Why Does Your Beagle Eat Grass? 7 Possible Reasons To Learn!!

When you suddenly notice your Beagle is throwing up after eating grass, it can be a horror to any parent. It especially can make you tense when you do not know the cause of her behavior. 

Why does your Beagle start eating grass? Beagles that start eating grass can be influenced by certain psychological or physiological factors. It can be to fulfill their nutritional needs, to get their body function better. It can be to feel better when they are having any abdominal problems,  or that they are being mischievous to get attention.  

It can indicate a problem when your beagle eats excessive amounts of grass and throws up. So, it is important to know what causes her abnormal behavior. And then finding out a way to make her feel better is the best possible help for your beagle.  

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Why Your Beagle May Eat Grass

Is Eating Grass Normal For Beagles?

Many Beagle owners who have noticed sudden changes in their dog’s eating behavior have one common question to ask, whether eating grass normal for beagles? Several veterinarians and experienced dog owners assume that beagles eating grass is quite normal. If your dog is healthy overall it may be okay for them to munch on grass occasionally.  

If your beagle is eating grass, does not always mean it is some kind of abnormality. In many cases, veterinarians consider it as common dog behavior. A survey shows that among plant-eating dogs, the grass is the most commonly eaten plant. 

So, until your beagle shows any signs of discomfort then it is considered as normal. But it is better to take precautions against any harmful compounds or parasites that can be present with the grasses.

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4 Prime Possible Reasons: Why Does Your Beagle Keep Eating Grasses?

If your Beagles keep eating grasses frequently it can be a sign of some serious issues either physical or psychological. Veterinarians mark this beagle’s grass-eating behavior as Pica. It can be because of their diet deficiency or others.  


#1 Your Beagle May Increase Dietary Fiber

If you suddenly notice that your beagle started eating grass, there can be some of the following reasons for her act

  • As grass is a good source of fiber, then it may help your beagle fill the need for extra fiber in her diet.
  • If your dog is eating grass often and that is right after her meal, then it is maybe because she is having indigestion. 
  • Eating grass can be a way for your dog to their a better digestion response. It helps them digest food well.
  • Eating grass sometimes can help your dog to help their body function well and easier to pass stool. 
  • If your dog is having stomach problems due to indigestion it can also indicate her serious medical problems. 
Beagle Doggy

#2 Your Beagle May Got An Upset Stomach 

Sometimes It can be that your beagle eats grass to decrease the feeling of stomach discomfort. Stomach discomfort symptoms are not that serious of a problem and sometimes can be resolved with a proper diet. 

Symptoms Of Upset Stomach in your beagle:

When your beagle puppy is having an upset stomach, she may show some of the following symptoms. 

  • Vomiting is a common sign in case of an upset stomach. An increase in salivation is also noticeable in dogs before vomiting. 
  • Lip-smacking or lip licking can also be seen when there is an increase in salivation. 
  • Your dog can have diarrhea because of acidity or indigestion. And diarrhea leads the dog to dehydration and a weak body. 
  • Your dog wants to eat grass often or tries to lick on things like floor, carpet, glass, or other tools. 
  • The dog loses appetite and becomes uninterested in food because of stomach discomfort. 
  • You can hear your dog burping more than normal and a loud gurgling sound coming from the stomach. 
  • You may notice his change in attitude. She may get more clingy or become distant than other normal days. 
  • Your dogs sometimes can show signs of depression. She loses interest in her surroundings and sometimes becomes restless.   
  • Excessive gas and foul smells in-breath can also be a symptom of stomach discomfort. 

There can be other related symptoms due to an upset stomach such as fatigue, flatulence,  excessive thirst, gulping. 

#3 The Beagle Canine Needs More Nutritional Supplements

When we humans are in lack minerals or certain nutritions, we try to find other supplementary food to fill in that lacking. The same happens to dogs. When your beagle pup lacks proper dietary nutrition she tries to balance the diet by eating other things and that can be grass. 

