Why American Foxhounds Are Hard To Train? 10 Mistakes To Avoid While Training Them!!!

If you’re concerned about your American Foxhound’s training and wonder why he or she isn’t learning as quickly as other dogs, you’ve come to the right place. This isn’t the first time you’ve felt this way. This is one of the most commonly asked questions of veterinarians in dog-related communities.

So, Why Does Your American Foxhound Hard To Train? American Foxhounds are known as a stubborn breed. So, sometimes it becomes quite hard to train them. American Hounds were bred to hunt without their handlers present, and they were taught to follow a scent without being distracted. Since they are self-sufficient, they have a one-track mind, which makes training them more difficult. As their owner, you must work closely with them.

After some research, I came up with a list of possible causes for American Foxhound’s behavior. Continue reading to learn more. I also added a few points. These suggestions will help you to deal with your American Foxhound’s problem. 

Why American Foxhounds Are Hard To Train?

Are American Foxhounds Harder To Train Than Other Dogs?

A typical issue with American Foxhound dog’s personality traits is that they’re famously independent and have a tendency to be on the lookout for some type of trial or game they find to be exciting. Many people assume that American Foxhounds are hard to train because of necessity often requiring large amounts of attention and work.

The facts are that can be summarized like American Foxhounds dogs pursue foxes for fun and food, while American Foxhounds pursue game for fun and food.

Since the genetics of the foxhounds play a major & strong role in their resistance to training, their longevity of life is extended. Hunting breeds an implicit sense of security in dogs and thereby motivates them to chase their quarry, and is quiet when following people rather than listening to orders. 

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4 Possible Reasons: Why American Foxhounds Are Not So Easy To Train?

Your American hound is autonomous, strong-willed, and has a high hunting instinct to hunt down whatever he or she finds. Foxhounds are more often difficult to train in the United States than in part because of their heritage. 

#1 American Foxhounds Follow Smells Obsessively

American Foxhounds naturally try to detect scents, so your dog may be investigating the origins of the fragrance of various smells across the room. The use of a dog’s nose can also become a self-preservation technique in the American Foxhound breed.

It’s a fact that American Fox Hounds sometimes unpleasant scents simply because they look for them, but also because they have a real use for them in the aromatic game in the wild.

Dr. Stanley Coren reports in Psychology Today that, based on research, that your American Foxhound dog breed could have a heightened attraction to bad smells and their ability to scent themselves covered in filth may have its roots in the feral existence of the North American Foxhound. 

#2 American Foxhound Dog’s Independent Spirit

American Foxhounds have existed for almost two centuries as part of the American environment but can keep their position in American life as well as a contemporary companion. To tell your American Foxhound that you aren’t looking for the entertainment that can be found in other places since you are perfectly comfortable with your own business.

American Foxhound has a strong attachment to you. It is the characteristic features of your American Foxhound dog that enables it to live on its own and the type’s willingness to do so.

In Foxhound breed research, you can see that the amount of time a native American dog can stand alone was said to withstand has proven valuable for making predictions about their age. 

#3 American Foxhounds Have Lots of Stamina And Energy

Your American Foxhound breed or mix can give you an idea of whether they might lean toward higher energy. They’re the fittest dogs in the world, so you have to take them out for a walk every day for a few hours or they’ll get bored.

It might be helpful to take your dog for lengthy, open-ended walks or go on some short, frequent yet hard running walks and mix in with the dog exercise to maintain their fitness. Your American Foxhound has fierce stamina so he or she needs the amount of work or activities to burn out the energy too. Your American Foxhounds have plenty of stamina to spare, and they’re able to race for miles and miles.

You should accompany your American Foxhound when they are running their pets or on their adventures, and living in a remote area. If it is possible for him then go on long treks. If you reside in the urban setting, he’ll be a wonderful buddy on your jogs. 

#4 American Foxhounds Are Food Driven

Eating food is an instinct and a high priority for your American Foxhound. When the body of your American Foxhound is unable to absorb or digest the nutrients in the food, their appetite goes into overdrive. They are hungry regardless of how much food they consume, so they cover by consuming everything.

Your American Foxhound loves to suck on something, so a very big bone, raw of course, will be a perfect present for him. Your American Foxhound enjoys dog fast food in the same way as people like fatty junk food, even though it is unhealthy. Fatty food is rare in the wild, but it provides strength.

American Foxhounds have distinct flavor sensors for meats, fats, and meat-related substances, in addition to common tastes like honey, salt, salty, and bitter.

When they feed, they eat as much as they can to avoid having to wait for their next meal. American Foxhounds aren’t picky when it comes to food. Your pet is always happy to eat. 

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Why Are American Foxhound Puppies Very Hard To Potty Train?

