Can Pit Bulls Jump Over Fences? 10+ Ways To Keep Your American Pit Bull Terrier From Jumping Fences

Pit Bulls are a very common dog breed all over the world. They are well-known for their intelligence. If I were a Pit Bull owner, I would be concerned if my smart dog could jump over the fence or not, so I decided to research it.

Is it possible for Pit Bulls to jump over fences? Some Pit Bulls can jump really high, while others are not that good of a jumper. However, good or bad, most Pit Bulls are capable of jumping over fences. A baby Pit Bull should not be trained or allowed to jump high especially before the age of 12-15 months. This might be harmful to them.

I have covered some of the questions and suggested some tips to prevent your Pit Bull from jumping fences that may come in handy to you.

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Can Pit Bulls Jump Over Fences?


Do American Pit Bulls Like to Jump High?

Usually, American Pit Bulls jump high when they get happy about something. They are very playful and, by jumping up, demonstrate their excitement. They express their happiness to people through different physical gestures, such as licking, smelling, etc.

Pit Bulls determine themselves to do something if they are capable of doing it. To be more precise, in order to lick or smell people they need to jump to reach that certain height.

Logistically speaking, a Pit Bull cannot lick an adult’s face without jumping up. Later they perpetuate the action and are more likely to do it again.

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How High Can an Average Pit Bull Jump?

The blue nose Pit Bulls are incredible jumpers. They can not only jump really high, but they can also leap quite a long way as well. There is no issue with these Pit Bull pooches leaping to 4 or 5 feet distance and getting something that they want to grab.

Although an average American Pit Bull can jump to 4-6 feet high from the ground level, there are records of Pit Bulls jumping much higher than this.

A Pit Bull named Antara, owned by a Mexican man Rafael Caraveo Saldivar has the record of jumping as high as 13 feet off the ground. The 3-year-old dog practices with her owner five days a week for a minimum of two hours.

can a pitbull jump a 4, 5, or 6-foot fence?

American Pit Bull Terriers holds the record of jumping 14 feet up vertical ground which is the highest till now.

So, you never can tell what your Pit Bull is capable of with proper training. 


Can Your Pit Bulls Jump Over Fences?

Most Pit Bulls are able to jump over fences. However, it is difficult to tell to what height your Pit Bull can reach. As a matter of fact, it depends on a few factors, including- it’s age, behavior, training, etc.


Pit Bulls Expert at Jumping Fences

Are Pit Bulls Expert at Jumping Fences?

Although a lot of American Pit Bulls are not really expert at jumping fences, their behavior can change depending on the situation. Sometimes, Pit Bulls get excited or aggressive seeing other animals and may jump to a certain height of the fence that you may have not thought of.

From a conversation in a Pit Bull-related forum, it seems like the higher the fence is, the better. It is safer in that way. So, to be more precise Pit Bulls are experts at jumping fences in situations that excite them.


What Height of Fences Can Your Pit Bull Terrier Easily Jump Over

What Height of Fences Can Your Pit Bull Terrier Easily Jump Over?

I have come across a few forums where people have shared their experience about the certain height their Pit Bulls can jump. Depending on that they have chosen the height of the fences.

The height of the fences usually ranges from 4-6 feet. However, I want to recommend you to keep a track of what your Pit Bull is capable of. You may need to increase the height to 6 and a half feet or 7 feet depending on your dog’s behavior.

It is always a wise choice to get a tall fence when you are trying to stop your dog from moving out of its territory.


From What Age American Pit Bull Terriers Start jumping?

The American Pit Bull Terrier is an athletic breed with a desire for physical exercise. American Pit Bulls like most dogs start jumping from a very early age.

However, you should not take it as a sign of their maturity and start training them for jumping in competitive situations.

It can turn out to be harmful to the puppy on the contrary. Give them at least 12-15 months or more before starting to train them for long runs or jumping exercises.


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Why is Your American Pit Bull Dog Jumping Fences?

