Top 15 Best Dog Beds For Boston Terriers: Reviews & Buying Guide 2022

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out the best one from all the best dog beds for Boston Terriers we reviewed, then we recommend the Furhaven Couch Bolster Plush Dog Bed as the best one.

Brimming with spunk and energy, our furry friends keep us on our toes. Like people, though, our beloved dogs need their down-time.

That’s why you want to find the best dog beds for Boston Terriers. When you make the most out of naptime, playtime is that much more engaging.

Dog Beds For Boston Terriers

In this article, we’re going to review the following dog beds for Boston Terriers:

What Size Dog Bed Best Suits a Boston Terrier?

When it comes to finding the ideal bed for your pup to get those much needed zzzs, there is no shortage of options.

These medium sized dogs need the perfect amount of space and cushion, without having too much plush to comfortably move around.

Given their size, these dog beds must be medium sized and relatively low to the ground. If your pup is a big older (and given the lifespan of these pups, it’s pretty likely), then you want to find something they can easily climb in and out of.

That said, don’t skimp on the space. Give them about an extra foot of wiggle room altogether so that they can maneuver into the perfect comfy position.

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What You Need in a Boston Terrier Dog Bed

Seek out an option that is hypoallergenic (to avoid skin issues), plush and comfortable without having too much give. Look for something that has sufficient space and is easy for your beloved pup to climb in and out of.

On another note (for your ease), look for something that is washer and dryer friendly. 

Make Laundry Easier

When you choose the perfect bed for your pup, this is definitely something to keep in mind. Select a fabric that you can just toss in the washing machine (and dryer, preferably). Choose a color that won’t bleed and won’t shrink.

The best way to go is with a polyester blend since cotton both degrades and shrinks with heat. Pick one with a removable interior for a longer lasting bed. 


It’s always fun to shop for our furry friends – but it’s a lot less fun to buy the same item repeatedly.

To avoid this, choose something meant to last. Pick an item with a thick exterior and sturdy plush (memory foam, if possible).

Chances are your pup will drool and chew on the bed – it’s only natural. So choose an option that accounts for this so you only have to order the item once every couple of years.

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Comfortable & Cozy 

Even though nice patterns can be fun (mostly for us pet-parents), comfort is definitely the priority. After all, we want our terriers to sleep soundly in these beds and they can’t exactly do that without a cozy spot.

I like to keep in mind that space verses coziness factor. Too much room leaves my terrier curious and always moving around.

Too little room makes him leave the bed in search of bigger and better things. Just like goldilocks, there has to be that ‘just right’ balance. 

Insulation Sensation

We all adore curling up on a soft and plush couch and our pups are no different. Whether they are old or young, that feeling of sinking into comfort is irreplaceable.

Keep this in mind when you source your Boston Terrier dog bed. While it is important to make sure there is not too much height to climb, also ensure that there is that softness they crave.

This both keeps them warm and gives their bones a much-needed break. 

Special Considerations for Boston Terrier Beds

All dogs are different – in both build and personality. Breeds make this easier to understand since pups of the same breed have a lot in common.

When it comes to beds, there are some important things to keep in mind so your Boston Terrier gets the perfect sleep.


Just like people love pillows, your pup wants that elevation. Bolstered models have raised sides that allow your terrier to prop up on the sides and find their perfect resting spot.

Coming in diverse levels of firmness, bolsters are well-suited to a Boston Terrier’s sleep needs.



This model matches well with a firmer bolster. The pillow-style model gives a plush interior made out of either a polyester blend or cotton composite.

The plushness gives their muscles a rest while keeping them warm against an often cold floor.

Bagel or Donut Style

For needier pups that have an otherwise challenging time simmering down, the bagel style bed is ideal. Presenting exactly as it sounds, this bed features all raised sides (so it’s like sleeping inside a donut). 

Pups avoid visual distractions and find increased comfort from this style.

Den/Cave Style

Whether or not your pup takes to this style is a matter of personality and preference. These feature a hood or covering that makes the bed more of an enclosure.

