French Bulldog Breed Information, Pictures, Characteristics & Facts

Ready to take the next step and add a lovely companion to your household?

Thinking a small-sized dog is just the thing for you?

French Bulldogs Foods

Well, you should know that the amazing and incredibly famous French Bulldog has conquered many hearts so far.

They are a sturdy and compact small-sized dog with a big heart.


They are dogs full of charm and are always seeking to please you.

So please, stay tuned and find out all of the French Bulldog Information you need to know, before you adopt one.


About French Bulldog : Highlights 

  • Loyal
  • Playful
  • Lazy
  • Energetic
  • Adorable

If you are looking for a small, playful dog that adjusts to apartment life, then the French Bulldog is a breed you might want to consider adopting.


Bulldogs are incredible dogs with a very strong sense of loyalty.

They are small-sized and have a reputation of adapting easily to new environments.


They are known to have short legs and large head.

Frenchies adore playing with others and love always having someone by their side.


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Breed Information

Of a kind nature, French Bulldogs make great loyal pets.

They have a good reputation for being perfect at playing nice with children and are also known to love human companions.


As they have a great passion for always having company, they don’t do too well when they are alone for a long period of time.

Frenchies require little to no exercise and love living indoors.



  • French Bulldog.


Other Name

  • Bouledogue Francais
  • Frenchie


History & Area Of Origin

Although their original name if French “The Bouledogue Français”, this breed actually originated in England, in the city of Nottingham.


They were immensely popular as pets for laceworkers, always keeping them company and getting rid of unwanted rats in the workplace.


After the industrial revolution, these dogs became popular with the high class of Paris: artists, nobles, among others.

In just 2017 it was ranked as the 4th most popular breed by the American Kennel Club


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You probably already know the answer to this, but French Bulldogs are a small-sized dog breed.

Every physical element of their body is small, with the exception of the head.


The legs are short and curved, their chest is puffy and wide, they have a large mouth that simulates a smile whenever they open it.



Male: 11–13 inches (27–33 cm) 

A healthy male French Bulldog will stand between 11 up to 13 inches, so, as you can see, you won’t be getting a big dog.


Female: 9–10 inches (24–30 cm)

Female Frenchies are usually smaller and of a more delicate build than the males and so, naturally, they stand about 9 to 10 inches tall.


Puppies : 2–3 inches (7–8 cm)

Small dogs make small puppies.

The French Bulldogs are no exception to this rule.


What this means is that a 3 months old French Bulldog puppy will stand 2 to 3 inches tall.



Male: 20–28 pounds (9–13 kg)

Don’t be mistaken, despite being such a small dog, they weigh quite a lot!

They are sturdy little dogs and a healthy male Frenchie will weigh around 20 to 28 pounds.


Female: 19–26 pounds (8–11 kg)

Much like the height, the Female French Bulldogs are also lighter than the male Frenchies, so you can expect for a healthy female to weigh around 19 to 26 pounds.


Puppies : 4–8 pounds (2–4 kg)

Little baby Frenchies make adorable pups and guess what: they are incredibly light!

A standard-sized French Bulldog will weigh somewhere between 4 and 8 pounds.


French Bulldog Breed Purity: PureBred or Mixed?

Unsure whether to get a purebred or mixed French Bulldog?

Well, both have many advantages, so don’t hesitate to adopt a cute, little Frenchie mix!


Speaking of health conditions, purebred Frenchies have certain issues that occur very often (like breathing issues), which may or may not be passed on to a mixed breed puppy.

If you’re choosing to adopt a mixed breed, then you should know that your puppy’s health partially relies on the breed that they are mixed with.


There are, of course, some famous mixes like:

  • Boston Terrier French Bulldog mix
  • Pitbull French Bulldog mix
  • Pug French Bulldog mix

So take your time, do your research and then choose the best option for you.


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Behavior And Temperament

The French Bulldog is a pleasant and joyful companion that will get attached to you very quickly.

