Why Do American Foxhounds Like To Swim? 4 Things To Consider While Dog Jumps In The Water!!!

American Foxhounds are known for having great stamina, being genuinely loyal, gentle, loving, and affectionate dogs towards their owners. And they are generally a highly playful breed that most people totally love having around.

If you are an athletic person and enjoy swimming, then you’ll definitely like having a dog like Foxhound who also enjoys swimming. 

So, do you know why does your American Foxhound likes to swim? Well, typically when Foxhounds begin socializing, they learn to swim as well. And if they are introduced to water in a pleasant way from an early stage of life, they gradually grow fond of water bodies and swimming.

It can be said that American Foxhounds usually become good swimmers if proper training is given. But, they can grow tired pretty quickly and there are many things that you as an owner should be careful of. You should take proper precautions to avoid causing any accidents to your dog while it is swimming. 

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Why Do American Foxhounds Like To Swim?

Are American Foxhounds Natural Swimmer?

Your American Foxhound isn’t a natural swimmer but it does have a knack for swimming. As your dog is full of energy it can use up the extra energy by swimming.

Your Foxhound dog becomes totally smitten with water if he/she is introduced to water in a good way from an early age. And like most other foxhounds, your dog too learns to swim during socializing. 

Once your American Foxhound begins to love swimming, you might find it hard to keep your dog out of water. And, even if your dog becomes a good swimmer with time, it is a good thing to keep a check on him/her. 

How Long Can Your American Foxhound Swim In The Water?

In general cases, you can allow your American Foxhound to swim up to 30 minutes. Even if your American Foxhound can swim well, he/she can also become tired quickly. And if your dog is at an advanced age, then becoming tired after swimming for some time is normal. 

Also, your pooch can tire quickly if he does not know the concept of resting or treading water. As your dog can want to swim and just swim until he can’t swim anymore. And for swimming, a properly maintained swimming pool is considered safe for your dog.

Also, pool water (whether chlorine or saltwater) is somewhat safe under most circumstances.

5 Cool Facts: Why Does Your American Foxhound Love to Swim?

One of the primary reasons that your Foxhound loves swimming and being in water bodies is if you allow him/her to train swimming in a pleasant way. And here are five other reasons why your dog loves to swim:

#1 Does Your American Foxhound Love To Swim When She is Over-Excited?

Your American Foxhound usually loves swimming especially when she is excited for some reason. Just like the children around you, your puppy too wants to do something fun and enjoyable when he/she is over-excited.

Also, know that your dog’s love for swimming comes from positive traits and if your dog is able to enjoy something, it means that he is healthy.  

#2 Does Your American Foxhound Like Jumping In Water?

Just like you, your American Foxhound too loves the weightlessness of being in the water and enjoys jumping in it. When your pooch jumps into the water, the buoyancy of water diminishes the effects of gravity. This allows your puppy’s body to be supported in the water. 

Also, jumping in the water and splashing it on you seems to make your dog feel more joyous. Thus, you might often find your mutt coming out of the water just to jump in it again, and it is so fun to watch!

#3 Does Your American Foxhound Need Exercise?

Swimming is a great exercise for your American Foxhound for various reasons. It puts less stress on joints, bones, and muscles of your mutt and allows him/her to exercise while having fun. Once your dog learns how to swim he will adapt pretty quickly. 

While swimming, the resistance of the water kind of activates the muscles of your dog to work harder. But the water makes your dog feel weightless at the same time. It is considered an ideal exercise for your dog all while protecting her joints. And you will see that your dog gets proper sleep after a good swim session.

#4 Does Your American Foxhound Need To Reduce Mental Stimulation?

Like most other dogs, your American Foxhound becomes bored very easily. Ans swimming is an exercise that is a great form of physical and mental stimulation. Because while swimming, your mutt’s brain assesses the activity and the surroundings. 

And this allows his brain and body to work at the same time, increases focus and keeps your dog engaged in this fun activity. That is why swimming is considered a great exercise for your dog to reduce mental stress and stimulation. 

#5 Is Your American Foxhound Doing Fun With You Or Other Companions?

One of the simple reasons why your American Foxhound loves to swim is because it is really fun! And you’ll find it hard to get your dog out of the swimming pool. Also, if you and your family members join in, your dog finds it more enjoyable. 

You should know that one minute of swimming is equivalent to four minutes of other exercises. Thus, your dog loves doing this fun exercise with you or other companions. 

Things To Consider While Your American Foxhound Jumps In Water To Swim

If your American Foxhound is a pretty good swimmer, then you might often allow him/her to have this fun exercise. But there are a few things you should consider before your dog jumps into the water to swim, such as: 

Don’t Leave Your American Foxhound Unsupervised

Even if your American Foxhound is a great swimmer, you should never allow him/her to swim without proper supervision. And you should be extra careful in case of water bodies that have currents, like rivers and oceans.

