Why Do Basset Hounds Eat Grass? 7 interesting facts about the grass eating habit!

I always wanted to know why big dog like Basset Hound is somehow fond of eating grass. I kept looking for an answer but my luck never favored me. Afterward, I thought to do some research to find a valid answer for me as well as for you.

So, why does your Basset Hound eat grass? Basset Hounds are often seen eating grass when they feel lonely or when they feel some digestive problems. Though eating grass is not harmful, excess eating can create a situation of vomiting. You need to be careful because they may get some sort of allergies from grass which may lead to a quick visit to your vet.

You will be glad to know that I have come up with 7 interesting facts about the grass-eating habit of Basset Hounds. Some of them are really interesting and some are really alarming for your little canine.

As per my research, there are few solutions to your problem and those are quite easy to try at home. I believe if you read my entire article then you may get few ideas to overcome your problem and it will save your time too. 

Please read this article for the betterment of your canine who might be suffering from pain which can not say verbally but show through the action of eating grass.

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Why Do Basset Hounds Eat Grass? 7 Possible Reasons To Learn!

5 Common Reasons: Why Do Basset Hounds May Eat Grass?

A Basset Hound eating grass is not something that you get to see every day but if you do then this is quite alarming. According to my findings, I managed to figure out five main reasons why your Basset Hound eats grass.

Reason 1: The Basset Hound Dog Is Craving A High Fiber Diet

Basset Hounds mostly need high fibrous food and this can be a prime reason for your little fur buddy to eat grass. Usually, grass contains a lot of fiber in it and your canine gets easy access to grass to fulfill its need for fiber.

When your fur baby has a meal, it can realize that the food processing is not occurring properly. This is the time when they need more fiber to digest their food easily and they can get that from the grass.

If your basset keeps eating grass regularly then you need to supply high nutrition food to it so that it can leave that habit far behind.

Reason 2: Your Basset Hound May Has An Upset Stomach

Your Basset Hounds are very sensitive about their health and if they feel some problem in their stomach they prefer to eat grass. Your canine may face side effects if they eat toxic plants or chemically treated grass.

Symptoms of upset stomach in Your Basset Hound

  • You may find your canine eating grass suddenly and also find it leaking floor frequently.
  • Your little one may vomit after consuming something poisonous
  • You may find your canine has lost interest in food intake day by day
  • Your fur baby may have loose motion after which it may feel weak
  • Sometimes your canine may become restless when its tummy is upset. It may lie down and change positions frequently.

Reason 3: Your Basset Hound May Has An Illness and vomiting tendency

According to my research, illness and vomiting can be valid reasons for your canine to eat grass. Basset hounds can self-medicate by eating grass so that they can vomit all the toxic elements present in its stomach.

Symptoms of vomiting tendency in yourBasset Hound

  • When you will see your canine-smacking lips then it can be a sign of vomiting later.
  • If you hear some stomach noises from your fur baby then you can be sure that your dog has some stomach issues and it may puke.
  • Sometimes you may find your canine licking the floor or any other surface for no reason. This is a clear indication that your dog is not feeling well and it may vomit.
  • If you find your Basset Hound burping quite often then you should take this as a warning. It may vomit afterward.

Reason 4: The Basset Hound Canine Needs More Nutritional Supplements

Nutrition is mostly needed for your Basset hound to stay strong and play around all time. Sometimes your little fur baby may face nutritional deficiency. At this point, your canine will try to eat grass and other small plants.

If you change your canine’s diet into a high-quality and balanced diet then your pup will not feel the need to eat grass. Later, if you see your pup eating grass then you need to understand that they may feel the need for other nutrition which you are not aware of.

Research shows that canines always need high fiber for consumption and it eats grass to fulfill its need.

Reason 5: Your Basset Hound Pup May Be Bored

Basset Hounds grow big in size early but they always need your love and attention. When you become busy with your day-to-day life your little fur baby gets bored of passing alone time and this is the time when it chews grass to pass time.

Symptoms of a bored Basset Hound

  • You may find your canine chewing grass instead of eating for a longer time.
  • Your fur baby may dig soil frequently in the backyard and it may even dig up your flower bed.
  • You may see your canine frequently barking at neighbors for no reason.

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2 More Uncommon Reasons: Why Do Basset Hounds Eat Grass?

Apart from all major reasons, your bassinet hound may have few other reasons to eat grass. Your little best friend is full of wonder and you should always keep an eye on its unusual activities.

