Why Does Boston Terrier Smell So Bad? 11 Hacks To Smell Them Awesome!

Most Boston Terrier owners always face some smelling problems. I found many of them asking – why does my Boston Terrier smell so bad?

It depends on the type of smells you are getting from your Boston Terrier. The most common one is the body odor that matches with corn chips, which is caused from an overgrowth of yeast on your Boston’s feet and body

Besides that, there are five other common reasons as well. Those also bring unnatural types of stinks from your Boston Terrier dog.

Why Does Boston Terrier Smell So Bad

I tried my best to gather all those reasons below. Moreover, keep reading to learn 10 quick hacks to make your Boston dog’s smell awesome! 


Does Boston Terrier Smell Naturally?

Not at all! Normally, Boston Terrier is not a smelling dog breed. Practicing healthy habits and diets with minimal grooming can make them scenting fantastic!

Although many people think Boston Terrier is really a stinky dog breed. Yet, they can smell only if they are having specific smelling issues. However, this cute breed is not a smelly dog at all. You can easily identify those issues and resolve them on your own. Keep reading!

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6 Possible Scientific Reasons: Why Does Your Boston Terrier Occasionally Smell?

If your Boston terrier dog is smelling bad, here are 6 possible reasons:

  • Your Boston Terrier is dirty enough and needs a good wash.
  • Your Boston Terrier has yeast infection in his feet.
  • Your Boston Terrier has yeast infection in his coat.
  • Your Boston Terrier has leaky anal glands and those need to be cleaned.
  • Your Boston Terrier has ear infections.
  • Your Boston Terrier has oral infections.

Is your Boston Terrier dirty enough to have a fresh occasional bath? 

Yes! This is the top reason that your Boston doggy smells! How often does your Boston Terrier get a bath from you?

I know many dog owners wash their Boston pooch every few weeks. In some dog forums, I also found a number of lazy dog owners who forget to wash their Boston until they get stinky! 

It is fine enough to bathe your Boston every four to six weeks! However, if your pup gets messy, dirty, and smelling bad, do not hesitate to wash them asap!

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People are discussing in Reddit about their Boston Terriers smelling bad

From: Reddit.com

Does Your Boston Terrier have yeast infection in his feet? 

In a number of forums, people admitted that their Boston Terriers get naturally weird “Doritos” smells even after having a bath! I saw some common debates around whether that smell matches with Doritos or Tacos or anything else?


Whatever the type is, if your Boston pup is smelling like those, there is a chance they might get a yeast infection. The yeast fungus may get on their coats and around in their feet as well. 

Visiting your vet asap would be your best option to eliminate this infection from your Boston’s body.


10 signs of a yeast infection on your Boston Terrier

  • Changes in color and texture in your dog’s skin
  • Greasy skin
  • Scaly skin
  • Head shaking if yeast infection get places in the ear inside
  • Scratching and rubbing
  • Licking
  • Swelling body parts and warmth in the infected area
  • Odor
  • Unusual hair loss
  • Drooling

Does Your Boston Terrier have leaky anal glands?

Sometimes dog’s anal glands become overloaded. And become self-expressed.

This is another common problem that Boston Terrier owners usually face for awful smells. It is not that hard to inspect your dog’s anal glands and emptying those out on your own. 

If you can clean those yourself, that’s great! You easily sorted the cause of your Boston’s terrible odors and pain. 

However, if you fail to clean those, keep in mind that your dog has serious pain over there. So, get your vet asap.


Here are 4 signs of a Boston Terrier with leaky anal glands:

  • Dragging their butt on the ground.
  • Excessive licking of the anus.
  • Swelling next to the rectum.
  • A fish-like odor.

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Your Boston Terrier May Has Ear infection

Does your Boston Terrier have an ear infection? If yes, then check. Don’t hesitate to smell inside of the ears. This is a bit of a common issue for making your Boston stinky.

