Top 7 Best Beagle Breeders in Arizona (AZ) State

If you are looking for the best quality Beagle Puppy Breeders In Arizona state, then you are in the right place!

Beagles are such an amazing breed that there are many breeders of them in Arizona. I know that you would love to find a proper breeder and a pup to adopt personally as it’s quite exciting. But, sometimes, without prior knowledge, it’s quite difficult to find a good and reputable breeder. 

There are many ways to find a professional and reputable breeder in Arizona. You can look up online, visit Facebook groups, ask your friends and relatives who have adopted Beagles previously, etc.

But oftentimes, your searches might lead to puppy mills or backyard breeders. And, you can’t differentiate between good and bad breeders at times. 

But don’t worry, to make it easier for you, I have listed down the best 7 reputable and renowned Beagle breeders based in Arizona.

I have looked into their history, reputation, goodwill, feedback, testimonies, engagement with people etc. As I know how much you want to take a healthy and adorable furry friend to your home,I tried my best. 

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Find A Beagle Breeder Near Me In Arizona State

Top 7 Best Beagle Breeders In Arizona (AZ) State

#1 5 Star Beagles

5 Star Beagles from Mesa, Arizona has been blessed with beagles for more than 28 years. If you are particularly looking for a beagle with a gentle disposition, temperament, and loyal spirit, then this one should be an ideal choice for you. And the best thing about them is probably the long years of history and familial love toward their Beagles.

Know that every puppy purchase Includes a deluxe puppy pack. You’ll receive a deluxe puppy pack when you take your puppy home with you.

There may be a slight difference of items from one pack to another, however, every puppy pack comes complete with a variety of documents, pamphlets, a sample of the food, treats, a toy, etcetera, along with miscellaneous information for you to also enjoy. 

Visit their website and see if you find a Beagle puppy that you’ll like to adopt. The breeder has given a detailed instructions for the adoption process that will ease your buying as well. 

Beagle Puppy Breeders Details:

  • Location: Arizona, US
  • Address: Mesa, Arizona, US
  • Telephone: +1 480-252-4432
  • Website: 5 Star Beagles
  • Social Media: Facebook
  • Email:
Beagle Walking

#2 Desperado Beagles

Desperado Beagles from Gilbert, Arizona started their journey into Beagles in 1993.  Thus the search was on for the breed that would fit us. I found that they took time and tried to make a good Beagle breed. If you are interested in having a pet as well as for show business, you can consider this one. 

Their goal is to breed more than just another show dog but lifelong companions that are healthy both physically and mentally, able to do far more. You’ll find that all puppies are raised at home under a constant caring watch, socialized and loved from the moment they take their first breath.

To find out more, visit their website. If you have any particular demand, ask the breeder via phone call or text. I’m sure you will be satisfied. I hope you find your furry Beagle soon!

Beagle Puppy Breeders Details:

  • Location: Arizona, US
  • Address: Gilbert, Arizona, US
  • Telephone: +1 623-640-1573
  • Website: Desperado Beagles
  • Email:

#3 Maryan’s Beagles

Maryan’s Beagles is a small family breeder from Mesa, Arizona who’s been breeding Beagles for the last 15 years. But they have raised Beagles for the last 45 years. You, as a new owner, will get a puppy care package. When you purchase your puppy, it will have – 

  • Dew Claws Removed, 
  • Dewormed, 1st/2nd Shots, 
  • AKC Papers, Purina 
  • Puppy Chow, 
  • Healthy Treats, 
  • Mixables for dry food, a Toy, 
  • Pamphlets and 
  • Information Regarding your New Puppy.

I found that all the puppies are AKC and have Top Championship pedigrees. Also, know that the Beagles come from Championship Bloodlines. These Beagles make a wonderful family pet and have excellent temperaments. You get very good treatment from the breeder as well as all the necessary help. 

Visit their website or for more details, please call us at 480-707-8282 or 480-258-3219. I hope you can take a furry Beagle that brings you joy and happiness. 

Beagle Puppy Breeders Details:

Beagle Stare At You

#4 Wickenburg Beagle Breeder

Wickenburg Beagle Breeder is a breeder located in Wickenburg, about 50 miles northwest of Phoenix Arizona. The puppies are purebred and AKC registered and all the puppies go home with their first shots unless the buyer requests otherwise. 

Some of you may be interested to know that one of these breeder’s dogs was used by the clothing line American Eagle Outfitters for an advertisement photoshoot in Flagstaff. Whether you want to buy a puppy now or want to deposit for a future litter, let the breeder know. The prices may fluctuate depending on the pup and package. 

I found a lot of reviews and think that this breeder has quite a reputation amongst Arizona Beagle breeders. You can visit their Facebook page where you will find photos, reviews, and lots of fun info. If you are interested in a puppy contact the breeder via the contact information provided. 

Beagle Puppy Breeders Details:

  • Location: Arizona, US
  • Address: Wickenburg, Arizona
  • Telephone: +1 928-231-9112
  • Website: Wickenburg Beagle Breeder
  • Social Media: Facebook
  • Email:
Beagle In Jungle

#5 Terwillegar Beagles

Terwillegar Beagles is a beagle breeder from Avondale, Arizona. I found that they are top breeders of both American and Canadian champion show dogs and top winning obedience Beagles. You can rest assured about the health and temperament as they have quite a reputation as breeders. 

