Top 21 Best Dog Beds For Anxiety: Reviews & Buying Guide 2022

The best dog beds for anxiety are the memory foam beds. These beds give dogs a strong feeling of comfort and being loved.

No dogs should exhibit any sign of anxiety after sleeping in a memory foam dog bed. Dogs can also be allowed to spend some daylight hours in a memory foam bed. 

Dog Beds For Anxiety

In this article, we’re going to review the following dog beds for Anxiety:

How Dog Beds Can Help To Reduce Different Types Of Anxiety?   

Sometimes illness may cause a sudden onset of anxiety in your dog. A soft bed after visiting the vet may calm your dog’s fears.

Generally, resting in the bosom of a bed that is cozy and in which there is space for the dog to burrow can offer relief.

For Separation Anxiety

An orthopedic dog bed is suitable to aid your pet in dealing with separation anxiety. This bed should be put in place at least a week before you need to leave your home for long periods.

This bed should also be placed in an area where you spend time with your dog.

Therefore, when you are away from your dog, there will be no chewing of furniture or peeing inside your bed or poo on your furniture to show displeasure in your absence.

For fear-related anxiety

Dog beds with raised rims are suitable for dogs with fear-related anxiety. The rim will form physical protection and sanctuary for your dog.

A feeling of security will be created with the use of this type of bed, especially if it has a shag that prevents others from seeing your dog at a glance. 


For Age-related anxiety

A high-density memory foam bed is best suitable for an aging dog. This type of bed will give comfort to the dog’s aching back and joints.

An aging dog needs a bed made from durable material as they no longer have the energy to play during the day. They may wish to remain in bed during the day as well.

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Dog Bed For AnxietyFrom:

For Rescue/Former Shelter Anxiety

A dog that is rescued from a shelter may prefer to remain in their cage. To help them to transition, it is wise to create comfort inside the cage with a soft bed.

However, it is also helpful to leave the cage door open to encourage the dog to socialize with the new family.

After enjoying the soft, comfortable bed, the dog will explore outside the cage if the door is left open. Eventually, the cage can be removed.


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For Illness-induced Anxiety 

When you and I are sick it adds to our worries. In the same way, dogs have anxiety when they are sick. Therefore, the softest and most comfortable bed should be available for a sick dog.

There should be no need for the dog to exert too much effort to get into the bed. Therefore it should be below. It should also be waterproof just in case there is an accident.


Anti-Anxiety Dog Beds are Equipped with the following

  • Raised rim creates a sense of security
  • Super-soft filling offers joint and muscle pain relief
  • Ultra-soft vegan fur fabric is durable
  • Machine washable makes it easy to clean
  • Room to stretch out
  • Memory foam to hug your dog’s form
  • Some dog beds are elevated for air circulation
  • Plush sides so the dog can burrow
  • Some dogs appreciate a cover to give comfort

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Best Calming Dog Beds for Small Pups With Anxiety

Oval Lounger - Ultra Plush#1 Furhaven Oval Pet Dog Bed

If you have a dog that is constantly seeking cuddling from you this is the perfect dog bed for him. This will be your arms when you are away at work. Your dog will not need to howl, pee all over your floors or display any sign of anxiety.

The walls of this bed are perfect for snuggling. The insert cushion provides soft comforting pleasure during the day and at night. 

It will be just the same as if both of you are cuddling on your sofa or your bed. Both the cover and the cushion are machine washable. 


  • This bed gives the feeling of your arms around your dog.
  • Your dog will feel secure and not anxious in this bed.
  • The walls are perfect for cuddling.
  • The cushion is soft and comforting.
  • The cover is machine washable.
  • The insert cushion is machine washable.
  • The soft material will not scratch your dog’s nose when he is cuddling inside.


  • This dog bed does not have a blanket.
  • The lambs’ wool material is not suitable for scratchers or chewers.
  • It does not have an anti-slip bottom.

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#2 K9 Ballistics Chew Proof Elevated Dog Bed

This raised bed is an anti-anxiety, anti-chewable bed. Sometimes when dogs become anxious they chew at their beds. The material that this bed is made from resists the destructive chewing of an anxious dog.

The raised bed allows air circulation to flow freely in the area where the bed is located so that the odor does not remain around the bed. 

This bed can be used indoors, outdoors, and inside a crate. The aluminum frame and legs do not invite any form of chewing.  The ripstop ballistic fabric repels the sharp teeth of any dog. After a tantrum or two, your dog will calm down and rest on the bed.   


