Doberman Pinscher Dog Breed Information, Pictures, Characteristics & Facts

Zealous watchdog or goofy house pet?

When it comes to Doberman dogs, opinions can vary quite a bit.

Dog Food For Dobermans

This dog is known as a dangerous beast due to its frequent appearance as the “Villain dog” in movies, but the truth is that this Doberman Pinscher Dog Breed can be a big goofball, always ready for play time. 


About the Doberman Pinscher Dog 

  • Muscular
  • Fast
  • Powerful

Dobermans are compact dogs that have earned respect for their powerful and graceful appearance.


They are thin, yet muscular, large, yet sleek, with a glistening coat that could come in one of 4 colors.

They are an elegant dog that has earned a reputation as royalty in the canine kingdom.


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Breed Information

Don’t be fooled by their looks, Dobermans are elegant dogs, considered to be sweet and affectionate, a very people-oriented breed.

They are undoubtedly loyal to their guardians and will very likely bond with a single person.


They are active and bold and will do their best to always show you their affection.



Doberman Pinscher Dog

This breed were baptized “Dobermann-pinschers” in 1894, but half a century later, the word “pinscher” was dropped, as this german word for terrier was no longer considered appropriate.

Nowadays, only Canada and the USA continue to use the term “Pinscher”, and have dropped the second “n”.


Other Names

  • Dobermann Pinscher
  • Dobe
  • Warlock Doberman


History & Area Of Origin

Dobermans come from apolda, a small town in the province of Thuringia, Germany.

Its first breeder was a man named F.L. Dobermann, a tax collector that owned the city kennel and that had a wish to have a good guard dog.


He crossed many breeds until he managed to make the ideal cross, therefore creating the original Dobermann-Pinscher.

They have since then been used as watch dogs, police dogs, and even patrol duty.


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The mighty Doberman Pinscher is a big dog with a sleek, yet elegant look.

It is an energetic dog with an athletic build.


They are quite easy to distinguish from other breeds, considering they are characteristically big pointy ears, and a long face and body.

The males are considerably bigger and heavier than the females, so they are easy to distinguish from one another.




Male: 26–28 inches (66–71 cm)

As I’ve mentioned just above, the male Doberman is rather taller than the female, standing around 26 to 28 inches.

They also tend to have a larger head and wider shoulders.


Female: 24–26 inches (60–71 cm)

Female Dobermans are of a more delicate build and stature, standing only 24 to 26 inches tall.

But don’t get me more, just because they are smaller, that don’t mean they are by any means weaker!


Puppies: 6–7 inches (15–17 cm)

Doberman puppies grow fast in the beginning and then slow their growth pace at the age of 8 months.

But at the age of 3 months, they can be about 6 to 7 inches tall.




Male: 75–100 pounds (34–45 kg)

The weight of a healthy male Doberman Pinscher can range anywhere between 75 and 100 pounds!

Talk about heavy, right?


If you’ve adopted a Doberman and aren’t sure as to how heavy it will be as a grown up, then visit a veterinarian and ask them, they’ll usually know the answer.


Female: 60–90 pounds (27–40 kg)

If you’ve read the above information, then you already know that the female Dobermans are quite lighter than the male ones.

A compact, healthy female will weigh around 60 to 90 pounds.


Puppies: 15–25 pounds (6–11 kg)

Well, considering that they are 6 to 7 inches tall at only 3 months old, it is expected that their weight accompanies that same growth.


That means that a 3 month old Doberman puppy will weigh around 15 to 25 pounds.


Doberman Pinscher Dog Breed Purity: PureBred or Mixed? 

The American Kennel Club registered the Doberman breed as a pure breed back in 1908.

They have a breed standard that will help you to determine whether a Doberman is in fact pure or mixed.


If you’ve adopted a Doberman and just realized it is not purebred, then don’t freak out, there are MANY advantages in getting a crossbreed.

Mixed Doberman puppies and puppers are very likely NOT to inherit their parents diseases or tendency towards some illnesses.


They will also have a unique look to them, which means no other dog will look like your own. It can’t get more unique than that!

Plus, there are really famous Doberman mixes, such as the Rotterman (Rottweiler and Doberman), Doberdane (Doberman and Great Dane), Doberhound (Doberman and Greyhound), among many others!