These dogs are very enthusiastic and energetic, without ever being bothersome.


They are naturally curious and LOVE playing around.

BUT, there is one thing you should know.


This breed cannot EVER believe that they are the pack leader, or they may become overly possessive and possibly even aggressive. 



If you’re searching for a dog that will alert you of suspicious activity, then I’m afraid I’m gonna have to tell you that you are not looking in the right place.


Although there can be times when they bark at strangers, most times they will remain silent and wag their tails (or better said, wag their back side, as they don’t usually have much of a tail to wag).



Most dogs in this breed tend to be quite friendly towards others.

They love interacting with others and will befriend them very easily.


Of course some matter of socialization is needed in the beginning, but your pet will very likely be an adorably friendly one.



You can expect for a Frenchie to be quite gentle.

They are energetic and clumsy, but most times they are very careful with everything around them.


There is however an exception: despite being an overall gentle dog breed, French Bulldogs can become quite rough and destructive if you leave them alone for a long period of time.

My suggestion to you is adopting another pet to let them keep each other company.


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The Frenchie, as I’ve already mentioned, is a very outgoing dog breed.

They enjoy having company and thrive when around others (whether it is human or animal company).


The only “demand” of theirs is that they get a playful companion and not one that sleeps all day or is too fragile to play with (like hamsters or even small rabbits).



Playful, active and outgoing.

These are the main personality traits of a French Bulldog.


Sound good, right?

I mean, sure they have some flaws, but flaws exist in every dog breed.


They can’t be allowed to think of themselves as the alpha, but other than that, they have quite a pleasant personality.


Coat Types

This breed is known for their short, smooth coat.

Their skin is very loose, so loose that it forms wrinkles around the head, shoulders and back legs.


Their hair lies close to the body and only rises on the back of the neck when they are feeling threatened or are angry.


Coat Colors

French Bulldogs come in many shapes and colors.

There is no restrictive variety of colors and so, their coat can come in any of these colors: brindle, white, cream, fawn, black and even gray.


And those are just the solid colors, which means they have an even bigger variety of colors if they are spotted or with mixed colors.


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Frenchies’ eyes are very round when it comes to shape.

More than that, they are usually set very apart from one another and tend to be very dark in color.


Of course there are some exceptions where they develop blue or grey eye colors, but the standard is dark brown.



Here is the thing about French Bulldogs: whichever their color may be, their noses are almost always black, though there can be an exception or two, if the dog is lighter in coat color.

The nose is very small for their body, which is one of the reasons why they have a proneness to breathing issues.



The breed standard states that the French Bulldog’s tail has to be short and be straight or have a corkscrew curve.


These dogs were naturally bred with long tails and so when one is born with a very short or corkscrew tail, some problems can occur, causing spinal problems and even defects in the dog.


Litter Size: 3 – 5 Number of Puppies

A normal litter size for a French Bulldog is 3 to 5 puppies.

As a dog with a small body, it is ideal for the female to breed around 5 puppies, as it will result in smaller puppies, which will aid in the process of giving birth.


Life Span: 10 – 12 Number of Years

the average lifespan of a French Bulldog is 10 to 12 years.

However, many of them are prone to all sorts of health issues, that affects not only their lifespan but that can also impact their quality of life.


nevertheless, a healthy Frenchie can live for quite a long time.


Care Requirements Of French Bulldog

This dog breed doesn’t require much exercise, which means a simple walk to the park or a more active playtime session will suffice and keep your French Bulldog happy and healthy.

They are big fans of everything soft and comfortable, so providing a soft bed or blanket to sleep in will definitely help!


They have an easy to care for coat, but as a dog that was meant to live indoors, you might need to buy them a sweater or coat (especially if you live in a colder environment).


Grooming Requirements

Despite what you might think, French Bulldogs are quite easy to care for.

They are not heavy-shedders and their coat isn’t very thick.