  • This bed is raised for better air circulation.
  • This bed has an aluminum frame and legs that do not invite any chewing.
  • The ripstop ballistic fabric repels sharp teeth action.
  • This bed allows the dog to express anxiety in an aggressive way.
  • This bed allows the dog a calm rest after energetic action.


  • This bed is not as soft and comfy as other dog beds.
  • This dog bed does not have a pillow.
  • This dog bed does not have a blanket.

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#3 Best Friends by Sheri OrthoComfort Deep Dish Cuddler

This dog bed is quite suitable for a dog that is having anxiety issues. If a dog is having fear-related anxiety, this Deep Dish Cuddler is the right remedy for the diagnosis.

Your dog will feel love instead of threatened by strange eyes or a strange environment. 

This dog bed offers a sense of security for the dog’s fears of being under attack or of being lonely. Burrowing into the depths of this bed will give your dog a sense of confidence.


  • The soft material of the Deep Dish Cuddler dog bed will give your dog comfort.
  • The depth of the Dee Dish Cuddler dog bed allows your dog to burrow into security.
  • The high sides of this dog bed offer a hideaway from harm.
  • The high sides of this dog bed offer support for an aching neck and head.


  • The sides are not as firm as expected.
  • This bright pink may stand out in the décor of your home.

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#4 Friends Forever Donut Faux Fur Small Dog Beds

This pastel pink dog bed is calming and functions as anti-anxiety for dogs that may be having separation issues. 

You may be gone away to work for longer than your dog can understand. This dog bed will fit next to your bed and trains your dog to sleep there whether you are at home or not. This situation will cause less worry in your dog if he is left where you mostly spend time together.

The shag cover will keep your dog warm and the raised circumference will support your dog’s neck and head. If your dog experiences any loneliness, he can burrow below and sleep until you return home. 


  • The warm shag cover will comfort your dog.
  • The rims will support your dog’s neck and head to ease.
  • The depth allows your dog to burrow below for security.
  • The filling supports the dog’s back.
  • The machine-washable materials are easily cleaned.
  • Aids your dog to enjoy a good sleep without anxiety.


  • If you have a cat, there will be a fight for this dog bed.
  • Your child may crush this dog bed while trying to fit into it.

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#5 Sleep Zone Faux Suede Cuddle Cave Pet Bed

The feeling of comfort and security is deep inside this cave bed for dogs. Once the dog gets to sleep inside this plus cave bed the sense of anxiety will change. 

The dog will be happy instead of sad and the depth of the cave bed allows the dog to burrow into a hideaway from the outside world of humans.

This cave can be tucked into the corner of your bedroom nearest to your bed. This location will ease the feeling of anxiety even more.


  • Deep enough to allow burrowing by your dog.
  • Soft and cozy to give a sense of security.
  • Blends into your bedroom décor.
  • Location near your bed is additional relief of anxiety.
  • The material is machine washable and easily cleaned.
  • The material is durable so you do not need to shop for another in a hurry and non-toxic.


  • This cave form does not hold up well
  • The base needs more filling

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#6 Hollypet Pet Bed for Small Puppies

If you have a really small dog that likes being carried around, this is the bed for her. She may fuss less about being on your lap while driving to the supermarket if she is comfortable in the plush softness of this bed.

Did you see the word she? This is because it is the cutest pink sot bed that you can find to buy.

I love it as it is pleasing to the eyes. The Terylene/Cotton fabric along with the high elastic foam provides warmth and there will be no complaints from your girl.  


  • This bed is pink for a small female dog that likes being carried around in your arms.
  • This bed is made from Terylene/Cotton fabric along with an elastic foam.
  • This bed is soft and warm to give the feeling of being next to you.
  • Your small dog or puppy will not need to howl for your attention.


  • This dog bed is not machine washable.
  • Not all small dogs can fit in this be.

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#7 Vivi Bear Dog Bed Cat Bed Calming Dog Bed

If your dog has trouble going to sleep and is keeping you awake with troublesome moaning, you need to buy this bed.

It is so soft with raised rims that will help your dog to burrow into its depth. The shag cover will provide warmth so that your little canine will be asleep in no time at all.

There will be no more moaning to keep you awake at night. She will be happy and asleep.

This dog bed is suitable for dogs that like to curl up and can easily be cleaned using a washing machine and a dryer. 


  • This bed will calm your dog’s anxieties.
  • This bed will provide warmth and a sense of security.
  • This bed has a shag cover to provide comfort.
  • This bed allows your dog to burrow into a comfortable, curled up position to fall asleep.
  • This bed will help you to sleep at night.
  • Your dog will be happy.


