed You Like Most?

No matter what breed you choose, you are sure to find a life-long friend.

While these breeds are less likely to shed, no animal is truly hypoallergenic.

These dogs are, however, less likely to cause or trigger an allergic reaction.

Which breed are you going to adopt?

If I could adopt one of each I would be one happy puppy momma.

If you enjoyed our list please like and share.

If I missed any of our furry friends, please let us know in the comments below.

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