The equivalent of a princess bed for dogs, these add the feeling of safety to nervous puppies and adult dogs alike.

Mattress Style

If you are getting a dog bed to transition your dog from sleeping with you, then the mattress style is a great choice.

Modeled after mattresses on which humans sleep, these are a bit more firm and rigid. These work best for dogs that are familiar with sleeping on a human-style mattress.

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Best Dog Bed For Boston Terriers

Sofa Bed - Plush & Suede#1 Furhaven Couch Bolster Plush Dog Bed

Okay, so it’s no secret that most people like to take their phones to bed with them (whether it is to play candy crush or set an alarm).

Pets aren’t all that different. Many like to keep their beloved toys close by – and let’s face it, you appreciate avoiding the mess of strewn-about chewies.

This bed is the perfect way to accommodate this desire. It is pretty unique by design – with comfortable pillows on both ends to provide the necessary bolstering for neck support.

That said, the middle section remains open and flat, making this a clever combination of the donut and the mattress-style setup. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes in several different colors to match decor.
  • Available with different interiors like gel foam, memory foam, or orthopedic options.
  • Faux fur provides a soft experience for the terrier.
  • Provides sufficient room to store blankets or toys.


  • Spacious and roomy.
  • Firm mattress with orthopedic designs.
  • Offers clear visibility with neck support.


  • No opportunity for a cover.
  • Limited plush.
  • Challenging to machine wash.

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#2 BarksBar Orthopedic Dog Bed

There is an exception to every rule, so if your terrier tends to claim a lot of space – to sleep better when they can toss and turn – then this is a great choice.

Suitable to medium sized dog breeds, this comfy couch of a bed is great for rolling around and finding that sweet spot.

Pups (especially mine) love the balance between softness and firmness that this bed gives them. It is low enough to the ground that even the most tired terrier can easily crawl into it. 

Once in the bed, the props for the neck offer great support for aching joints and give the dog the opportunity to peer at the surroundings.

Keep your dog involved while letting them get the rest they deserve.

Highlighted Features:

  • Provides a medium sized sleeping opportunity.
  • Bolstered around the sides.
  • Quality materials compose interior and exterior.
  • Adds comfort for dogs with arthritis/joint issues.
  • Comfortable pillow for neck support.


  • Soft interior provides comfort.
  • Older dogs appreciate the contour.
  • Can hold overweight pups.


  • No opportunity for a cover.
  • Quite spacious for puppies.
  • Relatively high off the ground.

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#3 AmazonBasics Pet Bed for Small Dogs

If you are looking for something simplistic and straightforward, this is the style you want. While it features bolsters on all sides like the donut models, the fabric is matte and avoids those frays.

This works for pets that aren’t too picky and has the added value of better resisting wear and tear on the bed. Don’t worry though since the matte fabric is also smooth to the touch (for both you and your pup).

It enables us pup parents to easily wipe away drool or other spills  – especially helpful if your pet stashes treats and toys like mine does. 

This means that you need to launder the item less frequently and therefore can expect the bed over the long term.

It is a really classic model which means it works well with all decor and has stood the test of time.

Highlighted Features:

  • Classic appearance with matte covering.
  • Soft exterior for comfort.
  • Donut design for good bolstering.


  • Easy to launder and keep clean.
  • Long lasting and durable model.
  • Great for this breed size.


  • No bells and whistles featured.
  • Not the best for picky or anxious dogs.
  • Too low down to add a hood.

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#4 Best Friends Vegan Donut Bed

Coming in a wide variety of sizes, this donut bed features bolsters on all sides. Its comfort lies in the plush material that provides a furry sensation to otherwise short-haired pups like Boston Terriers.

If your dog likes to curl up to stay warm and cozy, then this is a great solution. The filling is relaxing and allows you to provide your pup with a soothing environment for tired bones and muscles.

Equipped with a shag fur exterior, this gives your pups the chance to warm up after cold weather. It also helps them be less vulnerable to an often cold floor.

Since it comes in natural colors like off-white and beige, this fits seamlessly into any home and makes for a good decoration – it’s especially cute when your pup is in it.