  • The bottom of the bed is a bit thin.
  • Not suitable for chewers or angry dogs.

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Best Calming Beds for Medium Breed Dogs With Anxiety

Snuggery Burrow Bed - Microvelvet#1 Furhaven Round Snuggery Blanket Burrow Pet Bed

If you have a fussy dog that likes to hide under the covers on your bed then this dog bed is the one for him. He will love having the cover of this therapeutic blanket to sleep. There will be no more pulling your cover away from you.

Your pet will burrow into the warmth and coziness of this bed and sleep will not be far away.

The egg crate foam of the base will comfort your dog’s body and aid in better air circulation for a peaceful night of sleep.


  • This bed has an attached blanket cover.
  • There is space for your dog to burrow into a cozy corner and sleep.
  • Your dog will achieve restful sleep.
  • This bed is therapeutic and will change your dog to a happy dog.
  • This bed supports achy joints and eases pressure points on the dog.
  • Your dog will have the feeling of being cuddled in a warm blanket.
  • The soft velvet material will be kind to your dog’s nose and mouth.
  • The cover is machine washable. 


  • Not suitable for a chewer.
  • Does not have non-slip buttons.

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#2 BarkBox Memory Foam Dog Cuddler Bed

If your dog is seeking to be cuddled most of the time then you have a problem. Your dog could be suffering a form of anxiety. This bed can provide that cuddling feeling when your dog sleeps in this bed.

If your dog should decide to spend daylight and nighttime hours in this dog bed, he will be happy. Your dog will love the bolsters to rest his neck and head while enjoying the support and comfort of the filling.

Relief of your dog’s anxiety will be ensured as well as better sleep. The portable memory foam mattress is important for the calming of your dog’s anxiety. 


  • The cover of this dog bed is machine washable.
  • The memory foam mattress is therapeutic to relieve your dog’s anxiety.
  • The grey color will match the décor of your home or apartment.
  • The bolster covers are also machine washable.
  • The memory foam mattress will support your dog’s body.


  • The fabric makes scratching noises when the dog moves around in the bed.
  • This bed does not have a non-slip bottom.

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#3 Best Pet Supplies – Breathable Linen Pet Bed

This medium-sized linen-like fabric dog bed will offer the cuddled feeling that your medium-sized dog craves when you awake or asleep on your bed. Sometimes you may allow his company in your bed and at other times you may want to stretch out in your bed.

By providing your dog with this bed, you will ease his anxieties of any kind. His bed will give that feeling of being cuddled in your linen suit.

An extra padded cushion gives supreme comfort and calms your dog to sleep. The walls allow your dog to rest his neck and head while providing support as well. 


  • This dog bed is made from cool linen material to combat the summer heat.
  • The super padded cushion offers comfort for your dog’s spine.
  • This bed will relieve your dog’s anxieties.
  • This dog bed provides dogs with restful sleep.
  • Your dog will be happy.
  • Machine washable on gentle cycle and dry. 


  • Not suitable for winter months.
  • Not suitable for outside use.

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#4 Best Friends by Sheri Calming Shag Vegan Fur Donut Cuddler

This medium-sized bed is for a medium-sized dog. If your dog has trouble going to sleep and is keeping you awake by scratching to find a comfortable spot then you can get this bed.

It is so soft with raised rims that will help your dog to burrow into its depth. The shag cover will provide warmth so that your medium-sized dog will be able to curl up and finally go to sleep.

There will be no more scratching to keep you awake at night. This dog bed can easily be cleaned using a washing machine and a dryer. 


  • This calming bed will put the fears of your medium-sized to bed.
  • There will be no more loud scratching at night in your room.
  • This bed will provide a sense of security to your dog.
  • This shag cover will provide warmth and comfort.
  • The depth of the bed and the rim allows your dog to burrow to a place of comfort.
  • Your dog’s anxiety will be relieved and you will have a happy dog.


  • Not suitable for chewers.
  • Not enough filling to support the joints of the dog.

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#5 Focuspet Dog Bed Cat Bed

Your dog may be waking you up several times at night. Enquire about this bed in a color to suit your house’s décor and have a peaceful sleep along with your medium-sized dog.

Your medium sized dog will feel cuddled in your arms while sleeping in this bed. The high rims will provide absolute comfort for his neck and head.

Inside will provide the ideal amount of coziness to a fretful insomniac. This buy will be a win for your medium-sized dog and a win for you in getting a full night’s sleep. 


