Bulldog Breed Information, Pictures, Characteristics & Fact

Do you anything about a bulldog? Do you know what a bulldog looks like? Can you tell me the best foods for a bulldog? These are but a few of the topics we will cover in this article.

We will learn the origin of bulldogs and the various important facts about them. The English bulldog is of interest to me as I would like to acquire one. 

Prior knowledge is important especially if an English bulldog can only live in certain climates. 

Bulldog Breed Information, Pictures, Characteristics & Facts


About Bulldog Dog: Highlights

  • English Bulldogs can live in other countries besides England as long as the countries have a similar climate.
  • Bulldogs are not very tall from the ground to their backs.


Breed Information 

The breed of a bulldog is vital to the new owner or any owner.


The breed of a dog informs you of any kind of allergies or any health problem that the particular dog may be susceptible to in a particular environment.


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  • Bulldog: Why is The Name “Bulldog” Given To These Dogs?

These dogs as a prefix to their name suggest were linked with bulls many centuries ago.

These dogs were very aggressive so they were used in the sport of baiting bulls.


This was considered entertainment for the rich and the poor.



Other Name


  • English Bulldog, British Bulldog

The name English bulldog or British bulldog came about because of the country of origin.

It is believed that these English bulldogs are a result of a cross between a Mastiff and a Pug by Preswick Eaton in the year 1632.


We are also aware that England is a part of Great Britain.

Hence the name. Some people call them English bulldogs and others name them British bulldogs.


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History & Area of Origin

The country of origin is England as this is where the Mastiff and the Pug were crossed.

The Mastiff was brought up to do bull baiting many centuries ago in Egypt.


The bull ring was a place of entertainment at that time.

This entertainment practice was brought over to England where they would use any dog.


However, the bulls and the bears would kill them cruelly.

It was not always that a dog could bring down a bull.


A stronger dog was required that would be closer to the ground with a stronger back as well as heavier on its front legs to manage the attack.

The cross occurred and the Bulldog was created.


The product was raised to be very aggressive and would not let go once they bit into a bull. 



The size of a Bulldog is short and not too long.

It is heavy enough to bring down another animal in a fight.


The head is large and wide. The jaws are built like clamps.

 This dog is closer to the ground than other animals so it has thick, stocky legs. 




Male: 12–17 inches (30–43 cm)

Male bulldogs are approximately 12-17 inches (31-40cm) in height from their paws to their backs.

As they raise their heads, 4 more inches are added.


This height allows them to get close to large animals in a fight.

This allows them to attack and escape with speed.


Female: 12-16 inches (30–41 cm) 

The female bulldogs stand approximately 12 to 16 inches (30-40 cm in height from the ground to the top of their backs.

As they raise their heads, 4 more inches are added.


These are quite huggable like large soft toys for children to play with after school.


Puppies : 10–14 inches (25–36 cm) 

The bulldog puppy is a tiny creature like other puppies.

They stand at 10-14 inches (25-36).


The legs are very short and you need to be careful not to trip over them.

This height allows them to hide under their mothers away from danger in their early weeks. 


Length: Nose to Tail

The length of your Bulldog would be important as this can help you in choosing a suitable space in your apartment for his bed.

It can also help you to decide if your living area is the correct size to cope with an adult Bulldog.


Male: 23–24 inches (58–61 cm) 

Most male bulldogs are large and their length would measure between 23 to 24 inches (58-61 cm).

Very large males would have a length of 24 to 25 inches (61-64 cm).


This measurement would be from the nose to the base of the tail.

This measurement would help to find a comfortable sleeping place for your bulldog.


Female: 22–23 inches (56–58 cm)

Most female bulldogs are medium-sized and their length would measure 22 to 23 inches (56-58 cm).

The smaller females would measure 20 to 21 inches (51-53 cm).


This measurement would be approximately from the nose to the base of the tail.

This information can help you to choose a travel crate for your pet Bulldog.


Puppies : 14–16 inches (36–41 cm)

Bulldog puppies are quite small and cuddly.

The regular length of an English bulldog puppy is14 to 16 inches (36- 41 cm).


Some puppies grow quickly and you may find a puppy of length 16 to 18 inches (41-46 cm) to adopt into your home.

Your children will be happy to have such a friend.



