Why Do Doberman Pinschers Eat Grass? 7 Scientific Reasons To Learn!!!

The Doberman Pinschers is a wonderful family dog, is trustworthy and protective. You’ll find them quite protective of you and your family once they’ve been socialized and trained appropriately. Also, Dobies are generally friendly with other dogs and animals, especially if the dog has been raised with them. And like many other dogs, Doberman Pinschers too eat grass often. 

Do you know why does your Doberman Pinscher eats grass? Well, a Dobie’s habits of eating grass or other strange items is sometimes caused by a deficiency in his/her diet. Also, your dog may eat grass to improve digestion or to treat intestinal worms, or fulfill his/her nutritional needs as well.

Some also think that it’s an instinctual behavior for dogs to eat grass and the Doberman breed is no exception. And, eating grass can be your Doberman Pinscher’s way of getting more fiber to help his/her bodily functions.

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Why Do Doberman Pinschers Eat Grass?

Is Eating Grass Normal For Your Dobie?

Like many other dogs, Doberman Pinschers also do eat grass. If your puppy has been eating grass lately then you might wonder if he/she likes eating grass.   Well, first of all, know that eating grass is actually quite common and normal behavior. 

While diet deficiency can also cause your Dobie to eat grass, there can be other reasons as well. And they might have something to do with your pooch’s digestive systems, dietary needs, and cravings. And oftentimes it might actually be an instinctual behavior.

Also, some people think that grass eating is a form of pica that sometimes can be caused by a diet deficiency. For example, due to deficiencies of vitamins, nutrients, or minerals if they are absent from the daily intake of your mutt. 

4 Main Reasons: Why Does Your Doberman Pinscher Eat Grass?

Even though eating grass can often be instinctual, there can be other reasons for your Doberman Pinscher to eat grass as well. Such as:

#1 Your Doberman Pinscher May Increase Dietary Fiber

Like other dogs, your Doberman Pinscher too may need fiber in his diet. Many times, a  lack of fiber in your puppy’s diet can prevent him/her from being able to digest food and pass stool. Thus, he may try to fill his stomach by eating grass. So, technically, your dog is actually helping his body function better by eating grass. 

But, you still need to be aware and check if your mutt is having any problem while having such a habit.  If your Doberman Pinscher vomits or has diarrhea while eating grass, then I suggest you see your vet avoid causing further problems for your pup.

Doberman Pinscher Puppy

#2 Your Doberman Pinscher May Have An Upset Stomach

One of the most common reasons for your dog to keep eating grass may have something to do with an upset stomach. And many people believe that Doberman Pinscher will try to eat grass to relieve an upset stomach. 

Thus, you may find your mutt eating grass at a very fast speed and vomit afterward. While vomiting can be occasional in this case, you still need to check your pup for this. 

Symptoms Of Upset Stomach:

  • Lip Smacking: You find your dog smacking his lips often.
  • Drooling: Drooling more can be a sign of the upset stomach of your dog.
  • Gulping: Due to having an upset stomach you may find your mutt gulping in air.  
  • Eating Grass: Your pup tends to eat more grass. 
  • Licking Floors, and Other Surfaces: Your mutt licks on objects more often. 
  • Loss of Appetite: Your pup might not want to eat anything. 
  • Stomach Noises: You hear rumbling noises from your pooch’s stomach. 
  • Passing Gas: Your Dobie seems to pass gas more frequently. 
  • Other Signs of an Upset Stomach: Other symptoms can be restlessness, guarding the belly, changes in interactions shaking, assuming the praying position, reduced activity, etc. 

#3 The Doberman Pinscher Canine Needs More Nutritional Supplements

Sometimes, the increased grass-eating of your Doberman Pinscher could be due to having more needs of nutrition supplementation.

As a carnivore, dogs are used to fulfill their need for nutrition by whatever means they kind find. Your mutt can even scavenge in garbage dumps and eat the waste left by others, including vegetables. 

And you should know that your Doberman Pinschers’ ancestors had a diverse diet which included berries, fruits, and other plants. And this worked for them to get more nutrition.

So, if your Doberman Pinscher canine eats grass and plants up to his/her satisfaction, this might lead him/her to develop a taste for grass.

#4 Your Doberman Pinscher Pup May Be Bored

Another probable reason for you Doberman Pinscher to east grass may be due to being bored. So, your dog may eat grass just because it gives him something to do, and also it creates a diversion to him. 

This can happen because your puppy has an abundance of pent-up energy to burn. And if your mutt can not get enough exercise, he will try to do other stuff to relieve that energy and boredom. So, you don’t need to be that worried unless the grass eating makes your dog sick.

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3 Other Reasons: Why Does Your Doberman Pinscher Eat Grass?

Apart from the four main reasons, there can be other reasons for your Doberman Pinscher to eat grass. Such as:

#5 This Is An Instinctive Behavior Of Your Doberman Pinscher Canine

Your Doberman Pinscher is not a true carnivore but he is not exactly omnivores either. Thus, by instinct, he will consume anything that helps fulfill his basic dietary requirements, even if it is just some grass.

