Why Do Border Terriers Smell So Bad? 9 Scientific Reasons To Learn!

The Border Terrier is a small, rough-coated breed of dog with a good temperament. The one odd feature that everyone complains about is that sometimes, the Border Terriers smell really bad. Even though lack of proper hygiene can be the reason in most cases, there can be many other reasons behind your pup being so stinky. 

So, do you know why does your Border Terrier smell so bad? Lack of hygiene and improper care of oral care are primary reasons. But if your dog smells bad even after his/her bath then your Border terrier could possibly have infections due to microorganisms (like bacteria and yeast) living in the fur. Also, ear mite infestation can cause your dog to stink really bad. 

Other reasons like allergies and skin infections can cause the bad smell of your dog’s coat. So, you need to have a proper understanding of your dog’s condition. This will help you find the proper causes of the problem and the solutions for it. 

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Why Do Border Terriers Smell So Bad?

Are Border Terriers Smelly Dogs?

You might have observed that your border terrier often smells. Generally, domestic dogs like yours can be smelly as they roll around in smelly stuff which is a very common behavior. But, sometimes, if your Border Terrier smells funky even right after you bathe it, then your dog possibly could have microorganisms.

For example, bacterias, yeasts etc. that live in its fur. So, you want to pay attention to the reasons behind your Border Terry being smelly. 

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9 Scientific Reasons: Why Does Your Border Terrier Smell Badly?

Your Border Terrier can smell bad depending on its tendency to be malodorous from time to time. Sometimes, the odors can be a result of a simple problem, whereas in some cases there are serious underlying problems. Here are some possible reasons for your Border Terrier to stink: 

#1 Does your Border Terrier Roll In Something Smelly or Decaying?

Your Border Terrier often finds something truly repulsive and tries to roll around on it. In this way,  your puppy ends up coating himself/herself in whatever foul substance he/she found. Some people also believe that dogs roll in something smelly in order to cover their own scent, hiding from prey or other predators.

You may find it quite pleasant, but your Border Terrier might dislike its odor. As a result, your dog tries to find something sticky (garbage, dog feces, animal carcasses) to roll on as soon as you bathe it. 

Some people also believe that it’s an instinctual behavior for animals like dogs. For example, Wolves, are observed rolling in animal carcasses, droppings of plant-eating animals, decaying organisms etc. by which they try to cover up their own smell during the hunt.

#2 Does Your Border Terrier Smell Bad Because of Bathing Irregularly?

Irregular bathing is not ideal for your dog’s overall health. Like most other dogs, your Border Terrier requires full bathing once a month in the tub or shower. And you should use warm water and gentle dog-specific shampoo for bathing your puppy. 

For specific conditions like underlying skin conditions like allergies, you are supposed to bathe them more often by using medicated shampoo. And it is normal to bathe your dog when its coat becomes dirty or has a “doggy odor”.

Bathing your dog is more beneficial to you rather than your dog. And it’s a good thing to bathe your mutt at least once every month.

Border Terrier Puppy

#3 Does Your Border Terrier Need to Groom?

You should already know that a dirty dog is usually a stinky dog! Bathing and grooming your dog is always beneficial for your dog’s body. For example, brushing your dog regularly decreases the unpleasant smells between baths and gets rid of dirt, dead skin cells, dried saliva etc. hiding out in your dog’s fur. 

You’ll totally love seeing how much better your dog will smell after a simple and brushing. It’s a really good thing if you can groom your dog properly. Trust me, it makes a huge difference in not only your dog’s smelling issue but also in the way the house smells. 

#4 Does Your Border Terrier Pick Up Bad Stink of Other Dogs?

You might often wonder why your Border Terrier stinks. Well, not only is your dog able to sniff out bad stink from other dogs but also can pick it up as a habit. For your dog, the smell is just like information. Generally, your dog is unlikely to classify scents or smells like “good” or “bad” ones. 

For example, when you smell something bad, you generally try to avoid it or back off. But your dog is unlikely to sniff feces or other odorous things and back off instantly. Rather, your pooch likes to get the bad stink like other dogs. 

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#5 Does Your Border Terrier Always Get Wet?

Have you faced any situation where you wash and brush your dog regularly, but it still smells bad? Well, this is because microorganisms like yeast and bacteria live in your dog’s coat and fur. Which is a very normal phenomenon. 

