Top 8 Best Pug Breeders In Florida (FL) State

You can’t find the perfect Pug Puppy Breeder in Florida state among so many? Not to worry because you are not alone. The important factor is now you are here and I already have done my research to assist you.

My list contains one of the best 8 reputable Pug breeders of Florida. I have kept in mind to only include the experienced, reputable, and quality Chinese Pug breeders of Florida.

So go ahead give it a read. You may find your desired breeder from here and it may turn out to be your lucky day.

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Top 8 Best Pug Breeders In Florida (FL) State

#1 Sunshine Pugs 

Sunshine Pugs is a family based Pug breeding program run by Kate and Brian. It is located in Central Florida near Daytona Beach/Orlando.

It does feel amazing to see the dogs live inside the house with the breeders like family members. All the litter is from AKC Champion Bloodlines.

Sunshine Pugs have their own website and Facebook page. I found a lot of necessary information from the Facebook page. The adorable pictures of their Chinese Pugs, videos of them playing and contact address is also given.

The website and the Facebook page both contain great feedback from the customers with a 5 star rating. They shared their wonderful experience of the adoption process and the adorable pups mentioning the owners, Kate and Brian.

Isn’t it great that Sunshine Pugs are now back again after a short interval due to Covid-19? The open hours are very flexible. Besides, you can keep an eye to their Facebook page for upcoming or current breed information.

You can also contact them through their given telephone number or email address to know more about the breed and adoption process.

Pug Puppy Breeder Details:

  • Name of the owner(s): Kate and Brian
  • Address: New Smyrna Beach, Florida 32169
  • Telephone: +1 386-588-0586
  • Website:
  • Review: Sunshinepugs
  • Email:

#2 Gulf Coast Pugs 

Gulf Coast Pugs is one of the most popular homes for Pugs of Florida in my list. Kathleen Cooper, the owner of the kennel breeds Pugs for several years. It is located on the Gulf Coast of South Florida.

The dogs are like family members to them. The fact that they raise and witness the miracle of birth of the new puppies in their own home is so wonderful. Including pure and mixed breed, the breeder owns other dogs too. Nevertheless, Pugs are one of their favorites along with Dachshunds.

All the pups are in good shape and friendly. They are also well socialized for being members of such an amazing family. As a result, they are good to children and other animals.

It is bound to feel like your heart is melting after seeing the wholesome pictures of the Chinese Pugs with their new families. Their website also contains the information of the current available puppies.

Besides, the owner cares enough to suggest you good dog food in a separate section of the website with necessary information.

If you are interested in purchasing puppies from them, you should visit their website first. You can reserve the pups once they are two years old with $200 which is non-refundable.

You can also fill out the form on the website to adopt. For more information contact the breeder via email.

Pug Puppy Breeder Details:

Pug Dog

#3 Florida Pups 

Florida Pups is the finest Pug puppy breeder in Florida. Crystal Neuman and Joseph Neuman run this small local breeding program. It is a family based program.

Crystal decides to start this business of her love for pets. She turns her passion into work. Joseph, on the other hand, had the same motivation and passion. He too comes to this business from a place of love and passion for puppies. Together they make a great team called Florida Pups.

What really impresses me is the number of breeds they have. Maltese, Yorkshire terrier, CavaPoo, English Bulldog, Pug, Boston Terrier, Papillion, Shih Tzu are some of the breeds.

The Pugs of Florida pups are well- socialized and healthy as raised in a family environment. All puppies come with AKC papers as well.

Besides Florida, they sell the pups in nearby cities like Tampa, Lakeland, Orlando, Fort Myers, Venice, Punta Gorda, Cape Coral, Bonita Springs, South Florida etc.

Their first priority is the health and quality of their dogs. The motto of this breeding program is to ensure a good-loving home for the puppies and also to provide their quality dogs to the adopters. The breeders take pleasure in what they do.

Seeing the website just like me you can also tell how careful they are in giving their best effort. It contains all the necessary information one needs to know.

All the lovely feedback along with the email address of the customers is also given there. So, you can contact the previous buyers via email to know about their experience personally.

The gallery section of the website contains all the lovely pictures of the dogs. The huge list of FAQ sections may answer your questions too. So, contact Florida Pups through their Facebook page or cell-phone number if you decide to purchase from them.

Pug Puppy Breeder Details:

Pug Puppy Smiling

#4 Coral Bay Pugs 

Coral Bay Pugs is one of the best breeder in Florida. Carol Anne Giles is the breeder, owner and handler of Coral Bay Pugs since 1988 in Loxahatchee, Florida.

The journey of Carol starts with Pugs in 1988. Before that she worked with Shih Tzu. The experience with her first Chinese Pug is responsible for the love she feels for this breed today.

The breeding program focuses on making the pups ready for dog shows. She is well-known as the Pug Dog Club of America’s ‘Breeder of the Year’ in 2001, 2002, 2005 and 2008. She is also an AKC approved mentor.