Many people believe that pica or eating strange things is a form of diet deficiency. It can be that your dog is not having her proper nutrition and minerals from her daily meals. Eating grass may help her get the necessary minerals she needs. 

Dog’s ancestry history shows that they were once carnivores. They used to be in the wild and could fill their nutritional needs by hunting. So many believe that, as domestic dogs do not hunt they fill in their nutritional needs by eating grass. But there is still no scientific proof of whether this method is right or wrong.

#4 May Be Your Beagle Pup Is Bored

Eating grass can be a way to pass time for your beagle. When they have nothing to do and have a big backyard all to himself he would munch on some grass to spend the monotony. 

Beagle pups are always so cheerful and active. They want to spend more time with their owner and play. When they have a change in their daily schedule because you are busy and don’t have much time to play with them or train them, it makes them bored. In this situation, they may eat grass to get your attention. 

Or, sometimes spending too little time with them can make them stressed. As a result, they try to busy themselves in the backyard playing with the trees or eating grass. But they normally do not chew on grass when you are in the backyard with them.  

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3 Other Reasons: Why Do Beagles May Eat Grass?

Except for the above reasons, there are believed to be other good facts that cause your beagle to start eating grass. But no matter what the cause, it is better to have a proper watch on your dog’s behavior. Your dog’s behavior can indicate whether she is being playful or having any kind of discomfort.  

#1 This Is An Instinctive Behavior Of Your Beagle

Thousands of years ago before the dogs became domesticated they used to live in the wild. They used to hunt their own prey and feed on them. To balance their nutritional level they included every part of the prey as their food thus also includes the grass present on the prey’s stomach. 

Some believe that is where the idea of eating grass as a nutritional need came to dogs as an instinctive behavior. As it is in their DNA they can not defy their instinct. This may lead your beagle to eat grass. Animals in the wild consume anything that fulfills their need for nutrition. Research shows that even 11-47% of wolves eat grass. 

Your Beagle is not a carnivore. You may give your beagle a proper diet every day and she does not have to hunt for food. But that does not mean she has lost the way of her genealogical behavior. So even if your beagle is healthy and having a proper diet, eating grass is an ancestry inherited trait. 

Beagle In Jungle

#2 Your Beagle Puppy Is Suffering From Intestinal Parasites 

Wild animals like wolves and cougars eat grass as a medication to treat their intestinal parasites. Dog’s ancestors used to live in the wild too. So it can be that your beagle is eating grass because of intestinal parasites. 

Your puppy can get infected by different parasites when playing in the backyard or eating something dirty. When the infection caused by the parasites gets serious they tend to eat grass to ease their discomfort. 

 Symptoms Of Intestinal Parasites in Your beagle: 

Intestinal parasites can be a threat to your beagle if not treated timely. So it is important to know what are the symptoms of intestinal parasites. In normal cases, your dog can show the following sickness symptoms due to intestinal parasites. 

  • Intestinal worms tend to feed on the nutrition supplied by the host. It results in nutrition deficiency, dehydration to the host. 
  • Worms or worm segments can easily be seen in their feces. Sometimes there can be blood or mucus with feces. 
  • When Intestinal parasites increase in number this can result in severe infection that leads to stomach pain, swollen abdomen, and diarrhea.  
  • Some intestinal parasites tend to prey on the host dog’s blood and cells which can cause anemia and weight loss.
  • When intestinal parasites feed on the host dog’s nutrition, lethargy and poor coat appearance can be caused by lack of nutrition.
  • If intestinal parasites grow in number it can cause intestinal blockage. 

#3 Your Beagle Dog Likes The Taste Of Grass While Grazing 

When walking your Beagle in the lawn or playing with her in a park, you suddenly notice she is feeding on grass. This sudden behavior will make any dog owner feel anxious whether they are having any issues.

This may not always be a bad thing. It can simply be that she is being playful and enjoying playing with the grass. It can be that she likes grass so much that eating grass is a way for her to show her affection. Or it can be that she likes the taste of grass.   