Reason 6: Your Basset Hound Dog Likes The Taste Of Grass While Grazing

I bet you love to see your canine play around your backyard every day and eating grass is just a way for your dog to show its happiness. Basset Hounds are fond of the grass taste which makes them happy. 

Sometimes you will find your little fur enjoys grass of a fixed location or eats at a certain time of year. They like the taste and the texture of grass that makes them chew grass regularly.

Surprisingly, your canine may happily graze grass and this makes them unique. They just love to keep your mood on by staying happy. To stay happy they love to eat grass often.

Reason 7: Your Basset Hound Pup Is Suffering From Intestinal Worms

Sometimes, you may find your Basset Hound lying at a corner, not feeling well. At some point, you may see them eating grass and trying to vomit. This can be a clear indication that your Basset Hound is suffering from intestinal worms.

Symptoms of intestinal worm infection in Your Basset Hound

  • You may see worms or worm segments in your canine’s stool or vomit
  • Your little buddy will seem weak, dull coat, and it may feel constant hunger.
  • Sometimes your canine may have a bloated belly which is quite alarming and you should consult a vet immediately.

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Should I Worry About My Basset Hound Eating Grass?

Though your cute little canine likes to eat grass this can be sometimes harmful to their health. If any kind of pesticides or chemicals were used in your lawn then you should not allow your dog to eat that grass. 

Can My Basset Hound Get Allergic From Grass?

Your Basset Hound can be allergic to micro pollen present in grass and this can get serious. This pollen can be absorbed by your dog’s skin and then allergic reactions can be seen. 

Some of the symptoms of allergy on your fur baby are scratching, licking excessively, rash, red skin, and redness and watering of the eyes and nose. If your dog has a severe reaction, it may produce inflammation of the airway and cause a blockage that makes it hard to breathe.

These allergies can be season-specific sometimes. During spring and early summer, your dogs can get pollen allergies from the grass as well as from the ground. But during winter and fall, your canine can walk on grass without the fear of allergies.

How to Stop Your Basset Hound Dog From Eating Grass?

If you are worried about your dog’s grass-eating behavior then you will be happy to know that there are some ways to stop your Basset Hound from doing so. A little distraction can make your work much easier.

  • At first, you need to find a better substitute for grass and give it to your dog for chewing. 
  • Your dog eats grass as a source of fiber then you need to feed your little fur baby with high fibrous food. It will gradually leave grass afterward.
  • You can train your dog to follow your command. Later when your canine will proceed to eat grass then you can easily distract.
  • Take your Basset Hound for a walk or make it do some exercise. This will help to overcome its boredom.

What To Offer To Your Basset Hound Fido As A Safe Substitute For Grass?

Basset Hounds love the smell, texture, and freshness of grass which keeps it attracted to grass always. Though it can be a tough job for you to change your canine’s habit you can use some substitute. 

If your dog needs high fiber food then you can add fiber-packed vegetables into its diet. You can also serve your dog some boiled or steamed vegetables to supplement your dog’s meals.  

Moreover, you can feed your Basset Hound Broccoli, sweet potato, carrots, spinach, peppers, peas, butternut squash, courgettes, and sweetcorn which can be a good source of nutrition. As with any new foods, you should offer small quantities initially to avoid upsetting your dog’s stomach.

How do you know if your Basset Hound needs to go to the vet? 

If you ever notice a sudden change in your canine’s behavior then it will be wise to visit a vet. This includes eating excessive grass and vomiting after every meal. Sometimes your dog may have underlying GI disease with no other signs, which is why veterinarians will recommend at least an anti-nausea medication trial for dogs who ingest non-food materials, including grass.

Apart from all, other signs to look out for include:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Decreased appetite
  • Weight loss
  • Lip-licking
  • Changes to your dog’s fur

Overall, grass-eating shouldn’t be harmful yet you need to keep an eye on your dog’s uncomfortable behavior. If you ever feel like the habit of eating grass is becoming a concern, contact your vet for a professional recommendation.

Over To You

I hope you got a lot of useful information from this article that will help you to take proper care of your Basset Hound. Yet, I would love to know which part was helpful for you the most. If you knew some of these facts before then let us know what those facts are. 

Have you applied any of these techniques before? As I am very curious about your little canine I would love to know which of these new techniques you will try in the future.

I went through a lot of research yet if I have missed any fact that you are well aware of please do mention that in the comment section. Remember, the comment section is always yours and you can share your feedback there too. Share this article with your friends who own a Basset Hound too. The more you share the more you get a chance to help others to take care of their little ones. 

Feel free to ask any question and I will try to get back to you with a proper answer as soon as possible.

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