Why Do Anatolian Shepherds Bark So Much? 6 Ways To Stop Them!!!

A well-trained Anatolian Shepherd is quite a good guardian and friend for humans. They are also friendly with children and suitable for playing with kids. And due to their innate behavior as guard dogs, Anatolian Shepherds are quite vigilant and can bark more. 

So, do you know why does your Anatolian Shepherd bark so much? Well, Anatolian can bark excessively when he gets anxious seeing a stranger human or another dog. Also, sudden excitement, separation anxiety, and many other factors can cause them to bark so much. Moreover, for breeds like Anatolian Shepherds, barking can increase at night to some extent. 

Have you seen your Anatolian Shepherd dog barking more lately? If you observe closely, you will find that certain situations or objects may be causing your pooch to become triggered. Additionally, there can be medical issues, behavioral problems and many other possible reasons for your Anatolian Shepherd to be barking so much. 

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Why Do Anatolian Shepherds Bark

Do Anatolian Shepherds Like To Bark a Lot?

Do you wonder why Anatolian Shepherd barks a lot? Well, if your Anatolian is not taught basic socialism then he/she can tend to bark a lot when wanting to do something. For example, your dog tends to bark excessively in order to get your attention. And sometimes, his barking can be quite demanding. 

Also, your pooch can bark a lot when he gets excited for some reason. You will find him barking excitedly when he does something that makes him happy, like playing with toys or chasing little animals.

Also, your pooch can bark excessively due to being anxious. Especially, if there’s a stranger or another dog at your door then your Anatolian gets suspicious and agitated. This is because Anatolian Shepherds are good guard dogs. 

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10 Common Reasons: Why Does Your Anatolian Shepherd Bark So Much?

Barking is quite a normal thing for your Anatolian Shepherd. And your puppy’s barks can tell you different things depending on the situation. Here are some possible reasons for your Anatolian Shepherd puppy to bark: 

#1 Your Anatolian Shepherd Barks When They See A Stranger or Another Dog

It is a very common thing for your Anatolian Shepherd to get nervous around people he doesn’t know. Thus, seeing a stranger your pup can behave weirdly or can bark more. This is a kind of innate behavior from him as he becomes quite agitated in such situations. 

Similar things can also happen if your pooch sees another dog in his periphery. And your pooch wants to be acting cautious or marking the territory around him. 

#2 Anatolian Shepherd Being A Guard Dog

As you probably already know that Anatolian Shepherds are good guard dogs. Thus, due to having an innate guard dog behavior, your Anatolian Shepherd can bark excessively in situations where he gets agitated.

Also, your Anatolian Shepherd is a very territorial and protective dog. And it is in his nature to be wary and reserved with strangers. Thus, your puppy can be quite aggressive towards strangers and dogs.

#3 Does Your Anatolian Shepherd Get Excited?

Your Anatolian Shepherd is a very energetic breed and needs a good amount of exercise. And once he finds something matching to his taste, he becomes quite excited and tends to bark excessively. Hence, you can often see your puppy barking a lot when he’s doing something fun. 

#5 Does Alarm or Fear Make Your Anatolian Shepherd Bark?

It’s not unusual for your Anatolian Shepherd to be afraid of loud noises like alarms. Because such noises can startle them and can induce fear as well. In such situations, your dog can bark a lot. 

You should know that your dog shows this type of behavior due to being afraid or feeling threatened. So, you should observe if there’s anything that’s triggering your dog to bark so much. 

This type of barking is often motivated by fear or a perceived threat to their territory or people, it can be lessened by limiting what your dog does.

#4 Is Your Anatolian Shepherd Territorial or Protective?

Your Anatolian Shepherd can often bark due to being territorial. For example, when another animal/person comes to his comfort zone. And your dog takes it as an evasion to his territory. Thus, you’ll see him becoming aggressive and barking louder than other times. 

#6 Is Your Anatolian Shepherd Bored?

For your Anatolian Shepherd, boredom can also be a reason to bark. When your dog is left alone for quite some time, he’ll become bored easily. And this monotony makes him quite sad. So, he will bark due to being unhappy or sad out of boredom. And this is very common for breeds like Anatolian Shepherd who are used to living in packs.

#7 Is Anatolian Shepherd Trying To Seek Your Attention?

Your Anatolian Shepherd might be barking in order to get your attention. Because, when he wants something, be it playing or getting a treat, he can become quite demanding. 

Also, when you don’t spend enough time with your pooch, he can bark excessively to grab your attention. 

#8 Is Your Anatolian Shepherd Dealing with Separation Anxiety?

