Top 9 Best French Bulldog Breeders in Florida (FL) State

If you are looking for top quality French Bulldog Puppy Breeders In Florida state, then you’re in the right place!

Finding a French Bulldog in the astronomical state of Florida is undoubtedly no easy task, especially considering that it is one of the most popular breeds in the USA. That is why to assist you on your venture to find the perfect Frenchie for you.

Finally I have made a list of best 9 reputable French Bulldog breeders in the entire state. These breeders have been meticulously decided, they are assuredly some of the finest breeders in the entire state of Florida.

So, you can now move forward and get a step closer to finding your dream puppy.

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Find A French Bulldog Breeder Near Me In Florida State

Top 9 Best French Bulldog Breeders In Florida (FL) State

#1 Poetic French Bulldogs

Poetic French Bulldog is one the best breeders to find your forever puppy, they take pride in what they do and how they do it. Undoubtedly, with a remarkable history of supplying many people with beautiful French Bulldogs, you can easily lie your trust in them.

They have been breeding French bulldogs since the year 2006, which makes them incredibly experienced in their field. Whether you want a brown, merle, lilac, or blue puppy, you will surely find it from them.

On top of that, you can rest assured that all these puppies are of top-notch quality. The litters are born from excellent bloodlines, and they make sure no inbreeding transpires. 

They wholeheartedly believe in the statement, “quality over quantity”, which is why all their dogs and litters are grown in a healthy and immaculate ambiance. You will receive the puppies with shot-ups to date, a health certificate from their USDA-certified vet, and a whole year health guarantee.  

French Bulldog Puppy Breeders Details:

  • Owners Name: Melissa 
  • Address: Pompano Beach, FL
  • Telephone: +1 954-933-6521
  • Email:
  • Website: Poetic French Bulldogs
  • Social Media:
French Bulldog Laughing

#2 Championgate Frenchies

Championgate Frenchies claim themselves to be small hobby breeders located in Central Florida. Even though they claim to be hobby breeders, their records prove their efficiency is at a different level.

They are only prioritizing Frenchies and are only breeding this breed, as they believe that prioritizing a single breed allows them to give their undivided attention to a single breed, and that way they can produce superior quality puppies. 

All their puppies are inspected by vets, they are dewormed, and have received all the necessary vaccines. These puppies are also AKC registered, which assures you of their refined quality.

Not only are these dogs healthy medically, but they have also been provided the best environment since birth, These puppies have been spoiled with their own beds and received a balanced nutritious diet.

Due to their outstanding upbringing, these puppies can easily mix with your environment and can socialize easily with kids and other animals. 

French Bulldog Puppy Breeders Details:

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#3 Oceanside Frenchies

Oceanside Frenchies are a breeder that is adept in what they do, they produce superior quality Frenchies and find the perfect loving family for these beautiful pups. They are not a kennel breeder and nor are they willing to sell their Frenchies to kennels.

They treat their canines and litters like family, as the french bulldogs can run around the house and are treated with absolute care. Not only are these Frenchies of superb quality, but they also come in all forms of colors which is why it is definitely a winning situation for anyone who gets a pup from here. 

The Frenchies here have been socializing with other animals and people from birth, which is why they are accustomed to other people.

If you have little kids or any other pets, you do not have to worry as these French Bulldogs will adjust right into your life with no hassle. That is why, if you wish to buy a French Bulldog then get information from below. 

French Bulldog Puppy Breeders Details:

French Bulldog Teething

#4 Tato Frenchies Florida

Tato Frenchies Florida are moving forward with only one aim, and that is to provide you with the best and healthiest Frenchies that you can provide a forever home for. They are located in West Palm Beach Florida, which gives them enough space to grow beautiful puppies in a healthy environment.

They love their Frenchies just like they love children, which is why neglect is absolutely out of question. You can definitely trust them.

All their Frenchies are AKC registered with all necessary health procedures done, they are taken to the veterinary regularly and that is why they are healthy. They genuinely want the best for their puppies, that is why they try their earnest best to find the perfect family for their French Bulldogs.

You can contact them any time of the day and they will be available to fulfill any inquiries. You can get the Frenchies when they hit the age of 8 weeks, for the ones who are not from Florida, they even have a flight nanny option.

They are one of the most fulfilling breeders you will ever find, so do not hesitate to buy your lovable Frenchie. 

French Bulldog Puppy Breeders Details:

  • Owners Name: Rudy
  • Address: 7825 S Dixie Hwy, West Palm Beach, FL 33405, United States
  • Telephone: +1 561-806-4818
  • Website: Tato’s Frenchies
  • Social Media:

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French Bulldog At Street

#5 Jem French Bulldog

Jem French Bulldog is growing up with puppies gave them magnificent experience and that is why they are a breeder who understands the protocols of healthy breeding more than most breeders you will meet.

They follow the AKC procedures which are why their Frenchies are of outstanding quality, all the necessary requirements are done as they have a nutritious diet, plenty of space to run around and get their daily exercise, they regularly visit the veterinary and they are always dewormed on time. 