  • This dog bed offers warmth and a cozy interior to your medium-sized dog.
  • This calming bed will relieve your dog’s anxiety.
  • All the materials used to make this bed are safe for dogs.
  • The shape of this dog bed allows your dog to curl up and sleep.
  • Your dog will sleep throughout the night.
  • This medium-sized dog bed has a non-slip bottom. 


  • Not suitable for dogs that are chewers.
  • Quality has decreased in construction over the years.

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#6 Friends Forever Donut Faux Fur Medium Dog Beds 

This anti-anxiety dog bed will help to ease your dog’s anxiety as well as to induce him to sleep. The warmth and cozy atmosphere of this bed will allow your dog to curl up or to stretch out to his liking.

If that is not enough this dog bed will provide rest for the neck and head of your dog. The super filling along with the soft fur cover will support your dog’s back.

This dog bed will give your dog such a sense of security that he will calm down and fall asleep easily.


  • Soft fur cover to provide a cozy feeling.
  • Super supportive filling to support your dog’s back.
  • Raised rims for your dog to rest his neck and head.
  • Relieves anxiety and calms your dog.
  • Perfect for winter days.
  • Machine washable.
  • Made from non-toxic materials.
  • Relieves joint pain.
  • Induces better sleep and therefore, your pet will be happy.


  • The non-slip buttons fall off before the first wash.
  • Seams need reinforcing before you allow your dog to use this bed.

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Plush Ball Pet Bed#7 Furhaven Round Ball Nest Cushion Pet Dog Bed

This medium-sized bean bag shaped dog bed is just right for a dog that likes to cuddle. Your dog may be fussing all night to find just the right position to go to sleep. This dog bed molds to the shape of your dog’s body so that snuggly effect will occur.

No matter how your dog moves in his sleep, the bed will hold close to his body. Therefore, your dog will no longer fuss before going to sleep. You may find him sleeping more than usual in the comforts of this bed with the soft fur cover.


  • This dog bed molds to the body of your dog.
  • This dog bed supports your dog’s joints and spine.
  • Soft fur covers the entire bean bag dog bed.
  • It is easy for your dog to snuggle into this bed.
  • The cover and interior liner are machine washable.


  • Not suitable for chewers.
  • Not suitable for scratchers.

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Best Calming Dog Beds for Large Canines With Anxiety

Poly/Cotton Bagel Dog Bed - Majestic Pet#1 Majestic Pet Poly-Cotton Sherpa Bagel Dog Bed

Your big dog can thrash around in this big dog bed and not fall out. The bolsters in the rims support your dog’s spine, neck, and head. 

You will have a happy dog. Your dog will be able to play or go to sleep at any time within 24 hours. You will be able to have some playtime with your pet in this bed as well. Sorry, but there will be no room for anxiety in this bed.

Your dog will surely sleep restfully and comfortably in this dog bed. Your dog will be so relaxed that sleep will not elude him again. 


  • This dog bed has enough space for you and your dog to play.
  • This dog bed has rims with bolsters that will straighten your dog’s spine.
  • This dog bed has rims with bolsters that will support your dog’s neck and head.
  • The filling is made from high loft polyester to provide comfort for your dog.
  • Machine washable.
  • This dog bed is waterproof in case of accidents.


  • Needs constant washing as it attracts dirt.
  • Cannot be air-dried.

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#2 SIMIEN Large and XL Dog Bed

This extra-large dog bed with headrest is for a dog that likes to stretch out and sleep. Not all dogs like to curl up into a ball to sleep. This bed has enough space for any large to stretch out and sleep.

The high-quality orthopedic foam supports your dog’s spine, joints, neck, and head.

Your dog will also be able to enjoy some cuddling time with you in this bed. He will not need to be fussy as this bed will meet his every need.

This bed is also waterproof and machine washable.


  • Extra space to stretch out.
  • Headrest to relax the muscles.
  • Orthopedic foam to support the spine.
  • Orthopedic foam to comfort the body.
  • This bed removes anxiety and induces sleep.
  • Machine washable.
  • Made with a waterproof liner to protect the filling.


  • Not suitable for chewers.
  • There is no cover or blanket on this bed.

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#3 Veehoo Elevated Dog Bed

This bed would be ideal for my Hound dog German shepherd cross. Tyson would enjoy this raised dog bed. I can imagine him regally staring at us while bearing the tropical heat. The mild wind would be able to circle under the raised bed and cool my pet.

Instead of pacing, he would be able to sleep during the day. He would not dig any more holes in my backyard. At night the cool wind would shake the coconut leaves and bring him the best sleep ever.

