Why Do Cane Corsos Smell So Bad? 11 Easy Ways To Smell Them Great!!!

Has there been an atrocious pungent smell emitting from your Cane Corso? And you have no idea what is the cause behind it? You have come to the right place to learn.

So, why does your Cane Corso smell so bad? There are multiple reasons why your Cane Corso can be susceptible to bad odours, but usually it is either due to a lack of hygiene/grooming or has an underlying health issue. So, to know why you need to be aware of the reasons that can cause it.

Some of the common reasons are ear infection, yeast infection, skin diseases, itchy skin, lack of adequate grooming, leakage of anal glands, etc. All these have been thoroughly explained down below, so if you wish to gain more knowledge and understand the depth then surely read through the most prominent reasons. 

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Why Do Cane Corsos Smell

Are Cane Corsos Stinky Dogs?

Cane Corsos can be wonderful breeds, but sometimes they may stick without you knowing the actual cause why, so as a responsible breed owner, it is necessary that you understand why your Cane Corsos stink, they are not stinky dogs but are susceptible to multiple reasons which may cause them to stink.

If they do stink, then it is your responsibility to provide your dog with the best grooming, medicine, and treatment to deplete the odour. Now some of the reasons why Cane Corsos may stink have been provided down below:

9 Possible Reasons: Why Does Your Cane Corso Smell So Bad?

So, your Cane Corsos can spell for multiple reasons, and you must discern which one is the possible cause for your dog, the reasons are:

  • Cane Corsos are inclined to have bad breath, bad breakers can be one of the worst odours to emit from your dog, and the reason behind why it happens is due to unclean and decayed teeth, so to fix it, you must brush the teeth of your Cane Corso on a regular basis.
  • Cane Corsos can have a pungent odour due to its tail, if you decide to dock the tail of your dog then you must check on both sides of the anus for pouches, the walls of these contain sebaceous glands, which can cause the pungent smell.
  • Yeast infection could also be another reason, it is an infection that may affect the whole body of Cane Corso, if untreated it can be incredibly irritating and prone to itching for them. 
  • Ear infections can be a reason, and it can be because of any form of food allergies or seasonal change. 
  • Bad breaths can also be because of a substandard diet, if your dog is not getting enough nutrients, that can result in bad breaths. 

#1 Does Your Cane Corso Roll In Something Smelly or Decaying?

Cane Corsos, just like every other dog breeds are quite inquisitive, so if you ever see your dog rolling in something that is smelly or decaying, instantly try to remove your dog from rolling on it.

But, you can rest assured that this kind of behaviour is common among all dogs, and your one is not exclusive. One common theory is that dogs roll in smelly things to coat themselves with a different scent to hide from preys.

Whatever the reason may be, Cane Corsos rubbing themselves on smelly things is quite common and you should always be careful so that you can prevent it, as such a pungent smell can be difficult to remove with dog shampoo. 

#2 Does Your Cane Corso Smells Bad Because of Bath Irregularity?

It is highly possible that your Cane Corso may smell bad because of irregular baths, bathing your Cane Corso is incredibly important for them to stay clean and immaculate.

Cane Corsos are adventurous dogs who love to rub against the mud and nature, so naturally, they get dirtier than indoor dogs.

So, for your dog to stay clean, you must follow a schedule and give baths regularly, while using the proper shampoo which can get rid of pungent smells.

Cane Corso Puppy

#3 Does Your Cane Corso Need To Be Groomed?

Yes, grooming is utmostly important among dogs. Brushing the coat of your Cane Corso helps to remove the old fur and eventually replace it with a new coat, it also is necessary for the skin of your dog as it gets clean and can remain dirt free.

Grooming is also necessary for proper blood circulation, so there are several reasons why you should groom your Cane Corso, especially if you want them to stay clean and healthy.

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#4 Can Your Cane Corso Pick Up Bad Stinks Of Other Dogs?

All dogs in general are known to have an outstanding sense of smell, and yes your Cane Corso too can pick up different odours on other dogs. But, dogs smelling works far differently than humans, what you may find a bad odour, it may be quite neutral for them.