Here are signs of a Boston Terrier with ear infections:

  • Awful odors coming from the ear(s).
  • Shaking or tilting head.
  • Forceful scratching
  • Lack of balance
  • Weird back-and-forth eye movements
  • Redness of the ear canal
  • Swelling of the outer portion of the ear
  • Brown, yellow, or bloody discharge


Your Boston Terrier May Has Infections In Their Mouth

Another reason that can make your Boston Terrier distinct smell is their bad breath. If your pup is suffering from some teeth or other mouth infections they may have bad smelly breathing issues as well. 

The paws or other body parts simply get stinky when your Boston is leaking himself with a smelly mouth. 

So, if you’re still searching for the cause of why your Boston Terrier smells bad? You should check their mouth as well. 


Some Mostly Asked Questions While Your Boston Terrier Gets Specific Type Of Stinks



Why does my Boston terrier smell like fish?

If your Boston Terrier smells like a fish, that means he may has anal gland issues. Examine his anal gland and make a good clean.

I added a video that will help you to learn how to check the anal gland and clean those.


Boston Terrier Fishy smell issue: Can that harm my dog?

A leaky anal gland for short time does not harm much. However, your dog needs an easy pass out of their stools. When your Boston gets overfill on their anal grand, it hurts your pup’s rectum! Cleaning those anal glands helps your Boston feel better and conformable.

If your Boston Terrier’s anal gland always gets overloaded, you should talk with your vet!

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Why does my Boston Terrier smell like corn chips or fritos?

If your Boston terrier smells like Popcorns or some corn chips i.e. Fritos or Doritos or even Tacos, that means your Dog may have yeast infections in his feet.

Many owners admitted that the Boston Terrier smells like corn chips when they are sleepy. Some dog parents think these scents match with Tacos as well! An interesting fact is many people think these smells are normal!

Keep in mind that Frito smells in dogs are neither natural nor endearing. These all happen for the yeast issues on the feet.


Boston Terriers Frito feet: Is it harmful to my dog?

Once you detect the fungal infection on your Boston’s feet, it is always recommended to clean those out. Yet, it would be a rare case to hear if a dog gets serious life-taking diseases from yeast infection in their feet.


Why does my Boston Terrier breath smell so bad?

This one is a complex issue. Depends on the age and some other health factors of your dog. Here are eight common causes why your Boston Terrier may have bad smells on their breath:

  • Periodontal Disease
  • Teething
  • Diabetes
  • Liver Problems
  • Kidney Disease
  • Sinusitis or Rhinitis
  • Gastrointestinal Issues
  • Stinking Diet

Boston Terrier stinky breath: Will it harm a lot to my doggy?

If your Boston Terrier breath stinks, there is a high chance of having serious mouth infections over there!

If you are a new dog owner and can’t detect the specific reason, that is fine too! However, do not waste your time and risk your pup’s life! Visit your vet asap!

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Why Does My Boston Terrier’s Ears Smell Terrible?

Here are 10 possible reasons those may lead your Boston Terrier to ear infections:

  • Moisture often creates a suitable environment for bacteria and yeast in your Boston Terrier’s ear inside.
  • Study shows that 50 to 80 percent of dog’s ear diseases come from skin allergies and food sensitivities.
  • Thyroid disease
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Wax buildup in the ear hole
  • Presence of foreign bodies in ear inside
  • Injury to the ear canal
  • Excessive cleaning


Why Does My Boston Terrier Have Stinks In Eyes?

If your old Boston Terrier has stinky eyes, that means maybe he is dealing with excessive tearing issues also known as Epiphora in his eyes.

Tearing assists the growth of bacteria in the moist fur under your Boston’s eyes which leads to an unpleasant smell. 

You should visit your vet to help your canine.


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Why Does My Boston Terrier Have Some Weird Metallic Smell?

Some people call it “skunking themselves”. You know when human fart and get a little more than they bargained for… same thing happens with Boston Terriers due to their blocked anal glands. 

Don’t mix up this smell with their fart’s smell. Instead, check your couch, bed, and other palaces. You should find some smelly wet spots!