So if you wish to buy from them, you must physically go to them as they do not ship. The puppies come with a one-year health certificate and before you buy them the puppies will have a health exam, stool checked, and will be vaccinated, so you rest assured that you will be taking a healthy and active Frenchie home. 

French Bulldog Puppy Breeders Details:

French Bulldog Stare At You

#6 South Florida Frenchies

South Florida Frenchies a home-based breeder who is adept at producing the best quality pups, they can provide you with various rare colors that you can not find elsewhere and that too in high quality, that is why they are one of the best breeders of French Bulldogs.

They have received positive reviews throughout the years, and you can definitely trust them to make your experience with Frenchies a wonderful one. 

So, if you wish to buy a Frenchie who will be by your side for a long time, then you can definitely contact them as they do not disappoint. 

French Bulldog Puppy Breeders Details:

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French Bulldog Smiling

#7 Bentley Bullies

Bentley Bullies are located in South Florida, with more than 20 years of experience under their belt you can definitely see that Bentley Bullies is one of the best breeders for French Bulldogs.

They believe that giving their Frenchies a good environment is very crucial, that is why they don’t use cages for their French Bulldogs, all the canines and puppies are allowed to run around freely.

All their puppies are AKC registered, and they provide you with a one-year health guarantee certificate. Not only that you also receive a Florida Health Certificate from a Certified Veterinarian, so you can definitely trust them with the health of the Frenchie. 

They are not any backyard breeder or any other dubious breeders as they are more than willing to answer all your inquiries, they believe that a good breeder should know everything about the breed they are breeding that is why they urge buyers to ask all forms of questions to breeders before buying puppies on a whim. 

French Bulldog Puppy Breeders Details:

  • Address: Boca Raton FL 33498 United States
  • Telephone: (561) 922-6098
  • Email:
  • Website: Bentleys Bullies
  • Social Media:
French Bulldog With Grass

#8 French Bulldog INC

French Bulldog INC is located in Northern Florida. They live on a 12-acre farm which gives their Frenchies enough space to run around and get daily exercise. They have more than 11 years of experience and within this time, they have made a name for themselves not only in the USA but also in other countries.

You can trust them because you will get a whole year’s health guarantee and all health certificates. They prioritize the health of their canines and litters more than anything, the Frenchies are never caged and get daily nutritious meals.

Not only that, these Frenchies are of European descent and they make sure that no inbreeding is involved which is why you can definitely believe in them that they produce the highest quality puppies.

If you wish to buy a beautiful  French Bulldog of supreme quality then you can definitely put your faith in French Bulldog INC as they are renowned to supply you with the finest Frenchie. 

French Bulldog Puppy Breeders Details:

  • Owners Name: Nataliya Safronova
  • Address: 11999 Frenchie Lane, Jacksonville, FL 32258
  • Telephone: (904)616-2706
  • Email:
  • Website: A French Bulldog
  • Social Media:
French Bulldog Walking

#9 Miami Blue French Bulldogs

Miami Blue French Bulldogs is another lovely breeder who is reliable and dependable in terms of producing healthy French Bulldogs. Many breeders raise their puppies with utter devotion and care, but this breeder is something phenomenal, they take their Frenchies on vacations, to the beach and just about everywhere they go.

They offer lifetime breeding support and maintain an amiable relation with all of their clients. They are even willing to facetime clients to show them how they raise their French Bulldogs.

They are very careful regarding who they are selling their Frenchie to, if you do not allow them to do a background check, they may reject you from receiving a puppy. That is why, if you have a genuine intent to buy a French Bulldog then they will be a superb choice. 

French Bulldog Puppy Breeders Details:

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French Bulldog With Tenis Ball

How to take care of a French Bulldog

If you are a new puppy owner, taking care of a Frenchie may seem difficult initially, but with time you will be able to get accustomed to it. 

  • Always remember to clean the folds and ears of the Frenchies, it is an important part of grooming but is forgotten by many. Dirt or dust may stock up in the folds and ears that you may not even notice that is why always keep them clean. 
  • Use a harness over a leash, harnesses put a minor strain on the neck of the Frenchie while a leash may result in chronic neck injuries. That is why always use a harness over a leash.
  • Do not overfeed your dog. Sometimes, out of love owners tend to give their Frenchies more food than necessary but this will result in more bad than good, as obesity is never good for any canine.  
  • Always trim the nails of the Frenchies, you may think that trimming nails is not a very big deal but in fact, they are very crucial to proper grooming.
  • French Bulldogs are susceptible to heatstroke, that is why you must make sure the temperature is mild. If it is a hot sunny day, then make sure to keep your Frenchie inside the house with the air conditioner on, excess heat will definitely affect your Frenchie’s health. But, this does not mean excessively cold temperature is good for your dog, you need to find the proper balance. 

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Over To You

It is undoubtedly a very difficult task to find a good breeder in a state like Florida, that is why to help you I have listed down 9 breeders that I think are qualified. Do you think I have missed upon any breeder who you think would be a perfect addition to this list?

Please share below in the comment section. Do you think there was something else I should have elaborated upon?

Do you know any other ways to take good care of French Bulldogs? Please share your ideas and opinions with us in the comment section. 

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