Dogs have a special part known as Jacobson’s organ, which in fact helps your Cane Corso spurn bad odours.

So, if you ever see your dog sniffing other dogs, then understand that your pooch is trying to extract information about that dog, such as its gender and age. 

#5 Does Your Cane Corso Always Get Wet?

This may be obscure to many, but being wet makes it more susceptible for your Cane Corso to emit a stench, so to make sure your dog does not emit any pungent odour, you must make sure your dog remains dry.

Cane Corso In The Water

#6 Does Your Cane Corso Have Microorganisms in Her Coat?

Having microorganisms on your dog’s coat is nothing to be alarmed of, but you should try to get rid of it as soon as possible as your Cane Corso could potentially get bacterial infections from having micro-organisms on its coat.

To make sure your Cane Corso does not have microorganisms in its coat, you must keep your dog clean and give regular baths, use anti-bacterial sprays too when necessary. 

#7 Does Your Cane Corso Gets a Leaky Anal Gland?

 If your dog has been smelling lately and has a leaky anal, then that could be the possible reason why it has been smelling. Leaking anal glands can cause an awful pungent smell, and getting rid of that smell can be quite difficult.

Anal glands are small-sized pouches located on either side of the Anal of your dog, and to make sure that there are no more leaks, you must take your Cane Corso to the vet. If everything is okay internally, then maybe you should switch to a high fibre diet.

Other than that, anal glands primarily leak if your dog has had severe mood swings, such as being extremely excited or afraid. 

Some of the symptoms of leaky anal glands can be:

  • Leakage of fluid from the anal gland of your dog
  • A terrible pungent smell coming from your dog
  • If the smell increases whenever your dog is overly excited or afraid
  • If your dog is excessively licking the anal area

#8 Is Your Cane Corso Suffering From Any Infections In Their Mouth?

If your Cane Corso is suffering from any mouth infection, it is important that you get your dog checked and taken to the veterinarian, and some of the symptoms that may be visible are:

  • Having a really bad breath 
  • Having a swollen tongue and gums
  • Becoming more lethargic
  • Crying and whining while eating

#9 Is Your Cane Corso Suffering From Some Sort Of Ear Infection?

  • If there is a pungent odour coming from your dog’s ear
  • Vigorously scratching or itching ears
  • Liquid discharge from the ears
  • Swollen outer ear

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Cane Corso Laying Down

Some Mostly Asked Questions While Your Cane Corso Gets Specific Type Of Stinks

There are many reasons why your Cane Corso stinks, but here are some of the most specific reasons which may answer your question. 

Why Does My Cane Corso Smell Like Fish?

Has your dog ever smelled like fishes? Then you need to take the necessary steps to get rid of this odour, and for that, you need to understand why your dog smells like fish.

For example, your dog could have a bad stomach, or any other kind of stomach infection, because of which the breath could smell like fish, again, other severe reasons such as a tumour could be the cause of this, so it would be best to get your dog checked by a veterinarian. 

Cane Corso Fishy Smell Issue: Can That Harm My Dog?

To understand if it can harm your dog, you need to realise why your Cane Corso smells like fish, generally, bad smells are a sign of something, if it is an allergy or tumour then it could potentially harm your dog, so it would be best to get it checked. 

Why Does My Cane Corso’s Ears Smell Terrible?

Your Cane Corso’s ear can smell due to several health reasons which you might be unaware of, such a yeast infection, bacterias, or any other form of allergies. It is not normal for Cane Corsos to have smelly ears, and usually is related to health issues, so do show a veterinarian. 

Cane Corso Stinky Breath: Will It Harm A Lot To My Doggy?

Bad breaths are usually a sign of something wrong, whether it’s lack of hygiene or any other internal health reason.

To know whether it is harmful or not, you must detect the real reason why your dog has stinky breath, and whatever that reason is, if it remains untreated, it can harm your dog in the long run. 

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11 Easy Ways To Keep Your Cane Corso Dog Smelling Wonderful!