Bulldogs are heavy dogs as you can recall in history they needed their weight to serve their masters in entertainment.

The purpose for which bulldogs were bred was because of their weight and their ability to use it well.


Male: 45–50 pounds (20–23 kg)

Most adult bulldogs would weigh 45-50 pounds (20-23 kg).

A dog this size would be quite heavy.


Can you imagine a dog of this weight aggressively barreling at a bull?

This weight could easily pull a bull. 



Female: 35–40 pounds (16–18 kg)

A female bulldog weighs a little less than a male.

A weight of 35 to 40 pounds (16- 18 kg) is good for an adult female to weigh.


You may notice that the Bulldogs have been used as mascots of American football teams.

These players play just the way bulldogs bring down bulls.


Puppies: 5–30 pounds (2–14 kg)

Most bulldog puppies weigh an average of 5 pounds at one month and roughly 30 pounds at 4 months.

As you may have noticed, once puppies start eating their weight boots rather quickly.


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Bulldog Breed Purity: Purebred or Mixed?

The purebred bulldog is easily distinguishable by its low body and hanging skin on his jaws.

The facial skin is wrinkled and the head is wider than other dogs.


A bulldog had a big nose and a short jawline.

Its coat is shiny and can be of one color or with patches of white or brown.


A purebred bulldog is a thick and heavy set with stocky limbs. Mixed breeds are such dogs as the Bull Terrier, the French bulldog, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, the American Staffordshire Terrier, and the Bullmastiff.

These breeds are what I would call strains of the Purebred Bulldog.


As you go from country to country you will find variations of the English bulldog as they have been crossed with other dogs to tame the aggressive behavior.

However, the ancestral aggressive behavior is encouraged when these dogs are used as guard dogs.



Behavior and Temperament

As we meet bulldogs in this present day, we find calm animals that can be aggressive but with the practice of bull baiting outlawed, the dogs have since been bred for calmer activities.

You can find bulldogs living calmly with families in their homes.



Bulldogs are alert even in their resting position.

If you notice that your bulldog is resting on its tummy with its hind legs stretched or curled under its body, be aware that he is completely alert to the situation and is capable of quick movement.


The movement may be to join in the fun or to protect its owner.




Bulldogs are as friendly as other pets.

I visit my therapist daily and notice that his two bulldogs greet me daily.


This takes training for them as those two will not allow anyone to enter the premises after it gets dark.

However, during working hours, my therapist has a two-member welcome party for all clients and other visitors.


So you can be sure that your children will have a friendly pet to play with if you choose an English Bulldog for a pet.



Bulldogs can be gentle if they choose to be.

A bulldog can give you a gentle nudge just to say good morning or to say welcome.


An owner whom I spoke with told me that his bulldogs never run and jump on his children or family members.

He has people coming into the yard all day to store their supplies and his bulldogs just walk behind them and sniff at their heels then go back to sleep.



Not all bulldogs are outgoing.

Some bulldogs may feel that they need to be protective all the time.


However, those that are used as mascots of football teams are surely outgoing.

They can cope with the noise and the people at a football game without becoming aggressive.


There are also basketball teams that use bulldogs as mascots.

These dogs are present at every game.



Overall, bulldogs are calm, quiet dogs.

They are good at being lazy but need grooming and healthcare.


Bulldogs are sweet dependable dogs.

They are good for farms, homes, and apartments. Bulldogs have no problem lying about all day until you get home.


However, you need to take them on periodic exercise runs to keep them healthy.


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Coat Types

Bulldogs have short shiny coats.

The coat on the face and head is folded over and needs constant cleaning to avoid yeast infection and bacterial dermatitis.


Find a good shampoo for this preventative purpose.

You will notice that your bulldog scratches a lot; regular shampoo and water will help to remove dead skin.


Coat Colors

English bulldogs come in coats of many colors.

This color should be consistent over the body of the dogs.


Some of them are red brindle or solid white, solid red, fawn or fallow or piebald.

Other colors are a smattering of the above and those colors are on mixed dogs.


As you have read, there is no one specific color for English bulldogs.



The eyes of the English bulldog are wide apart and set low on the flat forehead.

Their eyes should be bright, clear and shiny. If your bulldog has red eyes, something is wrong and you should take him to the vet.