Even though your domestic mutt doesn’t have to hunt for his food, that doesn’t mean he has lost the natural instinct to scavenge. Thus, you will find that despite being fond of commercial dog food, your puppy will eat grass as a reflection of their ancestors who were mostly scavengers.

#6 Your Doberman Pinscher Puppy Is Suffering From Intestinal Worms

Sometimes, your Doberman Pinscher may suffer from intestinal worms which are parasites that infect your dog. These intestinal worms generally take up residence in your pooch’s intestines and feed off his blood (or the food in the intestines).

Even though the chances of your dog eating grass due to intestinal worms are less, you should still be careful. 

Because these worms can cause a wide array of symptoms and make your dog seriously ill. Your dog can pick up intestinal worms like roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms, and whipworms etc. 

#7 Your Doberman Pinscher Dog Likes The Taste Of Grass While Grazing

You can’t ignore this simple fact that your Doberman Pinscher likes the taste of grass while grazing. Because, sometimes, your dog may simply enjoy the texture and taste of grass in his mouths like many other dogs out there. 

Your puppy may only eat grass in certain locations or at certain times of the year or at any specific season (like early spring). Sometimes, your pooch may rush outdoors at every chance he gets and chow down on the grass in the backyard. This behavior also indicates that your mutt simply enjoys consuming grass regularly.

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Doberman Pinscher Puppies

Should I Worry About My Doberman Pinscher Eating Grass? When Should I Take Action?

Even though eating grass is somewhat normal for your Doberman Pinscher, it’s also true that your dog does not really gain any nutritional value from the grass. And there are some specific reasons for which you would want to make your puppy stop eating grass. Such as: 

  • Some grasses have poisons on them:  Some grasses may have poisonous fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides etc that enter your dog’s body through eating grass. 
  • The grass may have parasites: When your dog is eating grass, he can pick up an internal parasite (like a roundworm or hookworm) which can make him really sick.   
  • Some grasses and plants are toxic: Some of the plants out there are very toxic to your dog which can harm your pup’s health.  

Thus, when you see some signs of adverse effects of eating grass from your dog, you should consider taking proper actions to stop such behavior. 

How to Stop Your Doberman Pinscher Dog from Eating Grass?

You may think that eating grass is like a fun pastime for your Doberman Pinscher. But, it’s better to stop your dog from eating grass too. Here are some ways that you may use to do so:

  • Give your dog some treats: If your Doberman Pinscher loves treats, you can give him a treat. This will help your dog to keep away from grass. 
  • Praise your dog: Like many other dogs, your Doberman Pinscher too will stop eating grass for praises and attention. 
  • Take your dog out for a wal: By taking your dog for a walk, you allow him to have some exercise. Which is good for his body as well as his mind. 
  • Find professional help: If your Doberman Pinscher is sick, he may try to relieve stomach pain by eating grass. You should discuss this with your vet and follow his/her instructions.
  • Look at your dog’s food: You must make sure that your Doberman Pinscher’s dog food does contain a balanced diet. This will help your dog with digestion and stop him from eating grass. 
  • Give your dog some healthy grass: If your Doberman Pinscher is bent on eating grass, then allow him to have some grass that is safe and healthy.

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What To Offer To Your Doberman Pinscher Fido As A Safe Substitute For Grass?

If your Doberman Pinscher is totally bent on eating grass then you can add some fiber. Because your dog thinks that the grass will help him with any indigestion. But doesn’t add any nutritional value to add to your dog’s diet. 

So, you can either allow your dog to eat plants that are safe to eat or add foods like steamed broccoli, carrots, or string beans throughout the day. These will help your dog feel full all day and also give him the fibers he needs. 

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Doberman Pinscher Funny

Related Questions

Why Does Your Doberman Pinscher Lay In Grass?

Your Doberman Pinscher may lay and roll in the grass to get rid of debris on his back. Also, he may try to mask his smell by rolling in the grass. 

Laying and rolling around the grass generally helps to loosen up the dirt stuck to your dog’s back.  And sometimes, your Dobie may just lay on the grass because he likes to do so. 

Are Doberman Pinscher Allergic To Grass?

Sometimes, you may find that your Doberman Pinscher is allergic to things like pollens, grasses, house dust, molds, external parasites etc. And grass allergy can cause your dog to feel skin irritations and inflammation accompanied by excessive itching.

Can Eating Grass Cause a Blockage In Your Dobie?

If your Dobie eats grass in an enormous amount, then it may cause an intestinal blockage. And in such a situation, he would need surgery to remove the grass or at least a very expensive visit to the hospital. 

Doberman Pinscher In Jungle

Over To You

Which fact has helped you the most? Which facts did you already know and which one is new to you? Which of the techniques have you already applied? And Which one do you want to try next to stop your Doberman Pinscher from eating grass?

Have I missed something? Do you think that I should also cover some additional topics? Please share the article if you liked it. Please put your questions and feedback in the comment section below.

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