Can Dogs Eat Dates?

Your Doggy can have dates. Dates are useful for your pooch.

Let’s hope dogs don’t eat dates! That’s a good way to ruin a romantic evening! Little joke there (very little).

This sticky-sweet fruit is not as common in the United States as apples and bananas might be. But some people use them as an ingredient in fruit cake (Yes, it is possible to make one that tastes good).

Dogs Eat Dates

Can Dogs Eat Date Fruits Safely?

Some people balk at the idea of feeding their doggies dates. Because they look much like raisins, which can give a poor dog kidney failure. Yet, a date is not a raisin.

Not even close to one. A raisin is a dried grape where a date is something all on its own that grows on a palm tree.


Your dog could safely eat a date, provided you’re sensible about serving sizes. As over-eating in general and especially overconsumption of sugar is bad for people it is also bad for pups.

Types Or Forms: How To Feed Dates To Your Dog?

Take care not to feed more than one or two dates at a time to your best little friend. Remember that one date has sixteen grams of sugar. Sugar from a fruit might seem healthier than refined sugar, but the truth is sugar.

Sugar does not give a dog worms, contrary to popular belief, but too much isn’t good for them. Also, keep in mind what kind of date your little four-legged friend is eating. Some kinds might be better. 

Can Dogs Eat Raw Fresh Organic Or Hybrid Date Fruits?

Let’s cut some hype right now. “Organic” is just a tricky legal term that just means no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers were used.

The common North African date itself is a hybrid of cultivated date palms. They are from the Middle East and a wild species native to Southern Turkey and Crete.

Such dates are no more or less healthy than any other date. It is fine for your furry friend to eat them. But do not take it for granted that they are somehow “better” than any run of the mill date.

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Can Doggies Eat Food Cooked With Dates?

Is Fido the only one who likes your fruitcake? Did your vegan cousin show up with some date bars?

Dates on their own aren’t bad for puppies. But foods cooked with dates may include other things that your little tail-wagger shouldn’t have. Ask what kind of nuts are in the treat if any.

As long as it doesn’t include raisins, chocolate, or anything else bad for a dog your furry friend can have it. Just don’t overdo it! 

Can Dogs Eat Dried Dates?

Dried dates might not be the best choice for your four-footed friend. A little bit might be fine after you’ve checked to see that there are no pit remnants. 

Because dates grow in the tropics, most dates sold in the western world are dried. They are easily mistaken for raisins. Fresh dates have more vitamins and minerals than dried dates. Yet the dried dates are not without nutritional value. Also, many packages of dried dates contain warnings! That perhaps not all the pits have been removed (They don’t want to get sued).

Can Dogs Eat Fresh Medjool Dates From Palm Trees?

Not a lot of people live in places where date trees can grow. But, perhaps you live in Arizona or are stationed somewhere in Egypt. If so, you know that dates fresh from the tree taste the best.

You may want to remove the pit before you give the fruit to your Fido. Otherwise, it should be fairly safe to give your little friend. The dates fresh from the tree also have the most vitamins and nutrients. 

Can My Fido Have Readymade Dates And Walnuts?

Are they black walnuts?

Those are toxic to mutts and should not be fed to your pooch at all. Otherwise, walnuts that aren’t moldy or anything are alright in small doses. Do keep in mind that they have a high-fat content.

A lot of fat and sugar isn’t good for your furry friend so keep this very sparing. Also, find out if your bowwow has a tree nut allergy first before giving him any walnuts. 

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Warning! Forms Of Dates Those May Toxic To Your Dogs

While dates are not the worst food your mutt can eat, keep in mind that your pooch needs a balanced diet. You need to make sure there’s nothing damaging in your dog’s diet.

Can Pups Eat Pitted Dates?

Before giving your best friend a date or any stone fruit you should take the pit out first. The pits are not toxic. Yet they are rather dense (can be up to 20% of the fruit’s weight) and can be hard enough to damage your dog’s teeth.

A pit small enough to swallow is sure to cause internal damage sooner or later.

While the pits do have some health benefits your dog can’t get them if he breaks his teeth. They may have a choking hazard or gets intestinal blockage.

Can You Overfeed Your Pooch With Dates?