Highlighted Features:

  • Easy to launder due to dirt resistance.
  • Avoids unpleasant messes and stains.
  • You can machine wash and dry this model.
  • Ideal size available for the Boston Terrier pup.
  • Bagel/donut style provides added comfort.


  • Creates a comfortable environment.
  • Easy to keep clean.
  • Lasts a long time.


  • Only comes in two colors.
  • Plush is subject to compression and wear.

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#5 Friends Forever Faux Fur Bed For Medium Dogs

Maybe you have a dog with particularly nervous tendencies. As us Terrier owners know, this is not uncommon within the breed.

If this is the case, then this is the ideal bed for your pup’s needs. It comes covered in a cozy fur (faux, of course). The options range from beige to pink (depending on your pet’s preference – and yours).

All components are high quality and synthetic which allow the fabric to breath and conduct heat comfortably. 

Since it is machine washable, you won’t have too much down time when it comes to pup rest. Avoid the struggles of hanging it out to dry – this model works in the dryer as well (without shrinking).

It is the perfect size for these medium breed dogs which both adds comfort and value through the design that affords joint and muscle comfort. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Faux fur exterior for warmth.
  • Comfortable bolstered design.
  • Plush encourages relaxation.
  • Easy to launder in machine washers and dryers.


  • Great for anxiety-prone dogs.
  • Good for older terriers suffering from pain.
  • Stores well in any space.


  • Breaks down (only good for a short time).
  • Does not prevent stains.
  • Better suited for puppies and elderly dogs.

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#6 AmazonBasics Warming Bed for Dogs

Especially when weather rolls around, it is critical to keep your pup warm. This not only adds to their short-term health and happiness, it slows down joint damage over the long term.

Thankfully (particularly for those of us who have to content with cold weather for over half the year), this model features cutting-edge technology to keep your pup warm.

By using mylar blankets just like the astronauts employ, your dog can get a truly out of this world warming experience. The textile does this through holding the dog’ natural heat and reflecting it back inward. 

Other great news is that, while this style is suited to outer space, it’s style is actually pretty down to earth.

I love it because it works with my home’s decor nicely. It’s covered in fleece and soft corduroy fabric that breathes nicely while letting your pup stay warm all night long.

Highlighted Features:

  • Promotes natural body heat.
  • Keeps the terrier comfortable.
  • Soft exterior that resists stains.
  • Raised outer shell for bolstering.


  • Provides good neck support.
  • Helps with health and joint pain.
  • Relaxing sleep experience.


  • Difficult to wash.
  • Subject to wear and tear.

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#7 ALLNEO ORiginal Dog Luxury Bed

Perhaps this bed is a gift for your furry friend’s birthday or another special occasion. Maybe you and your dog frequent the spa and are most familiar with a high standard of comfort. The good news is that this bed is the perfect option for you.

Embrace the feminine side with this pink and fuzzy bed that has only grown in popularity. Something to bear in mind, however, is that it is more show than function.

Since the raised edges provide limited bolstering, this is more like a giant pillow into which your terrier can sink comfortably. The donut features are quite small so if this is something you are looking for, make sure your pup is in the early years.

On the other hand, it has an incomparably soft filling. It is all about balancing comfort with style – the choice is yours. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Incredibly soft plush design.
  • Fuzzy, bright pink exterior.
  • Relatively high off the ground.
  • Technically a donut style model.


  • Extremely comfortable model.
  • Plush interior.
  • Bright colors.


  • Limited bolstering.
  • Too high for dogs with joint damage.
  • Tricky to launder.

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#8 Pet Craft Supply Co. Dog Bed

It’s no secret that over the last several years, mattress quality has improved substantially. From the covers developing hypoallergenic models to inner plush improving in quality, there is no shortage of choices.

An easy favorite for these is memory foam – it literally holds you in a place of comfort and coziness. Humans everywhere adore it (and our dogs deserve this comfort too).

This model uses memory foam chips to reduce joint pain and muscle aches while also limiting wear and tear over the long term. When it comes to the exterior, it just keeps getting better. 