Some puppies just like the texture and taste of grass. Just like some puppies love the taste of candy, bananas, berries etc. Even each dog tends to like the taste of their specific kind of grass. So, beagle-eating grass can also be considered as a part of their normal psychological behavior. 

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Should I Worry About My Beagle Pup Keep Eating Grasses?

Whether your beagle is eating grass as a way to express their joy, stress, or discomfort, it is not okay for them to continue eating grass. As you may be aware, grass treated with chemicals mostly contains pesticides and chemicals. These can be a threat to your dog’s health when consuming chemical-treated grass.

Other than harmful chemicals there are also dirt and parasites that can be transferred to your dog’s stomach with grass. This can also cause your puppy’s illness. So it is better to have careful watch over your puppy so she can not eat grass. 

But it is okay for your puppy to play with grass occasionally if there are no issues with the grass. 

Beagle Pup

Why Does My Beagle Eat Grass And Throw Up?

In most cases, vets and owners believe that their beagles are eating grass to induce vomiting or reduce stomach discomfort. In other cases, some people think their beagles vomit after eating grass.

Results show that only 10% of the dogs show any sign of sickness before eating grass. And only 25% of the dogs throw up after eating grass. It can be that your beagle had a bit too much for her meal, she intakes some grass that can result in vomiting.   

Sometimes it can be that your dog is having acidity and ends up throwing up everything after eating grass. If your dog throws up after eating grass, It may not be that big of a concern. But it is better to consult with your vet about it in case it gets any serious. 

 Should I Take My Beagle To A Veterinarian?

It is necessary to know when to take your puppy to a vet. You should take your beagle to a veterinarian if you feel your dog showing some of the following symptoms after eating grass.  

  • If your beagle eats grass excessively and keeps vomiting throughout the day. 
  • If your beagle is unable to throw up and shows signs of discomfort. 
  • If you notice your dog is having severe diarrhea or blood in her stool. 
  • If your dog has an appetite loss and is weak and anemic. 
  • If your dog consumes grass that was treated with chemicals or pesticides. 

How To Stop My Beagle Dog From Eating Grass?

If your beagle-eating grass worries you too much then find out ways to stop them from eating grass depending on the reasons. You can try some of the following measures. 

  • Never leave your beagle alone when she is with grass and carefully supervise them so that they won’t eat grass. 
  • Try spending more time with your puppy, playing or training or walking can ease her boredom. 
  • Make some changes to your beagles daily training and exercise schedule so that she won’t be bored with her usual routine. 
  • Avoid grass when walking and train your dog not to eat grass or hire a professional trainer, train your puppy to avoid grass.  
  • Get your puppy on a high fiber balance if she is eating grass as a source of fiber. 
  • Feed your a balanced diet and sometimes give them a little treat to keep them healthy and happy. 
  • Try to find a safe substitute of grass for your dog. Or, give them some substitute chew toy every now and then. 

What To Offer To Your Beagle Dog As A Safe Substitute For Grass? 

The most probable reason for your eating grass even if she is healthy can be because she likes the taste. So it is safe to look for something fresh and texture that suits the taste. It can be a carrot, celery, or lettuce. You can serve them to your dog to find out which one she likes. This can help her keep away from eating grass. 

If your beagle eats grass because she is bored you can give her some chew toy as a safe substitute. Chewing them won’t hurt your puppy and it can keep her distracted. And can help prevent your dog from eating grass. 

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Beagle’s Related Questions

Are Beagles Allergic to Grass?

It can be possible for a beagle to get allergic to certain things. Environmental factors such as grass can cause skin allergies. Your dog will show symptoms like itchy skin, watery eyes, or scratchy throats if she is allergic to grass. 

Why is Your Beagle Laying In Grass?

Your beagle is laying in grass maybe because she likes the smell. It can also be that she is trying to cover her own smell from her prey. Or it can be she is simply being playful that is why she is rolling in the grass. 

Beagle Dog

Over To You

From the above article, Which information helped you the most? Which of the above information is new to you and which one you already knew? 

Which technique have you tried before? And which one you want to try next to stop your beagle from eating grass?

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