I find Carol an empowering woman. She has a great passion for dog shows. She is a proud breeder and her dogs are the champions of many dog shows. Coral Bay Pugs focus on producing healthy, fit dogs capable of shows. The breeder is now working with Papillons too.

The website of Corral Bay Pug proudly represents their champion Pugs. It also contains the beautiful Pug puppies playing, hanging around, and modeling pictures.

Information of the retired champion canines and their achievements are there too.

If you are interested in getting yourself a Chinese Pug for shows too, it is a suitable place for you. So, go ahead and contact them at their given email address or telephone number.

Pug Puppy Breeder Details:

  • Name of the owner(s): Carol Anne Giles
  • Address: Loxahatchee, FL
  • Telephone: (561) 906-3716
  • Website: CoralBayPugs
  • Email:

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Pug Sitting Down

#5 Florida’s Royal Pugs

Florida’s Royal Pugs has owned dogs for 20 years and the raiser of companion puppies since 2013. They prioritize the needs of the dogs before anything.

Taking up to 2 acre of land, Florida’s Royal Pugs is located in Palm Beach County of Florida, isn’t that impressive? The breeder, Dawn Monzel operates this business program in a family environment and broad open space.

They look forward to witnessing the birth of the new puppies. At that time, they take necessary steps to assist the mother by taking care of the newborn fur babies.

The breeder, Dawn, gives importance to raise good quality family companions. According to me, Florida’s Royal Pugs is unique than other breeding programs.

The reason for this is that they allow visitors to spend time with the puppies. Through this activity, they get to know more about the Chinese Pugs which helps them to decide whether they want to adopt or not. This is truly a praiseworthy gesture.

The Facebook group of Florida’s Royal Pugs has the latest update of their litters and the pictures of their dogs. Their website also contains photos of the previous Pugs, female Pugs and the studs. 

The breeders encourage the interested buyers to visit them before buying. However, as it is always not possible, you can also give them a call if you decide to buy from them or have any queries.

Pug Puppy Breeder Details:

Pug Laughing

#6 Purelypugs

Purelypugs is a devoted Pug breeding program. I am impressed by the dedication they put on their dogs to give them the best life. Doree and Joe are the professional breeders of Purelypugs.

The breeders work hard to produce the best quality Chinese Pugs. They put much effort into searching for a good, loving home for their sweet fur babies. They consider the adopters as their new extended family and assist them in any sort of problem regarding the puppies.

Purelypugs take much pride in their work. All their dogs are 100% purebred in fawn and black color.

According to the owners, the prices they fix on their pups are the way of financing for their next-generation dogs. The price of their fawn Pug babies is $2800 and the black ones are $3000 plus tax.

Their Facebook page contains all the lovely reviews from the customers mentioning Doree and Joe, the owners. I also came across the adorable pictures of the pups on the photo gallery section of the website of Purelypugs.

To get updates on the litters and other information, you have to sign up on their website. You can also contact them through their email address.

Pug Puppy Breeder Details:

Pug Siting Down With Smile

#7 Loparr Kennels

Loparr Kennels takes good care of the health of the pups. They are conscious about giving AKC or CKC registered, vaccinated, de-wormed, micro-chipped, and dew-clawed puppies to the customers. 

Pat and Jim Japart are the Pug breeders of Loparr Kennels with over 20 years of experience. It is located in Dunnellon, Florida.

I appreciate their dedication and hard work. The breeders understand very well the life changing impact a Pug can make to a family.

That is why they are careful in choosing suitable homes for these pups. They do not ship their dogs and require meeting everyone interested in their breeds.

I am sure you will be pleased to hear that they are currently selling a good-looking two year old AKC registered fawn male Pug. It is priced $2000 only. They also have a new litter of puppies available.

Contact them on their given phone number or email address if you want to have your own fur baby or simply have any queries. You can also contact them directly on their website.

Pug Puppy Breeder Details:

  • Name of the owner(s): Pat and Jim Japart
  • Address: Dunnellon, FL, 34432
  • Telephone: 352-804-7810
  • Website URL/ Link:
  • Email:

#8 The Pug Patch

The Pug Patch is a family based Pug breeding program. It is situated in Palm Bay of Florida.

If you are looking for a Pug that is loved and family raised, The Pug Patch is the right place for you. They understand the value of this breed and encourage you to have your own to experience the true, selfless love they provide.

They are devoted to their pups. They only breed AKC registered fawn and black colored Pugs. They make sure that you get the best quality Chinese Pugs from them.

The puppies are well-socialized and healthy as they get the full experience of a family environment.  I encourage you to visit their website and sign up to get the latest news of the litters. You can also contact them on their telephone number.

Pug Puppy Breeder Details:

  • Address: Palm Bay, Florida 32909, United States
  • Telephone: 321-543-1541
  • Website:

Over To You

Did my list meet your needs? Is there any other name you want me to include? I am eager to know your thoughts.

Do leave your valuable feedback or any queries in the comment section. Hope you find the quality Pug breeder you are looking for. Best of luck in advance!

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