AS they have short hair, you won’t have any trouble with untangling knots and will very likely not need to remove grass and other nature elements that might stick to your dog’s hair.


Exercise Requirement

This breed is not very demanding exercise-wise.

Certainly, they enjoy brief walks and outdoor play sessions with their guardians, but that is about all the exercise they need.

Nevertheless, they do enjoy activities like:

  • Obedience training
  • Agility training
  • Rallies


Health Requirement

Went for a walk on the beach and considering taking your dog for a swim?

Well, that might not be the best idea.


Most French Bulldogs can’t swim and should most definitely never be let unsupervised near tubs, pools…

Like all animals, they are prone to some diseases, which can possibly be avoided by doing certain exams, such as:

  • Hip Evaluation
  • Patella Evaluation
  • Ophthalmologist Evaluation
  • Cardiac Exam


Training Requirement

French Bulldogs are more easily taught with crate training.

They will learn to consider the crate as their resting place, a safe place.


They can be taught many things but you’ll need to start early on to ensure maximum efficiency.

You should also know that your Frenchie loves seeing you happy and therefore will try to do anything and everything in order to please you.


Some of my training tips are:

  • Crate training
  • Early socialization
  • Treat abundance! (They will most likely obey you if they are rewarded with food).


French Bulldog Breed Info Characteristics

Physical Characteristics Of French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is a very sturdy and compact little dog, that happens to have a large square-shaped head.

They have a broad muzzle, with an underbite and low, square jaw.


They have small, slightly curved legs and despite their size, they have a BIG personality!



Frenchies adapt very easily to new places, especially if you introduce them to the new place before moving along.

The same principle applies to new housepets.


I recommend that you let your dog get to meet the new pet before taking it home.

It will ease their transition and they will thank you for it.


Other Dog Friendly

I’ve said this already and if you’ve ever met a French Bulldog, then you already know this: Frenchies are incredibly friendly dogs!


They absolutely LOVE meeting new dogs and will always be on the alert to see if they can catch a glimpse of a possible new friend!


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Shedding Level

I’ve mentioned that this breed isn’t a heavy shedder.

That remains true.


These dogs’ coats are made of short, smooth hair that won’t easily fall off.

Nevertheless, there are times, like in the Spring and Fall, where they will face a change of hair and so, more hair might be involved.


Affection Level

As very outgoing animals, French Bulldogs will befriend anyone very easily.

Even as adults, they can adjust quickly to new owners or handlers and will bound with them at a very fast pace.


Of course, some of them, especially those that originate from kennels, can face a hard time showing affection or letting themselves receive affection, as they could have suffered some traumas.


Exercise Needs

On a scale of 1 to 10 in terms of exercise needs, a French Bulldog would classify as 1.

What that means is that they are spectacular couch potatoes!


Sure they enjoy daily walks, but sleeping or slacking is probably their favorite hobby. 


Social Needs

As outgoing dogs, they definitely need a lot of attention and socialization.

So, if you are a single person living in a small apartment and spend most of the day working, then it might be a good idea to consider adopting another pet to keep your Frenchie company.


Either day or choose a different breed.


Apartment Friendly

French Bulldogs + Apartments = Best match!
If you live in an apartment then know that, luckily for you, Frenchies thrive in apartments.


They are an indoor dog breed that doesn’t do too well in extreme weather conditions and so they will be thankful to have a place indoors.


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As pretty much non-shedders, French Bulldogs are an easy-care dog.

You won’t have any trouble taking care of your dog.


You should still brush your dog sometimes to keep the hair shiny and fresh, but it won’t be a difficult task.

Other than that, the ordinary care is needed: teeth brushed, ears cleaned, nails trimmed…


Stranger Friendly

You won’t run into any problems when introducing a new person to your dog.

French Bulldogs are very welcoming of strangers (even to those who would try to harm you or steal).


So, if a guard dog is what you are intending, then a Frenchie is not the dog for you.