Sometimes, your Anatolian Shepherd can bark because he is dealing with separation anxiety. In such cases, you’ll find their barking being accompanied by other behaviors, such as pacing, destructiveness, depression etc. 

So, you need to see the signs of your puppy is dealing with separation anxiety or not. And hence, take appropriate measures. 

symptoms of Anxiety In Your Anatolian Shepherd:

  • Urinating and Defecating: Your pup can urinate or defecate due to separation anxiety.
  • Barking and Howling: Your dog tends to bark or howl more when dealing with separation anxiety.
  • Chewing, Digging, and Destruction: Your dog with separation anxiety chews on other objects when feeling separation anxiety. 
  • Escaping: Separation anxiety might cause your pup to try to escape from your place. 
  • Pacing: Your dog repeats a specific pattern or path to traverse continuously.
  • Coprophagia: Your mutt can eat excrement because of separation anxiety. 
  • Other Symptoms: Changes in appetite, low energy, being lethargic can be seen when your puppy suffers from separation anxiety. 

#9 Is Your Anatolian Shepherd Trying To Reduce Frustration?

Sometimes, when your Anatolian Shepherd can bark in order to reduce frustration. Animals like dogs can get bored and frustrated quite easily. Especially if he is confined or separated due to whatever reasons. 

To deal with your dog’s frustration, you need to distract him from it and make him busy with some other activity. It can help him to use his energy and at the same time, become more cheerful. 

#10 Do Anatolian Shepherds Bark Because Of Medical Issues?

Sometimes, your Anatolian Shepherd barks because he is in pain. Or due to having any other medical issues. Because your dog can’t tell you properly about his pain, he tries to bark in order to convey his pain or discomfort. 

You as an owner should check your pup’s body in such cases. If needed, take him to a Vet. Because the Vet can tell you more in detail regarding your pup’s medical issues. And you would also want your puppy to become healthier and livelier as soon as possible. 

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Learn: How To Stop Your Anatolian Shepherd From Excessive Barking?

Even though it’s normal for your Anatolian Shepherd to bark, excessive barking is not something that you should encourage. Here are some ways that can help you stop your dog from excessive barking:  

  • 1# Use sight barriers: Your Anatolian Shepherd can bark excessively when he sees or hears something that arises his attention. You can trick your dog to stop barking at the window by blocking your dog’s sightline to potential barking triggers. You can also use privacy fencing, screening walls, curtains to do so as well. 
  • 2# Set up a doggy quiet zone: Separation anxiety often causes your dog to bark. So, you can set up a safe and quiet place for him that’s away from the main door (so that he doesn’t notice you leaving). Also, make sure to put some safe toys he can play within that area. 
  • 3# Bark control and anti-stress devices: You can also use some products from the market that can effectively control your pooch’s barking in a gentle, healthy way.
  • 4# Visit the Vet: If you observe excessive barking from your Anatolian Shepherd, you should consult your vet to check your dog’s health conditions.
  • 5# Behavior Modification: You should try to remove things that may trigger your dog’s barking. And behavior modification training can help your dog to stop barking excessively. You can start with basic commands to stop him from barking and reward your dog when he masters the training.
  • 6# Debarking Surgery:  Debarking surgery should be an option for extreme cases. Because this surgery involves partial removal of your dog’s vocal cords. But you should keep in mind that the surgery may take the noise away but it doesn’t treat your dog’s anxiety, fear, or similar problems.

Anatolian Shepherd‘s Behavior Related Questions

Why Is Your Anatolian Shepherd Barking at Night?

Most of the time, you’ll see your Anatolian Shepherd barking more at night. Which is usually triggered by the barkings of neighbor dogs. Your dog too wants to join in the group barking session. 

Also, your dog may just want to let out his energy and barks to do so. This is a very common scenario if your dog doesn’t get enough exercise and has pent up energy. Your dog thus becomes bored and wants to release this pent up energy.

Why Is Your Anatolian Shepherd Growling?

When your Anatolian Shepherd Dog meets another dog he may start growling loudly. And it is a form of communication used by your dog and the other one. Or your dog can be instigated to growl by another dog nearby. 

Also, if your dog is on the leash, he can growl seeing other dogs who are unleashed. Moreover, he can feel threatened by another dog’s behavior and growl to show displeasure. 

Are Anatolian Shepherds Nocturnal?

Well, your Anatolian Shepherds is a breed whose ancestors have a history of being guard dogs and being specially alert at night. So, he may have more of a tendency to be nocturnal. Thus he may show some disruptive barking at night. 

Also, your pup may become extra vigilant at night. Which causes him to bark or growl loudly for the slightest changes in the house. He may become more impatient and alert at night compared to other parts of the day.

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