If your dog stays dry, then there is no unpleasant smell. But the microorganisms usually leave behind fecal matters or other organic discharges. These organic compounds separate from your dog’s fur when it is wet and become more condensed. Afterward, this stuff disperses into the air and causes a very foul smell. 

In such cases, thorough drying (by the sun or blower) your pooch is more efficient in removing odor than towel drying.

Border Terrier In Beach

#6 Is your Border Terrier Suffering From Microorganisms in Her Coat?

The reason behind your Border terrier’s smelly coat can be due to being affected by microorganisms (bacteria and yeast). These microbes produce toxins that can cause severe irritation, inflammation and can even break down the skin barrier and lead to an infection.

Symptoms of Microorganisms in Your Border Terrier’s Coat

  • Thinning of the skin: Your Border Terrier’s skin seems to become thinner gradually. 
  • Hair loss: You notice uge hair fall/ shredding from your pooch. 
  • A swollen stomach: An unusual bump or swollen area around your dog’s stomach. 
  • Increased hunger or thirst: Your pup seems to become more hungry and thirsty. 
  • Pimple-like pustules on the skin: You observe that there are some visible pimples or tiny bumps on your mutt’s skin. 
  • Dry patches of flaking skin: There is some flaking skin on your dog’s coat. 
  • Itching: Your mutt seems to be itchier lately. 
  • Crusted skin: You can observe some crusted or blistered skin on your pup. 
  • Other symptoms included: Infected hair follicles, Alopecia (hair loss), Hair standing on end, Seeping of blood or pus, Swelling or ulcerated skin, Odor.

#7 Does Your Border Terrier Get a Leaky Anal Gland?

Anal sacs are two very small glands that are located on either side of your dog’s rectum. These glands emit a thin and stinking fluid when your Border Terrier defecates. At times, pets can suffer from anal sac infections which may cause them to lick their hind end excessively.

Sometimes, they can even scoot along the floor in order to relieve the pressure from full anal sacs. 

If you observe some signs of anal sac issues from your dog, you should make an appointment with a veterinarian for a checkup.  This is very important since delaying more can cause rupture to your pup’s anal sacs and causes further problems. 

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#8 Is Your Border Terrier Suffering From Dental Diseases?

As the majority of pet dogs often suffer from dental issues, it is very normal for your dog to face it as well. Your Border Terrier might also suffer from dental diseases if you don’t take proper care.  

Within a few hours after the meal, some sticky plaques begin to accumulate on your puppy’s teeth. Which gradually hardens into cement-like tartar. As plaque and tartar are filled with bacteria, they usually lead to gingivitis and infections.

Do, your Border Terrier’s stinky breath can indicate an underlying dental infection, diseased tooth, or oral tumor. 

Border Terrier Dog

#9 Is Your Border Terrier Suffering from Ears Infection?

There are many reasons for your Border Terrier to have smelly ears. The reason behind your dog’s smelly ears can be due to lack of cleanliness, continual moisture, excessive hair on top of or inside the ear canal, etc.  

You should be checking the degree of bad smell from the ear. Sometimes, light and yeasty smell may mean that your dog just needs his/her ears cleaned. But, an ear infection causes a much stronger, sickening smell and you should contact your Vet as soon as possible. 

You can recognize stinky and infected ears easily. You’ll see that your pooch stinks but upon closer inspection, you will find that smell from his ears is quite intense.

Symptoms Of Ears Infection In Your Border Terrier

  • Infections in the inner ear,
  • Shaking of head and scratching,
  • Flicking of the eye,
  • Walking in circles,
  • Redness in body,
  • Swelling in body,
  • Frequent discharge,
  • Bad smells associated with the affected ear.

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11 Easy Ways To Keep Your Border Terrier Dog Smelling Wonderful!

If your dog has been really stinky lately, have you figured out how to stop your border terrier from smelling? Here are some basic guidelines for you that will help you solve this problem. 

Create A Routine Bath Schedule

You should bathe your Border Terrier once a month in the tub or shower by using warm water and a gentle shampoo(suitable for dogs).

But if your dog has an underlying skin condition like scabies, allergies, or any other skin problem, it is better to bathe him/her more often using a medicated shampoo. Try to dry your pooch thoroughly once the bath is completed.

Unless it is instructed by the Vet,  don’t bathe your dog more than once a week. 