This condition is called “cherry eye” and it occurs when a tear gland bulges out of place.

If left untreated, it can become infected. Hence, a trip to your friendly vet is vital to your dog’s eye health.



A bulldog has a wide black nose that is tipped up just below its eyes.

It is usually moist inside for your bulldog to be able to interact with his environment.


This nose informs your bulldog about food, familiar friends, new visitors, and robbers.

Your bulldog’s nose is very important to his well-being.


If his nose is not moist, your bulldog will be miserable.



Bulldogs’ tails are short and pointed.

The base is wide and it tapers off to a triangular point.


You may not see their tails at first but bulldogs have tails.

Some bulldogs have corkscrew tails which are shaped like a cinnamon roll at the rear of their bodies.


Those bulldogs can easily sit on their tails as they curl downwards.

Do not allow your puppy’s tail to curl upwards as it will later become a problem.


There are also a few bulldogs with long, wavy tails.


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Litter Size: 3- 4 Number of Puppies

The normal litter size for English bulldogs is a maximum of 4 and a minimum of 3.

However, if there is artificial insemination, the size of the litter can reach a maximum of 7 puppies.


The frame of a female bulldog is not suitable for easy delivery of puppies.

Their puppies need special attention until they can feed themselves.


Life Span: 6 – 8 Number of Years

At one point in time, English bulldogs lived from 10 to 15 years.

However, the present research has shown that these English bulldogs only live for 6 to 8 years.


This is a surprise as they have been known to survive for many years.

The shortness of their lifespan is caused by certain factors; these factors are their environment, food, and lack of regular exercise.


Many bulldogs have been allowed to get fat and lazy.


Care Requirements

Bulldogs needs special care. Pay attention to their skin, eyes, and ears.

If you do this, your bulldog will maintain good health.


Look at your bulldogs’ eyes each day his skin and inside his ears.

If you see any unusual color or swelling, take him to the vet.


Follow the instruction of your veterinarian whenever your bulldog picks up any infection.


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Grooming Requirements

  • Buy mild shampoo for English bulldogs.
  • Rub your gloved hand over the bulldog’s body to check for torn skin.
  • Brush your dog’s teeth using a toothbrush and toothpaste for dogs.
  • Wet the dog’s coat.
  • Add shampoo to your gloved hand and gently create suds with the water on his coat.
  • Carefully shampoo between the folds of skin.
  • Wash outside of ears.
  • Be careful not to get shampoo in his eyes.
  • Clean around his eyes with a clean, damp cloth.
  • Wash his four legs with a soft brush.
  • Wash his tail careful not to pull it and provoke your dog.
  • Rinse carefully and take care not to allow soapy water in his eyes.
  • Check between his toes for sand or tiny rocks.
  • Clip the toenails if necessary.
  • Brush under his toenails gently.
  • Towel dry your bulldog.
  • Use a clean, soft brush to brush his coat and to stimulate circulation. 
  • Feed your dog treats for teeth and gum strengthening.

Exercise Requirements

  • Buy a suitable leash for your bulldog.
  • Put on your walking shoes.
  • Speak calmly to your bulldog and explain that you are taking for a short exercise to keep him healthy.
  • Take your bulldog for a short, slow walk around the block or
  • Drive to a dog park and take your bulldog on a walk around the park while remaining on the walkway.
  • A thirty-minute walk is suitable for an adult dog.
  • Carry a small dog dish and a bottle of water in case your bulldog gets thirsty. 
  • When you and your bulldog return home, allow him to rest.
  • After resting, your bulldog can play for ten minutes at intervals.


Health Requirements

  • Research your bulldog’s genetics.
  • Have a veterinarian on speed dial.
  • Study what if your bulldog has any problem in their skin.
  • Bulldogs can have some issues with their eyes.[Sore eyes because skin folds touching eyeballs].
  • Identify any problems bulldogs have with their ears. You can easily study and cure that.
  • Observe your bulldogs if they have any problem with their nose. 
  • Sometimes bulldogs may have problems with their teeth. [Overcrowding and dental decay]. You can visit your vet.
  • Bulldogs can have problems with their paws. Check it regularly. 
  • Learn the symptoms of bulldogs having issue on their hearts. If yes, you must visit the vet.
  • Check if your bulldogs face any breathing issues.[Sleep apnea]
  • Study about common problems bulldogs can have with obesity. Learn what to do about these problems.
  • Find out what problems bulldogs can have mated. [Body is not built for natural mating]
  • Is some cases bulldogs have problems in whelping. [Most females have difficulty or are unable to give birth to a litter]. 