The fuzzy, soft covering offers warmth while the raised edges give your Boston Terrier the perfect pillow to get them through the night.

Even better is the fact that this is machine washable since, if you pup is anything like mine, it drools everywhere. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Memory foam chips on the interior.
  • Raised edges for a comforting bolster.
  • Machine wash and dryable.


  • Durable design that handles spills well.
  • Top-tier fabrics and materials.
  • Increased comfort and relaxation.


  • Limited opportunity for a hood.
  • Only available in one size.

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#9 Best Friends by Sheri OrthoComfort Cuddler

We all love some good pup cuddles – they are basically the best part of the day. Some dogs, though, are cuddlier than others. If your pup is a terrier that can’t get enough snuggles, it is important to find a bed that keeps them comfy while embracing this side of their personality.

One great option for this is the bed here which comes in several different hues (so it can match any room you need). Basically, it works like a bean bag chair for your dog, letting them sink into the coziness as the outer shell works to bolster their neck.

It works especially well for puppies since the design almost imitates the closeness of a womb and – given the bladder issues of young dogs – the fact that it is washable is icing on the cake.

Highlighted Features:

  • Waterproof base and washable exterior.
  • Machine dryable fabric for ease.
  • Plush interior for comfort.
  • Fuzzy exterior for a soft experience.


  • High walls let you place a blanket as a hood.
  • Bolstered exterior gives neck support.
  • Easy to clean and store.


  • Subject to wear and tear during maintenance.
  • Only two sizes available: standard and jumbo.

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#10 AmazonBasics Plush Dog Bed Pad

When you read through the special considerations, chances are that the mattress-style bed caught your eye. Especially if your pet is prone to sleeping at the foot of your bed (or right up beside you), this is a great choice.

It can be challenging to replace that good old human comfort with a bed, so it helps to find a similar option for them to lean into. This bed pad is a mattress-type design whose rectangular form mimics your mattress perfectly. 

It’s super-soft design offers a comforting option while the appearance matches your sleeping arrangements seamlessly.

Practically speaking the color scheme works with most home design setups as well as the item being washable and dryable in your laundry system.

Highlighted Features:

  • Mattress style setup.
  • Soft and comfortable design.
  • Muted colors to match surroundings.


  • Machine washable and dryable.
  • Relatively low cost comparably to other options
  • Extremely soft textiles.


  • No bolstering or pillows.
  • Fairly low to the ground.

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#11 Bedsure Orthopedic Memory Foam Bed

It’s no mystery that, as your pup ages, sleep and rest become more important. This couples with things like aching joints, arthritic tendencies, and difficulty with bladder control.

That means that you need a bed that accounts for all of these needs simultaneously, while still fitting into the home decor easily.

When it comes to elderly terriers, this bed is a great option. It has a removable exterior for easy washing (in case your pup had an accident). In addition, the model is easy to store and tow so you can guarantee your furry friend the comforts of home during even the shortest excursions.

Memory foam is the icing on the cake, since it affords the interior a firmness that balances with a plush relaxation your terrier adores.

Highlighted Features:

  • Bolstered with pillows on 3 sides.
  • Rectangular, mattress-like design.
  • Easy to store and tow model.
  • Removable exterior for easy washing.


  • Ideal for elderly dogs.
  • Slip resistant base.
  • Perfect for the size of terriers.


  • No option for a cover.
  • Cannot machine wash the interior.
  • Subject to viewing damage.

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#12 MIXJOY Orthopedic Dog Bed

If you are planning on traveling, it is important to keep your pup’s needs in mind. This means accounting for their comfort wherever you go. Naturally, a kennel is not the most comfortable layout (especially when it comes to long rides in the car).

This bed makes adventuring easy for dogs of all ages. It is the perfect size for a Boston Terrier and allows them the ease of home during travel. Since it is so lightweight and portable, you can either keep one in your vehicle or take it in and out of the home with you.

Of course, car rides get musky, so the cherry on the sundae is that you can easily toss it in the washing machine and dry it in the same way. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Provides extreme comfort through faux fur and plush interior.
  • Nylon design offers longevity for the product.
  • Highly portable and works with all decor.
  • Simple to maintain with machine wash and dry capability.