The aluminum legs and frame of this raised bed would be strong enough to hold a large dog like Tyson. 


  • This bed can be used outside.
  • The air circulates under the raised bed to cool your dog on a hot day.
  • A blanket can be used with this bed in cold temperatures.
  • Sleep will come along with cool breezes in the night and anxiety will leave.
  • The legs of this dog bed are slip-resistant.
  • The cot material is waterproof and breathable.


  • Not suitable for a hundred-pound dog.
  • Not suitable for aggressive chewers.

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#4 K9 Ballistics Round Dog Bed 

This deep, round, large dog bed is just right for a shy, large dog to burrow into away from prying eyes of strangers.

Your dog may be fun to have around the family but goes wild when strangers visit your home. The high rim of this bagel shaped dog bed will help to relieve his fears.

This bed is durable and comfortable. It is suitable for mild chewers and playful pets.

The high rims allow for a game of hiding and seek during the day as well as a cozy place to snuggle for a good night’s sleep.                     


  • Made from Rip-Stop Ballistic material for mild chewers.
  • Some velvet is inside to create a soft, warm, comfortable sleeping place.
  • High rims provide a sense of security for your dog.
  • Tolerates mild chewing.
  • Tolerates mild scratching.
  • Your dog can curl up in a ball and sleep.
  • The high rim provides relief to your dog’s neck and head.
  • Machine washable.


  • Not suitable for aggressive chewers.
  • Does not have a non-skid bottom.

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#5 Sealy Lux Quad Layer Orthopedic Dog Bed with Cooling Gel

If your dog has achy joints from arthritis he will be a very sad dog. It will be uncomfortable for him to move about. Your dog certainly needs this type of orthopedic bed.

Most orthopedic beds relieve pain so there will be no grouchy dog in your home from the pain in his joints. This high-quality therapeutic bed provides support to the joints of your dog and also allows your dog to sleep comfortably.

The memory foam supports the spine of your dog and hugs his body in such a cozy way that he cannot stay awake or feel grouchy. 


  • The filling is made from memory foam.
  • Memory foam is therapeutic and eases arthritis pain in the joints.
  • Pain anxiety will no longer be keeping your dog from sleep.
  • The base is Pro-Charcoal to eliminate odors of any kind.
  • The cooling energy gel regulates the heat so that the dog feels cool.


  • The edges of the bed are stiff so the dog us unable to rest his head and neck.
  • There is no non-skid bottom on this bed.

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Villa Bagel Dog Bed#6 Villa Bagel Dog Bed by Majestic 

If you have a large pup like German Shepherd who likes to be comfortable, then you can get her this bed. It will stop her from howling for attention when you wish to get some sleep.

This dog bed can fit into your house’s décor as it is grey.

It is soft and molds to your dog’s body to provide ultimate support for your dog’s spine. Your dog will give you a happy lick on your face to show her pleasure.


  • The filling is made from Premium High Loft Polyester.
  • The soft filling eases anxiety and your dog will sleep restfully.
  • This bed supports your dog’s spine.
  • This rim supports your dog’s neck and head.
  • This bed will fit the décor of your house.
  • Machine washable.
  • This bed has a waterproof Denier base.


  • Does not have a non-skid bottom.
  • Not large enough for a 120 pound Great Dane.

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#7 Pet Deluxe Grooved Orthopedic Foam Puppy Beds

This dog bed is best for a dog with a need to be comforted. Lack of comfort can cause anxiety in dogs. We do not like to be uncomfortable and neither do our dogs. Buying this bed is a plus for you and your dog. 

You can sit beside your big dog on this sofa bed and pat him to sleep.

He can snuggle into the raised sides and feel the comfort of being next to orthopedic foam. His spine, neck, and head will be supported so that rest will be a must. 


  • There is space for you to sit and cuddle your dog.
  • Your dog can snuggle into a corner and fall asleep.
  • Your dog will experience the comfort.
  • Relief of any anxiety is a must.
  • Good sleep will be enjoyed by your dog.


  • The foam is not large enough to fit the bed.
  • Construction needs improvement so bed and foam can be the same shape.

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Did You Find Your Dog Bed For Anxiety Today?

I firmly believe that any bed with a cover and some form of memory foam will relieve a dog’s anxiety. Therefore, the number Furhaven Round Snuggery Burrow Bed for a medium-sized dog is the winner in my opinion.

You can make your choice but this dog bed has egg crate foam for the base and a warm cover for lonely nights and days. This dog bed can be found in many sizes and the size of dogs that I like will have no problem burrowing in such a dog bed.


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