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Behavior And Temperament

Dobermans have an exceptionally balanced temperament, but are not suitable for first time owners.

Much like any other breed, these dogs’ behaviour will depend on the training you give them (or how badly you spoil them).


That means that if you neglect them or treat them with violence, then they’ll become fearful and violent.

However, if you train them properly and socialize them right at the start, then they’ll become a loving companion.



As a dog that was especially bred to act as a guarding dog, it is only to be expected that they be quite alert.

You could say that they always have “their ears up in the air”, always listening to what happens around them.



Dobermans are an overall friendly dog.

They love their families and will bond very closely with one person in the family household.


However, despite loving human company, they don’t do very well with strangers and they definitely do NOT do well with other dogs.



Despite being big and a bit clumsy, Dobermans are a very gentle breed with those that they like and wish to protect.


They can, however, become a big more rough when it comes to strangers or other animals.


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Well, Dobermans aren’t the most social dog breed in the world, but they’re not the most antissocial either.


They love “talking”, playing and being around those they trust, mainly the person they get most attached to, but then they tend to be more shy and reserved around strangers.



Vigorous, brave, watchful and with a determined look (that sometimes can even be a bit intimidating).

This dog is very energetic, proud and impulsive and therefore needs a calm and assertive owner.


You’ll need a steady yet firm hand if you’re planning on owning a Doberman Pinscher.


Coat Types

If you have ever seen a Doberman, then you already know what their coat is like.

They have a very short and smooth hair that lies very close to the body.


There are sharply defined markings above each eye, muzzle, throat, forechest and legs.


Coat Colors

This dog breed comes in two color combinations: black and cinnamon, which is the most common, and chocolate with cinnamon.

Like I said before, they have sort of rust like markings throughout their bodies, which gives them a characteristic look.


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A Doberman’s eyes are commonly known to be medium-sized and very round. Colorwise they are usually a very dark brown color.



Dobermans are a long, bony dog, with a strong skull.

That being said, their nose is quite large, considering their rather narrow face.


Their muzzle is high with powerful and broad jaws.



This breed has a short tail that is set very high.

Unlike what you might think, Doberman’s have beautiful long tails, much like other dog breeds.


However, the Doberman’s tail is usually cut after the second caudal vertebra, a practice called “docking”.

This is not a necessary measure and is even illegal in some countries, as there is no reason for the animal’s tail to be cut short.


Litter Size: 6 – 8 number of Puppies

On average, a Doberman will give birth to a litter of six to eight puppies.

That is the average and also the ideal size for a litter.


This number of puppies usually means that the birth will present little to no issues at all, which means healthy and playful puppies.

However, Dobermans age slowly and therefore you can expect a 2 year old Dobe to act like a puppy.


Life Span

A Dobe’s life span is approximately 13 years.

In most cases where they live shorter lives, it is due to the fact that those same Dobermans have worked as war or police dogs.


Other than that, you can expect them to live a long, healthy life (this of course, if you provide for them).

The most common cause of (natural) death in Dobermans is a heart condition called dilated cardiomyopathy.


It is a condition that affects other breeds as well, but is most focused on Doberman Pinschers.


Care Requirements

Taking care of a Doberman is a smooth and peaceful task, as they are very low-maintenance.

Considering their coat is sparse and uncomplicated coat, they are perfect for people who don’t have the time or patience to do so.


But don’t forget that like all dogs, a Doberman will need to get its ears cleaned, nails trimmed and teeth washed.


Grooming Requirements

A weekly brushing of the hairs and vaccination always up to date is pretty much all the maintenance you’ll have to do, in order to have a healthy pet.


Their coat doesn’t shed much and won’t be much of a bother, but do keep an eye on their ears (to check for signs of infection) and try to brush your dog’s teeth or maybe give them a dental stick for them to chew on.


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Dobermans are dogs with an athletic body that needs to be exercise often.

They enjoy long walks or hikes, and considering they’re a big dog breed, they also enjoy having a lot of space to roam around.


Having their exercise needs fulfilled will guarantee that they remain physically and mentally healthy.


Health Requirements

In order to keep your Dobe healthy, there are some tips you can follow, and I’m gonna explain them to you.

