Top 5 Best Beagle Breeders in Illinois (IL) State

If you are looking for top quality Beagle Puppy Breeders In Illinois (IL) State, then you’re in the right spot!

Finding an authentic dog breeder is a really hard job. Illinois is a big state, but still, it has only a few authentic Beagle breeders. There were some other breeders who recently stopped working in Illinois. There are some backward breeders too.

In this article, I summarized the top reputable 5 Beagle breeders of Illinois state. Here I focused on this breeder’s review, ratings, quality of breeding, convenience, and clarity in breeding process. I was very careful to cut off all backward breeders, puppy mills, and pet shops from this list.

So if you are an enthusiast about Beagle and trying to figure out from where to get you authentic one, this article is just for you.

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Find A Beagle Breeder Near Me In Illinois State

Top 5 Best Beagle Breeders In Illinois (IL) State

#1 Johnston’s Beagle Farm

The Johnston’s Beagle Farm is located in Macedonia. The owner started his journey at the age of 14 and continuing this till the last 50 years. They started this farm almost 25 years ago and want to spread the love for Beagle among people. They are the largest Beagle kennel in Southern Illinois.

They can ship Beagle overall the whole USA so if you are an outsider from Illinois you can still get service from them. They also provide trained Beagles so you can get both puppies and trained matured dogs from them.

They maintain the AKC standard for breeding. Their specialty is AKC Field Champion bred Started And Train Rabbit  Hunting Or Field Trials.

So whether you are looking for a  good AKC gun dog for field trials or if you just need a good rabbit dog, you can get it from them. They have medium,medium-fast, and fast-running Beagles and no slow Beagles at all. They not only offers purebred Beagle pups but also some other services. You can also get-

  • Male and Female Adult AKC Registered Beagles
  • Brood Females and
  • Stud service 

They offer Beagle in a fair price. The price varies depending on bloodline, speed, and color. They update about all dogs on their website, so you can book your desired one from there. They accept all transactions in person, by mail, or through credit card or PayPal.

So if you are booking from some other states, you don’t have to worry about the payment. They have very good reviews about their service and about the quality of Beagles that they supply.

Beagle Puppy Breeders Details:

#2 Mitchell’s Beagles

Mitchell’s Beagles Farm is located in Ina in the USA. They are small family-oriented breeders who love Beagles and are very passionate about breeding them.

They are very careful about the health quality of Beagle puppies while breeding. The owner couple and their children run this farm. All the Beagles are like their family member. They spent all of their time and focus to keep the Beagle mother healthy and comfy during her whole pregnancy.

Their Beagles are famous for competing in field and bench competitions like CHB, AKC, UGBF, MAB, and ARHA. Two of their Beagles are Illinois State Champions. They have also won in several licensed trials.

You will get AKC puppy registration along with your puppy from them. All of their Beagles are from Champion Bloodlines. The Beagle pups get fully vet checked, all necessary vaccinations, and deworming before they are delivered to you. They always update about their Beagles and upcoming litters on their website and social media.

So you can book your desired one from their website. They will keep updating you unless your puppy is born. Then after vet checking and vaccinations, you can take your 7 weeks old puppy to your home.

However, you can also choose from their already available lists too. A Beagle puppy from their farm will cost you around $1000.

The best thing about Mitchell’s Beagles is they offer delivery to your door step.The owner, Mitchell himself and his daughter offers this service.

They can even drive 350km far away to deliver you your desired puppy.The door step delivery will cost you additional $300 USD.This amount will vary depending on your location.

Beagle Puppy Breeders Details:

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Beagle Is Crazy

#3 The Beagle Barn

The Beagle Barn is located in Ottawa of the Illinois state. They are a small family breeder. They started their journey with Beagles 45 years ago and are now using this experience for breeding well quality Beagles.

They are a very popular Beagle breeder in Ottawa. With their huge experience,they are providing good quality Beagles over many years in Ottawa and also outside of Ottawa.

They only breed the dogs that they own to ensure good health, temperament, disease control, good bloodlines, and quality healthy puppies.

The Beagle Barn always focuses on the health of dogs to ensure the best temperament for them. They are AKC registered and maintain the AKC standards of breeding. Their dogs are AKC inspected.

You will get AKC registration and generic health guarantee along with your Beagle pup from them. You will also get a lifetime genetic guarantee for your Beagle. The best thing about them is they raise the Beagle puppies with other pets like cats, fishes, and babies.

So if you have other pets or little children in your home, don’t worry about your beagle pup! Your beagle is not going to hurt them or harm them.

They always update their website about their upcoming litters and available puppies. If you book for a puppy, you can meet the parents on their farm. They will handover you the eighth week’s old puppy. They have uploaded their contract and guarantee paper information on their website.

So you can check all of those before booking for any puppies. They take all types of transactions including cards and Paypal. A Beagle puppy will cost you around $900 USD. You will have to pay $100 USD for booking a puppy from them.

Beagle Puppy Breeders Details:

Beagle Walking

#4 Magnolia Acres Puggles and Beagles

The Magnolia Acres is located in Rockford of Illinois. They started their journey with puggles and Beagles in 1990. Since all these years, They are breeding focusing on quality, not on quantity. The owner couple has 13 children all the dogs are considered as their family members too.

The Beagles are not less than their children to them. They are a small family breeder. All of their dogs are bred in the house so you can be assured about the quality. All the dogs enjoy the indoor, homely environment. They are habituated to sleep with the owners. So you don’t have to worry about socializing your puppy if you take it from them.

