Why Do American Eskimo Dogs Like To Jump? 5 Interesting Facts To Know!!!

American Eskimo dogs as a breed are quite hyperactive. They are well known for being a loving companion dog who’s also strong, agile, alert, and protective. Eskies have a small stature and beautiful look making them more adorable. And among other features, jumping is one trait that you may often see from an American Eskimo. 

So, do you know why does your American Eskimo dog likes to jump? Well, Eskies jump to greet or say hello. At times, their jumping may be an attempt to get onto your level or nose-to-nose level. Also, excitement, separation anxiety, fear etc. can trigger an American Eskimo to jump as well. 

Jumping can be considered a common behavior for an Eskie and sometimes, it can be quite dangerous. Especially for children, old people, and people with some sort of disabilities. But you can always teach and train your dog to stop jumping every time and greet others politely.

Also, it is a good thing to realize the reason behind your pooch’s jumping behavior so that you can deal with any unwanted situation. 

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Why Do American Eskimo Dogs Like To Jump

Do American Eskimo Dogs Jump A Lot?

Your American Eskimo is quite a high-spirited breed and has a tendency to jump a lot and run around crazily. You may find your dog jumping more if he doesn’t get enough training. Also, know that your American Eskimo dog jumps over to attempt to greet humans, other dogs, or his friends. 

Due to being assertive and dominant, your pooch may also try to jump to reach your level of height. And oftentimes, he may jump on strangers and kids which may turn dangerous. But even if you see jumping as a likable behavior, you still need to let your dog know that jumping is not okay.

How High Can An American Eskimo Dog Jump?

Your American Eskimo Dog is a small breed and that’s why he can jump quite easily. But his jumps won’t be as high as some larger dogs can jump. Your pooch is with short legs and little agility. So, it’s very likely that he will have a hard time jumping like the bigger dogs. 

But still, you may find your American Eskimos jumping from time to time. He tries to jump as high as he can, especially when trying to greet you. But due to having a smaller body structure and low agility, your American Eskimo may not reach much height by jumping. 

5 Interesting Facts: Why Do American Eskimo Dogs Like To Jump?

Your American Eskimo dog likes to jump for a variety of reasons. While you may find this jumping behavior of his quite entertaining, you still need to be aware of certain facts, Such as: 

#1 Your American Eskimo Jumps To Say Hello

One of the most common reasons for your American Eskimo to jump is to say hello or to greet you. This is because, when two dogs meet, they greet each other face to face. 

So, when you come back home from work, you may have seen your dog becoming excited and tries to jump or pounce on you. This is a way for him to show much your pooch has missed you. So your puppy may jump up on you, get closer and give you some love. 

How To Stop An American Eskimo From Jumping To Say Hello?

If you want to stop your American Eskimo from jumping to say hello, there are certain things you can do: 

  • Treats: Give your dog so treats that he loves especially after a long day separation.
  • A Walk: Try to take your dog out for a little walk or take him to a nice open place to relax. 
  • Put On a Leash: Put a leash on your dog and make him sit in front of you.
  • Train With Commands: rain your dog with some easy commands like “hug” or “give me a hug” etc.
  • Reward:  When your dog has mastered jumping and calming gradually, try to verbally praise him.

#2 Your American Eskimo Canine Jumps When She Is Excited

Your American Eskimo may often jump out of excitement. But the excitement doesn’t mean that your dog is happy. As your dog can’t communicate with you, you need to check his behavioral changes in order to understand him better. 

This buildup of excitement doesn’t allow your dog to think as clearly as he would when he is calm.  Thus, the excitement causes your pooch to jump towards the person, dog, or item that is nearby. This sometimes can be a potential safety issue as your dog may end up biting others. 

How To Stop American Eskimos From Jumping While She Is Excited

  • Turn your back: If your dog jumps on you, turn your back to show him that you do not encourage such behavior. 
  • Go Outside: If your dog jumps over you when you walk in the house, you can turn around and walk back outside. This will send your pooch a message that you don’t like such actions from him. 

#3 Your American Eskimo Dog Jumps To Establish Control and Dominance

Sometimes, your American Eskimo dog jumps in order to establish his control and dominance. This is more than likely to happen at times when you are in his way to do something.

Your pooch will usually try to jump on you and push you back in order for you to stop interrupting him. He may also growl at you and tell you to back off. 

How To Stop Your American Eskimo Pooch From Jumping and Establishing Control and Dominance?

There are certain things you can do in order for your pooch to stop jumping, especially for establishing control and dominance. 

  • Claim your territory: Train your dog by allowing him to wait at every doorway and you go first to claim the territory. Put a leash on your dog if he is one that always wants to dart through first. 
  • Let him wait for food: Make your dog sit and wait for his food before you allow him to eat.

#4 Your American Eskimo Puppy Jumps Out Of Fear or To Alert 

Sometimes, when your American Eskimo puppy is stressed or afraid, you’ll see changes in his demeanor and typical behaviors. And oftentimes your puppy may jump out of fear to be alert. He may be calm one minute but can become scared the next.

You should look out for the potential threats that might be triggering your pooch to behave this way. 