First of all, you need to exercise your dog.


They are generally healthy dogs, but they will only remain that way if you fulfill their exercise needs.

Second, you’ll need to pay attention to what you feed them.


As a high energy dog breed, a protein-rich dog food is required, to ensure that your new puppy or pupper gets every nutrient needed to sustain its body.

Last but not least, exercise and stimulate their mind.


These dogs need socialization and need exercises that will require some sort of thinking.


Health Care Requirements for Doberman Pinscher Dogs

When it comes to health, you should know that Dobermans are prone to inheriting some illnesses and therefore will need regular testing on:

  • Cardiac Exams
  • Hip Evaluations
  • Thyroid Evaluations
  • Von Willebrand’s Disease DNA Test
  • Ophthalmologist Evaluations

Providing for a Doberman Pinscher means certain health care requirements, but if you do these tests, then you’re halfway towards a healthy dog companion.



Dobermans love being mentally and physically stimulated.

They are incredibly smart, are quick learners and make fun pets.


But they are also very strong and can become pushy or destructive if you don’t train them. 

Before adopting a Dobe, you should make sure that you:

  • Have time to dedicate to your dog
  • Have a good (and by good I mean great) amount of patience.


Training Care Requirements for Doberman Pinscher Dogs

Whether you’ve adopted or are about to adopt a Dobe puppy or pupper, you’ll have to prepare yourself to the thought that they absolutely NEED to be trained.

It’ll be easier if it is a puppy, but a pupper can also be taught many things.


However be prepared to face some stubbornness, as Dobes are famous for their rebellious attitude.

That being said, I’m gonna quickly show you a few mandatory training needs for your dog:

  • Socialization 
  • Obedience Training
  • Housebreaking

Doberman Pinscher Dog Breed Information, Pictures, Characteristics

Physical Characteristics Of Doberman Pinscher Dog

Dobermans are split into two categories: the American type and the European type.


The American doberman lineage is lighter, sleeker, while the European lineage has a more sturdier, larger and stronger build, being the preferred type for police, guard and military work.



Dobermans are stubborn and therefore might present some difficulty adjusting to new places and people/animals.

That being said, you’ll need to provide them with proper socialization right from the start.


It is also important that you take them on frequent walks to new places, so that it doesn’t get anxious if you ever change to a different home.


Other Dog Friendly

Dobermans are people-oriented, but unfortunately, they do not like other dogs very much.

Don’t get me wrong, they can adjust to other dogs if taught properly, but their natural instinct is to be wary and unfriendly towards them.


What this means is that it is extremely important for you to socialize your dog right as a puppy, so that it will become more social, rather than unpleasant.


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Shedding Level

All dogs shed hair.

The big question here is: do Dobermans shed much?


Well, Contrary to popular belief, not all dogs with short hair shed little.

Dobermans are the perfect example of that.


These dogs can shed quite a bit, and so, you should be ready to clean a vast amount of hair from the ground, pillows and clothing.


Affection Level

Dobes are very affectionate creatures.

They have a big tendency to bond with a single-person, but they are an overall affectionate dog breed.


They will want to protect their household and everyone in it, and will also want to show you all the affection of the world, so don’t find it strange when the dog tried to constantly rub its body against the back of your legs, or tries to nip your heel.


Exercise Needs

Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that they absolutely must be exercised every day.

In order to fulfill their need for exercise, you’ll need to provide your dog with:

  • Daily walks
  • At least a 30 minute training session, every day
  • Socialization (with both people and animals)

Those requirements might seem unimportant to you, but if you refuse to do them, then you’ll soon notice that your dog is getting more anxious and destructive.


Keep ignoring their exercise needs and soon enough you’ll have an unmanageable dog in your hands.


Social Needs

Unlike many other dog breeds, Dobermans are the reflection of their owner.

That means that if you are a calm, assertive person, that your Dobe will too become calm and assertive.


If however, you are a stressed person, then your dog might reflect that behaviour, which can result in a destructive or violent dog.

So it is highly important that you know how to calm yourself when you are around your Doberman, otherwise it may end up badly.


Apartment Friendly

Because they are such an energetic and athletic dog, Dobermans thrive better in homes that possess a big yard, where they are free to roam and play.