American Pit Bulls jump fences for a number of reasons. Jumping fences may not seem like a big issue at first, but in reality, it can turn out to be dangerous for your dog and the neighborhood as well.

It is important to observe why your Pit Bull is jumping out of the fences. It is important to understand the root of her behavior that makes her want to go to the other side of the fence.

I have listed some of the common issues that your fur baby may be facing. They are given below.



If you leave your American Pit Bull Terrier in a confined space of the yard for too long it is likely that she will get bored or experience loneliness. Check if your dog is getting enough attention and entertainment or not.

Look at your pet’s regime and see whether this might be the problem.



It is not rare for dogs to want to play with other dogs or want a partner when they are in heat. This is usually more frequent in non-neutered male dogs.


On the Hunt

Pit Bulls have the tendency to chase other animals. For this, they often climb fences and barge into nearby neighborhoods. This creates a lot of chaos and frightening situations as well.


Sudden incidents

Sudden and unpredicted situations can give rise to fear or discomfort within the Pit Bulls and may cause them to jump over fences as well.

Strangers walking in, fireworks, natural disasters, and screams of children can be some of the reasons that make your American Pit Bull want to run away. But usually, these situations are not that frequent and easily identifiable.

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How to Stop Your American Pit bull Terrier from Jumping Fences?

It is not an uncommon issue for an American Pit Bull Terrier to jump out of the fences. That is why to prevent your Pit Bull to stop jumping fences I have listed down some tips that may come in handy to you. Give it a read and figure out which one suits you the best.


#1 L-Footer

An L-footer is a good solution to prevent your Pit Bull from going over the fence if it is used somewhat differently. It is better to turn it upside down and use it at the upper part of the fence.

Build the L-form and firmly tie the short side to the top of the fence and bring the rest of the hardware pointed towards the yard so your pup can see fencing as she looks up.

It is an incredibly successful way to keep them closed down in the yard where they belong, and since they realize there is a barrier in their way, they won’t attempt to jump.


#2 Use a Second Fence

The explanation many dogs are able to hop over high fences in the first place is that they have a very early start to run. The momentum causes these American Pit Bulls to leap over the fence like a bird.

However, if you make another smaller fence about 3 feet in front of the first one, they won’t be able to get a decent running start and climb far enough to pass the first one.


#3 Plant Some Trees

A good alternative to making a second fence can be planting some trees or shrubs in front of the first fence. This substitute of a second fence is going to function in the same way.

The downside is that planting trees is a lengthy process if they are not given enough time to mature, your dog might probably damage them. So, if you are looking for an immediate solution this is not it.


#4 Jump Harness

The no jump harness is a relatively recent concept that will definitely fix this issue. It operates by limiting the mobility of the hind legs of your Pit Bull to keep her from leaping over fences. It should not be a lasting solution.

It should be used during training efficiently. In this way, your dog gets the concept of its usage and what you want from them. Besides, the purpose of this invention is not only to stop them from jumping chains but also to stop them from leaping on people and chairs.


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How to Stop Pit Bulls From Climbing a Chain Link Fence?

There are a few useful techniques that you can use to keep your Pit Bulls from climbing a chain-link fence. I have listed them down below:


#5 Use PVC Pipes For Fence if Your Pit Bull Likes to Jump Randomly

Using PVC piping at the top of the fence is always an easy and affordable alternative for preventing your Pit Bull from crawling across the valley.

Placing PVC pipe over the fence is not a hard job. You can even do it by yourself. First, cut around 5-inch diameter PVC piping in length. Then position it along the top edge of the fence. With some screws, you can keep it in place and it is good to go.


#6 Use a Coyote Roller On The Fence To Prevent Your Pit Bull From Jumping

A coyote roller is used with the intention of preventing animals from scaling a fence top. It is a 4-foot aluminum roller.

It is an effective way to stop animals from jumping over fences. If you use this method, your Pit Bull won’t be able to jump over the fence even if she wants to.