Barking Tendencies

These dogs don’t tend to bark to alert you of some situations but will bark occasionally and very randomly.

They bark when they are mad or want something, but that is about it.


Common Health Issues of this Breed

Unfortunately,this dog breed DOES suffer from many health concerns.

The most impactful ones are:

  • Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome, which may cause problems in the regulation of its own body temperature and can be deadly if not carefully treated and monitored. This disease can result in breathing issues, so it is easy to detect.
  • Von Wiellebrand’s Disease, which is quite a common disease among French Bulldogs, and causes clotting problems in the bloodstream, which consequently can lead to a copious amount of health issues.
  • Corneal Ulcers, that can be very painful and very hard to treat, as the dog’s instinct will lead it to scratch and rub it to relieve the soreness.
  • Spinal issues, these dogs should NOT at all be jumping around, as they will likely develop spinal issues which can lead to paralysis of hip dysplasia.



Most French Bulldogs are not considered territorial, unless they have just given birth to a new litter, and therefore will try to protect it.


Nevertheless, there have been some cases in which they CAN become territorial, but is usually caused by extreme traumas (like starvation).


Cat Friendly

Cats and French Bulldogs can be quite friendly, but you should always introduce them to each other first, just to make sure that everything goes well.


Maybe supervise their first few interactions and then when you’re confident enough, leave them be.


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Intelligent-wise, these dogs are not so incredible.

Sure, they can receive and obey commands but don’t expect them to overcome some obstacles that a smart dog would.



My advice to you is to start training your puppy right from day one.

Up to 3 months old, they are able to absorb many new things and commands, and are also easily housebroken.


Ignore that common that dogs should only be taught as adults, or you’ll be creating a destructive and rebellious pet.


Child Friendly

Bulldogs do well around children but I recommend that you always supervise their interactions, not because the dog might become aggressive, but because children are clumsy and not aware of the Frenchie’s fragile build and may end up hurting them.



Given that they’ve slept enough, a French Bulldog can be the best playtime companion.


They love playing around, especially when balls and treats are included, so grab your stuff and head out for some fun time!


Watchdog Ability

Like I said before, Frenchies don’t bark that much and are not alert at all, so it the French Bulldog a good watchdog?

The answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT.


Don’t expect that small, sleepy dog to pay attention to its surroundings and warn you of incoming danger.


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Other Pets

If you’re thinking of getting a new house pet to keep your French Bulldog company, then kudos, they will love it! Frenchies hate being alone and so will welcome other pets very easily.


Do however, choose a pet that won’t accidentally hurt your Frenchie over their clumsiness.



Eat, eat eat.

That is pretty much all that goes inside a French Bulldog’s mind.


They could eat an entire bowl of food and still accept treats, so, what I am saying is, control your dog’s eating!


They are prone to becoming overweight and being overweight can lead to spinal issues, which I have mentioned already in this article.



Just like any other puppy, you should feed your French Bulldog little and often, to not upset its small stomach.


Ignore this advice and you could be looking at a bunch of different issues: diarrheas, vomiting, nauseas, bloating…



Never and I mean EVER overfeed your dog.

Did you already feed your dog but he looks at you like he hasn’t eaten all day?


Well, you need to ignore that look.

Train yourself to ignore their “puppy eyes”, because they are extremely good at it.


Famous French Bulldog all over the world

You might not own a French Bulldog but certainly you’ve crossed paths with one, even if it was in the television.

Well, as the fourth most famous dog in the world, naturally they appear in many places.


#1 Sonny

First up is Sonny, a Frenchie who accompanied a first-ride parent on his way back to Atlanta in the hope that he’d be there in time to watch his child be born.


#2 Julio

If you like cooking, then certainly you’ve met Julio, the assistant chef to the infamous Actor and Chef Mario Lopez.


