Top 14 Best Beagle Breeders in Florida (FL) State

If you are looking for the best Beagle Puppy Breeders In Florida (FL) state, Indeed, you showed up at the correct spot.

Finding some high-quality Beagle puppy breeders can be quite exciting. However, oftentimes, without prior guidance, you can be led to puppy mills or backyard breeders. 

There are many breeders of Beagle in a big state area like Florida. Each and every single one has their own features as dog lovers. And every breeder tries to bring out the best sides of their Beagles. 

Thus, I have considered a lot of things in my mind before creating this list for you. I have looked into their history, reputation, goodwill, and past testimonials. After confirming all the relevant information, I feel confident that my list will surely help you a lot. 

Go through this list and read about the specific features of a breeder. After reading the information, check out the relevant websites. I’m sure you’ll be able to find one adorable furry Beagle that you are looking for.

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Find A Beagle Breeder Near Me In Florida State

Top 14 Best Beagle Breeders In Florida (FL) State

#1 Blackhawk Kennels

The Blackhawk Kennels is the first ones on the list. The owner says they provide all services needed to fully groom the furball of your choice. They are breeding Beagles for 25 years, and have a lifetime of experience with dogs. Whether you want a Beagle dog or puppy, you will be pleased with their beautiful Beagles.

Enjoy one on one customer service and very competitive prices for their purebred Beagles at Blackhawk Kennels, located in Northeast Florida between Jacksonville and Gainesville.

If you love hounds who are well-bred and looking to add one to your family, then you can go to their kennel, where they have beautiful Beagle puppies for sale.

They also provide health services for their pups and guarantee Temperament, Health, & Beauty.

Tips provided by them for Caring for Your Precious Pup:

Many people feel that potty training is a very difficult lesson to teach a young pup, but with the right tools and mindset, it can be a breeze.

  • When a puppy roams around your home, he is most likely going to find a spot to relieve himself, before he learns to let you know he needs to go outside.
  • A puppy will learn to respond to you and your tone of voice.
  • When a puppy is young he usually will need to go potty approximately 15 minutes after eating or playing.
  • Keep a close watch over your pup, and if you catch him in the act or about to, in a stern voice tell him “no”, then take him outside to relieve himself.
  • Very Important—don’t discipline your puppy unless you catch him in the act of doing something wrong.

If you like how they bred their puppies then head over to their website for more details. More information is listed below.

Beagle Puppy Breeders Details:

  • Address: 15468 Northeast 264 Lane, Raiford, FL 32083
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Phone: 386-431-1078/ 904-263-0691

#2 Caninekids

Caninekids is the second on the list, which are DNA tested and profiled. The pups come with all the necessities. They take good care of the pups and provide health services.

The owner is raising Beagles for 20 years now, breeding for 15 years. The trainer has rescued Beagles and helped other people find their Beagles’ homes.

Most of the local people know their story but they started out with three males and moved on to just loving the Beagle breed and now have more Beagles. A lot of clients have shown their dogs purchased and look as happy and healthy as ever.

They are going to have new litters soon. So if you want to book your own fur ball head on to their website for more details.

Beagle Puppy Breeders Details:

#3 Leroy’s Country Pups

Leroy’s Country Pups is the next up on the list are. The owner takes his pride in raising the puppies at their house.

The owners of this pup shelter live on a little farm and spend most of their days socializing with the animals they breed i.e. Golden Retrievers and Beagles. Beagles are a part of their family for as the years have passed on.

All of their puppies are registered with the American Kennel Club and are sent home with limited registration. ​ ​

They have pictures of their litter and dams on their website. To check them out head on over there the info is given.

Beagle Puppy Breeders Details:

Beagle Jumping

#4 Puppies Tampa

Puppies Tampa is the fourth on the list. They provide you with the necessary and excellent facility for their hounds.

Puppies Tampa is an incredible location to come back after visiting once and play with many unique breeds of puppies earlier than deciding on the suitable pup for you & your family.

They have a playroom installation for socialization, playtime, and

hugging. Their dogs on the market come updated on their vaccinations, have a contemporary fitness inspection from a neighborhood veterinarian, and registration records for the natural breeds.

