Can Dogs Eat Raw, Fried Or Cooked Tofu?

That is a strange question. What is tofu? Is it healthy for dogs to consume tofu? Tofu is a plant-based replacement for meat. Many Adventist people swear by tofu. They are sure it is a healthy replacement for meat.

Therefore, a dog lover should not worry about feeding this substitute for their dog. It is okay if a dog eats tofu. 

Can Dogs Eat Tofu?


Can Dogs Eat Tofu?

Let us take a closer look at tofu. How is it made? What are the ingredients? Tofu is a form of soybean milk that has been condensed to a solid. It contains all the vitamins and minerals as edamame.

It can be cooked to a bland meaty flavor and eaten with other foods. It would certainly not be wise to give your dog a dish of tofu. The tofu was specifically created for humans to consume. As soy milk is coagulated to create tofu, your dog may not take to it differently.

There will be different reactions; some of which may have you to not feed your pet tofu more than once. Be sure to look for reactions such as vomiting, excessive drooling, bloated abdomen, difficulty breathing, and pale nose or mouth.


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What Are The Types Or Forms Of Tofu Dogs Can Eat? (Serving Ideas)

Tofu can be prepared in many ways for consumption. It can be browned, fried, or baked. Recalling that edamame should not be seasoned with human seasoning for dogs, I would apply the same principle to tofu for dogs.


Can Dogs Eat Plain Tofu? 

In my opinion, plain tofu without seasoning is best for dogs. The stomach of most dogs is very sensitive. Hence, researching feeding tofu to your dog is of vital importance. If plain tofu is fed to dogs it will be easier on their stomachs.

The dogs may have gas or upset stomach on the first feeding but if the portion is small and added to regular dog food, it should be nutrition-wise for your dogs.


Can Dogs Eat Cooked Tofu?

Certainly, dogs can eat cooked tofu. As tofu contains protein and dogs require a larger amount of protein than humans; it is beneficial to your dog to feed him cooked tofu. The tofu can be fried until it becomes crispy. Adding fried tofu to dog food will give your dog something to chew.

The tofu can be pan-seared and a harmless herbal sauce such as pressed turmeric can be added to it. This will change the taste to one of meat and gravy.


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Warning! What Are the Types or Forms of Tofu That Aren’t Dog-friendly?

Tofu cooked with many seasonings is not dog-friendly. Dogs can eat them but at a price. The price of a dog eating cooked tofu is the bloated abdomen, vomiting, excessive drooling, difficulty breathing, and pale nose or mouth.


Can Dogs Eat Raw Tofu? 

Raw tofu is not good for dogs. It will upset their stomach and give them gas. It may also cause vomiting after eating. However, if you have raw tofu that is in the form of a small square, it may entice your dog to have a small piece.

Once given, monitor your dog’s reaction in case it causes him to suffer severely. If the reaction is mild, you can feed raw tofu to your dog in addition to his dog food.


Can Dogs Eat Fried Tofu?

If you have raw tofu and would like to change the menu, try this method. Cut the tofu into bite-sized squares. Sprinkle with salt. Place some avocado oil in a saucepan. Heat well and add the tofu to the hot oil. Sprinkle with curry and cook until crispy.

Place in a dish and sprinkle with cilantro. Taste and share with your furry friend. Do not give him more than two or three bite-sized pieces. This may or may not cause a bad reaction in your furry friend. 


Can Dogs Eat Tofurky Sausage?

If you have raw tofu and would like to change the menu, try this method. As Tofurky sausage is vegan meat, grill it for 30 minutes. Remove from the grill and add honey barbecue sauce. Mmm, this will be quite good for open sandwiches. You can add lettuce, onions, celery, and pickled cucumber.

You can chew on one end of the open sandwich and your hound dog can chew at the other end. Watch out for gas and a bloated abdomen in your furry friend.


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Can Dogs Eat Spicy Tofu?

If you have raw tofu and would like to change the menu, try this method. Cut the tofu into bite-sized squares. Sprinkle with salt. Spicy food needs cayenne pepper among other spices. Add all the spices; allow to marinate overnight.

Place a small amount of olive oil in a saucepan and heat. When the oil is hot, pour tofu and spicy water into the oil. Sauté until the sauce becomes thick and the tofu softens. Serve with chips or biscuits. You can allow just a pinch of spicy tofu for your pooch or he will have a case of diarrhea.