Training Requirements

  • Bulldogs need careful training for a comfortable, happy relationship with owner and family.
  • Do not shout at your bulldog.
  • Shouting will scare your bulldog.
  • Reward positive behavior with a treat.
  • Use treats that will encourage your bulldog to respond to commands quickly.
  • Be gentle to your bulldog during training.
  • Monitor your bulldog’s food intake to avoid obesity and illness.
  • Move treats in the direction you wish your bulldog to go.
  • Give praise after each action is completed.
  • As soon as your bulldog has obeyed your commands a few times with the treat, give commands without treats.
  • In this way, your bulldog will not obey only for treats.
  • Keep training sessions to periods of 10 minutes so as not to frustrate your bulldog.
  • Have fun while training your bulldog.
  • Do not show any frustration to your bulldog.


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Bulldog Breed Information, Pictures, Characteristics

Physical Characteristics

Bulldogs have characteristics that are theirs only.

For example, you may want to play and your bulldog just wants to lie there on the couch.


There is no need to fight and pull if he is not in the mood to play.

Your bulldog will look at you for long periods if he is not feeling well. You are to make observations to find out what is the problem.



A bulldog is quite adaptable in some cases.

A bulldog can adapt to taking evening walks to manage its weight.


A bulldog can adapt to eating a limited amount of food to prevent obesity.

A bulldog can adapt to living with children in a home.


A bulldog can adapt to taking baths at least three times a week.

A bulldog can adapt to living in warm temperatures.


Other Dog-Friendly

Bulldogs are generally friendly creatures.

However, it is easier to introduce puppies of other dogs to female bulldogs.


Their sense of motherhood will control the situation.

If your puppy is very small, place it in a crate or cage for the first introduction.


Do not leave them without supervision or for long periods.

You will find the female bulldog very protective towards the puppy.


Do not allow the puppy near your bulldog during feeding time.

Each dog should be fed in separate areas and separate feeding bowls.


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Affection Level

Bulldogs are very affectionate creatures and can spend much time tolerating children pulling at them.

They are also protective of young children when there are strange humans or animals in the environment.


Bulldogs also love to spend time cuddling with their owners and members of their family on a couch or in bed.

They like putting their heads on your lap when not at home to cuddle.


Social Needs

You will discover that this social animal is obedient after training, willing to make new friends and happy to spend time with you.

If you are living alone and need someone to love, buy a bulldog puppy.


It will be quite cool with spending evenings on your lap listening to you tell him about your day.



Apartment Friendly

Bulldogs are suitable for apartments.

They are lazy dogs and can spend hours just lying there on a mat or a couch either sleeping or just watching the world go by.


Ensure that there is proper ventilation.

If it is too hot, he will not be able to breathe well. If it is too cold, the will become ill.


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Stranger Friendly 

Bulldogs will take the lead from their owner and show friendliness to strangers.

Bulldogs greet strangers silently.


They are not the kind of dogs to bark in a friendly or to wag their tails at visitors to their homes.

They will always be on the watch for a change in the stranger’s behavior.


I was able to sit, as a stranger, with two bulldogs last Wednesday and because I did not behave strangely, I was not attacked.


Barking Tendencies

Bulldogs do not bark as often as other dogs.

They will bark when scared of something or someone hurting them.


Remember they are not aggressive dogs that their ancestors were.

They would bark id they are excited about their food or if they feel threatened by other dogs.


Most of the times bulldogs would only grunt or make low sounds in their throats.



Bulldogs are very territorial over their property.

If they have toys to play with, be careful about how you approach those toys.


It is best to engage the dog in conversation first and let him bring the toy to you.

Whenever your dog is eating do not put your hand near its food.


Many have lost their hand because of thinking that the dog was friendly.



Some bulldogs are not at all friendly with cats.

To solve this problem, you can socialize your bulldog to accept a cat as another life to love.


This socialization would occur in the same manner of introducing a puppy.

Let your bulldog sniff the cat for a while then remove the cat.