That doesn’t mean they can’t live in apartments, it just means that if you do that you’ll have to do twice as much effort when it comes to exercising your Dobe.


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Grooming (How This Breed Proact/React With Grooming?)

Doberman don’t mind being brushed but they tend to be a bit squeamish about nail trimming.

The paws are a sensitive area and so they may present some stubbornness when it comes to cutting their nails.


Another area that they are sensitive about is their ears, but if you carefully show them that you don’t intend to hurt them, they’ll begin to ease their minds and relax their bodies.


Stranger Friendly

This breed is considered to be a very loyal breed.

They love their owners and will do anything for them.


BUT, they are very alert and reserved when it comes to strangers.

If you do not wish to see this behavior, then you definitely need to establish some rules right from the start.


Barking Tendencies

Dobermans are more of a “DO first, talk later”.

What this means is that they are a very silent dog that hardly ever barks or howls.


They are very alert but if they spot a stranger with ill intentions, they are more likely to growl or do “attack warnings” (they leap forward with the front legs and lower their heads) than to bark as a warning.


Health Issues (Common Health Issues of this Breed)

A healthy Doberman Pinscher will live up to 13 years, as I have already mentioned.

But that can vary according to how well they are treated and health conditions that they inherit.


This breed has a tendency to develop issues such as:

  • dilated cardiomyopathy
  • prostatic disease
  • hypothyroidism
  • hip dysplasia
  • canine compulsive disorder
  • prostatic disease

It is a big list, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that your Dobe will develop any of these conditions.

Nevertheless, do your research on the best way to avoid such situations and your dog will thank you for it.



Dobermans are indeed a territorial breed.

They are not aggressive but they are assertive and will protect what is theirs.


Keeping that in mind, it might be a good idea for you to avoid entering a home that owns a Doberman, when the owners are nowhere to be seen.


Cat Friendly

I’ve already told you that Dobes aren’t very friendly to other dogs.

That also includes cats.


Cats have a tendency to being unpredictable and Dobermans HATE unpredictability.

Even if they befriend a cat, they can be a bit rough when playing with it, as they are not exactly aware of their own strength.


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Intelligence is their number 1 quality.

That is the main reason they are chosen as watchdogs or police dogs.


They are eager to learn, are easily trained and respond to commands very quickly, which basically makes them the perfect watchdog.

But these qualities are also counterparted by their stubbornness.


That means that an inexperienced dog owner will have a really hard time owning a Doberman and getting it to respect them.



Training = Fun time!

Doberman dogs LOVE feeling useful and making their guardians happy.


They will love it when you teach it things (and will especially love the treats you give them).

It is important to note that they MUST be trained right from the start to avoid stubbornness when they grow up.


It might seem fun to watch it dig holes in your backyard when it is small, but it won’t be so much fun when they start digging through your couch!


Child Friendly

If you have kids, then you should know that Dobermans are perfect with kids.

They are very careful around them and will protect them against anything.


However, you have to teach your dog to identify signs of irritability, because even a Doberman with the greatest amount of patience might get mad when you constantly pull at its tail or ears.



Dobes might be big, but they have the minds of small puppies.

Their mindset is almost always set to PLAYTIME!


You’ll have a blast playing with a Doberman as it will never tire from playing and will do funny things to call for your attention.


Watchdog Ability

There is no doubt that the Doberman Pinscher has a great watchdog ability.

They are brave, fearless and have a very strong instinct to protect what’s theirs.


But I’m pretty sure you already knew that, as you’ve probably already seen one working as a police dog or maybe even as a military dog.


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Other Pets

This question is a sensitive one.

Dobermans CAN be friendly towards other animals and pets, but ONLY if you socialize them properly as puppies.


That means that if your dog has had no previous encounters with other animals, that very likely it will become stressed or upset and may act accordingly.


Feeding Doberman Pinscher Dog

This goes to any dog breed, but Dobermans should be fed a high-quality dog food throughout their entire life time.

You should also avoid feeding your Doberman any human food, as it won’t process it right.


Pay attention to the treats your give your dog as well.

Try to choose foods that are rich in protein, to better sustain the body and muscles.