  • Comes in multiple color options.
  • Highly portable and lightweight.
  • Easy maintenance.


  • Limited support structure.
  • No grip at the base.
  • Weak bolstering for neck support.

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#13 AsFrost Dog Bed

When it comes to the later years, few pets are immune to arthritis and its daily throes. This is precisely when you require an orthopedic bed – to keep your pup as comfortable as possible.

It’s not healthy to forego exercise, but it definitely contributes to aches which terriers cannot express. This bed provides a soft and lush experience, held in a sleek shell (which is great for your decor). 

The non-slip base keeps it from sliding around the room and lets even the tiredest dogs get in and out of the bed with ease. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Removable cover for machine washing ease.
  • Slip resistant base as a safety features.
  • Raised pillows for bolstered neck support.
  • Plush and comfortable interior designed for comfort.


  • Safety-forward and high-quality design.
  • Sleek design works well with decor.
  • Raised exterior for support.


  • No bright colored options.
  • Avoids fuzziness in favor of simplicity.
  • Fabric does not resist stains.

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#14 Sofantex Pet Bed for Mid-Sized Dogs

If you are the type that believes in the classic dog walk and game of fetch, then that is probably the lifestyle your pup is comfortable with.

Provided this is the case, it is best to stick with the basics when it comes to terrier beds. In this situation, this is a great bed to match your culture.

Chances are your terrier gets tired right out from those long excursions and seek something that they can just sink into with ease. This plush and super soft bed gives the perfect opportunity to rest and relax while giving you the ease of easy maintenance.

Spills wipe right off so you can avoid stains and the lightweight, compact design fits anywhere. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Simple maintenance with machine wash and dry abilities.
  • Comes in either blue or brown colors.
  • Lightweight and extremely portable.
  • Plush interior for a soft bed experience.


  • Soft and fuzzy exterior.
  • Bolstered for neck support.
  • Easy to maintain.


  • Lacks all the bells and whistles.
  • Plush will wear down over time.

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#15 AmazonBasics Pet Sofa Lounger Bed Pad

Just because you are choosing mattress style bed setups, you don’t have to forego the comfort of pillows for your beloved pup. In fact, with Boston Terriers, many pet-parents find the elevation absolutely essential. 

When these pups sleep with heads flush with the ground, they often snore a lot more. While it may seem like this is just a nuisance, it actually can restrict the airflow and guise sleep apnea.

To avoid this pitfall, beds with bolstering like this one are a great choice. With this option, you get all the benefits of a mattress design while also reaping the advantages of pillowy comfort. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Presents as a sofa with a firm underbelly.
  • Bolstered on all sides save the front.
  • Features a memory foam interior.
  • Machine washable liner.


  • Imitates a mattress for sleep transitions.
  • Raised edges provide neck support.
  • Soft interior designed for longevity.


  • Cannot wash the interior.
  • Relatively flat cover.
  • Only comes in one size.

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FAQ Regarding Boston Terrier Dog Beds

Now, you might have some questions about these dog beds, so this section is to address the most common inquiry.

# Which Place is Best For Boston Terriers Bed?

If you mean where in the house to store the bed, try for your pup’s favorite spot. Most terriers like either being in your room or by the door (so they can protect you).

In terms of shopping spots, stick to reputable merchants.

Typically, these products ship quickly and safely online so as long as you seek out a trustworthy source, you are in the clear. 

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Did You Find Your Dog Beds For Boston Terriers Today?

Now that we have broken down everything to seek out in the best dog beds for Boston Terriers, you know just what to look for. There are no shortage of great options that account for comfort and bolstering, pup security and durability.

That said, the clear winner of this roundup is the Furhaven Couch Bolster Plush Dog Bed . It offers all the warmth and comfort pups love, coupled with healthy features like neck support and plush.

Of course, every dog is different, so take a look at all the great options on this page. Your dog deserves a good sleep and finding the perfect pup bed will offer them the rest they deserve.

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