Too much of anything isn’t good for a Fido. Dates have a lot of fiber and sugar. If Fido eats too many his blood pressure could spike or he could get a bad case of the runs.

Too much of any sort of food can result in a fat little doggie. You don’t want that. Practice moderation in everything. 

Can Your Little Puppies Eat Dates?

They are about as safe for puppies as adult pups. Some of the minerals found in dates are even essential for growth. Just keep in mind that a puppy’s stomach is little so you should keep the portion small enough to accommodate.

This is also the time you want to teach your growing doggy good eating habits so keep sweet treats very rare.

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What Are Some Nutrient Facts Of Dates For Dogs?

  • Vitamins: Dates have lots of vitamin B6. It’s good for brain function and hemoglobin production. It also promotes eye health and reduces symptoms of arthritis. They also contain vitamin C which is good for promoting a healthy immune system.
  • Carbohydrates: A three and a half ounce date has seventy-five grams of carbohydrates. Carbs are not the enemy, no matter what you’ve heard. They provide energy and protect against disease. If kept in moderation they can be part of a healthy diet. 
  • Low-Fat Treat And Cholesterol: Dates have no cholesterol and are low in fat. Eating them can put a check on cholesterol levels and they’re not as fattening as some treats. 
  • Fiber: A three and a half ounce date has seven grams of fiber. It has been mentioned that a side effect of too many dates is loose stools. If Fido is constipated and won’t take his laxative, a date or two might be what he needs to loosen up. 
  • Sugar: Dates are high in fructose, a natural sweetener. If your pup likes caramels but not the way they glue his jaws together he might like dates.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Dates For Mutts?

Dates have a good deal of potassium. Potassium is good for improving the muscles, digestive, and kidney functions. If your tail-wagger needs potassium but won’t eat bananas and tends to spit out pills try a date.

Dates also have lots of vitamins and minerals that could provide health benefits for your pooch. Here are some other ways dates can help your dog. 

Boost Energy

If Fido seems a little low on energy the natural sugar in date may be what he needs.

Dogs tend to slow down with age but a little fructose might help them perk up. Young pups can benefit from the vitamins in dates where old doggies might like how dates perk them up a little. 

Improve Bone Strength

Dates are a good source of zinc, copper, iron, magnesium, and calcium. All of these minerals are good for building strong bones. This is very important for growing pups.

Not only are they still growing but young pups tend to be a bit clumsy. They have strong bones to recover from their frequent spills.

Your dog should be getting these minerals from their daily diet but a supplement in the form of fruit can’t hurt. 

Aid in Digestion

A dog low on energy could benefit from more fiber even more than a sugar dose. Fiber will aid your dog’s digestion greatly.

Fiber will make a dog feel full faster and help his bowels move. If your dog is acting sluggish he could be somewhat constipated and needs more fiber.

If you keep them in moderation, dates could be good for a non-diabetic dog on a diet. He will be getting a sweet but low-fat treat.

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Boost Immunity

The vitamin C on a date can boost your dog’s immunity. Lots of fruits contain healthy vitamin C that can keep the immune system going. Dates are a sweet and tasty way to get more vitamin C.

Some pups don’t like to take vitamin pills. If your dog won’t take pills, try giving him his vitamins through tasty fruits. He’ll think he’s just getting a tasty treat, but he’s also getting vitamins for a stronger immune system. 

Improve Heart Health

This is another place where potassium can play a role in your dog’s health. Potassium aids in cardiovascular health and keeps blood pressure under control.

In moderation, dates can be a healthy dietary supplement for your tail-wagger with heart or circulatory problems. This is another example of how dates may benefit elderly dogs. 

Are You Going To Offer Dates To Your Doggy? 

Did you find the answers you were looking for in this article?

You may have learned that dates can be fed to your dog if you use moderation and common sense. As someone who lives in the United States, the dates I’m familiar with are dried, chopped, and meant for baking.

One Christmas, my dog Troubles had some of my stolen along with more leftovers than was strictly good for him. It made him rather gassy. That’s how I found out it’s safe to give a dog peppermint. (Another article for another day.)

Did you like this article? Would you like to know more about feeding dates to a dog? Please feel free to leave questions and other feedback in the comment section below. 

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