Training American Foxhounds can be difficult due to their stubbornness and independence. However, obedience training is essential to improve your bond with your dog and establish your status as the pack’s leader.

Since the American Foxhound is a bit stubborn, potty training them can be difficult at times. So it’s not out of the question. Potty training your puppy is possible, but it will take time, so be patient. 

How To Potty Train Your American Foxhound Puppy

  • To potty train, your American Foxhound, create a schedule. The routine tells them that there are periods for eating, playing, and going to the bathroom.
  • Choose a toilet location outside and take your American Foxhound (on a leash) there every time.
  • Any time your American Foxhound eliminates outside, give them a treat. Praise or reward them, just do so right after they’ve done, not after they’ve returned inside. This move is critical and the best way to show your dog what is expected of them is to praise them for getting outside.
  • Pick up your puppy’s water bowl about two and a half hours before bedtime to reduce the chances of them needing to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.
  • The Puppy Apartment is a one-bedroom, one-bathroom house that teaches and trains your American Foxhound to use their indoor dog potty at all times. 

Can You Crate Train An American Foxhound Puppy?

Though many people associate crates with being “restricted,” American Foxhounds are naturally denning animals that thrive in small, enclosed spaces. It gives a feeling of safety and reduces anxiety. Crate preparation will also be a good choice for training the American Foxhound good behavior.

The size of your American Foxhound crate should not be too large or too tiny. The scale should correspond to the amount of room your dog requires to sleep, rise, and stretch. 

How To Crate Train Your American Foxhound Puppy?

  • Find the Right Crate for your American Foxhound. You mustn’t purchase a crate that’s too large for your puppy.
  • Create the Right Attitude for your American Foxhound. When you put the dog in the cage when they’re training, they’ll try to come out and play again. If you get them in while they’re quiet, they’ll also see it as a haven.
  • Start by putting your American Foxhound in the crate for ten minutes at a time and gradually increase the time.
  • After your American Foxhound enters the crate, give them a treat.
  • The crate should not be seen as a negative environment for your American Foxhound. To do this, use the crate in friendly games where the dog can freely enter and exit the open crate. 

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Tips How To Train An American Foxhound Dog

  • Formal preparation with an American Foxhound puppy is traditionally delayed until they reach the age of six months. Every day, your puppy discovers something new with every moment, and delaying training means you’re missing out on those experiences. Get started as soon as possible.
  • When your American Foxhound puppy reaches the appropriate training age, you can enroll them in dog kindergartens, where they can meet new people and quickly socialize.
  • While your American Foxhound is a fast learner, they have a flaw in that you can’t hold their interest for long periods. As a result, you must keep their training session brief and avoid repeating any tasks.
  • Using strong incentives that can be conveniently and efficiently distributed to inspire your American Foxhound puppy.
  • When training your American Foxhound, take it slowly. You should begin this approach by engaging with your American Foxhound on favorite or common habits.

10 Mistakes To Avoid While Training Your American Foxhound?

There is a wealth of information available about how to train an American Foxhound. You can teach your American Foxhound pup about anything using a range of techniques, but there are several common mistakes that dog owners make. So, you should be aware of the mistakes to avoid. 

#1 You Don’t Train Your American Foxhound Often Enough

Many of you teach your American Foxhound dogs simple habits and rituals. However, after the bond has developed, you will always expect the dog to act in the same manner that they did during training.

As a result, reaction times for critical behaviors may deteriorate; in some cases, the American Foxhound may not even respond. This deterioration is purely due to a lack of practice.

Rather than “training and forgetting,” keep your dog’s proven habits sharp by working them at random and daily several times a day. 

#2 You Repeat Commands

One of the most serious issues is order repetition. When your American Foxhound does not answer to a command, you must not keep repeating it. You’re showing your pet that he doesn’t have to answer right away by repeating the cue. It’s best not to say anything if your dog is distracted and you don’t think he’s listening. 

Instead, see how you can attract his attention to yourself first. This will help you prevent order repetition and teach your American Foxhound to always react to a single cue. 

#3 Your Training Sessions Run Too Long or Too Short

Time expended on a training session can yield a good result. After you’ve achieved a certain degree of success, congratulate yourself and also your American Foxhound pup, and then stop.

Don’t go on and on or you’ll annoy your American Foxhound. And you can teach it to be uninterested in the new actions.

Similarly, don’t finish a session until you have any signs of progress, even though it’s only a focused moment or an effort by your American Foxhound to succeed. 

#4 Your American Foxhound’s Obedience Behaviours Are Not Generalized To Varying Conditions

It’s a simple blunder, but attempting to generalize the new activity in different environments with different circumstances and degrees of distraction can result in irregular obedience at worst.