How To Stop Your American Eskimo Puppy From Jumping Out Of Fear Or To Alert

There are certain things that you can do to stop your American Eskimo puppy from jumping out of fear. Such as: 

  • Reduce Loud Noises: You can try to reduce the fast movements and loud voices and ignore your dog until he calms down. 
  • Let Your Dog Calm Down: Don’t touch your dog until he becomes calm and quiet.
  • Train: Train your dog to sit for all greetings and interactions with others. Reward him some treats when he succeeds.
  • Put On A Leash: Put a leash on your dog when there are guests coming over. 
  • Command Training: Do some command training like ‘Up’ and ‘Down’ and allow him to raise and sit with those commands. 

#5 Your American Eskimo Puppy Jumps Due To Poor Social Skills

If your American Eskimo puppy is with poor social skills, he may try to jump on everyone, run around like crazy. Your pooch may also want to investigate everything he can get his paws, snout, and eyes on!

This is due to the fact that he hasn’t had enough experience in new places and new situations or hasn’t got a chance to be socialized. Which can lead him to respond this way. 

How To Stop Your American Eskimo Puppy From Jumping Due To Poor Social Skills

There are a few things you can do to stop your pooch jumping due to poor social skills: 

  • Treats: Use treats to get your pooch’s focus back on you. 
  • Leash: By using the leash, allow your dog to follow a few basic commands and start working for you. 
  • Avoid Odd Situations: Keep your puppy away from over-stimulating situations. Allow him to calm down and be focused on you. 
  • Teach Your Dog To Say Hi: You can teach your dog to say hi using commands like “Hug” and “Off”.

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Why Your American Eskimo Dog Jumps On You

There are a number of theories about why your American Eskimo dog jumps on you. There can be jumping behavior in the form of greeting, dominance and greeting behaviors, excitement etc. Your dog may also jump on you if he has some anxiety or stress and seeks comfort from you. 

You may want to reward your dog for jumping up on you by giving it some treats or toys. But you shouldn’t always allow him to jump or pounce on you.  

How To Stop Your American Eskimo Dog From Jumping On You

  • Reduce Emotional Component: You can try to reduce the emotional component when you arrive home, and ignore your dog until he is calm.
  • Train: Teach your dog to not jump towards you for attention.

Why Your American Eskimo Jumps On Bed?

One of the probable reasons for your American Eskimo to jump on the bed is that your bed is warm and cozy. Also, your bed, pillows, blankets smell like you and if your dog likes you, he may just want to be closer to you.  And your warm spot on the bed and smell makes him relaxed and feel better. 

How To Stop Your American Eskimo From Jumping On Bed

  • Punishment: If your dog jumps in the bed uninvited, punish him as a form of reprimanding him. But reward your dog the moment he jumps off the bed. 
  • Consistency: Through repetitive behavior, teach your dog to avoid your bed. Also, you can create a space for him that is comfortable and to your pooch’s liking. 

Why Your American Eskimo Jumps In Her Sleep?

Your American Eskimo may jump or twitch in her sleep due to having muscle or nervous system disorders and seizures. This happens because when your dog dreams, some can manifest dreaming with twitching, paddling, or kicks of their legs. 

If jumping or twitching in sleep has become something regular, you may need to check with the Vet for further consultation. 

What To Do If Your American Eskimo Dog Jumps While Sleeping?

  • Wake Your Dog Up: If you find your dog jumping in her sleep, wake him up to avoid seizure. 
  • Comfort Your Dog: If your dog is woken from a scary dream you should be there to comfort him. Allow him to calm down slowly and fall asleep again.

American Eskimo’s Behavior Related Questions:

Are American Eskimo Dogs Very Friendly?

American Eskimo dogs are quite lively and active companion dogs. You’ll find them being keen to entertain and join in on all family activities. You will like how friendly they are with family and friends but reserved with strangers.

Are American Eskimos Protective?

American Eskimos can be quite protective. And they are well known for their loyalty and will keep strangers from entering the home until you as a master approve it.

So, your American Eskimo can serve pretty well as a watchdog. And he will surely do well due to being strong-willed, independent, and sincere.

Do American Eskimo Dogs Like To Cuddle?

American Eskimo dogs, being one of the Top Ten Most Loveable Dogs in the World list, are totally adorable and sweet. They like to cuddle with people to who they have a strong attachment. Once he falls in love with you, you get to enjoy plenty of cuddling moments. 

Are American Eskimo Puppies Easy To Train?

American Eskimo dogs on average are quite intelligent and easy to train. All you need to do is to be gentle and loving towards your pup while training. You can’t lose patience with him and if you do, he won’t enjoy the training anymore. And it may take more time to regain your pooch’s trust. 

Are American Eskimo Dogs Aggressive?

Most American Eskimo Dogs are seen to be quite conservative with strangers and at times, they can become aggressive as well. Especially, if they want attention, they can behave aggressively towards other dogs. But on average, they are good family dogs. 

Are American Eskimos Hyper?

You may find it quite challenging to keep your American Eskimo calm. Because they are generally a hyperactive breed and need to take out their pent-up energy to become calmer. If you don’t allow him to take out his energy, he may do something destructive or end up barking, chewing, and jumping around the house.

Over To You

Which fact has helped you most to identify the reason for your dog’s jumping? Which facts did you already know and which one is new to you?

Which techniques have you already applied? And which one do you want to try next to stop your American Eskimo dog from jumping? Have I missed something? 

Do you think that I should also cover some additional topics? Please do share the article if you have liked it. Don’t forget to put your questions and feedback in the comment section below.

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