#3 K-Ball

Next up is K-Ball. K-Ball has become an Instagram sensation. He is owned by the famous actress Taraji P. Henson and frequently appears on her Instagram page to show off his style and adorable personality.


#4 Pepper

Speaking of Instagram sensation, there is another Frenchie who has fans all over the world: Pepper. Owned by Reese Witherspoon, Pepper is beloved by everyone and is always showing her cute self on her owners page, especially on Snapchat.


#5 Bubba

Another dog who has made it to the Hall of Fame is Bubba. Bubba is the companion of Jeremy Piven and goes everywhere with him. He can often be seen walking around Los Angeles and is part of the set in the tv show “Wisdom of the Crowd”.


#6 Brutus & Hobbs

A great lover of French Bulldogs is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. This actor has always had a passion for Frenchies and had one named Brutus, whom he adored so much! He took Brutus everywhere with him, even on plane trips. After Brutus’ passing, he adopted yet another French Bulldog named Hobbs. The name of this lovely dog is related to Dwayne’s character “Hobbs” in Fast and Furious.


#7 Dali

Last but not least is the “Wolverine’s” pet, Dali. Dali was considered Hugh Jackman’s little wingman, who went everywhere with him, whether it’s walks to school, running errands or trips to the beach.


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How To Adopt a French Bulldog

Want to adopt a French Bulldog?

Well, great for you, I am so glad!


You’ll be getting a lovely companion to keep you company, and one that doesn’t require much work either!

Now, to adopt a Frenchie, there are many options: adopting from a rescue group or kennel, buying from a puppy mill or buying from a breeder.


My advice is to NEVER buy from a puppy mill or pet store, these dogs are often ill-bred and harshly treated, which can result in many mental and physical issues along the way.

If you’re thinking of buying from a breeder, then just make sure to do some research on the breeder and the conditions where the breeding dogs are kept.


Last but not least, adopting from a rescue group is quite easy.

You just need to search for local rescue groups, contact them and get started on the adoption paperwork!


How Much Does a French Bulldog Cost?

  • Regular Price: $1.500-$3.000
  • Pedigree Dog Price: $5.000-$10.000
  • Adoption: $0

So, looking at price ranges you can see that they vary quite a lot from each other.


A normal bred French Bulldog pup will cost you around $1.500-$3.000, whereas a pedigree puppy from a certified breeder will cost up to $10.000!

Adopting one from rescue groups, in my opinion, is not only the cheapest, but also the best option.


There are so many dogs out there that need a loving home, and trust me when I tell you that they will be so thankful to you if you adopt them.


Breed Group

Mastiff, AKC Non-Sporting

French Bulldogs belong to the Non-Sporting dog group, which is made of dogs of all sizes and shapes, who basically are in this group because they don’t fit into any of the other breed groups.


National Breed Clubs


Rescue Groups

Frequently Asked Questions


# Do French Bulldogs Bark a Lot?

No. French Bulldogs are definitely NOT famous for their barking skills.

They can occasionally bark at random things, but it is a rare event. 


# Do Frenchies Snore?

Yes, they do. A LOT.

It happens mostly to male Frenchies and also to those who become overweight.


# Do They Have Breathing Problems?

French Bulldogs are prone to some illnesses and health conditions and breathing problems are certainly part of that list.


# Should I Consider Breeding My French Bulldogs?

Well, do you have what it takes to provide for them?

Breeding a dog, any dog, takes a lot of time and a certain investment.

You’ll need to take the momma to frequent health tests to ensure that her pregnancy is a healthy one, you’ll need time and a place to nurture the puppies, and you’ll need money to pay for a C-section in case she can’t breed the puppies naturally.


Should I Get a French Bulldog?

Well, I can’t answer that question for you, but if you believe that, after reading this article, that you have everything it takes to take good care of it, then yes, I believe you should get one!

So tell me, has this article helped or clarified your doubts in any way?


What have you learned?

Let me know in the comments section below and don’t forget to share this article with fellow French Bulldog lovers.

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