The facilities they provide:

  • Vaccines according to the age of the pups.
  • They are checked by the Vet.
  • They are also provided with a Florida Health Certificate.
  • Also comes with free Microchips and registration paper.
  • They also provide a Free 14 Day General Health / Viral Guarantee and also Free 1 Year Congenital Health Guarantee.

They provide you with the best Beagle you can find around Florida. If you like their breeding services then you can contact them by the information given below.

Beagle Puppy Breeders Details:

Beagle Is Crazy

#5 Forever Love Puppies

Forever Love Puppies is the fifth on the list is a place where a lot of breeders sell their bred pups. Forever puppies is a website where you can find Beagles on sale from different Beagle breeders.

They work with both licensed commercial breeders and local hobby breeders to source our puppies. Licensed breeders are experienced with multiple breeds and usually have more than a dozen litters a year, while our hobby breeders typically breed only a handful of litters each year, usually of the same breed.

They provide ‘’pet quality puppies’’. This does not determine the quality or health of the puppy, but only certifies that the puppy is the offspring of a named, registered purebred pairing.

If you like the concept of finding different breeders on the same spot and choosing one then head over to their website to choose your own fur ball.

Beagle Puppy Breeders Details:

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#6 South Georgia Beagles and Basset Hounds

South Georgia Beagles and Basset Hounds is the sixth on the list, who have adorable pups up for grabs. Their litters are raised with other dogs, adults, and children while at our home. 

They are licensed through the USDA and follow all of the regulations required for our dogs. We started breeding Beagles and Basset Hounds in August of 2013. When they started breeding in 2013, they bred other breeds but fell in love with Beagles and Basset Hounds.

The people at South Georgia Beagles and Basset Hounds have found that both Beagles and Basset Hounds make great sporting dogs and/or family pets. They can answer your questions about Beagles and Basset Hounds.

For purchasing and deciding on which hound to choose visit their Facebook page community site to discuss and know more. More details are presented below.

Beagle Puppy Breeders Details:

#7 Sunshine Beagle Puppies

Sunshine Beagle Puppies is the seventh on the list, They raised into a perfect family dog. They are thorough and really care for the litter’s future family.

Their puppies are available to approved pet homes only and are intended to be indoor companion pets and outdoor sidekicks!

Developing the Beagle puppies is seen as their family’s life passion, and therefore they value the relationship between the family and the forever future families of the canines.

Their Beagles are bred & raised to become a member of the family & household that the pups are adopted into, therefore they do not place any of the puppies into homes other than household Companions.

To seek pre-approval, please you can email about yourself & your home and they will work to pre-approve appropriate homes in between responsibilities around Sunshine Acres.

If you like how caring they are then go to their official site to see their cute fur babies. They have a ton of pictures to show.

Beagle Puppy Breeders Details:

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#8 Petland

Petland Sarasota is a family-run pet store where you can find perfectly bred Beagles. They have a great reputation and take pride in their pups.

Petland Sarasota is a family-owned local pet store that has been operating for over 16 years in Sarasota Florida.

They are committed to making your new relationship with your pet the best that it can be.

They claim to have the best staff who are given serious training, they also have the best cultivation program on the lookout, better pets. And, lastly, they claim to have the most thorough certifications on the lookout.

Their family-run farm provides:

  • They groom each puppy daily; including bathing, nail trimming and brushing.
  • A Petland puppy is provided with significant veterinarian care and vaccinations before it is placed in your home.

If you want family-oriented and well-groomed puppies head on over to their website for more details on the hounds and litters they are offering. The info is listed.

Beagle Puppy Breeders Details:

Beagle Stare At You

#9 Breeder’s Pick Puppies

Breeder’s Pick Puppies is the ninth breeders on the list, who are trustworthy and notable in the community. Their reputation for having great breeders of Beagles is seen in their Facebook page.

Their knowledgeable staff is here to help you with pup selection and how to train your puppy. For them, this is more than just a business, it’s an opportunity to connect animals in need of loving homes with people who appreciate exceptional breeding and well-adjusted puppies.

Though they offer numerous breeds, each one is given the environment they need to thrive and be ready for your open arms. At Breeder’s Pick, they treat the dogs here as if they were in their own home. A puppy that is cared for and socialized turns out to be a great companion.