To generalize a behavior, start by teaching it to your American Foxhound at home, where there are no distractions. After that, steadily raise the number of distractions. Switch to a new location after you’ve perfected it.

Then add a third party or dog to the mix. Gradually advance to busier environments, even on a busy city street corner. The behavior can only be “secured” after that. This generalization is particularly important when teaching the recall order, which could save your American Foxhound’s life one day. 

#5 You Rely Too Much On Treats and Not Enough On Praise, Esteem, and Celebration 

Treats are a perfect way to start a behavior or reinforce it regularly later on. However, excessive treats can backfire.

In the mind of your American Foxhound puppy, dependence on food will grow to the point that the desired behavior is compromised and attention on the owner is lost. The pleasure of the work itself is the best motivation for your American Foxhound puppy.

Treats are a great way to start new behaviors. Replace rewards with affection, exercise, toy interludes, or something else your dog enjoys until he’s learned the behavior. Note that an unexpected treat encourages hard work, while frequent, routine rewards slow down success and concentration.  

#6 You Use Too Much Emotion

Your American Foxhound’s capacity to understand can be damaged by intense feelings. You’ll manipulate her and transform training sessions into inquisitions if you teach with force, rage, or annoyance.

Train with hyperbolic enthusiasm, piercing squeals of joy, and exaggerated shows of artificial joy and relief, and you’ll stoke her energy levels way above what’s needed to concentrate and understand. 

#7 You Are Reactive, Not Proactive

American Foxhound training is a combination of physical and emotional activities. Timing, technique, and endurance are required, as well as a dedication to learning about the canine mind. It’s not a talent that can be picked up from watching someone else do it. It will take some time.

As a result, many dog owners, like yourself, have failed to learn the pacing and insight required to teach their dogs as well as they would like.

You miss out on the chance to instruct when you respond to your American Foxhound’s misbehavior. Instead, work on your strategy to predict his responses, becoming more involved in the process. 

#8 You Are Inconsistent

American Foxhounds need continuity in actions and rule-making from their mentors and providers. Your American Foxhound dog’s capacity to learn can be harmed if you change training techniques too much, particularly at the beginning.

This shatters faith and belief. Instead, stick to a clear approach and remain consistent on what defines appropriate behavior. Make laws and follow them. 

#9 You Lack Confidence

Loss of trust is a flaw that American Foxhound dogs can instinctively detect. It’s why scared people are bitten more often than calmer people. If you show a lack of faith, your American Foxhound will take advantage of it.

It is not a criticism of your dog; it is just the essence of an American Foxhound puppy. Take your American Foxhound dog to new places and challenge yourself and your dog to discover new things. 

#10 You Don’t Train To Your American Foxhound Fido Individually

A dog has its personality and set of behaviors. Though the dog’s breed plays a part, the character of the actual dog must be learned before training can be successful.

You must decide which approaches would fit better for your American Foxhound dog as a trainer. If you follow these simple rules, you’ll gradually establish yourself as the resident trainer, rather than just your American Foxhound dog’s doorman. 

American Foxhound’s Related Questions:

Do American Foxhounds Like To Swim?

Swimming is a favorite pastime for the majority of American Foxhound breeds. Dogs are born with the ability to swim, and they are exposed to aquatic activities at a young age. Swimming is relaxing for dogs because of the mixture of these two causes.

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Do American Foxhounds Howl?

The musical voice of the American Foxhound has gained a lot of attention. His howls and bays can be heard for miles. Once they’ve picked up a trace, American Foxhounds can be incredibly difficult to call out. 

Do American Foxhounds Bark A Lot?

On a scale of dog breeds that bark a lot, American Foxhound Dogs receive a 5 out of 5 ratings. American Foxhounds bark a lot and a bit loudly. As a result, they’re another breed that isn’t ideal for small homes with near neighbors or staying in an apartment. 

Are American Foxhounds Hypoallergenic?

No. The hypoallergenic in American Foxhounds is unknown. While no dog breed is fully hypoallergenic, it is safe to conclude that certain dogs are much easier to be around for allergy sufferers. Since American Foxhounds shed very little compared to other dogs, there is less dander stuck to their fur. 

Over To You

Since American Foxhounds are inherently stubborn, they can be difficult to train. However, you shouldn’t be concerned if he or she simply cannot follow your order.

I’ve attempted to cover anything that could be useful to you in this case. Tell me which fact was the most valuable to you, which one you were aware of, and which one you were unaware of.

Please let me know if you want to try any of the tricks or if you have already tried any of the tricks mentioned in this post.

Please let me know if there’s something I’ve missed, and please leave any useful feedback on this post.

If you enjoyed this article, please share it with others, and if you have any feedback, please post them in the comments section. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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