Doberman Pinscher Puppies

There is no secret recipe towards feeding Doberman puppies.

They need to be fed little and often, but that’s about it.


Some of them can even be left with an entire bowl of food that they’ll only eat until their full.


Doberman Pinscher Dog Adults 

Full grown adult Doberman Pinschers should be fed twice a day: once in the morning and then again in the evening.


They should be fed a good solid and high quality dog food and afterwards should be given some sort of dental stick to wash the teeth and gums.


Famous Doberman Pinscher Dog


#1 El Diablo

El Diablo! This dog is one of the most famous Doberman Pinschers for participating in “Chihuahuas of Beverly Hills”: It played as the main villain dog who did not wish for the main dog star to return home to her owner.


#2 Cerberus

Cerberus, yet another Hollywood dog star. Cerberus was a Doberman Pinscher that participated in “Resident Evil” as a mutated and infected dog, always trying to maim or kill the main character.


#3 Tripoli

If you like movies starring dogs, you should watch “Eyes of an angel”. In this movie, a dog named Tripoli accompanies its owner throughout the country to retrieve the owner’s little daughter.


#4 six Dobes

Next up is not one but SIX famous Dobermans that became famous in a 1972 movie called “The Doberman Gang”. These six Dobes were named after famous bank robbers (Dillinger, Bonnie, Clyde, Pretty Boy Floyd, Baby Face Nelson and Ma Barker), and were trained to rob banks with their guardians. 


#5 Munch

I hope you like bounty hunters, because Munch was a dog bounty hunter that lived in a van and fought crime with all its might, next to its human partner.


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How to Collect This Breed

There are many ways to adopt a Doberman, but first you should make all the research you can to determine whether this dog breed is the ideal one for your lifestyle.


You might think that it is a beautiful dog that looks empowering and elegant, but those will not help you when they start destroying your home from the lack of attention and exercise.


So first check whether this dog is a good fit for you and then, ONLY THEN, should you adopt one.


How Much Does a Doberman Pinscher Dog Cost?

  • Rescue Groups
  • Kennels
  • Non certified Breeders
  • Certified Breeders

There are many ways to adopt a Doberman and they are all stated above.


Adopting a Doberman from a rescue group or kennel will usually come at no cost, whereas getting one from breeders (both non certified and certified) will come at a considerably high price.

A purebred Doberman puppy bought from a certified breeder will cost at least $2.000.


Breed Group

Working (AKC:1908) 

Intelligent, strong, watchful and protective.

These dogs were bred to help men in important jobs that require physical and mental power.


The Doberman fits perfectly in this group as they fill all requirements.


Guardian Dog (UKC:1940)

Doberman Pinschers also fit in as Guardian Dogs, as they will protect what’s their at any and all costs.


That means they will protect their family and that they will protect their property and if trained to do so, can protect merchandise and establishments.


National Breed Clubs


Rescue Groups


Frequently Asked Questions About Doberman Pinscher


# What’s the Best Dog Food for Doberman Pinschers?

Healthy Dobermans require around 2.000 calories per day.

That means you should feed it a good quality food, rich in protein and fibers.


# I Have To Take My Doberman Pinscher To The Vet Soon For Shots. Which Vaccinations Does He Really Need?

Dobermans need the same vaccinations as most dogs: parvovirus, distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza and coronavirus.

Many owners also choose to give their pups the intranasal kennel cough vaccine.


# What Toys and Supplies Do I Need to Buy For My Doberman Pinschers?

These dogs are very playful and love chewing things, so give them a good chew toy that they can bite down on.

Keep in mind that they possess a strong jaw and knife-like teeth, so soft chew toys will not last long.


# Should I Crate Train My Doberman?

Most dogs can be crate trained. Dobermans are no exception.

However, keep in mind that they can become stressed rather than relieved, so you need to show them that crates are not punishment.


Are You Ready To Adopt A Doberman Pinscher?

Doberman Pinschers have a big reputation for being dangerous, but this is not necessarily true, as they can be very kind and loyal.


These dogs reflect their owners, so if you do everything right and always remain calm and patient, than your dog will do the same.


So, ARE YOU ready to adopt one?

After reading this article, you should be able to answer that question for yourself, so please let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share this article with friends!

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