This is because your dog lacks the ability to effectively grasp an object with a single paw and needs to use their paws or their mouths to hold on.

So, it’s very risky as your dog will not be able to pull himself to safety in case he has to escape from a current. And that is why it is better for you to be on the side of caution. 

Don’t Go With Your American Foxhound For Swimming in Unfamiliar Waters

Due to various reasons, it is best if you don’t go with your American Foxhound for swimming in unfamiliar waters as they can lead to unknown dangers. Some can even be deadly.

For example, you might find many wildlife dangers like snakes in riverbanks. This is because some snakes prefer to hide in small holes in the ground or under rocks.

Apart from dangerous wildlife, sharp objects like rocks or shells can cut your dog’s feet, or swallow your dog into depths of water.

If you don’t know the depth of the water, you should check it out before allowing your dog to jump in. Also, beware of the commonly ignored danger is blue-green algae in the water. The blue-green algae can cause severe gastrointestinal upset, as well as eye, ear, throat, and skin irritation to your pooch.

Don’t Let Your American Foxhound Get Too Tired

Don’t allow your American Foxhound to be tired while swimming as this can cause your dog to not make his way back. So, never take your eyes off your dog when he/she is swimming in the water or a pool because your dog can become stranded and may become unable to get out.

I recommend you build your dog’s stamina in the water gradually with proper training. This will also allow you to have a rough idea about the amount of time it takes for your dog to show some signs of becoming tired.

Don’t Ignore Cold Weather

As an owner, you should never expose your American Foxhound to temperatures that you yourself are not comfortable being in. Please keep in mind that your dog cannot tell you when he/she is feeling hot or cold. So, if you feel that the water is too cold for you, then don’t let your dog jump into that. 

Being exposed to cold water puts your dog at risk of hypothermia. Hypothermia causes your dog’s body temperature to fall below the normal range. And the blood flow is driven from the surface of the skin and extremities to vital organs(heart, lungs, and brain).

As a result, your dog’s muscles get tired very soon, and the risk of drowning increases sharply.

Things To Do After Your American Foxhound Finishes Her Swim

After your dog finishes her swim, there are certain things to do in order to keep your dog realty. Such as: 

  • Rinse your dog: Rinse your dog’s coat thoroughly with cool water to remove all the chlorine and other pool chemicals. 
  • Dry your dog: You should towel-dry or blow-dry your dog after rinsing.
  • Comb out the tangles: Once every week, try to comb your dog’s coat thoroughly to get rid of the chlorine residue.  

How To Train Your American Foxhound Puppy To Swim?

When you first start giving your American Foxhound puppy some swimming training, it’s good to use a floating accessory for your dog. And it is very important to allow your mutt to have plenty of fun as it encourages your dog to have good swimming training. Here are some basic steps that you should include in your dog’s training: 

  • Know Your Puppy: You should first check if your American Foxhound puppy can naturally be taken to the water and can enjoy swimming. 
  • Start Small: At first, allow your pup to be familiar with water in a small kiddie pool. Gradually, encourage him to be used to larger water bodies. 
  • Wear a Life Vest: Use a life vest as it can boost your puppy’s confidence as well as keep him safe. 
  • Get Wet: If your pup sees you having fun in the water, he’s more likely to be encouraged to do the same. 
  • Follow the Leader: If your family or a friend has a swimming puppy, bring him along for the swimming lesson of your new pup. This will not only boost your puppy’s confidence but also allow him to learn by the other puppy’s example.
  • Have Fun: Praise your puppy with lots of love, attention, and toys once he can master swimming. 
  • Nourish the body: As swimming can be a very strenuous exercise for your pup, you should give the necessary food and nutrition to your dog. 

Related Questions:

Do American Foxhounds Feel Better After A Bath?

Your American Foxhounds generally feel better right after a bath for a range of reasons. because your puppy feels relaxed, relieved, happy, and feels a desire to return to a more familiar scent. Thus, you might find your pooch hyperactive and energetic.  

Are American Foxhounds hypoallergenic?

The answer to whether American Foxhounds are hypoallergenic or not will be a ‘NO’. American Foxhounds don’t do well with you if you are an allergy sufferer by causing allergic reactions to you. 

Are American Foxhounds easy to train?

You’ll find that short, American Foxhounds are strongly prey-driven, independent, and can often be stubborn. So, you are supposed to be firm, consistent, and very patient with his training. 

If your American Foxhound was raised as a social pup and among people, then you might find training the dog easier. But for a pup that was raised outdoors or in a pack, you will have to face many difficulties.

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Are American Foxhounds good family dogs?

Generally, American Foxhounds are considered to be good family dogs. Because of having good stamina and a love of running, you will like to make them your jogging partners. Also, the mild nature of American Foxhounds makes them excellent family dogs but strangers aren’t always welcome by them. 

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