The upper part of the coyote roller keeps flipping automatically whenever a dog or other animal lands on it.  As a result, your fur baby will lose its balance after setting her foot on it and fall safely on the ground. This works for preventing other animals from jumping into your yard as well.

I want to recommend you to give this method more important if you live in a rural area as Coyotes are well known for barging into yards and dangerous for your pup.


#7 Cat Netting Can Always Keep Your Pit Bull Terrier From Jumping

Cat netting is flexible and easy to work with. It is inexpensive and can be used for a long time as well. Although it is mainly used for cats, you can also use it to stop your dog from getting a foothold and mount over fences. Make sure to put it at the right angle.


Preventative Measures

To cover all your bases, here are some preventive steps down below along with the strategies I have mentioned.

#8 Restrict Your Pit Bull’s View

If your Pit Bull does not have a clear idea of the world outside the fence, it is likely that she will not be excited to go there. A lot of times when the other side of the fence is occupied with other dogs or animals, it can give your pup a lot of encouragement to climb the fence and see what goes on there.

However, this situation can be changed by giving them less opportunity to know about the other side of the fences.

There are a few varieties of steps you can take to do that. For example-

  • Use Reed Fencing: This is a simple and economical way to limit your dog’s perception. Although it is not going to completely block the vision of your Pit Bull, it is going to minimize it.
  • Use Wooden Fencing: Although it is pricier than using a reed fence, it surely is more fruitful than that. Wooden fencing has the benefit of blocking visibility almost entirely and can be installed very high too. This fencing is better for big dogs like Pit Bulls.
  • Planting Trees or Shrubs: Another choice to look at is to plant some fast-growing shrubs right in front of the fence. You have to make sure to keep your Pit Bulls away from these shrubs while they grow. Otherwise, very likely your dogs are going to destroy them.

#9 Get Rid of Anything That Helps Your Pit Bull Terrier

Your dogs are more intelligent than you think they are. The intelligence of Pit Bull pups is worth mentioning. It won’t be surprising if they are making plans in their heads to chase another dog or see what’s out there behind the fence.

It is a possibility that an intelligent dog may use everyday items in your yard like waste cans, piles of firewood, or even a tree branch to accomplish its mission. So, be aware that nothing near the fence can be used for their benefit.


#10 Make the Yard More Fun for Your Pit Bull

I am sure you are not the kind of person who wants their Pit Bulls to get bored. In fact, your Pit Bull is more likely to get away if it is boring and unhappy. To avoid these situations you can try to do some easy yet often forgotten things.

  • Food and Treats: All dogs like treats. What you should do is hide some treats in the yard and you will find your Pit Bull spending hours trying to find them.
    Another strategy is to use an automated dog food dispenser with a time-release schedule. It dispenses small quantities of food or treats. This keeps them occupied for hours while they keep track of the next treat to come out.
  • Play Games: Playing games is always a good idea to keep your Pit Bull occupied. It is both refreshing for you and your dog’s mental health. It is a great source of entertainment for them. Besides, it is also a way to distract and tire them out so that they do not show any interest in going outside of the fence.
  • Give Them Toys: A toy itself can distract your American Pit Bull Terrier for hours as they love to chew toys. It is also a good source of entertainment for them.

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Last Option – Crating Your Pit Bull Terrier

If you have tried other options, but nothing worked in your favor, the only remedy is to tie your American Pit Bull into a high-quality crate while you are away, obviously not for too long.

I want to suggest to you in getting a very solid crate that it becomes hard for your dog to break out of it. Otherwise, if you buy a cheap plastic box it would be easy for them to break out and this would negate the entire point of crafting them.


Over To You

Which segment of the topic helped you the most? Did you already have previous knowledge about all these facts? If not, which part of it was new and maybe surprising to you?

As being a dog lover myself, I understand that you want the best for your dog. So, I have put my best effort to reduce your curiosity by answering the frequently asked questions in this article.

Let me know how it goes for you if you attempt to follow any of the tips. I am always eager to hear about your experience. Leave your valuable feedback in the comment section. Do share it with your friends if you find the article helpful.

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