Best 11 Ways To Keep Your Boston Terrier Dog Smelling Great!

Boston Terrier Dog


#1 Create a routine bath schedule

This will keep your Boston Terrier puppy from getting bad smells due to sweating or some sort of dirtiness.


#2 Avoid foods those fuel yeasts

Consider food without wheat, soy, or corn as the first ingredient since Boston Terriers sometimes have food allergies to these products. Also, eliminate some carbohydrates from your dog’s diet. That will remove some fuel for the yeast. 


#3 Use coconut oil on your Boston Terrier’s skin

If your Boston Terrier already has a yeast infection on their body or skin, use coconut oils on the affected part of the skin. This is especially helpful for preventing the spread of the candida fungus. 

Also, your dog will smell like coconuts! Which is a far better and healthier smell for him than any odoring smells.


#4 Get a washable dog bed for your Boston Terrier

The dog bed is the epicenter of dust, dirt, saliva, urine, dandruff, allergies, and hair issues that lead your Boston Terriers to smell.

If your dog’s bed isn’t washable and you suspect it stinks, time for a new one. 


#5 Bathe Your Boston Terrier Dog’s Bed In Baking Soda

I like baking soda to eliminate any sort of stink. Wash your doggy bed and other useful items with baking soda to get rid of any kind of smelly scent. This natural odor remover never adds any extra aroma. 

If you want some particular flavor from your pup’s bed, you can add some fragrant powder with baking soda. Another idea is to dowse the baking soda with fragrant oils. That can add some scents as well. 


#6 Clean Your Boston Terrier’s Lounging Areas

Yes, this one mistake is usually overlooked by many Fido owners. Sometimes puppy owners clean everything except the doggy’s area. If your Boston Terrier has its own space where you put the dog bed, toys, and other stuff, then you want to keep some attention for that place as well.

Anything your Boston touches or sleeps on a regular basis should contain the doggy smell. Make sure to wash those toys and clean that doggy place very well


#7 Dry Your Boston Terrier All The Way

Do your Boston Terrier shake and dry himself after a bath? I think he does. Yet, that is not enough! He may still remain a bit wet. This creates an ideal place to grow some bacteria on his coat. 

Use a towel or blow dryer and dry him thoroughly. By doing this you are drying your Boston’s skin and fur to keep smelly oil bacteria away.


#8 Brush Your Boston Terrier’s Teeth 

How many times do you brush your Boston Terrier’s teeth in a week? A good practice is to brush your Boston’s teeth every night. This helps to avoid bad breathing due to dental issues. 

Make sure your Boston gets a manual brushing at least two times a week. That maintains good oral hygiene.


#9 Use Dental Products To Avoid Bad Breath

You can offer some teeth cleaning treats to your Boston Terrier to get off bad breath. There are lots of chews, bones, and toys that can clean your dog’s teeth fresh as well. 

Plenty of mouth washing items are also available for dogs. These add fragrance to a dog’s breath. These will help your Boston pup smelling nice.


#10 Use Doggy Wipes When Necessary

Dog wipes are nice quick fixes for cleaning anal glands or other rectum issues. 

Benzoyl Peroxide wipes are also effective for cleaning the skin folds and keeping bacteria down from the coat. These are also useful if your Boston Terrier is dealing with fold dermatitis as well.


#11 Get Suitable Shampoos For Your Boston Terrier

Waterless dog shampoos often work best against odor. You can also use antimicrobial and antifungal shampoos while bathing your Boston Terrier. Tea tree oil shampoo is another good solution suggested by some groomers! 


Over to you!

As we found Boston Terriers are not smelly breed by nature. If you get any stink that matches anyone smells mentioned above, do not worry much! Now you can easily compare the symptoms and find the reasons. Examine their feet, body, and other body organs. I hope you’ll sort out and easily make your Boston Terrier smelling awesome!

Nonetheless, if your Boston smells like something different that we missed to cover, please feel free to mention in the comment box below!


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