Top 5 Best Beagle Breeders In Massachusetts (MA) State

If you are searching for top quality Beagle Puppy Breeders In Massachusetts state, then you’re in the right place!

Beagle is one of the most popular breeds for a hunting dog. But finding an authentic Beagle breeder is no less than a war! Though Massachusetts is one of the biggest states, unfortunately, I found very few Beagle Breeders there.

Though I found a lot of puppy mills, commercial pet shops, and rescue centers in Massachusetts, purebred Beagle is very rare to find. After a lot of research, I summarized the top 5 reputable Beagle breeders of Massachusetts for you in this article.

Here I focused on the health guarantee, pedigree, health information, and review about the breeder. I also added all the contact information of all Beagle Breeders in Massachusetts.

If you are interested in Beagle puppies and want to get your one in Massachusetts, this article is perfect for you. I hope you will find a Beagle breeder from my listing.

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Find A Beagle Breeder Near Me In Massachusetts State

Top 5 Best Beagle Breeders In Massachusetts (MA) State

#1 Audrey Lane Farm

The Audrey Lane Farm is located in Dighton, Massachusetts, USA. They Provide the best pure breed Beagle with authenticity. So if you are from Dighton or nearby cities, you can rely on them to get your purebred Beagle.

They provide home-breed Beagle puppies. Their first and foremost priority for breeding is health. They are AKC registered and follow the AKC standard of breeding very strictly. So you don’t have to worry about the authenticity of your Beagle puppy if you take it from them. You will get a health report along with your puppy.

Currently, they own two adult females named Isabella and Daisy. You can check their litters on their website. They always update their puppies on their websites and social media.

So you can book your desired one from their website. You can also book from the upcoming litters. But I would suggest you check the pedigree of the parents before booking for an unborn puppy along with health certificates.

As all breeders have different terms and conditions, Audrey Lane farm has too.Their terms of sales is you have to deposit $750 to reserve your puppy from them. You can reserve your puppy from their litter information.

You will have to pay an additional $750 while taking your puppy. However, if you wish to cancel your reservation, it will cost you $100 and the rest will be refunded. But if no puppy is available or anything else happens, then you will get a full amount refund.

Beagle Puppy Breeders Details:

#2 Clover Valley Beagles

The Clover Valley Beagles is located in South Easton of Massachusetts. They were declared as Boston’s best dog breeder. They are a small family breeder who is very passionate breeders of pure, authentic Beagle puppies.

For them the first and foremost priority while breeding is maintaining the AKC standard of purebred Beagle. They use the puppy culture protocol which is a science-based program. This helps as the behavioral markers for puppies. This also gives each puppy the best start possible.

So you don’t have to worry about socializing your puppy after taking it home. If you have other pets or little kids in your home then don’t worry about your puppy hurting them. Another best thing is that their puppies are home raised so are habituated in a homely environment. So they won’t fall sick easily.

They update about their litters on their website and social media. But they are more active on social media rather than websites. So you can contact them through social media. But I would suggest you take a tour of their farm the next weekend and then decide about your puppy.

Beagle Puppy Breeders Details:

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Beagle Is Crazy

#3 Danielle Sargent’s Beagle

Danielle Sargent’s Beagle is located in Orange of Massachusetts. They are also a family-oriented farm that wants to spread purebred Beagle’s love among families. Their first priority while breeding is maintaining AKC standard.

They always maintain the quality of breeding. As all of their puppies are home breed so you don’t have to worry about socializing your puppy. You will get a health record, AKC license paper, puppy kit, AKC linkage chart, health guarantee contract and a stuffed to with their litter scent along with your puppy.

You can get updates about all of their upcoming litters on their website. Currently, they are expecting a litter on 21st April 2021 and 9th May 2021. You can contact them through email or Facebook.

But they are more active on email so I would suggest you contact them through email. If you want to reserve a puppy from them, you will have to pay $400 as a deposit. This amount is non-refundable. The price of any Beagle puppy from them is  $1450.

They upload puppy pictures every Saturday or Sunday so you and your family can check your puppy growth while waiting for pick-up day. But do not forget to pay a visit to their farm before booking a puppy from them. Also do not forget to check the parents’ pedigree too.

Beagle Puppy Breeders Details:

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#4 Hockomock Swamp Beagles

The Hockomock Swamp Beagles is located in Swansea, Massachusetts. They are another small family-oriented Beagle Breeder. We all know that the quality of breeding of any home breeder is much better than a professional breeder.

So there is no chance of doubt about their breeding quality. All of their puppies are AKC registered. You will also get a generic health guarantee with your puppy.

They are very careful about the health of their Beagles. For them, breeding standard quality is the main focus. They also care about maintaining the AKC standard. We all know the importance of getting a healthy puppy. Another important thing is getting a socialized puppy that will be able to cope up in your home environment.

The Hockomock Swamp Beagles focus on this very much. So if you have other pets or little kids in your home then don’t worry about the puppy, your puppy won’t harm them.

If you want to contact them for taking a Beagle puppy, you can call them or email them. After contacting, I would suggest you take a visit to their farm personally.

You can also check their websites but they are not so active on the website or social media. So calling or emailing them is the best way for contacting them.

Beagle Puppy Breeders Details:

Beagle Jumping

#5 Ramos and Sons Kennel

The Ramos and Sons Kennel is located in New Milford. This is a family-oriented farm run by a father and son duo. They are very passionate about Beagle breeding.