Whether you are interested in getting a beagle as a pet or show, you can contact this breeder. Also, know that all the mutts are raised in a loving home environment.

I found that they have been producing top winning shows and obedience champions for over 45 years. Many years of experience and hard work have gone into the Terwillegar line and is still running and producing strong and exceptional show dogs.

Find more about their beagles on their website. Feel free to ask the breeder any questions that you might have. That way, you can find a puppy matching your taste easily. 

Beagle Puppy Breeders Details:

Beagle Is Crazy

#6 Arizona Beagles

Arizona Beagles is a small home-based breeder from Arizona. I discovered this breeder on Facebook. This breeder has had many amazing years of breeding beagles.  I was scrolling through their FB page and I loved their interactions with the baby Beagles. And I think this breeder can be your ideal type if you are looking for a cozy homely beagle pet. 

As the puppies are homegrown, you can rest assured about their health and growth. The mutts are absolutely cheerful, playful, and loveable. And I’m sure you’ll like them too. You can find all the relevant updates on the Facebook page as they do update regularly. 

I couldn’t find their website but don’t worry, you can contact them on Facebook. You can ask the breeder about your specific queries and demands. If you see a puppy that’s to your liking, talk to the breeder about it. 

Beagle Puppy Breeders Details:

  • Location: Arizona, US
  • Address: Arizona, US
  • Telephone: +1 661-623-5124
  • Social Media: Facebook
  • Email:
Beagle Jumping

#7 Clubhouse Beagles

Clubhouse Beagles is a small family-based breeder from Arizona. I have found them on Facebook and I have liked the way they care about their puppies. The beagles are raised and treated like family members. 

You’ll absolutely fall in love with the mutts once you scroll through their FB page. I found that they have a small number of dogs available and each and every single one is standard. The amount of care and treatment is sure to produce good and healthy adult Beagles. 

Manage some time to check out their page. If you want to know more, you can contact them on their social media. You’ll get a warm welcome and satisfactory answers to all your queries as well. I think you should check it out!

Beagle Puppy Breeders Details:

  • Location: Arizona, US
  • Address: Arizona, US
  • Telephone: +1 602-550-7783
  • Social Media: Facebook
  • Email:

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How much does a purebred  Beagle puppy cost in Arizona?

If you’re looking for a Beagle from Arizona, you should have some basic ideas regarding its costs. As you already know that the Beagle is a breed of small hound that is similar to the much larger foxhound. Although Beagle-type dogs have existed for around 2,500 years, the modern breed was developed in Great Britain around the 1830s. 

Today, the Beagle is one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States. Beagle parents love their easy-going personality, sweet demeanor, and cuddly nature. On average, the cost of a Beagle puppy is between $400-$1,000. The current median price for all Beagles sold is $537.50 (According to NextDayPets). 

Also, for a dog with a superior lineage (for example, the puppy has parents of show quality), expect to pay $1,500 or higher. Beagles with exceptional breed lines can run up to $5,000 in some instances.

On average, Beagle pups don’t cost much to feed as they eat a very little amount. And, if you get a healthy beagle from a professional breeder, it’s more likely to save you money in case of health issues. So, there are a lot of factors that can cause the cost of a Purebred beagle to fluctuate.

Why are Pure  Beagle puppies expensive in Arizona?

Do you know why beagle puppies are so expensive? Well, the price of a beagle puppy varies depending on certain factors. Especially, a purebred one is likely to cost you more due to its superior bloodline. Also, some factors like location, breeder, and lineage can also influence its price. 

With purebred beagles, it’s easier to know certain personality traits. Lineage can be a very important and significant factor. Because, a beagle puppy with a superior lineage, will definitely cost a fortune.

Especially, the ones known as champions and their bloodlines are known to have good traits and lower negative health traits. If both or one of the parents are champions in the dog show, then the beagle puppy is likely to become super expensive.

However, if you are considering only getting a pet, then you can buy a standard puppy and you won’t be dissatisfied. Just be sure to get a Beagle pup from an authentic and professional breeder. 

Beagle Pup

Why are  Beagles So Popular in Arizona?

Beagles are one of the most famous breeds in Arizona. Due to having big floppy ears and the signature multi-colored coa, they look absolutely adorable! If you are new to adopting a puppy as a family pet dog, Beagle can be considered an ideal one for you. 

I personally find this breed loving, curious, and extremely loyal, and trust me, you’ll never have a dull day with a Beagle in your home. Beagles have a short yet sturdy body, which makes it a good hunting companion. 

Which is another reason why beagles are so popular as a breed. Did you know that beagles have a keen sense of smell and were originally bred as hound dogs for hunting small game? Thus, many people prefer Beagles as their hunting partners as well as a pet. 

For what reason do you like Beagles most? Which specific trait of Beagle makes it more special to you?

Over To You

I think that my list will help you a lot to find ideal Beagle breeders from the Arizona region. 

Have you decided which breeder you want to contact now? Mention their name in the comment section below.

Do you know any other Beagle breeders around your location in Arizona and want me to include them in this list? Please let me know in the comment section. 

Also, if you want to share your expertise regarding Beagle, please do so. I always welcome any opinions from you. 

Thank you! 

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