If you are careful, then it is actually pretty easy to keep your Cane Corso smell free:

  • Give regular baths
  • Make sure your Cane Corso is receiving proper grooming
  • Maintain oral hygiene
  • Always wipe their paws after a walk
  • Give a nutritious balanced diet

#1 Create A Routine Bath Schedule

To make sure your Cane Corso is clean and smelling wonderful, you must fix a proper schedule to give baths. Bathing is very necessary to clean your Cane Corso, especially because they love to go out and play in nature which makes them prone to getting dirty. So, always give baths using good quality shampoos every 15-20 days. 

#2 Avoid Foods Those Fuel Yeasts

Foods such as rice, potatoes, oats, excessive sugar and starch can cause your Cane Corso to be more susceptible to yeast infections. Instead, the best thing would be to switch to a raw diet, with that you will reduce the heavy metals of the diet, which will be better for your dog’s health. 

#3 Use Coconut Oil On Your Cane Corso’s Skin

Coconut oil can work as antibacterials and can help treat other skin related issues in your Cane Corso. Coconut oil has several beneficial sides, so if you do feel like your dog has itchy skin or has any bad odour, then you can use coconut oil.

#4 Get A Washable Dog Bed For Your Cane Corso

For your Cane Corso, you need washable beds, as they are big dogs who love to play in nature, so it is likely that their beds will get filthy, and for that reason, you need washable beds as they are easy to clean, and will be more hygienic for your Cane Corso.

#5 Bathe Your Cane Corso’s Bed In Baking Soda

If you don’t have the time to give your Cane Corso a full wet bath, then giving him a dry bath with baking soda is the best solution. Use baking soda and add some essential oils to create a concoction with which you can remove all forms of odour and kill fleas. So, this is definitely a solution that you should try. 

#6 Clean Your Cane Corso’s Lounging Areas

Only keeping your Cane Corso clean is not sufficient, but you must also keep the ambience clean as well, which includes the lounging area of your Cane Corso. So clean it properly to make sure your dog does not live in a dirty environment.

#7 Dry Your Cane Corso All The Way

Damp skin is a good reason why your Cane Corso’s smell might intensify, and for that reason, you need to find ways that can keep your dog dry. Always use a towel or a hairdryer to dry your hair, but you must always keep in mind to use the hairdryer with absolute caution. 

#8 Brush Your Cane Corso’s Teeth

It is crucial that you brush your dog’s teeth at least twice a day, because if you neglect it then it is likely that your Cane Corso will develop a tooth infection and cavity, which in the long run might result in a loss of teeth. So, for your dog’s teeth to stay clean and healthy, it is necessary to keep them clean.

 #9 Use Dental Products To Avoid Bad Breath

Just like humans, dogs too require good dental products to keep their teeth clean and healthy, so when you are brushing the teeth of your Cane Corso, always use dog toothpaste and for bad breaths, you can use oral sprays. But, keep in mind that you should only use dog products and not human ones. 

#10 Use Doggy Wipes When Necessary

Dog wipes are incredibly beneficial while cleaning the private area of your Cane Corso, they can smoothly cleanse the skin while making sure your dog doesn’t feel any form of irritation. So, if you wish to wipe your dog free of dirt, then doggy wipes are great for it.

#11 Get Suitable Shampoos For Your Cane Corso

To make sure your cane Corso is squeaky clean and does not emit any form of bad stench then you must buy top-notch quality dog shampoos, you should try soothing shampoos or deodorizing shampoos, some I would recommend would be

  1. Burt Bees Oatmeal Shampoo With Colloidal Oat Flour
  2. Eathbath Oatmeal & Aloe Dog & Cat Shampoo

but if you have any personal preference then that works too.

Cane Corso Looking For

Over To You

There are countless reasons why your Cane Corso could possibly stink, but I have listed down the most notable and common reasons why you Cane Corso could stink. Do you think there was anything that I should have mentioned but missed out upon?

Do you realise which reason caused your Cane Corso to stink? If there is anything else that you think we should mention or anything product or procedure that helped to expel the smell from your Cane Corso, then please mention it below in the comments.

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