They have a family relationship with Beagles and eager to spread their love for Beagles among other families. They had their first Beagle in 1980 and still now are devoted to breeding authentic Beagles.

They breed AKC registered Beagles. They always maintain AKC standards for breeding. Their Beagles are famous for their hunting and jumping ability. Their dogs are special for rabbit hunting skills. So they raise all the puppies to be able to work hard.

All of their dogs have medium to high speed with lots of stamina. But their dogs are not furious in nature. They are socialized very well so they will cope up in your home environment very well. They have the sweet nature of Beagles with good hunting skills. So if you are looking for a Beagle with hunting skills as well as sweet nature, The Ramos can be your first choice.

They have two females and one male Beagle. They update about all of their beagles on their website. So you can book your desired one from their upcoming litters. They usually have three litters in one year.

If you want to contact them you can drop a message on their website. You can also mail them directly.

Beagle Puppy Breeders Details:

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How to find a good Beagle Breeder is Massachusetts

Finding an authentic dog breeder is really hard work. You need to do a lot of research about them. As there are a lot of puppy mills and backyard breeders are waiting to grab you, so you have to be very careful about choosing the right authentic breeder.

I would suggest you if you have friends or neighbors who have Beagles then ask them where they got it. If you have another pet, then you can ask the vet about authentic Beagle Breeders nearby.

If you have found an authentic breeder nearby, at first check all the reviews about them on the internet. Then visit their farm and check all the situations. Make sure they are not backward breeders or commercial puppy sellers.

If you find all these satisfactory, then proceed with booking a puppy. Check all the pedigree of the parents and agreement papers properly. Also, make sure your puppy is properly vet checked before coming to your home.

Beagle Puppy

Why avoid Puppy Mills and Backward Breeders?

The puppy mills always focus on producing more and more puppies. The dogs do not get proper health care and other essential care. So the puppies are produced with very bad health conditions. So if you take any Beagle puppy from them, they can’t assure you the health guarantee.

It will cost you more to treat your sick puppy during the year. They do not maintain any AKC standard for breeding. Also, the dogs are not kept in ant homely environment. All these puppy mills focus on producing more and more puppies so that they can sell them and earn profit.

This is a kind of inhuman practice. Because no creature can be used for a commercial purpose by risking their lives. The mother dogs are bred too constantly without any break. Also, they don’t get proper food, health care, or a good environment. This often risks the lives of both mother dogs and the puppies.

The backward breeders breed any dog that they can find. So they can’t guarantee you the authenticity of your Beagle. You will not get any pedigree from the parents from them. So there is a chance to get a mixed breed puppy from them or not getting a pure bloodline Beagle.

How much a Beagle will cost you in Massachusetts?

Beagle is one of the costly puppies among all breeds. We all know a purebred puppy will always cost more than a mixed-breed puppy. In Massachusetts, we have seen very few authentic breeders of Beagle exist.

An authentic, pure bloodline Beagle puppy will cost you approximately $1200-$1600 USD. The amount varies from farm to farm. In Danielle Sargent’s Beagle farm, you can get a Beagle puppy for $1450. The Audrey Lane farm will cost you $1300 for a Beagle puppy.

If you are getting your Beagle from another city or from a very far distance, then the shipment cost will be more. If you feel that this cost is being heavy on your pocket, you can get a Beagle from any rescue center.

Is it a good idea to get a Beagle Puppy From a rescue center In Massachusetts? Why Not?

A pure breed Beagle will give you the best healthy life, temperament, and character. That’s why people try to find an authentic breeder of Beagle. To find the authenticity it is important to check the genetic certificate, AKC registration, the pedigree of parents etc.

However, from a rescue center dog, you will never get a guarantee about any of these. An unhealthy or bad bloodline puppy will never give you the companion or sweet character like a purebred one. Moreover, the treatment cost for an unhealthy puppy can be heavier in your pocket.

But if the cost of an authentic breed Beagle is out of the budget for you, then you can consider getting a puppy from a rescue Center. But remember the hazards of getting an unauthorized puppy before doing this!

However, I would never suggest you take your puppy from a random pet shop or backyard breeder, or puppy mills. Getting puppies from puppy mills also encourages them to continue their inhuman process of producing puppies.

What is the Maintenance cost in Massachusetts to raise a Beagle Puppy?

Beagle is one of the low-maintenance dog breeds. They tend to be very healthy so you don’t need to worry about medical expenses. So you have to make sure regular routine checkups and vaccines for your Beagle buddy.

Also they do not have long coats that require expensive trips to the groomer. So you will save by the groomers cost too.

As they are small in size, they do not require much food. So you will need very less expense for the dog food too.

The only maintenance your puppy requires is care and love from you. You have to consider your Beagle as one of the family members and treat him like your own children. Sometimes they behave stubbornly so you have to handle them with affection and love.

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Over To You

Did you find your desired Beagle Breeder from our top 5 recommendation? If not, please do not worry.

Do you think we have missed any Breeder from your area?Feel free to notify us, we would like to hear from you.

Are you a Beagle Breeder in Massachusetts? Have we missed you from our list? Please comment below, we will also include you in our list.

Have you ever taken any service from these breeders?How was your experience with them?We would love to know your experience.The comment section is all yours!

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