Allow them to spend longer periods with each other until your bulldog accepts the cat.

Do not allow the cat to go near anything that your bulldog is territorial about.


He will always share his environment after socialization.


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As you can see in this video, bulldogs are intelligent animals. 

They are good at following commands, Bulldogs are also good at identifying small children are in danger.


This is not taught to them; it is instinctive for a bulldog to be protective.

Therefore, it is a fact that bulldogs are intelligent animals.


They can learn to do just about anything you train them to do.

Some things they decide to do on their own, like sleeping in an alert mode to guard their human family.



Bulldogs are just as friendly to children as other dogs.

However, it is not wise to leave them or any other adult dog unsupervised with children.


Children tend to do strange things to dogs.

Bulldogs allow children to play with them roughly most of the times.


One cannot tell when children will cross the line and harm the bulldog and he may react from the pain caused by the children.

The reaction of the bulldog may be too violent for the children so supervise their play with your bulldog.


Both the children and the bulldog are your loves.



Bulldogs are not too playful.

They much prefer to be quiet and sleep most of the time.


Once or twice a day you may get them to play but it is rare to find bulldogs frolicking during the day.

It is not in their bone structure or in their temperament to be playing for long periods.


Even when children play with them, they prefer to sit still.

However, if you buy toys for your bulldog, you can socialize him to play for 10 minute periods then to rest.


Watchdog Ability

Bulldogs are good watchdogs. It is in their genes to be good watchdogs.

Whenever you need them to be alert, training will help you to do this.


Speak with you bulldog and do not feed him too much at night.

This will help him to remain alert instead of sleeping heavily through the night.


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Interaction With Other Pets

Just as bulldogs can be socialized to share the environment with other dogs and cats; they can be socialized to live with other pets in the same environment.

Do the research and find out first what kind of pets they will tolerate in their environment.


Feeding Bulldog

Feeding bulldogs is not as easy as feeding other dogs.

They easily gain too much weight which is not good for their bones or general health.


Some of those foods are Best Large Breed Dry Dog Food, Best Large Breed Grain-Free, Best Large & Giant Breed Puppy, and Best Medium Dry.

These foods will keep your bulldog puppy and your adult bulldog healthy if fed according to instructions.


Bulldog Puppy

Until a bulldog puppy is three months old, it should be fed four times a day.

During these months, take advice from your veterinarian on what to feed your puppy.


Each puppy is different in the digestion of foods.

At three months your puppy can tolerate dry food three times a day.


I hope you have noticed that puppies need more food for growth than adult dogs.

Do not forget to give your puppy plenty of water with his food.


At six months your puppy should be eating only twice a day until he is one year old.

This continues or reduces to once a day after the age of one year.



Adult Bulldog

Your adult dogs should have a large supply of water during the day, especially if it is hot.

Adult bulldogs can be fed once or twice a day.


You need to pay keen attention to the body mass of your dog so as not to overfeed and cause obesity.

An adult dog can be fed any measurement from ½ cup to 2 cups of food per day with lots of water.



Famous Bulldogs All Over the World

Famous Bulldog UGA X
From: TheRinger.com

#1 UGA X

In the mid-1950s a man and his wife took a white bulldog that she had dressed in a child’s shirt with the letter G sewn on the front.

The life of that dog was forever changed. They were asked that he become the mascot of Georgia’s football team.

The present mascot is called UGA X and wears a signature spiked collar to the games.

A long line of white bulldogs has been bred to become the mascot of that tea. The family considers it an honor to raise and groom the mascot for that team.


#2 Bully the XXI

Bully the XXI is the present mascot of Mississippi State University. His real name is ‘Jak’ but Bully is the inherited name of mascots as it represents how their athletes play the game.

The bulldog mascot wears a collar with the letters MSU going down the front of the dog.

This bulldog is the mascot of the basketball team, the golf team, the track and field team, the tennis team, and the football team.


#3 Tillman

Tillman is an English bulldog skating champion. Tillman holds the Guinness World Record for the fastest 100-meter by a dog on a skateboard.

This bulldog also rode the Natural Balance float in the Rose Parade in 2009. He appeared in the show for dogs called ‘Greatest American Dog’.

He is amazing with balance and speed.


