Top 9 Best Pit bull Breeders In Florida (FL) State

Are you struggling to find the perfect Pit Bull breeder for you in Florida among so many? I understand that it is an important decision to make.

So, I have already done my research to assist you.

For your convenience, I have picked the top 9 recognized American Pit Bull breeders of Florida. I have kept in mind to only include the experienced, reputable, and quality American Pit Bull breeders in this list.

Give it a read and make your own decision.

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Find A Pit Bull Breeder Near Me In Florida State

Top 9 Best Pit Bull Breeders In Florida (FL) State

#1 Art of War Kennels

Art of War Kennels has been the home for XL American Pit Bull terriers since 2009. It is located in Miami, Florida. They ship their pups worldwide.

They specialize in breeding Merle and Tri Color XL Pit Bull or XL Bullies. They are very experienced in this field. According to the owners they have far better and rare Merle tri XL American Pit Bull puppies than other breeders.

At Art of War Kennels their aim is to create the biggest, widest XL Bully Puppies with massive bones and heads, but a fantastic temperament most of all. They do not even breed average sized American Pit Bulls. All their dogs are XL sized.

All the XL American Pit Bull Terriers come with a one year health guarantee. They also make sure to vaccinate and deworm their puppies before they reach your home.

Their website contains the necessary information of their current available pups. The prices along with their height, weight, bloodline, color is also given. You can also take a look at their adorable pictures from there.

If you want to have your own XL Merle or Tri Color Pit Bull, this is the place I want to suggest you give a thought to. Contact them through their email or telephone number for further inquiry.

Pit Bull Puppy Breeder Details:

Pit Bull Puppy

#2 Prestigious Bullies

Prestigious Bullies is one of the most popular American Pit Bull breeders in my list. They are skilled and dedicated breeders with the experience of 15 years. They are located in Tampa, Florida.

Along with American Pit Bulls, Prestigious Bullies also breed American Bullies. They produce tri color, champagne, blue, red, merle, merle tri, black, white puppies. All their dogs are UKC/ABKC registered.

They breed and raise the American Pit Bull Terriers in a family environment. As a result, they are quite friendly natured.

The owners aspire to produce the best quality breeds. The breeding program aims to produce dogs with a heavy density of thick bone and good physique. Their motto is to eliminate the misunderstandings often thought about these breeds. I think it is very thoughtful of them to have such a goal.

The dogs are the combination of being athletic and good natured. Their Facebook page contains mostly positive reviews of their dogs from the previous buyers.

If you want to reserve their pups an amount of $1000 is required. Contact them for more details at the given email address of telephone number. You can communicate with them through their Facebook page as well.

Pit Bull Puppy Breeder Details:

#3 Titanium Kilo Kennels

Titanium Kilo Kennels is a family-based breeding program. Since 2012 they have been in this business. They have their branches in Pennsylvania, New Mexico, North Florida, and now the West Coast. 

The owners of this kennel Jaime and Jari, breeds XL and XXL Pit Bulls and American Bullies. They take pride in having first-class XL champagne and white Pit Bull females in the world.

Titanium Kilo Kennels aim for providing families the finest American Pit Bull Terriers which goes best with their way of life. I think it is a great objective. Besides, once you become a customer they make sure you get their full support in taking care of the dog(s).

Their American Pit Bulls are raised in a family environment from an early age. As a result, it helps the pups to have great temperament. I want to recommend you to visit their YouTube page to get a better look at their dogs.

The wholesome pictures of the past breeds with their new families are given on their website. You can also get an idea of their current available puppies from there.

Titanium Kilo Kennels is also a place for wonderful clothing and accessory items. They sell leather collars, show collars, t-shirts, hats etc with their signature sign. The prices are given on their website.

If you are interested in purchasing their adorable fur babies, you can directly fill out their puppy application form. You can also reach out to the owners via email or telephone if you have any queries.

Pit Bull Puppy Breeder Details:

Pit Bull Pup

#4 Champagne Kennels

Champagne Kennels is run by Nichole and Scott Rupert, a team of husband and wife. They are passionate breeders with 20 years of experience in this field.

They breed American Pit Bull Terrier and American Bully puppies. All the dogs are purebred and UKC & ABKC registered.

I like Champagne Kennels because they are more unique than other breeding programs when it comes to choosing which pups to breed. Only the dogs which hold Champion title in at least 2 different registries, earned their Canine Good Citizen Certificate, have good physique and excellent genetic value are selected.

They raise their kennel dogs as no less than family members. They raise their American Pit Bulls indoors keeping them inseparable from the rest of the family. For this, the pups possess the quality of being social and friendly.

The owners take pride in breeding their quality Pit Bulls. If you want to get a vivid understanding visit their website. The gallery section contains pictures of the beautiful fur babies.

Whether for a dog show or family companion, they have the adequate knowledge to know which goes best with you. Beside, two years genetic, health and temperament guarantee comes with the pups.

If you are interested in their puppies, they strongly encourage you to contact them about their puppy policies. To contact them visit their website. You can also call or text them at their given contact information.

