61+ Brilliant Paramedic Dog Names Inspired By Medicine

61+Paramedic Dog Names

Medicine-inspired dog name ideas:

  Name Meaning / Inspiration Gender
#1 Sirona A Celto-Germanic goddess often associated with healing Female
#2 Remedy A cure for an ailment Female
#3 Panacea A cure-all Female
#4 Potion A drink with medicinal powers Male
#5 Mullo A Gaulish deity associated with healing the eyes Male
#6 Serum A liquid created to cure an internal ailment Male
#7 Tonic A liquid medicine that improves physical or mental attributes Male
#8 Chiron A mythological Greek centaur with great healing skills Male
#9 Nostrum A so-called “magic” formula for attempting to cure any number of things Male
#10 Splint A stiff tool used to immobilize a broken bone Male
#11 Mender A synonym for a healer; one who mends Male
#12 Shaman A tribal healer who uses both the natural and spiritual world Female
#13 Tourniquet A wrap used to decrease bleeding Male
#14 Bandage A wrap used to protect a wound Female
#15 Dian After Dian Cecht, an Irish healing god Female
#16 Jengu An African water deity of curing disease Female
#17 Elixir An alchemic liquid cure Male
#18 Chirurgeon An antiquated term for a doctor Female
#19 Isis An Egyptian goddess of healing and magic Female
#20 Brigid An Irish goddess associated with healing Female

  Name Meaning / Inspiration Gender
#21 Salve An ointment created to soothe or cure a physical ailment Female
#22 Quack An unqualified or non-practicing person who sells their goods or services as real Male
#23 Healer Anyone who heals others physically, mentally or spiritually Male
#24 MD As in Medicinae Doctor, Latin Male
#25 Artemis Greek goddesses who were associated with healing, medicine and overall healthes Female
#26 Ashvins Hindu twins who played doctors of the gods Male
#27 Patch Material used to mend an injury Female
#28 Medic One who practices medicine, generally out of the context of a hospital Male
#29 Doc Short for doctor Male
#30 Med Short form of medicine Female
#31 Mountebank Someone who sells (usually false) medicine Male
#32 Xu The African Bushmen god who is invoked when sickness appears Male
#33 Agwu The African Igbo god of medicine Male
#34 Erinle The Afro-American healer and physician to the Orisha Female
#35 Loco The Afro-American patron of healing Male
#36 Aja The Afro-American spirit of the forest and its healers Female
#37 Anahit The Armenian goddess of healing Female
#38 Ixlilton The Aztec god of medicine Male
#39 Borvo The Celto-Lusitanian god of bubbling spring water; associated with healing Male
#40 Sekhmet The Egyptian goddess of medicine and healing Male

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  Name Meaning / Inspiration Gender
#41 Tabitjet The Egyptian scorpion goddess whose blood is supposedly a panacea Female
#42 Menrva The Etruscan god of (ironically) war, wisdom and health Female
#43 Lenus The Gaulish healing god often associated with Ares Male
#44 Apollo The Greek god of sun, light and healing Male
#45 Iaso The Greek goddess of all curing and healing methodology Male
#46 Hebe The Greek goddess of eternal youth Female
#47 Epione The Greek goddess of soothing pain Female
#48 Hera The Greek goddess of women’s health Female
#49 Dharti The Hindu solar god of health and tranquility Female
#50 Pinga The Inuit goddess of fertility and medicine Female
#51 Airmed The Irish goddess who healed the injured Male
#52 Maximon The Mayan hero god of health Male
#53 Ixchel The Mayan jaguar goddess of medicine Male
#54 Eir The Norse goddess often associated with medicine and medical skill Female
#55 Haoma The Persian god of health Female
#56 Nodens The Roman British god of healing and dogs Male
#57 Bona Dea The Roman goddess of fertility and healing Female
#58 Febris The Roman goddess who protected people from disease Female
#59 Angitia The Roman snake goddess often associated with healing and magic Female
#60 Beiwe The Sami goddess who restored mental health after winter’s effects Female
#61 Zywie The Slavic goddess of health and healing Female
#62 Mami Wata Various African deities associated with healing Female


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