Their puppies are cared for as if they were a part of their family. Their passion for the hounds guarantees that you will be able to find the right pup for you.

If you think you can get your own furball from a reputed place go on to their website with the information given.

Beagle Puppy Breeders Details:

Beagle Puppy

#10 Puppy Plus

Puppy Plus is the next ones on the list insists that reputation is everything. The relationship of the furball and client is unique and that is why they build a great reputation which makes them popular among the clients.

Puppy Plus is a well-known Puppy Store that caters to the little hounds that you love. Serving Grooming Services and Boutique accessories for all their pet needs, from quality dog food, reliable leashes, and training harnesses, and more.

If Puppy Plus does not have what you are looking for just ask them, they can provide a special order for the breed that you won’t like the Beagles.

Breeders Specialty:

  1. Part of being the only Puppy Store in Parkland, Florida means that they are under strict regulation to ensure we only work with legitimate, honest breeders.
  2. They keep all of all the breeder information posted in the front and give you all information when you purchase a puppy (and before if you are inquiring).
  3. They have been here for over 16 years and take pride in the fact that they do not have someone swinging a sign out front telling people where they are.

If you like how well reputable they are and oriented on the grooming of the pups go on as they have a 20% off on the dogs grooming. Details are provided.

Beagle Puppy Breeders Details:

  • Address: 7071 N State Rd 7, Parkland, Florida 33073
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Phone: 954-255-8233 or 954-753-1333

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Beagle Doggy

#11 Honey Pets

Honey Pets is the next up on the list, where you can find new Beagle pups. They provide much more facilities.

At Honey Pets they operate seven days a week and during seasons even. You can take advantage of their mobile pet grooming service anywhere you may want to have your pet groomed in Broward County, Miami Dade, or West Palm Beach.

Their grooming services include a deep cleansing tear less bath, conditioning treatment, ear cleaning, nail trimming, anal gland expression, brush, blow-dry, fragrance, and designer bow or bandanna. They also have a VIP facility if you are up for getting the best for your pup.

If you want to find out more then head on over to their Facebook page where you can see feedback from previous clients and updates on the puppies. 

Beagle Puppy Breeders Details:

#12 Star Pups

The Star Pups Nursery is the finest breeders, The next farm owners are a couple who love to bred puppies of all ages and adore the pups they brought up.

Danny and Michele are no strangers to the wonderful world of puppies. While breeding and showing dogs, they developed great friendships with other breeders throughout the country.

The Star Pups Nursery is a comfortable and inviting place for current and future dog owners to find a lifetime of love in the form of a happy, little, furry bundle of joy. They think there reward is to have the privilege of watching them grow as a part of the whole community.

If you like how lovely his couple is and how they take care of their mutts then go to their website to know more.

Beagle Puppy Breeders Details:

  • Owners: Danny and Michele
  • Address: 5764 Okeechobee Blvd, West Palm Beach, FL 33417
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Phone: 561-202-6154
Beagle With Harness

#13 Gorgeous Puppies

Gorgeous Puppies is the place to find the perfect gift for your loved ones and we are committed to helping you find your new puppy.

At Gorgeous Puppies, they will give you the attention and personal service you will come to expect and enjoy. They offer the best in breeds of Puppies from the best breeders.

They specialize in selling beautiful puppies breeds of high quality and health. All of their puppies are sold with registration papers, health certificate, vaccinations up to date, warranty, first free visit to the vet, deworming, first free grooming, and first free visit with dog training.

To know more go on to their website and see the feedback provided by other clients which are great from what I saw.

Beagle Puppy Breeders Details:

#14 Chews a Puppy

Chews a Puppy is the last on the list, they provide you with the best breeders and offer facilities that help your pup.

Chews a Puppy obtains puppies from breeders that are compliant with the criteria of any local, state, and federal licensing requirements. It is important to owners that the breeders choose to work with providing puppies to you that they care for and that they take care of their dog’s needs and wellbeing.

Breeders Facilities Provided:

  • Puppy Vaccinations.
  • Examination by two Vets.
  • Transportation for the mutts are also provided.
  • Every puppy is given a Micro-chip.
  • Warranty is provided for each Pup.

If you like each of the services they provide then go on to their site to purchase your own mutt. 

Beagle Puppy Breeders Details:

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