What Are The Health Benefits Of Tofu For Dogs?

Tofu contains protein and calcium and iron. Dogs can benefit from eating tofu as it is soybean and as a plant, it can add benefits to what nutrients your dog gains from dog food.


Tofu may be a healthy food option for dogs with food allergies

Some dogs may be allergic to the chemicals used to preserve certain dog foods. Soybeans can taste like meat and dogs like meat. Eating tofu would be a way of having the meat taste and gaining healthy nutrients to build muscles and bones.

Allergies to chemicals would not be a major issue as the tofu would not produce any allergy as it is a plant.


Tofu is liver-friendly (and could be kidney-friendly) for dogs 

If your dog has liver and kidney diseases then it would be wise to consider feeding him tofu. Tofu is kinder to a dog’s liver and kidneys. By simply adding more tofu to his regular diet can help your dog to improve liver and kidney health. Please be mindful that you can reduce dog food but do not ever feed your dog only tofu.


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Tofu is good for dogs with bladder stones

Bladder stones are not a kind issue to have as a human so imagine a dog having such an issue. Dogs cannot truly express how painful the movement of stones can be. We as humans can tell our doctor as we have a voice. Should an ultrasound show that your pet has bladder stones; try adding small portions of plain tofu to his diet.

Withdraw dairy products and the pain should lessen. Also, the stones will no longer develop as there is no dairy.


Some Side Effects of Tofu for Dogs

Some side effects are mild and will pass within a day. Others are severe and will need some effort on the part of the dog lover to aid the dog with the problem. If the portions are adjusted until the side effects go away or are less severe


Inadequate full-structure protein consumption

Feeding your dog only tofu will not be enough protein for your dog. Dogs need more protein than humans to survive. A deficiency in protein will occur in your dog. To have full-structure protein consumption, you must mix dog food with tofu. 

The tofu must be in less proportion to the dog food. Lack of protein can result in conditions such as stunted growth, poor appetite, reproductive issues, extreme weight loss, behavioral issues, weakened bones, and a poor coat. Your dog can have a compromised immune system with a higher chance of infection.


Increased risk of canine bloat 

After eating tofu your dog can experience bloating in the abdomen. This can cause your dog to pass gas frequently. You will need to up your air fresheners if your dog spends most of his time inside with you.

This could be quite uncomfortable for your dog. If canine bloating is left too long without attention, it can cause the loss of your dog.


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Higher chance of kidney stone development

Unfortunately, tofu contains high levels of silicate which causes kidney stonesWithout the silicate, stones would not form in vegetable milk. It is important to note that foods containing silicate are not good for dogs to consume.

I have seen my mother cry from the pain of kidney stones. I would not wish that pain for any canine friend. 


Gastrointestinal upset and distress

Gastrointestinal upset and distress can also be experienced by dogs that consume large amounts of tofu frequently. This would cause vomiting blood and diarrhea with blood passing from the anus. Such distress would affect the heart of the dog and could cause death.

The plant estrogens in tofu are the cause of the gastrointestinal upset. On all counts, it is not wise to feed any dog large amounts of tofu.


Tofu may have pesticides in it

Pesticides in plants are harmful to a dog’s stomach. To protect the soybean plant from insects that would eat it in the fields, it is sprayed with pesticides. When shopping for tofu you may read the package to discover which are organically grown or sprayed with pesticides.

It is best to buy the package that is made from organically grown soybeans.


Some Dogs Are Allergic To TofuFrom:

Some dogs are allergic to tofu

Allergic reactions to tofu in dogs come in many forms. Some dogs may scratch continuously, while others may bite their feet, scratching their face, or having red, itchy ears. All of the above signs of allergy need visits to the vet for relief. Some allergies may cause permanent damage to your dog.

Therefore, if your dog has a sensitive stomach, you should not feed him tofu. I believe that very few dog breeds are allergic to tofu as it is made from soybean milk.


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Are You Going To Offer Tofu To Your Doggy?

Have you found any topic in this article helpful? Did you enjoy reading the article and smile at some revelations about dogs? Were there points that you already knew? Have you found any information that can help you with your dog?

Please respond in the comments section and add any information that I may have missed that you are sure other dog lovers will find useful.

I firmly believe that tofu would be very beneficial to the health of dogs if served in the right proportion from organic farms.

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