#4 Meatball

Meatball is a famous actor. This bulldog starred in the movie ‘Little Nicky’ The bulldog, Meatball, was owned by Adam Sandler.

This famous actor was the ring bearer and the best man at his owner’s wedding in 2003 to Jackie Titone.

Unfortunately, he is no longer alive but he is in the memories of all who saw his movie.


#5 Jiggs

Private ‘Jiggs’ was the first mascot of the British army. His name was King Bulwark and he was born in 1922 0n May the 22nd.

This bulldog became the mascot shortly after a battle against Germany was won and the Germans called the British a folklore name ‘Teufelhunden’ which meant devil dogs.

The British men decided to improve on the name. A recruiting poster was painted by Charles Falls and it showed a bulldog chasing a dachshund away.


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How to Acquire This Breed?

One way of acquiring a bulldog is to adopt a puppy.

When you adopt a puppy it is easier to train it and care for its needs until it is grown.


This also helps you to form a strong bond over the years of raising a puppy.

There are many abandoned puppies in animal welfare clubs that you can adopt.


If you prefer shopping at a dog handler’s business and you have the cash, you can certainly buy a puppy.


How Much Does a Bulldog Cost?

The cost of a bulldog puppy could run you thousands of dollars.

In England, one would pay between £2,000 and £4,000 for a bulldog puppy and in America, it would be between $1,000 and USD 3,000 for a bulldog.


This is only to acquire the dog but the dog cannot sleep on-air or feed on air.

You will need to buy a proper bed for your puppy, the right kind of food, take your puppy to the veterinarian for a check-up and some information on what could go wrong when there is no one to help


Breed Group


Non- Sporting (AKC:1886) 

This group called Bulldogs are considered the non-sporting breed of dogs.

Other dogs are also considered in the non-sporting breed of dogs.


These dogs are either too heavy to hunt or too dainty to hunt.

Some of the groups in this breed are the French Bulldog, Keeshond, the Chow Chow, Dalmatian, the Poodle, and the Lhasa Apso along with the not so common Schipperke as well as the Tibetan Spaniel.


Companion (UKC:1935)

A bulldog can become a companion dog to invalids and senior citizens or a companion to famous people.

Former US President Warren Harding had a bulldog for his companion.


Former US President Calvin Coolidge also had a bulldog for a companion.

Celebrities such as Danny Trejo, David Beckham, Gloria Estefan, Michael Phelps, Willow Smith, and Brad Pitt each has a bulldog companion.


You can spend precious time with your bulldog companion.


A Brown Bulldog
From: BBC.com

National Breed Clubs


Rescue Groups

Frequently Asked Questions about Bulldogs


# Should I Get a Male or Female Bulldog?

The gender of the puppy you would like to acquire depends on what genders are available. Take a look around the rescue centers and visit the dog handlers before you make a decision.

Think about your reason for wanting to add a bulldog to your family and your future expenses. Bulldogs are an expensive commodity as they need special care and accessories.


# Will My Bulldog Need a Special Vet?

Every bulldog needs a special veterinarian because they are more susceptible to diseases than other dogs.

If you plan to give love to your bulldog and to receive love from your bulldog, get a special veterinarian to be on call.


# Are Bulldogs Supposed to be Overweight?

No, bulldogs are not to be overweight. The best weight for a bulldog is to be 40 pounds. This weight will prevent bone complications in the hip and the back of your bulldog.

Once you monitor what your bulldog eats and how much your bulldog eats, he will maintain medium weight.


# Are Bulldogs Chewers?

Bulldogs are chewers but can be trained to respect your furniture. These dogs are house dogs so the must be given their furniture and toys to protect your home from being destroyed.

Many of them do not have the energy to walk around your home to get into trouble.


Over to you 

I need you to be completely honest here.

After reading this article, did you learn anything new? Was any of the information helpful to your choice to acquire a bulldog?


While writing this article, I found it helpful to observe bulldogs and their owners.

I found it useful to interact with bulldogs and their owners.


I had no idea bulldogs were friendly. Were you familiar with all of the information or some of the information?

I would be pleased if you would answer my questions in the comments section of this article.


It would be good of you to share this information with others who are considering bulldogs as pets.

You can also add recommendations to any subtopic that you found lacking or short. Thank you for reading.

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