Pit Bull Puppy Breeder Details:

  • Name of the owner(s): Nichole and Scott Rupert
  • Telephone: 941-306-7790
  • Website URL/ Link:
  • Email:
Pit Bull In Jungle

#5 727 Pitbull Kennels

Charles McKinnon is the owner and founder of 727 Pitbull Kennels. It is located in Tampa Bay, Florida.

They specialize in breeding XXL Blue Pit Bulls and aim to improve this breed. They mostly produce American Pit Bulls of Greyline, Ganghis Kon, Watchdog, Ruffian, Zullou etc bloodlines.

The owner takes pride in breeding the female American Pit Bull Terrier named Cali. She is from BGK bloodline and a superstar of the kennel for her amazing physique. The images of all male and female dogs are given on their website. Besides, the details of the current breeding are provided as well.

If you are looking for XL sized blue American Pit Bulls, this is a great place to choose from. Visit their website first. If they meet your needs, contact Charles through the given telephone number or email address.

Pit Bull Puppy Breeder Details:

  • Address: Tampa Bay Florida, St. Petersburg
  • Name of the owner(s): Charles McKinnon
  • Telephone: (727)641-9353
  • Website URL/ Link:
  • Email:

#6 Xtreme Champion Bully

Xtreme Champion Bully is the breeder of XL style Pit Bulls and American Bullies. They are located in two places, Florida and Georgia.

The owner, Sheldon Bell takes pride in breeding the best quality XL show dogs in the US. They give special attention in maintaining the physique of the dogs.

I find it quite impressive that they hold one of the best track records for being one of the most respectable and ethical breeders on the Eastern Coast since 2011. You can get a better look at their high standard quality collection of Pit Bulls from their Facebook page and YouTube channel. 

The website of Xtreme Champion Bully contains all sort of information one needs to know. The prices of the current breeding along with their history are given. Pictures of the American Pit Bulls are also given in a different section.

If you want to purchase your own American Pit Bull Terrier from them you are most welcome to contact the owner. You can contact him at the given email address or phone number as per your convenience.

Pit Bull Puppy Breeder Details:

Pit Bull Smiling

#7 Tropical Winds Kennel

Tropical Winds Kennel is a dedicated breeding program. It is located in two states, Pennsylvania and Florida.

The owner of the kennel had affection for dogs and cats from an early age. He discovers his love for American Pit Bull Terriers in 1988. He got his first Pit Bull back then.

Tropical Winds Kennel aims to breed quality Pit Bulls with good temperament and well-build body structure. They put much effort in preserving the nature of the breed.

Their website contains pictures and details of the former American Pit Bulls in remembrance of their departure. You can also get information of their current available pups from there.

They are selective in choosing the right family for their puppies. You are required to fill up their puppy application form if you want to get your own canine from them.

You can also call them on their telephone number for more details.

Pit Bull Puppy Breeder Details:

Pit Bull Playing With Ball

#8 Kaboom Bully Pitbulls

Kaboom Bully Pitbulls is a family oriented breeding program. It is located in Florida.

They breed High End XL UKC American Pit Bull Terriers. These dogs are the combination of different features and characteristics. Excellent body structure, good temperament, loyalty, friendly nature is some of the features they possess.

The owners are committed to improving the breed and reputation by creating the best XL American Pit Bull Terriers. They look for the perfect and loving home for their Pit Bull babies. They also focus on getting you their quality dogs.

Visit their website to have a closer look at their pups. The gallery section of the website contains all the lovely pictures of the dogs. The details and images of the male and female Pit Bulls are displayed in different sections.

For further information contact them at their given telephone number.

Pit Bull Puppy Breeder Details:

#9 Best Blue Kennel

Mike Hazan, the CEO and owner of Best blue Kennel is a passionate breeder.

Best Blue Kennel is committed to getting into your home quality XL and XXL American Pit Bull puppies, English Bull dog, French Bull dog. They produce blue, white, fawn, brindle, champagne and tri-color puppies. They ship their fur babies all over the world.

These Pit Bulls are raised in a friendly environment from an early age around children and other pets including cats, horses etc. So you do not have to put much effort in making them adapt to your home, isn’t that great?

Best Blue Kennel sells their XL and XXL American Pit Bull Terriers to both breeders and private families or individuals. Once they are 8 weeks old they are available for adoption. They make sure to deworm their puppies before the shipment. They also provide UKC puppy registration paperwork along with the pups.

Visit their website to get a look at their beautiful puppy pictures. Contact them for any queries on their given email address. You can also reserve the pups with the amount of $500.

Pit Bull Puppy Breeder Details:

Pit Bull Black Puppy

Over To You

Which part of Florida are you from? Does my list reduce your workload to any extent? I am eager to know your thoughts.

You can also enlighten me if you know any reputable Pit Bull breeder around Florida that I have missed.

Do leave your valuable feedback or any queries in the comment section. Hope you find the quality Pit Bull breeder you are looking for. Best of luck in advance!

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