They are specialized in producing indoor rabbit hunter Beagles. As we all know that Beagles are famous for their speed and hunting skills. But with their homely environment, they train all Beagle pups to be a very sweet homely dog inside the house and high speedy hunting dog outdoor.

They have several award-winning rabbit hunter Beagle pups on their kennel. So if you are looking for a sweet attitude Beagle along with great hunting skills, you can choose Magnolia Acres without any second thought. Their Beagles competed very well in field trials and also look great on the bench.

They have Specialized in easy to see field Lemon and White Beagles. They also have Blues, and Chocolate coat colors in addition to pied tri. They are a small kennel and keeps not more than 10 dogs at a time. They always update about their upcoming litters on their website.

So if you are thinking about getting a Beagle pup who will be equally comfortable on both your lap and in field, hurry up and book from them. They offer Beagles at affordable prices. For without AKC registration, you will need $400-$450 USD for a Beagle puppy.

If you want to get an AKC registered Beagle then you will have to pay around $600-$700 USD. The price may vary depending on age, AKC registration, level of genetic drive, level of training etc.

Beagle Puppy Breeders Details:

Beagle Stare At You

#5 K run Beagles

The K-run Beagles is located in Belleville of Southern Illinois. They are also a small family breeder but provides high-quality Beagles. That’s why they make a place in my article. Their main focus while breeding is maintaining AKC standards as well as good health and temperament. They also focus on the grooming of all dogs.

They regularly shampoo and bathes all the Beagles. Many K-run Beagles have won the championship in Illinois and Southern Illinois. They practice the dogs’ MLS exercises to improve their health, hunting skill, and defense skill.

The K-Run Beagles start breeding when they get orders from any customer. So you will have to keep patience for almost 6-7 months to get your Beagle buddy from them. But before finalizing the contract, you will have to meet the conditions of Beagle Care. They will vet check the Beagle puppy before handover to you.

As they are small family breeders so they love to contact in person. So you can contact them through email and then pay a visit to their farm. You can check the parent Beagles and then confirm your booking for Beagle puppies.

You will have to pay an amount for the reservation. After that, they will start mating and breeding the parent dogs. Once your puppy reaches 7 weeks old, then you can take your pup home.

Beagle Puppy Breeders Details:

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How much a Beagle will cost you in Illinois?

Beagle is one of the costly puppies among all breeds. We all know a purebred puppy will always cost more than a mixed-breed puppy. But comparing with other states, Illinois has some awesome small-family breeders. From them you can get an authentic Beagle at a reasonable price.

An authentic, pure bloodline Beagle puppy will cost you approximately $400-$0 USD. The amount varies from farm to farm. From my recommendation in this article, you will need to pay $1000 USD for a Beagle puppy from Mitchell’s Beagles. In the Beagle barn, you will get a Beagle puppy for $900.

The Magnolia Acres offers Beagles at the most affordable price in Illinois. For without AKC registration, you will need to pay $400 for a Male Beagle pup and $450 USD for a female Beagle puppy. If you want to get an AKC registered Beagle then you will have to pay around $600 for the male Beagle puppy and $700 for the female beagle puppy.

However, this cost varies depending on the age, genetic certificate, bloodline, color, and much more parameters. You will have to pay a reservation amount for booking too. An additional delivery charge will be applicable if you get the Beagle shipped from far away.

If you feel that this cost is being heavy on your pocket, you can get a Beagle from any rescue center.

Beagle Puppy

Is it a good idea to get a Beagle Puppy From a rescue center In Illinois? Why Not?

A pure breed Beagle will give you the best healthy life, temperament, and character. That’s why people try to find an authentic breeder of Beagle. We all know that Beagle is popular for their fast speed and hunting skills.

So for a Beagle, it is important to be in good health otherwise its hunting skill will be in vain. To find the authenticity it is important to check the genetic certificate, bloodline, AKC registration, pedigree of parents etc.

From a rescue center dog you will never get guarantee about any of these.An unhealthy or bad bloodline puppy will never give you the companion or sweet character like a purebred one.Moreover the treatment cost for an unhealthy puppy can be heavier on your pocket.

If the cost of an authentic breed Beagle is out of the budget for you,then you can consider getting a puppy from a rescue Center.But remember the hazards of getting an unauthorized puppy before doing this!

However, I would never suggest you take your puppy from a random pet shop or backyard breeder, or puppy mills. Getting puppies from puppy mills also encourages them to continue their inhuman process of producing puppies. As we know puppy mills are nothing but an inhuman practice to produce more and more puppies.

The health of both mother dog and puppies are at stake in these puppy mills. So I always demotivate people to take puppies from puppy mills.

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Is maintaining a Beagle costly in Illinois?

The beagles are small in size compared with other breeds. They take less food than other giant breeds like Samoyed or Great Dane or Huskey. So you will save on their food cost.

Beagles have short coats on their body. So they do not frequently need grooming. They are a very healthy breed. So they do not fall sick quickly. You will need to vet check your Beagle for routine checkups around the year. So maintaining a Beagle is really hassle-free compared to other breeds.

Beagle Jumping

Over To You

Did you find your desired Beagle Breeder from our top 5 recommendations? If not, please do not worry.

Do you think we have missed any Breeder from your area?Feel free to notify us, we would like to hear from you.

Are you a Beagle Breeder in Illinois? Have we missed you from our list? Please comment below, we will also include you in our list.

Have you ever taken any service from these breeders? How was your experience with them? We would love to know about your experience. The comment section is all yours!

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