Avoid Foods Those Fuel Yeasts

You need to avoid giving your Border Terrier foods that are rich in yeasts or can fuel yeasts. Such as: 

  • High-sugar fruits: Fruits like bananas, dates, raisins, grapes, mangoes, etc.
  • Grains that contain gluten: Grains like Wheat, rye, barley and spelt.
  • Certain meats: Deli meats and farm-raised fish.
  • Refined oils and fats: Canola oil, soybean oil, sunflower oil, or margarine.
  • Highly processed pet food
  • Also avoid foods like: High fructose corn syrup additives, starch as an additive or binding agent, carb-based foods (such as rice and potato), wheat and grains, etc. 

Use Coconut Oil On Your Border Terrier’s Skin

You can use coconut oil on your Border Terrier’s skin. You need to apply it to the puppy’s skin about once a week, and allow it to be absorbed for some time.

Afterward, you need to rinse off the oil from your dog’s skin. If you think your dog feels very greasy or oily, then you can use a light shampoo to get off that feel. 

Get A Washable Dog Bed For Your Border Terrier

It is important to keep your dog’s area clean but it is also important to regularly clean your Border Terrier’s bed. That’s why it’s a good idea to get your pooch a washable bed. Thus, by regular cleaning, you can keep the bed free from the threat of dirt and bacteria infecting your home. 

Bathe Your Border Terrier Dog’s Bed In Baking Soda

You can sprinkle some baking soda in a small amount on the upper surface of the Border Terrier’s bed and allow it to be like that for some time.

But you need to keep the bed out of reach of your dog. This is because your dog might ingest baking soda in large quantities which can be really dangerous. 

There’s another method to use baking soda in which you need to fill up a shallow basin with warm water and add approximately 1/4 cup of baking soda.

Afterward, you need to stir up the water and soak the removable cover in the solution.  Keep the cover soaking for about  15 minutes and the odor can be neutralized. 

Clean Your Border Terrier’s Lounging Areas

You should clean your Border Terrier’s lounging areas as this can be very helpful in many ways. Such as: 

  • Your home gets better hygiene and smell,
  • It becomes easier for you to check and treat fleas,
  • It’s quite helpful in the early detection of any skin and health issues,
  • This reduces the chances of ear infections,
  • Makes them look better, 
  • Overall, your dog remains healthy. 

Dry Your Border Terrier All The Way

After bathing, it’s very important to dry your Border Terrier all the way. You can use the following methods: 

  • Air Drying: The old-fashioned way to dry your dog is to let it dry in air.  
  • Towels: You can also use a thick bath towel to dry your dog and it is very helpful. 
  •  Hairdryer: You can use a hairdryer to dry your dog if it is too wet. 
  • Quick-Drying Spray: Using a quick-drying spray can neutralize the hair’s ability to hold water molecules and thus speeds up the drying process. 

Brush Your Border Terrier’s Teeth

You should brush your dog’s teeth at least twice daily because it is very good for your dog’s teeth. Initially, your dog might not like it but once it becomes a habit or daily routine, your pooch will start to like and enjoy it. 

Even if you don’t brush your Border Terrier twice daily, try brushing at least three times a week. This ideal habit can help remove plaque and prevent tartar accumulation.

Use Dental Products To Avoid Bad Breath

You can use some dental products to avoid bad breath. Add around half a teaspoon of raw organic apple cider vinegar to your dog’s water bowl.  It can help freshen up the breath of your dog. 

Also, you can try supplementing your pooch’s regular diet with a probiotic. As it is formulated specifically for dogs, it can help your dog breathe fresh.

Use Doggy Wipes When Necessary

Your Border Terrier often gets its coat and body dirty. In such a situation, you can use doggy wipes to clean any certain part. You can also use wipes to remove dirt from your dog’s paws right after a walk. Thus, you’ll find that dog wipes are great for spot cleaning.

Get Suitable Shampoos For Your Border Terrier

You can’t use your regular human shampoo on your dog. So, you need to use a specially formulated dog shampoo. Or, you can use baby shampoo as an alternative.  Because baby shampoo is much gentler than the ones for adults and is less harsh on your pup’s skin and fur.

Over To You

Which of the above-mentioned facts helped you the best? Which reasons for your Border Terrier being smelly were you already aware of? And which one is new to you?

Is there any specific technique that you want to try to stop your Border Terrier’s stinking? Is there anything I missed? Please do let me know. 

Do you want me to cover any specific topic? If yes, please let me know. If you liked and found this article helpful, don’t forget to share it with your friends. Please put your questions and feedback in the comment section

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